Words to Die By ~ Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

July 18, 2017

After Bella left with the gown to the cleaners, Edward finished emptying the chest he was working on, then decided he needed to make some calls. Walking downstairs, he found a chair next to a window that overlooked the lawn in the back of the house. It was overgrown with weeds and vines, though he could see that with some hard work, it would be spectacular. He could see Bella chasing their children on a bright summer day. Wait, children? Where did that come from? He thought, shaking his head. Over the years, he had never thought about having children, as he was too busy trying to find justice for his parents. Then Bella crashed into his life, and she added new dimensions to his future plans, making him want and desire those things that every normal young man would want. God, he couldn’t wait to marry Bella. Then he wondered if it was possible to hire someone that could achieve the vision he had of the back lawn, in time for their reception? It was going to be a small affair, but he could almost see a small white tent in the newly repaired and manicured yard. 

Taking out his phone, he sent a lengthy email to J. Jenks. They would need specific documentation to enable them to marry here in Italy, and he needed it delivered to him as soon as possible. A minute later, he had his response from Jenks. Edward discovered through reading his father’s journals, that Jenks was a trusted Consigliere for the family during his father’s rule.  He contacted him as soon as he began forming the new family. He knew he could always count on him to take care of his document needs in such an efficient manner, that they would fool even the most stringent government examination. Hell, technically, he was supposed to be dead, yet he has a birth certificate in his real name, but also a certificate in the name he has used in public. He had been able to stay under Aro’s radar by using Anthony Masen, but very soon, he would finally be able to use Edward Cullen or maybe take his grandfather’s name Cullenello. 

After he had confirmed that Jenks would have all the documents ready by tomorrow, he called his pilot and told him to head back to Chicago. Edward needed a few more guards for security and someone exceptionally special,  who had to be here for the wedding, his Mom. Pushing her number on his speed dial, he waited for her to answer the phone.

“Edward, my love,” Angela said, her voice full of worry. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Mom. Bella was able to take us to the estate. It is so grand and full of wonderful secrets,” Edward gushed. “But I can’t really talk about it on the phone. I need you to pack a bag and be ready to leave tomorrow at noon.”

“Where am I going?” Angela quizzed.

“You are coming here and make sure to pack something fancy,” Edward advised with a smile. 

“What for?”

“Oh, I’m getting married and thought you would want to dress up for the occasion,” Edward joked.

“WHAT?” She screamed, tears forming in her eyes.

“I asked Bella to marry me, and she said yes. We are getting married over here, and I want you to be there, Mom,” Edward explained.

“My baby. I am so excited for you. I will get packed immediately, because there is no way I am missing my son’s one and only wedding.”

“Jenks is bringing over some papers that we need in the morning.  I need you to bring with you, as well as additional security staff which  will also be coming over with you,” Edward declared.

“Are you in danger?” Angela cried.

“No, mom, but I would rather err on the side of caution,” Edward shared. 

“Alright, just be careful, my love,” Angela urged with a sigh. 

“Always am. See you later tomorrow night,” Edward said, then hung up. 

After he had everything lined up with his mom, he then did some research on Como Cathedral. There was one piece of information that made him smile. The church was in the red. This was something he could use to his advantage. He would make an appointment with the bishop for tomorrow, and when he was finished, the wedding would be scheduled for this weekend. Glancing back outside, he decided to call his contractor and get a crew here asap to work on the yard. The contractor didn’t refuse or grumble about the tight timeline for the backyard, because he knew that if he pulled off this miracle Mr. Cullenello would reward him handsomely with a bonus. 

Edward was just finishing up with the contractor, when he called Bishop Augusto Bertazzoni. After talking to his Administrative Assistant and telling him who he was, he was immediately put through to the Bishop.

“Salve, signor Cullenello. Sono molto sorpreso di ricevere una chiamata da te,” Bishop Bertazzoni stated. Shocked was an understatement. When his assistant had stated that Mr. Cullenello was on the phone, he dropped the glass of water he had in his hand. He had not heard the name Cullenello for nearly thirty-five years. Caius Cullenello had been a very powerful man in Lake Como. He ruled the town and was feared by everyone. Nevertheless, Caius was also very generous to the church, keeping them out of financial ruin, so he knew he had to talk to this Mr. Cullenello.  (Hello, Mr. Cullenello. I am very surprised to be taking a call from you.)

“Buona giornata, vescovo Bertazonni. Grazie per aver ricevuto la mia chiamata,” Edward purred in perfect Italian. (Good Day, Bishop Bertazzoni. Thank you for taking my call.)

“Hai suscitato la mia curiosità. Come stai parente di Caio?”

 Bishop Bertazooni asked. (You piqued my curiosity. How are you kin to Caius?)

“Sono suo nipote e spero di poter venire domani e parlarti di qualcosa di importante,” Edward asked as a wicked grin broke out across his face. (“I am his grandson and I hope to be able to come by tomorrow and talk to you about something of importance,”)

Bishop Bertazzoni was stunned. Had Caius left the information concerning him with his grandson? God, he had thought he had finally gotten away from his mistakes when he had heard about Caius’s death, however, it looked like he hadn’t. Whatever this young man wanted, he would make sure he got without any questions asked. “Puoi venire domani mattina verso le 9?”  (Can you come in tomorrow morning at 9?)

“Certamente. Grazie,” Edward said in a dry tone of voice. He had heard something in Bishop Bertazzoni’s voice that told him that he was nervous about something. He would use this to his advantage tomorrow. Disconnecting the call he sat back in the chair and smiled. 

“I wonder what the Bishop is hiding,” Edward pondered out loud. As he sat and thought of what it might be, he heard Bella’s voice like the harmony of angels drifting from the front of the house. Standing, he headed towards the sweet sound. As he walked into the room, he saw the bright smile she had upon her face. “Did you have a nice trip?”

Bella’s head turned when she heard Edward’s silky, husky voice and took off towards him wrapping her arms around him burying her face against his warm throat. “I did,” she sighed.

Edward drank in her warmth allowing it to soak into every pore. Pulling her back framing her face with his hands, he looked deeply into her dark pools. “That makes me very happy.”

Bella smiled. “I love you.”

“As I love you,” he stated full of conviction, then lowered his mouth to hers, displaying his love and passion with the kiss. His tongue demanded entrance and as soon as she granted it, his tongue thrust into her hot mouth, stroking and mating with her sweet tongue. The second he heard a tiny moan, the last bit of his resolve disappeared, he had to have her now. Breaking from the kiss he looked around the room and saw both his guards. “Leave, now,” he barked.

Seth and Ben obeyed immediately, but when they turned to leave they both broke out with huge smiles. They knew what was about to go down in the room and they were happy that their boss had finally found someone to love.

As soon as his men turned their backs, Edward and Bella began stripping off each other’s clothes. Their hands couldn’t move fast enough, but finally, they were both naked. 

“I need to be inside of you,” Edward growled.

“Yes!” Bella groaned.

Edward scanned the area to find a place to take her, zooming in on the large dining room table. Picking her up by her ass, he walked them over to the table. “I am going to make you scream my name,” he bragged.

Bella licked her lips, as she ran her hands down his hard muscular arms. “Not until you scream mine first.”

Edward sat her down and turned her around. “Put your hands on the table and hold on tight. I can’t be gentle.”

Bella bent over, moving her legs apart, and held on to the edge of the table. She felt his hand as it rubbed over her ass, then moved to the junction of her thighs. When he skimmed his long finger across her slick folds she thought she was going to combust. God, she needed his thick cock filling her up, though he kept teasing her with his long fingers. “Edward, please,” she begged, moving her hips to gain some much-needed friction. 

“What do you want, my love?” He smirked.

“I need you inside of me, NOW!” She yelled.

Taking his hardened and thick shaft in his hand, he ran it down between her ass cheeks until he reached her hot, dripping entrance. Rubbing his weeping tip over her folds, caused her to move her pelvis to allow him to penetrate her pussy. There was no way he was going to be able to go slow, he needed to be inside of her. In one powerful thrust, he embedded himself balls deep inside of her tightness. There was nowhere else in this world that he would rather be than here, now, deep inside her. 

Bella looked over her shoulder at him with passion-filled eyes and growled. “I thought you were going to make me scream.”

His control broke apart and he began to slam over and over again into her. Her moans drove him to thrust wildly inside her as he held tightly onto her hips. Each thrust caused the table to move until it was now against the wall.

“Scream my name,” Edward groaned.

“I’m so fucking close, don’t you fucking stop. Beat my pussy with your cock,” she hissed.

Damn, he needed to hear her scream. Twirling her around he picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table, pulling her leg up over his shoulder. With wild abandonment, he began to thrust deep in her. Looking up he could tell she was fighting to control her orgasm and he knew that he had her. Reaching between them he rubbed her clit several times before he looked deep into her eyes. “COME NOW!” He demanded as he pinched her clit.

Bella thought she was in control, however as soon as he demanded her to come and pinched her, she exploded in a thousand pieces screaming his name. “EDWARD!”

As soon as Edward felt her orgasm as it clamped down on his cock, his own orgasm began in glorious waves of splendor. When he had finally stopped convulsing, he laid his forehead against hers. “Fuck that was hot.”

The fog of passion finally began to subside. That had to be the hottest sex she had ever had in her life. God, she was so fucking lucky to have Edward as her soon be husband. A life filled with this type of sex was sure to be heaven. Taking her hand she ran it down the side of his face. “That was indescribable.”

Edward smiled. “We will have to christen every room like this.” He carefully moved her leg down and withdrew from her, missing it as soon as he was out.

Bella shuddered over the loss. “I like the way you think.”

Edward picked her up and took her to the bathroom. He rushed out and collected their clothes. After they cleaned up the best they could, they dressed and walked back into the dining room. They both looked at the table and laughed. 

“We need to get back to the villa and get ready,” Edward said.

“How do you think everyone will take it?” Bella asked. She thought that Rose and Emmett would be fine with it, but she wondered how Alice was going to react. Bella had had enough of her attitude and she wasn’t going to allow her to ruin this happy occasion.  

“They will be happy for us. I called my Mom today and she is beyond excited. Actually, she will be here tomorrow night,” Edward advised.


“We are getting married here and I knew she would be upset if she wasn’t here,” he explained.

“I am excited to see her. Did you find out what we need to get married?”

“I did, Jenks is preparing the documents and Mom is bringing them with her. I have a meeting tomorrow with the Bishop and I feel sure that we will be able to get married in the church.”

“When do you think we will be able?” Bella questioned as she thought about her dress. Aurora said that she would have the dress ready by Friday.

“I was thinking maybe Saturday if you think you can be ready by then?” 

Bella smiled. “I am sure I can be and I am sure Rose will be happy to help, along with your Mom.”

Edward couldn’t help but smile when he heard Bella say she wanted his Mom to help. She had just given him another reason to love her. “I feel sure they both would be excited to help.”

They walked hand and hand out of the house, smiling over the fact that they were going to announce to everyone that they were engaged.

AN: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I can’t look at a dining room table without remembering this chapter. Leave me your thoughts on the chapter in the form of a review.

3 Comments on “Words to Die By ~ Chapter Thirteen

  1. Absolutely LOVED this chapter! Sneaky Bishop……hopefully Edward finds some dirt on him. Wonder what he did???
    Nice, sturdy dining room tables are hard to come by. They don’t make them like they used to.


  2. Good chapter. But th gif is very distracting. Like making me dizzy.


  3. When you are that much in love, being in the same room is enough incentive to have sex. Angela will come tomorrow with the proper documents. The church will be dealt with tomorrow, also. The dress will be ready Friday. Saturday they will become one. I can’t wait.


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