Words to Die By ~ Chapter Fifteen

July 19, 2017 – Reveling the Past

Edward had been awake for hours. Bella was lying on her side, her naked body calling to him, though he knew she needed to rest. It had been one hell of a night. 

After Bella had gotten to the root of the problem with Alice and told her never to wear that sickly shade of green again, they sat on the grass laughing. When they finally calmed down, Bella looked towards Edward and smiled at him. He came to them and helped them off the ground. Alice hugged Edward and said she was sorry for being such a bitch. 

Jasper took Alice back to their villa to change her hideous green dress, while Bella had to change because Alice had torn the sleeve off her dress. She was a little pissed at the fact that her new five thousand dollar dress was ruined. Edward had kissed her and said he would buy her another one or maybe they could find someone to fix it. At that moment, she broke out in a broad smile and threw her arms around his neck, then kissed him breathless. He swore that moment to always try to make her this happy.

He had reserved a private dining room for their celebration. After the wonderful meal, he sat with Jasper and Emmett as they enjoyed a cigar. The girls were discussing wedding plans in hushed tones. Ever so often, Bella would look over to him and give him a sexy wink. She was a vixen and all his. When they finally got back to the villa, they spent until the wee hours of the morning making love intermingled with wild passionate sex. Either way, they collapsed into sleep with smiles on their faces.

Waking up, just a few hours later, he began thinking about how he was going to handle Bishop Bertazzoni. There was something in his voice that told Edward that the Bishop was hiding something and he wondered if his grandfather had helped him in some way. Easing out of Bella’s grasp, he got out of bed, making sure that she was covered up and sleeping soundly. 

Taking care of his needs in the bathroom, he quietly left the bedroom, picking up his grandfather’s journals. Once he made himself a cup of coffee, he went into the living room and sat down, only turning on the one light by him. Taking a drink of his coffee, he noticed Seth walking by the window. They had gone above and beyond the call of duty on this trip. When the other team got here tonight, he would give both Ben and Seth some much needed time off. 

He couldn’t wait for Angela to get here so he could show her around the house and maybe he could finally convince her to give in to her feelings for Ben. They both had been so pig-headed, but now that he was in love, he recognized the looks that they had been giving each other for years. Maybe in this romantic setting and a little push, they would finally tell each other how they felt. Taking one more drink of his coffee, he placed the cup on the table and opened one of the journals up. 

This journal contained an entry he discovered where he had seen an entry pertaining to money that his grandfather had given the church. There were several other entries of payments that were given to different people and organizations. Then there was a uniquely different entry. It wasn’t to an individual but a couple and it wasn’t just one payment, but a trust that Caius had arranged for a child, a Domenico Romagna. Why? Not seeing anything else in the journal and he began to close it up when he noticed a sheet of paper stuck in the back. Pulling it out and reading it, he was shocked. It was a birth certificate for Domenico Romagna and the parents listed were Emilia Romagna, sixteen and Francesco Bertazzoni, twenty-six. Was this possible? Had his grandfather helped the Bishop give his child away? But who was Emila? Flipping back towards where the certificate had been, he found a picture of a young woman at her vow ceremony, wearing her wedding band on her right hand. When he turned the photograph over, he gasped. The name on the back was Emila Romagna. 

“HOLY FUCK!” Edward exclaimed. Bishop Bertazzoni, well he was only a priest then, had gotten a nun pregnant. This was exactly what he needed. Edward then thought about the child and what had happened to him and to the family who adopted him. As he began to look more, he heard light footsteps.

“Edward, baby,” Bella called out her voice full of sleep, as she made her way over to the couch and sat down beside him. “What are you doing up?” 

“Getting ready for my meeting with Bishop Bertazzoni and you won’t believe what I found out?” 

Bella rubbed her eyes and yawned. “What?”

“Bishop Bertazzoni got a nun pregnant and grandfather helped him find a family for the baby,” Edward explained.

“HOLY SHIT!” Bella yelled, suddenly fully awake.

“Yeah. I was about to see if Caius wrote anything about the family,” Edward said, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her close. 

“Did you find the name of the child?” She asked.

“Yes. I have the birth certificate. His name was Domenico Romagna.”

Bella’s brow knitted together. She had heard that name before, but where? Domenico wasn’t a common name. Saying the name over and over in her head and like a bolt of lightning, it came to her. Jumping up, she screamed then covered her mouth.

“Bella, what is it?” Edward questioned, concerned by the way she was acting. But before she could respond, Seth rushed into the room, with his gun drawn.

“What is wrong?” Seth asked in a worried tone.

“Nothing, Seth. We are both fine. Please go back to your duties,” Edward commanded.

Once Seth surveyed the room then holstered his gun and returned to the outside. Edward turned to Bella with a smirk. “Damn that guy is good, I’ll have to remember to give him a raise. Now tell me what makes you so excited.” 

“Edward, when I was doing my research on the mafia families in Chicago and of course the Volturi family was one of those families, I remember seeing that Aro’s middle name is Domenico,” Bella explained.

Edward got up and began to pace the floor. Was it possible that Aro was the child of Bishop Bertazzoni and Emilia Romagna? Had his grandfather given the baby to the Volturi family? “Do you think that Aro was adopted by a Volturi family?”

“Well your grandfather would have known them, I mean wasn’t he one of the men who signed the contract?” Bella asked. “What was his name?”

Edward had taken a picture of the contract and he pulled it up on his phone. Looking at each name until he found the Volturi name and family crest. When each of the different family heads had signed the contract they also stamped their crest in blood by their names. Lorenzo Volturi was the name. Edward had never heard his name before, though he was probably already dead. Aro was born five years before he was born. Caius and Maria had waited until they arrived in the states before they started their family. His father had been their only child and Carlisle was twenty-three when his parents had been killed in an auto accident.

When he had finished with his thoughts he glanced towards Bella. “Lorenzo was the name. Does that sound familiar?”

“No. I really didn’t study the Volturi family much. I was more curious about the Cullen family,” she explained with a sly grin on her face.

“Alright. I think I have something that I can use to make the Bishop be more than happy to marry us,” Edward smirked.

“I really hope so. I mean if we have to get married outside the church that is okay, but I always dreamed of marrying in the church, it is not like I am a super religious. However, I was raised in the church,” she began.

“I was as well. Angela and I went faithfully every Sunday,” Edward confirmed as he pulled Bella into his arms. “We will be married in the church and on Saturday.”

Bella wrapped her arms around his waist and stared up into his soulful green eyes. She could get lost in their crystal prisms. “Take me to bed and make love to me.”

“Fucking gladly,” he growled, scooping her and carrying her back to their bed. Hours later, he left her sleeping in bed as he got up and dressed in his black Armani suit, black shirt, black tie, black Italian leather shoes, and the most important item, his father’s ring. He would make sure that the Bishop saw it as soon as he walked into the room. Placing the birth certificate in his jacket interior pocket, he walked out and got in the car. Ben was back on duty and drove him to the church. 

Bishop Bertazzoni was looking out his window to see when Mr. Cullen arrived. He had prided himself in seeing a man’s character from the first glance that he took. His wait didn’t last long when a black Maserati Levante pulled up. The driver got out, looked around then went to the back door, opening it for its passenger. He saw a man emerge from the car and as he turned towards the church, Bishop Bertazzoni’s breath hitched. The man exuded power and danger. This had to be Caius Cullenello’s grandson and by the looks of him, he was every bit as ruthless as his grandfather, maybe even more so. Bishop Bertazzoni sat down at his desk and waited for his administrative assistant to escort Mr. Cullenello into his office. 

Edward walked up to the young attractive woman at the desk. She had to be in her early twenties with long black hair and hazel eyes. He thought to himself that she looked very similar to the young nun that Bertazzoni had gotten pregnant all those years ago and wondered if the Bishop was still up to his old tricks. Up, he thought with a smile. Probably not without help from those little blue pills. A brass nameplate sat on the front of the desk with the name Gina De Luca. Edward wondered if she was kin to the De Luca crime family that was in control of Florida. 

“Ciao Gina. Ho un appuntamento con il vescovo,” Edward said with a sly grin and allowed his tongue to lick the edge of the top lip. His heart belonged to Bella and he would never touch another woman, he just needed to warm her up in case he needed information from her later on. (Hello, Gina. I have an appointment with the Bishop.)

Gina let out a tiny moan. God this was man pure sex on legs. Unconsciously she felt her pussy contract as she imagined his cock. She had to endure sex with Bishop Bertazzoni and his less than adequate dick. She had been so excited to get the job as the administrative assistant to the Bishop after the last assistant had disappeared. The first week was very nice. The Bishop had been supportive and helpful, then one evening it all changed. He had asked her to stay late to help him with a project. Calling her into his office, she walked in and as soon as she did, he closed the door and locked it. Out of nowhere he slapped her across the face and commanded her to strip. Blinking the tears from her eyes from the slap, she looked up and saw pure evil in his eyes. Crying the entire time, she stripped from her dress and as soon she was naked he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to his desk. He had ropes attached to the legs of the large desk and he proceeded to tie her arms and legs. When he was done he removed his robe and she was shocked to see that he was naked underneath. He told her that she had been chosen by God to fill a purpose. And so it began, he would take her whenever he saw fit. She was not allowed to be with any other man, so she could remain pure for God’s vessel. 

“Buona giornata, signor Cullenello, ti sta aspettando,” Gina said as she directed him to the large ornate doors. After she had opened one of them, she stepped to the side and allowed Edward to walk past her. Bishop Bertazzoni was standing in the middle of the room with an unusual look on his face. Was that fear? (Good day, Mr. Cullenello, he is expecting you.)

Edward stepped into the room and came face to face with the Bishop. He was just as he expected, an old, fat pervert, except Edward, could almost smell the fear rolling off the Bishop. 

“Signor Cullenello, che piacere fare conoscenza,” Bishop Bertazzoni acknowledged holding out his hand. (Mr. Cullenello, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.)

Edward slid his family crest’s ring to the side by his finger and took hold of the Bishop’s wrinkled, slimy hand.  As soon as the Bishop wrapped his hand around his, he grimly dropped his hand. Edward allowed a small smile to form on his face. “Mi dispiace per quello. A volte mi dimentico dell’anello della mia famiglia.” (So sorry about that. I sometimes forget about my family’s ring.)

“Why don’t we speak English? I need to keep up with it,” he stated and motioned for Mr. Cullenello to have a seat. Walking around his desk he sat down in the high backed chair and watched as Edward unbuttoned his jacket, flashing for an instant the grip of a gun before he sat down. 

“Certainly,” Edward replied.

“To be honest I have not heard the name Cullenello for a very long time.”

“As you must know, my grandfather went to America to start a new life. Somewhere along the way, his home here in Lake Como was forgotten. My lovely fiance happened upon it during a recent visit. We are in the process of bringing back the home to its former glory,” Edward explained.

“So you will be living here,” Bertazzoni asked worriedly. 

“Oh no, though we do plan to visit quite frequently. We are waiting for our contractor Domenico to complete the project,” Edward lied. He wanted to see the reaction to the name and when the color drained from this face. Yeah, fucker I know.

Taking several deep breaths, Bertazzoni tried to calm down before speaking. He needed to find out what Edward wanted. Breathing in once again and exhaling. “You said on the phone that you needed something.”

“My lovely, Isabella wants to be married here and I was hoping that you would be willing to make it happen this Saturday,” Edward explained.

“Mr. Cullenello, that is impossible. Not only do you need several documents for the government, the church also needs to know that you both are in good standing with the church.”

Edward reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the birth certificate, placing it on the desk. “As I said, we want to get married Saturday,” he repeated sitting back. “Let’s say at four o’clock.”

Bishop Bertazzoni picked up the paper and gasped. “Four o’clock will be just fine.”

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  1. mothergolf@earthlink.net says:

    Ha ha, got you you old jerk, sooner or later life catches up with you…..this story is amazing….


  2. Judy Leavell says:

    Dirty old man. I hope Edward finds out what he is doing to Gina. That has to stop.


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