Words to Die By ~ Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

July 18, 2017

Bella had just finished stepping into the new dress she had purchased this afternoon. After she and Edward had left the mansion, they decided to do a little shopping in town, walking arm in arm, with both Seth and Ben following them, keeping an eye out for any dangers. Stepping into a quaint shop, Tessabit, she fell in love with the store’s offerings.  Going from rack to rack, Bella declared how beautiful each piece was. A dark-haired woman asked if she could be of assistance.

“Yes, thank you.  You have such a wonderful selection that I am loving everything I see, and I really need a special dress for the dinner my fiance and I are having this evening,” Bella bubbled in English.

“Oh, you are American,” the lady said with a bright smile. “I am Gina, the owner of this establishment.”

“So sorry, I was just so excited about your shop. My name is Bella and this is Edward. Your English is wonderful.”

“Grazie. We have many tourists who come in that don’t speak Italian,” Gina explained. “Let me show you some things that would be perfect.”

Bella looked up at Edward. “Why don’t you have a seat? I promise not to take too long.”

“Take all the time you want, my love,” Edward said, placing a sweet kiss on her lips.

Gina showed Bella several dresses and saw right away that this couple had money. Never once did Bella look at a price tag. She also saw the large diamond and sapphire on her finger. It was stunning and like nothing she had ever seen before. Once several dresses, tops, pants, and shoes were selected, Gina placed the items in one of the dressing rooms and showed Edward where he could sit. The room she had put them in was a private room, to allow the customer the ability to select their purchases without prying eyes.

Edward found a comfortable couch outside the dressing room door and watched the fashion show as Bella modeled each outfit for him. God, she was a vision in anything that she wore. Taking his bottom lip between his teeth, he planned to take her to a lingerie boutique next and have some fun. “Fuck,” he thought. “My dick is hard just thinking about it.” 

After Bella had decided what she was going to purchase, Gina took item after item to the counter, packing them carefully in tissue paper. Ringing up the total, she was even taken aback by the amount. 

Bella looked at the total and, without a moment of hesitation, pulled out her credit card to pay.

“Darling, what are you doing?” Edward asked, slipping his hand around her waist and leaning into her ear.

Bella turned to her head to look at him. “What does it look like?”

“Love, it is not safe to use your card,” Edward whispered. “Aro has probably put a trace on all your cards.”

“Really?” Bella gasped.

“It is what I would do,” Edward explained, placing a kiss behind her ear. Taking out his wallet, he handed Gina his card. After it was processed, Gina handed him the receipt.

“Thank you for your business and please come again,” she invited.

“I will. We plan to come back often,” Bella said, taking a few of the bags, while Edward took all the rest.

Leaving the shop, they handed their bags to Seth, who was tasked in taking them back to the car. 

Bella had seen the lust pouring off Edward as she modeled each outfit and she wanted to experience the same. Eyeing the perfect location, she pulled him into the next shop.

Edward wondered what had Bella so excited; then he looked around the shop. “HOLY FUCK!” He exclaimed. He had died and gone to heaven, it was an Armani Shop.

Bella reached up, licking a trail to his ear and taking it between her lips and sucked. When she heard a moan escape from his lips, she released, then whispered. “I can’t wait for you to model for me.”

A sharp-dressed man came over to them. “Benvenuti in Emporio. Come posso aiutarla?” Welcome to Euporio. How can I help you? The woman was lovely, but the man, God he was sex on legs. 

Bella saw the way the man was staring and it wasn’t at her, but at Edward. She knew exactly what he was thinking; however, he was hers. Placing her hand on his chest, she put on a smile. “Il mio amante ha bisogno di alcuni nuovi semi. Sembra che abbiamo danneggiato quegli ultimi a causa della passione.” (“My lover is requiring a few new suits. We  seemed to have damaged that last few in the throes of passion.”)

The man’s mouth fell open and he gasped at the woman’s comment. She was a lucky bitch. When he had calmed down from his fantasy of being fucked by the fine piece of meat. “Mi chiamo Dante. Mi piacerebbe spogliarti, no, intendo vestirti con uno dei nostri abiti.” (My name is Dante. I would love to undress you, no, I mean dress you in one of our suits.)

Bella couldn’t help but giggle, while Edward retained his calm facade. It wasn’t that he had an issue with whom people choose to love, but he was a pussy guy and from now on the only pussy he craved was the sexy woman on his arm. Bella was all he was ever going to want or need. She was his equal in passion, she had compassion for others, and he knew that she was going to be a fantastic mother. At that thought, Edward made himself a mental note to discuss with Bella her feelings towards children, and how many children she wanted. He had been an only child and so had she, so he hoped she wanted more than one. Hell, he could almost see a house full, all with her mahogany hair and brown eyes. He really didn’t care if they had sons or daughters, either way, it was going to be up to them who took over the family when the time came to pass it on. 

They began walking around the store and Edward pointed out what he wanted to try on. When he had everything, he demanded a private dressing room to try them on. Dante opened his mouth to protest, but Edward looked at him with his steely, deadly green eyes, Dante was overcome with fear. He then directed them to the exclusive dressing room that was only opened to the most prestigious clientele.

As Bella sat on the deep burgundy velvet couch, drooling as Edward modeled suit after suit. Her favorite was a midnight blue double-breasted suit that she imagined Edward’s grandfather would have worn when he was Edward’s age. He looked like the badass mafia Don that he was and he was all hers. 

It was then her thoughts went to him in his office, sitting behind a large wooden desk, his head would be down as he was working on something. She would walk in with just a trench coat and heels, provocatively stalking towards him. When he would look up, she would drop her jacket. He would stand, and motion for her to come around to his side of the desk,  turn her around bending her over it, unzipping his pants and ram his cock deep inside her. He would bring her to her release and his without even removing his pants or jacket. God, she could almost feel him, the only man that ever stretched and filled her completely.

“Love. Love. Bella, Love,” Edward sang when he glanced in her direction. Her mouth was open, her chest was rising and falling rapidly. Fuck, she was panting with a faraway look in her eyes and she was rubbing her thighs together. His little fiancee was turned on. He was going to purchase this suit for sure, then find out what she was thinking about and make sure it comes true. He came over and got down on his knees in front of her, ran his hand up the inside of her leg until he reached her heat. 

Bella snapped out of her dream and looked down. “Edward,” she panted. “I love you so fucking much.”

“I love you, too,” Edward groaned. “And I am buying this suit and going to make that little dream of yours come true.”

Bella’s heart quickened and instinctively licked her lips. “I can’t wait.”

They left the shop with the double-breasted suit, a tuxedo, and a slim fit black suit. Bella had selected several shirts and ties to match. 

They decided to head back to the villa because they needed to get ready before everyone else showed up. Deciding to shower separately to prevent them from saying the fuck with dinner and remain in bed for the rest of the night quenching each other’s desires having wild passionate sex, they began to dress separately. Bella had decided to wear her new black short dress with sheer sleeves and two rows of gold buttons. A pair of black Jimmy Choo, a gold diamond tennis bracelet, and diamond earrings, that were from Edward’s grandfather’s collection. She looked like a million dollars, and with all the jewelry she wore, it was close to that amount. 

Edward was wearing his new black suit, white shirt, and his favorite Italian leather shoes. He had tried to tame his hair, but it was impossible. Putting on a dash of his favorite cologne, he was ready to tell his friends and family the exciting news. Once they got back to Chicago, he would have all his family over to introduce them to his wife. There wouldn’t be the need to demand that they would protect her, because it was just one of those unspoken rules. 

Glancing over, he saw Bella and his heart skipped a beat. Fuck she look like pure sex on legs. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she answered. 

Edward snaked his arms around her and pulled her tight against him. “Have I told you how fucking much I love you?”

“Not in the last hour,” she giggled.

“Then I have been lacking in my responsibilities,” he murmured, leaning in to place a kiss on her lush lips.


“Fucking idiot,” Edward growled. “We will continue this later.”

Heading toward the living room, they heard Emmett cry out. “Damn it, Rose, that hurt.”

When they came into the room, they saw Emmett rubbing the back of his head and Rose sneering at him. “Were you raised by wolves?”

“Ah ruuuuu,” Emmett howled, his head bent back.

“Emmett, I wouldn’t piss her off,” Edward advised fighting back his laughter. “She could kill your ass and make it look like an accident.”

Rose came over and gave Bella a hug. “Damn, girl I love this.”

“I found it at this great shop in town,” Bella gushed. “I will have to take you.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

The door opened and in walked Jasper with Alice on his arm. He was dressed in a black suit, with a white button-down shirt, while Alice was dressed in a sickly olive green dress. Bella couldn’t believe that she thought this was flattering. The dress color made her pale skin look green. 

“Good evening, everyone,” Jasper said, while Alice greeted everyone with a smile, except Bella, whom she just nodded with a fake smile.

“I just wanted to thank each one of you for coming with us on this venture to find more information about my family,” Edward began, then wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist and pulled her close. “With Bella’s help, I have not only found out more about my grandfather’s life here, but also a way to take Aro down with the help of other mafia families. Without this valuable information, there is no doubt that we would have suffered casualties. As you all know, I fell in love with her books, before I even knew anything about her. Then Miss Nosey here found Grandfather Caius’s journal and began asking questions. In my father’s journals, he wrote that life is too short and when you find someone that completes you to grab on tight. And we have invited you each here this evening to inform you that is what I, no we are doing. I asked this wonderful woman to marry me and she said yes.”

“OH MY GOD!! CONGRATULATIONS,” Rose screams, running over to hug Bella. “Let me see the ring.” Bella giggled and put out her hand, the diamonds dancing from the lights of the room. “Damn, that is gorgeous.”

“It was Maria’s,” Bella sighed.

“Where did you find that?” Emmet asked.

“Grandfather had the location in his journal, along with many others, that I have been sending you all out to find,” Edward explained.

“Yeah. We can’t believe how much we have found,” Jasper exclaimed.

As the guys discussed what all had been found, Rose was still gushing over Bella’s ring. Alice hadn’t said a thing. Bella looked over to her and she could see the anger rolling off her in waves. 

“What?” Bella asked, her brow knitted together.

“You, BITCH!” Alice replied in a yell.

Edward’s head whipped around. “ALICE!”

Bella laid her hand on Edward’s arm and looked up at him. “Let me handle this.”

Edward began shaking his head. He knew how deadly Alice could be and he couldn’t even think about Bella getting hurt. “No.”

“It will be okay, I promise you,” Bella pleaded.

“Alright, but I will be watching closely and if it gets out of hand, I will step in,” Edward declared.

“Thank you. Alice, why don’t we go outside and talk?” Bella asked.

“I don’t fucking want to talk to you,” she hissed.

Bella walked towards her and grabbed her arm. “Too fucking bad,” she growled as she pulled Alice’s arm to her back and began pushing her toward the patio, then on the grass yard. 

Alice was screaming, calling Bella every name in the book, while she tried to free herself from Bella’s hold; however, Bella was taller and stronger. When they had reached the grass, she was pushed onto the ground. She jumped up, and reached for Bella, grabbing hold of one of the sleeves of the dress and tore it off. She reared back to take a swing at Bella’s face, but Bella ducked and instead, she used her shoulder to knock her once again on the ground.

“Give it up, Alice, because you are not going to win. I am stronger and smarter than you are. I have had enough of you and your attitude. I am going to ask Edward to remove you from the family and he would do it just like that,” Bella snickered snapping her fingers.

Alice bolted off the ground, lunging herself toward Bella. She was going to fucking kill the bitch. No one was going to kick her out of her family. 

Bella saw her coming and at the last moment, she stepped to the side, causing Alice to crash to the ground. As soon as Alice rolled over, Bella landed on top of her, trapping her arms to the ground. 

“LET ME UP!” Alice screamed.

“No,” Bella said.

“You have ruined everything. He was going to make him pay, but now he is so wrapped up in you, that he will forget what he promised,” Alice cried. “He promised.”

Bella had hoped she could break down whatever barrier that Alice had up around her and find out what her problem was. “Who promised?”

Tears were pouring down her face. “Edward,” she wailed. 

Bella releases her arms and moves to the side of her. “What did he promise?” Bella whispered.

“To make Aro pay for killing my mother and sister,” Alice replied between sobs as she sat up.

“Alice, Edward hasn’t changed his goal of making Aro pay for all the horrors that he has committed,” Bella advised.

“But, he never smiled or laughed until you came along. He was always so focused on the goal and didn’t have time for anything else,” Alice explained.

“I understand your concern, but Edward is still the man that he always has been. I love him with all my heart soul and I really hope that we can be friends. We are going to be family after all, when I marry him,” Bella explained.

“You mean you are not going to have Edward make me leave?” Alice asked, surprised by Bella’s remark about being friends.

“God, no. Why would I want that? I just needed to break the barrier down to see what was going on in your mind.”

Alice threw herself at Bella, wrapping her arms and hugging tight. “I would love to be your friend.” They sat on the grass for several minutes hugging and crying. 

Edward had been watching the entire time. He had to catch himself from going out and stepping between them, though in the end, Bella was able to reach Alice. He was happy that the love of his life, loved his family members as much as he did.

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  1. Clearly Alice is bi-polar. And, ripping a sleeve Bella’s dress is decidedly a no no.


  2. Bella knew how to get through Alice’s anger. Now she has an ally instead of an enemy.


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