Words to Die By ~ Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

July 16, 2017

Aro paced his office like a caged wild beast. How the hell had his men allowed Isabella Swan to escape? Damn, she was a fucking split tail for God’s sake and wasn’t good for anything except spreading her fucking legs. 

He had built his empire on the dead bodies of the Cullen family. Whenever he heard of someone that remembered Carlisle Cullen or any of his family members, they were quickly taken out. In the beginning, several people asked about the Cullens, but over the years, the name had been forgotten. Aro was so proud of the fact he was able to eliminate an entire family, hell he had even rubbed out their past. The day of the attack was almost perfect. The only thing that had gone wrong was he had not known that the Cullen mansion had been rigged with explosives. Thankfully he had just arrived and hadn’t gone inside to get a look at the mighty Carlisle Cullen dead. Even though he didn’t know about the explosive device that brought down the majestic mansion on the hill, it proved to be helpful to remove even more evidence of the Cullens existence from this earth.

The Volturi became the most powerful crime family in Chicago with the Cullen family’s demise. Other crime families had tried over the years to come in and take territory away from him, but Aro quickly thwarted their attempts. Well, except for the pesty fucker who had been stealing his guns, money, and drug shipments of late. It had started five years ago, with small shipments, then bigger loads came up missing, and his men began disappearing. Whomever, it was a slippery sucker because he never left any fucking evidence. Even his paid pigs didn’t have any clue who was doing it. 

Now, Isabella Swan was asking about the Cullen family. How the hell had she learned about the Cullen’s? She thought she was a crime novel author, but her books were a bunch of bullshit. 

“Boss,” Quil said as he walked in the office. 

“Quil, tell me you have some news,” Aro growled.

“We looked everywhere, and there is no sign of Paul,” Quil advised. “And,” he began but stopped, not wanting to tell Aro more bad news. 

“And what?” Aro asked, his face vacant of emotions.

“The cargo ship bringing in the newest shipment of guns was hijacked.”

“How many did they get?” Aro snarled.

“All,” Quil whispered.

Aro turned his back to Quil, picked up his gun, turned, and put a bullet in between his eyes. “I fucking hate the bearer of bad news,” he spat. Picking up his phone, he called his second in command. “Get in here and clean this shit up.”

A few minutes later, James Hunter, Aro’s second in command, came strolling into his boss’s office. Glancing down at the floor, he saw Quil’s dead body crumbled on the new Italian rug. Shit, he liked this one. “Boss,” James said as he stood in front of the desk.

“Get the team to clean up that piece of shit,” Aro hissed.

James looked back and saw that the rug was soaked in blood. “The rug also?”

“Yes,” Aro bellowed, gripping the edge of the desk. “Why can’t someone tell me who is stealing from me?”

“Whoever it is, they are below the radar,” James disclosed. He had been trying since the thefts and deaths began, to figure out who the fucker was messing with their business,  but it was like nailing jello to a wall. Before, it didn’t even affect Aro’s empire, but in the past year, they were losing more than they were bringing in. Also, they had lost over twenty-five percent of their workforce, and no trace of them had been found. James knew that if they didn’t figure out who it was soon, there was a real good chance that they could take over. Despite the fact that it could happen, he would never tell Aro his thoughts on the matter. Aro was too hot-headed and trigger-happy, never listening to anyone who didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. Quil’s dead body on the rug was proof of that. 

Aro was sick and tired of this shit. He hadn’t worked this hard building his empire to have it stolen away by a ghost in the night. He would find out who they were and snuff them out like he had the Cullens. 

Edward was sitting on the couch on his jet for its final leg of the flight. Bella had fallen asleep with her head on his lap. She was still recouping from the broken ribs, but he had never met a woman as strong as she was or as curious, until after he had called for the jet to be prepared to go to Italy. 

“Edward, I need to go to my house and pack,” Bella advised.

“No,” he replied. There was no way in hell she was ever going back to the house until Aro and his entire family were dead. 

“Excuse me, did you tell me no?” Bella demanded, her jaw clenched tight. 

Edward brought up his hand and stroked her jaw. “Bella, love, it is not safe, and I can’t have you in danger.”

“I can take care of myself,” Bella said. 

“Under normal circumstances, yes, but my world is very dangerous, and you are now in the middle of it,” Edward explained.

“I need clothes and my laptop,” Bella told him. 

“I will send a crew in to retrieve your items.”

“A crew?” Bella questioned.

“Yes. I am sure Aro is watching your house, and we need to have a divergent. We will go in as exterminators,” Edward confided. “While they are there, they will search for any bugs or video cameras that have been covertly placed there, but we will also place some of our own. If Aro is watching, he won’t see anything suspicious. My guys have done this many times.”

“Thank you,” Bella said with a smile. “If I make a list with the location of each item, would that be helpful?”

“It would,” Edward replied.

A few hours later, Bella had all the items that she had wanted. She hoped she hadn’t forgotten anything, but Edward assured her that if she had that they could buy it when they got to Italy. 

Edward helped Bella onto the plane and guided her onto one of the plush couches. Emmett, Rose, Jasper, Alice, along with Seth and Ben boarded behind them. After everyone had settled, Edward introduced Bella to Jasper and Alice. Jasper, the charmer he was, kissed her hand, which caused a bolt of jealousy through Edward. Bella was his now and forever. When she turned to Alice, Alice didn’t say anything to her, always wary of any strangers who came close to her family. 

Once they were in the air, Edward began telling Bella all that he knew about his family. 

“How do you know so much?” Bella asked.

“My father kept journals, just like my grandfather had. When Angela escaped with me on that horrible day, my parents made sure that she took the information to find all the stuff that was hidden all over the city. Over the next year, she collected all of it and placed it in a secure location until I reached an age where I would be able to understand,” he explained, then rubbed his father’s ring.

“Is that your father’s ring?” Bella wondered.

Suddenly Alice stood up and looked at Bella with daggers in her eyes. “Why the fuck do you need to know so much? I am not going to allow you to write anything about my family in your skanky books.”

Bella jumped to her feet, ignoring the pain on her side, and took the few steps until she was face to face with Alice. “I’ll have you know Shorty, that I would never do anything to harm Edward. He saved my life, and I will forever be indebted for that.”

“Don’t call me Shorty,” Alice sneered.

“Don’t call my books skanky,” Bella growled as she fisted her hands. The bitch better back the fuck off, or she was going to regret it, broken ribs and all.

Edward saw Bella begin to ball up her hands and knew he needed to stop this before someone got hurt. Alice might look like she couldn’t hurt a flea, but she was one of his deadliest assassins. “Alice, back off,” he commanded. 

Alice took her eyes off Bella and looked at Edward. She could tell by the look on his face that he meant business. Damn, she really wanted to put this bitch in her place, but she wouldn’t go against her boss’ command. Looking back at Bella, she sneered. “I have my eye on you, and you better not try to fuck up my family.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that,” Bella snapped.

Edward had stood and come up behind Bella, wrapping his arm carefully around her waist. Leaning down to her ear, he whispered. “I know you won’t hurt the family or me.”

Bella stared at Alice for a few more seconds before turning and wrapping her arms around Edward’s neck. “Never,” she confirmed with all her heart. 

Edward leaned down and captured her mouth. Seeing her toe to toe with Alice had turned him on. Fuck anything she did seemed to turn him on.

“Mr. Cullen we are beginning our descent, everyone please take a seat and buckle up,” Seth advised. 

“Thank you, Seth,” Edward replied helping Bella to their seat. Bending over Bella’s lap, he picked up the two ends of the seatbelt and clicked them together. Looking up at her through his long lashes he whispered. “Hmm, I like you like this, what do you think about that?”

Bella brought her bottom lip between her teeth. Thinking about Edward tying her up as he thrust his thick, long cock into her, made her move her hips to gain some friction. “Please,” she begged.

Dipping his mouth towards her, he took her bottom lip in between his teeth and tugged it into his mouth. As he began to suck on her lip, he heard a deep throaty moan coming from her. Pulling back he looked at her. “Your wish is my command.”

Bella smiled. This man was dangerous in more ways than one, and she loved it.

They touched down at the Lugano Airport and taxied to terminal two. Once they were stopped at the terminal, Seth and Ben exited the plane first. Surveying the area for any dangers and when they felt it was safe, they directed everyone off the plane. Two dark-tinted windowed limos were waiting from them, once they got through security. Edward had to smirk because everyone’s fake passports worked like a charm, even Bella’s. It had been a rush job, but he wanted to make sure that Aro couldn’t take her. His man, Jay Jenkins, was a master of making perfect fake documents, that would fool anyone in the world.

Edward, Bella, and Seth were in one limo, while everyone else got in the other. Once they were on their way, Bella turned to Edward. “What is up with Alice?”

“Well, she is a bit of a hothead, but she is one of the smartest people I have met when it comes to explosives. I found her setting a bomb at one of Aro residences. She had been living on the streets since she was thirteen after her parents had been murdered by Aro. It took her several months before she trusted me enough to tell me that she had in fact witnessed their murders and that it was Aro who had been the one that pulled the trigger,” Edward explained.

“Wow. I am sorry she had to go through that, but I just don’t like anyone getting in my face and accusing me of wanting to hurt you,” Bella said. 

“Bella, she will come around, I promise,” Edward sighed wrapping his arm around her, pulling her close. He loved the way she felt against his body.

It took over an hour to get to Lake Como and they pulled up in front of the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Seth and Ben once again made sure that no one was around to harm their boss. Seth nodded and Edward stepped out of the car, offering his hand to Bella. Once she took his arm, they walked through the double glass doors and across the marble floor of the lobby. As they passed, people openly gawked at the regal couple. The woman behind the counter smiled. “Benvenuti al Mandarin Oriental Hotel.” Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

“Abbiamo una prenotazione con il nome di Cullen,” Edward advised. We have a reservation under the name Cullen

“Mr. & Mrs. Cullen, ti stavamo aspettando. Le tue ville sono pronte e ti preghiamo di farci sapere se hai bisogno di qualcos’altro,” she said with a smile handing over the door lock cards. Mr. & Mrs. Cullen we have been expecting you. Your villas are ready and please let us know if you need anything else.

Edward accepted the cards and gave one to Jasper and one of the hotel staff showed them the way to their villas. Once Edward and Bella were in their room, Edward handed the man a large tip and told him they were not to be disturbed.

Bella looked around the room in awe of its splendor. It had floor-to-ceiling windows that looked over Lake Como. There was a private kitchen, with a separate dining area, living room, and a library with a fireplace on the ground floor. When they walked up to the first floor, there were two ensuite bedrooms with lake view terrace. The terrace led out to a lush green yard with a fence that separated it from the lake. The place was magical. “Edward I love this place.”

“I am glad you like it,” he said with a husky voice. “Why don’t we take a nap before dinner.”

Licking her lips and thinking back to his comment on the plane about tying her up, she smiled and began pushing off his jacket. Untying his tie she held it up. “I hope you remember all your rope tying skills.”

Taking the tie from her hand he smirked. “Always prepared, my love.”

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  1. I kinda wish Alice doesn’t become like able and that Bella kicks her ass. Not too many stories like that out there. Thanks for the update:). Loved the chapter.


  2. They have fake ID’s and passports. Why did they come to Italy as Cullens?


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