Words to Die By ~ Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

July 15, 2017

The early morning sun was shining through the windows. Edward moved and felt Bella’s naked body wrapped around him. The late-night activities came flooding back to him. He couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to be deep inside of her. When he had awoken to find her hand wrapped his cock, he was shocked, but her soft hand stroking him caused him to relent and revel in the feelings. When she awoke, he thought for sure she would scream at him to leave; however, once again, she surprised him by demanding he make love to her. He was worried about her ribs, so he let her take the lead, something he never did, and God was it glorious. She rode him hard, raking her nails down the planes of his chest and abs. Rubbing his hand down his chest, he felt the welts from her nails and thought they were so erotic. Needing to touch her, he began to gently stroke his hand up and down her arm. 

Bella began to wake and smiled. She remembered every detail of last night, and she wanted more. She moved, and as soon as she did, the painful reminder of her injuries hit her. “Fuck.”

Edward looked down at her when she yelled out. She had tears in her eyes and pain etched all over her face. “Oh, my sweet girl, I’m sorry. Let me go get Rose.”

Bella didn’t want him to go, even though she would love some of those great drugs that Rose had. “Wait, please. I don’t want you to leave.”

“But it’s obvious that you are in severe pain,” Edward murmured as he wiped her tears that were now falling down her cheeks.

“Can’t you just call her?” She asked, putting out her bottom lip. 

“But we are naked,” he said, not wanting to cause her any embarrassment. 

Bella smirked. “So, she has already seen me naked.”

Edward was shocked. Rose had seen Bella naked. “When?”

“Last night, when she gave me a shot. I couldn’t undress by myself. She is definitely a real doctor because she has a great bedside manner?”

“Yes. She is a licensed Orthopedic Surgeon, but she had to leave her practice.  That is a story for her to tell you, not mine.”

“How did she become part of the family?” Bella asked, hoping Edward would let it slip that he was, in fact, part, hell, probably the fucking Don of the family.

Edward smiled, then placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Always poking for information.” He turned and picked up his phone to send Rose a text.

Bella moved over a little, running her hand across the sheets, and under Edward’s pillow, it was then that she felt it. The cold metal of a gun. Her father had made sure she knew how to handle and shoot a weapon.  Grabbing hold of the handle, she pulled it out and grinned. “So, are you going to tell me about the family?”

Edward couldn’t believe that Bella was holding his gun. Fuck, he hadn’t even felt her hand under his pillow until it was too late. As he stared at her holding his gun, he became hard immediately. Here was the sexiest woman he had ever met, naked in his bed holding his Glock. He had died and went to heaven.  “Fine, but after you get some meds and food.”

“I want to know everything,” she said with a determined face.

“As much as I can without putting you in any more danger,” Edward agreed.

Suddenly his door flew open with a bounce against the wall, Emmett and Rose came strolling into the room. “Way to go, Eddie,” Emmett bombed as he saw the couple in bed. He could see Edward’s bare chest covered in scratch marks, and Bella’s tits were uncovered for all to see. Damn, they were a nice set, he thought. Suddenly he was hit behind the head by Rose. 

“Stop staring asshole, I saw them first,” Rose jokes. “Get you naked ass out of the bed, Edward, so that I can help Bella.”

Edward placed another kiss on Bella’s lips and took the gun from her hand. Sitting up and sliding his legs off the bed. “Rose, turn around, or you are going to see more of me than you ever have before.”

“Unless you have two dicks, it isn’t anything I haven’t seen before,” she boasted. 

Edward stood his long hard cock bouncing against his stomach and walked towards the bathroom, making sure to shake his ass towards everyone. 

Bella watches Edward until he disappears into the bathroom. Fuck, the man had a monster cock and fine tight ass as well. Hmm, maybe after she got some meds, she could ride him again. 

“Wipe that drool off your face, girl, and let me take a look at those ribs,” Rose smirked. “Emmett, stop staring at Bella’s tits and tell Maria to fix the love birds some breakfast.”

“Ah, Rosie, you know I only love your tits,” Emmett purred into her ear.

“I know, but she does have a nice set. Damn, she might even turn me,” Rose jokes. 

Emmett gasped as he left the room, with thoughts of his Rose and Bella together as he sat back and watched. Fuck, that would be hot. After Emmett left the room, Bella moved over on the bed so that Rose could check her ribs. 

Rose unwrapped Bella’s ribs and checked for any discoloration, then listened to her lungs to make sure no fluid was building up. “Your lungs sound clear, but you need to keep taking deep breaths even though it hurts. I don’t want the fluid to build-up. Now I am going to give you another shot of morphine, but a smaller dose. You need to try to stay awake today and walk around.”

“I will try. You are an excellent doctor, and I am happy that you were around to take care of me,” Bella said. 

“You are a cool chick, and I would love for us to become friends. There is too much testosterone in this house,” Rose declared. 

“Not many women here?” Bella asked.

“A few, Alice is a real firecracker in every way possible, Maria who is our housekeeper, chef, and Angela, who is Edward’s mother,” Rose explained.

Bella was curious about Angela and wondered where Edward’s father might be. 

Rose administered the shot. “There you go. I will give you another in four hours.”

“Thanks,” Bella said, then thought she had nothing to wear except for the clothes from last night. “Hey, Rose, do you have something I could wear?”

“I sure I do. I will have to confess that I have a small addiction,” Rose implied.

“Really?” Bella quizzed, wondering what it could be. Rose looked like the picture of health, not someone who was strung out.

“Shopping!” She exclaimed. “Emmett’s credit card is abused to the extreme at times.”

“Me too!” Bella declared. “Good damn thing I make shit piles of money writing my books.”

Rose looked toward the bathroom to make sure Edward was still in the shower, and when she heard the water, she smirked. “Edward has all your books and is a huge fan. He has often wondered which family you were a member of.”

Bella was shocked. She had hoped that she had written the stories that were believable even to people who were in the organizations. “I am excited that I wrote it correctly.”

“Let me go get those clothes. I can see you are getting a bit chilled,” Rose chuckled pointed at Bella’s nipples that were hard and taunt. 

“Bitch,” Bella quipped.

“Yes, and proud of it,” Rose said as she headed out the door.

Edward had to take another shower to get rid of his little, well colossal problem. After rubbing out another knee-buckling orgasm, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back into the room. As soon as he glanced towards the other side, his erection returned. Bella was standing by the window that overlooked the back of his property completely nude. She was utterly unashamed by the fact that anyone could walk in the room and would see all of her, or if anyone looked up at the window from outside, would be able to see her. 

Bella heard Edward came in and was disappointed to see that he covered up his beautiful cock, although she could see that it was hard once again. She watched as he stalked towards her, his green eyes blazing with passion. Placing his arms around her waist, he carefully pulled her towards him.

Nuzzling into her neck. “Do you know fucking bad I want to be buried inside of you?”

“Not as much as I want you to be,” she moaned.

Edward covered her mouth with his with an all-encompassing kiss. He wasn’t surprised when she demanded him to open his mouth to accept her tongue. Pulling back, Edward looked into her eyes. “What are you doing to me?”

Bella licked up his neck and took his ear lobe in her mouth and sucked. When she released it, she whispered in his ear. “Making you want me.”

Edward backed up to a chair, pulled the towel off, and sat down. Placing his hands on her hips, he guided her to straddle his lap. “I will be so fucking happy when your ribs are better, so I can fuck you anyway I can. We won’t leave this room for days,” he growled.

“I can’t wait,” Bella purred as she eased herself down on his cock. “Damn, I love your dick.” She began slowly riding him, but quickly increased her pace as her orgasm neared.

Edward’s head fell back, enjoying the immense pleasure that Bella was giving him. He had fucked a lot of girls but never had anyone brought him this much rapture. “Oh, Bella,” he moaned.

Bella’s orgasm came like a freight train causing her to scream out Edward’s name over and over again. As her muscles contracted around him, it caused his climax. When they were both spent, she leaned forward, placing her forehead on his. “You are one dangerous man, Edward Cullen.”

“Baby, I have nothing on you,” Edward murmured.

“Giddy up cowgirl,” Rose jeered. “Ride him hard and put him up wet.”

Edward looked around Bella. “Rose, get out!”

“Eddie, I am just admiring the moves my friend has,” she snickered and lay the clothes for Bella on the bed. “Maria has breakfast ready and you know how she gets if you let it cold.”

“Fine, we will be down in a moment,” Edward growled.

After Rose left, Bella moved off his lap. “I am going to clean up and get dressed.”

Edward reached out and grasped her hand. “Bella, we need to figure out what this is between us.”

“I know, but we need to talk about the family first, and I need to tell you everything that I know,” Bella informed. She leaned down, kissed him quickly.

While Bella got ready, Edward also dressed, pulling on a pair of pants, a button-down shirt, and a pair of Italian loafers. He might be overdressed, but he never knew when he might have to deal with a family issue. He went over the nightstand, pulled out his Glock, and placed it under his belt at his back. Bella already knew he had a gun and she would just have to get used to seeing him wearing one at all times. 

Bella cleaned up, brushed her teeth using Edward’s toothbrush, ran a brush through her hair, and got dressed. Rose had brought her a pair of capri pants and an open back red ruffle blouse. She couldn’t wear a bra, but that was a good thing because she didn’t know if she could reach around to clasp it. Slipping on a pair of ballet flats, she walked out to find Edward waiting for her. Damn, he looked just as yummy dressed as he did naked. He held out his hand, and she took it. 

“I hope you are hungry because I am sure Maria has cooked enough for an army,” Edward predicted.

“Starved, I worked up quite an appetite,” Bella smirked.

“You are going to be the death of me, but fuck what a way to go,” Edward resounded. He walked them down the hall, nodding as he passed Max. Later he would introduce everyone to Bella, but that would be after their talk. They walked down the stairs, and he took her to the kitchen. 

Bella took in everything and everyone she saw as they walked through his house. They had passed three massive men in suits, who were keeping guard. She noticed the bulge of their guns under their coats. When they walked into the kitchen, the delicious aroma flowed around the room. Her stomach growled loudly. 

“Eduardo, why are you starving this beautiful young dama?” Maria questioned.

“I’m not,” he replied, then placed a kiss on Maria’s cheek.  As most of all of his new family, Maria had been a victim of Aro Volturi’s cruelty. Aro killed her husband and son because they refused to go to work for him selling drugs. Maria lost everything after their deaths and ended up living on the streets homeless. This is where Edward found her, late one night in the freezing cold, trying to sleep in a cardboard box. He took her home that night, fed her, and gave her a place to sleep. The next morning he offered her a position in the household, and from that moment on, she had been a valuable member of the Cullen family.

Maria brought over two plates and sat them in front of Edward and Bella. They had a large texas omelet, fried potatoes, and mixed fruit. Cups of steaming coffee and juice were also brought to the table. Bella hummed with delight at the wonderful tasting food. 

“Maria, this is the best tasting omelet I have ever had,” she praised. 

“Thank you, dear. It is Eduardo’s favorite,” she said.

After breakfast was over, Bella followed Edward into the den. Emmett, Rose, and a dark-haired older woman that she thought might be his mother were already seated. Edward walked over and gave the woman a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning, Mom. I would like to introduce you to Bella. Bella this is my Mom, Angela,” Edward beamed.

“Hello, Ms. Cullen. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Bella said.

Edward came back to Bella’s side. “Angela is not Ms. Cullen, but she has always been my Mom as long as I can remember. Please sit down and I will tell you everything.”

“Everything?” Emmett questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes and Bella is going to tell us about how she came to know the Cullen name,” Edward informed. 

Bella sat down and Edward sat beside her. “Let me start,” Bella said. She told how she had been in Italy and had gone to the bookstore and found the hidden journal. Then Bella remembered that she had it with her. “Where is my messenger bag? I had it with me last night before the attack.”

“I found it on the ground next to the fucker,” Emmett said as he went over to the table, picked it up, and then took it to Bella. “I saw your initials on it and knew it was yours.”

“Thanks,” she exclaimed, then opened her bag and found the journal. “I found this in a bookstore in Pienza, Italy. It was hidden behind some books in the back of the store. When I started reading, I became aware of the significance of the information.  It was apparent that the family was part of the mafia organization, although I had never heard of their name before.”

Edward was looking down at the book in Bella’s hand and recognized the emblem on the front. It was the same one that was in his father’s journals. “May I?”

“Certainly,” Bella answered handing it to him. 

Edward took the journal and carefully opened it. It was his grandfather, Caius Cullen’s journal. After reading it for a few moments, he looked up at the eyes of his family members. “It is my grandfather’s journal.”

“Really?” Angela gasped.

“Yes,” Edward murmured.

“I reread it several times and just before I was going to leave Italy, I found a name for what I think is one of the family’s homes. Moving back my trip plans, I went in search of Villa del Cullenello in Lake Como. I lucked out finding the home,” Bella remarked.

“It is still standing?” Edward questioned.

“Oh, yes. It needs some major work, but it has great bones. I broke in, sorry by the way and looked around. It had a massive library with a grand fireplace. Then I found this,” Bella said pulling out the protective sleeve where she had placed the picture. Handing it over to Edward, she watched him for his reaction as he looked at it for the first time. 

His father had placed several photographs in his journals and the couple in this photo was of his grandparents. Bella had found their home. The need to know more overcame him. Looking up at Emmett. “Ready the plane, we are going to Italy.”

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  1. what is it about these Mafia stories, just enthrall you…….great writing, you are keeping us in suspense…..


  2. Bella has brought valuable information to the Family. One step closer to finding the truth.


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