Words to Die By ~ Chapter Six

Chapter Six

July 15, 2017

Looking past her hero, she saw that she was in a mysterious bedroom. Where the hell was she and how did she get here? Moving to get up, she experienced a stabbing pain ripping through her side. Catching her breath as she tried to speak through the pain, she looked at the man before her and asked, “Who are you?”

“I guess you don’t remember last evening?” Edward asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I was attacked, but I got a few good blows in before the fucker stomped on my ribs,” Bella answered, thinking about the pain, then she remembered her green-eyed hero. “It was you, you saved me.”

“I did, but I should have been there a bit sooner and I am sorry for that,” he said as he rubbed his hand down her face. He had allowed her to be hurt and he would never forgive himself for that.

Bella leaned into his touch. It was so warm, so comforting, and for some reason, even though she was in pain, she found herself wanting him to touch her everywhere. “You said your name was Edward Cullen, is that true?”

“Yes, but it is very dangerous for you to know that,” Edward advised. 

“How is this possible? Everywhere I went and asked about the Cullen family I was told there was no such family, however, I knew better.” Bella explained.

“I will tell you everything you want to know, however, I must know how you came by the knowledge of the Cullen family name?” Edward quizzed. 

“I found a journal in a little shop in Italy,” Bella answered, but as soon as she moved to get comfortable another stabbing pain shot through her. “HOLY FUCK!” 

“Broken ribs are a bitch. Let me get Rosalie and she can give you something for the pain,” Edward said.

Bella didn’t know who this Rosalie was, but she became bewildered by the fact that she felt a twinge of jealousy hearing Edward say another woman’s name, but she did. “Who the fuck is Rosalie?” She snarled.

Edward chuckled. “I never met a woman who curses more than I do. Rosalie is my best friend’s wife and my family’s doctor.”

“Your family doctor or The Family doctor?” Bella asked emphasizing each word because she knew how people in the mafia talked.

Edward arched his eyebrow at her. Hell, she was not only sexy as fuck, but also smart and courageous. “Bella, we need to talk, but you need to get some drugs for those ribs. But I do promise to tell you everything I can about me and my family.”

“But,” Bella began, but Edward put his finger up to her lips.

“Let me take care of you, please,” Edward pleaded.

Bella looked into his green eyes,  her heart skipping a beat from its currently thumping rhythm. “Fine, but I have thousands of questions, just giving you fair warning.”

Edward nodded and walked out of the room to find Rose. He didn’t talk about his family to strangers, but there was something about Bella that made him trust her. He found Rose in the den sitting on the couch with Emmett’s large arm draped over her shoulders as they watched a show on t.v. “Rose, Bella is awake and in pain.”

Rose kissed Emmett on the cheek and stood up. “I’ll take care of her.”

After Rose walked out, Emmett turned towards Edward. “So, did you find out how she knew the Cullen name?”

“Sort of, but I’m hoping to get more information tomorrow,” Edward answered smiling, remembering how she cussed so much, how soft her skin was, and how fucking sexy she was when she questioned him about Rose.

“You got it bad,” Emmett joked.

“I don’t,” Edward growled.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep lying to yourself, but I know that look,” Emmett advised. “It was the one I had when I fell in love with my Rosie.”

“I don’t love Bella, hell I hardly know her.  Not to mention that I don’t have the time for that stuff anyway,” Edward scoffed.

Emmett knew not to push Edward, but he couldn’t wait to sit back and watch. “Alright. I increased the guard presence around the perimeter.”

Edward just nodded his head in acknowledgment. “Have you heard from Jacob?”

“No, but I am sure Aro is pissed off right now and Jacob needs to be careful,” Emmett advised.

Pacing back and forth, rubbing the back of his neck, Edward was still beating himself up because he had allowed Bella to get hurt. The image of the foot powering its way down on her side, made him want to kill Aro with his bare hands. 

“Ed, you saved her,” Emmett said knowing that Edward was beating himself up. “She will heal, however, she is not out of danger until that fucker is dead.”

Rose had picked up her bag of medical supplies and went straight to Edward’s bedroom. She smiled at that fact. 

When Edward had burst through the front door earlier, he held Bella protectively in his arms. As they walked upstairs, Rose turned to go to one of the guest bedrooms, however, Edward turned in the opposite direction. He walked to his bedroom door, opened it, and carefully placed Bella on the bed. Before stepping away to allow Rose to assist in fixing Bella’s injuries, he gently stroked her cheek. The look in his eyes was that of a man in love and Rose couldn’t wait until he admitted to himself.

Opening the door she found Bella sitting on the side of the bed holding her side while wearing a painful grimace. “Hello, Bella.”

Bella looked and saw a stunning woman with long, brunette hair and striking hazel eyes. Damn, she would almost make her want to change sides. “Rosalie?”

“Yes, but my friends call me Rose. I can see that you are in some serious pain.”

“Fuck, yeah,” Bella groaned. “But I have got to use the bathroom.”

“Come let me help you,” Rose offered, assisting Bella to her feet and helping her into the bathroom. “I’ll get you something comfortable to wear and get you out of those tight clothes.”

“God that sounds great,” Bella said as she undid her pants and slowly pulled them off, however, getting her top off was causing her too much pain. Rose came into the bathroom carrying a man’s t-shirt.

“Do you need some help?” Rose asked. 


Rose helped Bella remove her top and unhooked her bra. Bella turned around, not the least bit shy of her nakedness. She certainly had a rocking body and Edward was going to go nuts. “Do you work out?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Bella answered as Rose helped her pull the t-shirt over her head. It fell about mid-thigh. 

“That is good news because you have a tight core which will help the healing process. But I have some good drugs to help with the pain,” Rose said with a smirk. She helped Bella back in the bed.

Bella took another look around the room, seeing the richness and masculinity of the furnishing. In the one corner, was a bookshelf full of books, but something caused her to stop and stare more intently. On the shelf were all her books. “Whose room is this?”

Rose pulled up the sleeve of the t-shirt, wiped the skin with an alcohol wipe, then stuck the needle in and pushing the morphine into Bella’s arm. “It is Edward’s. He wanted you to be safe and this room is the safest in the house.”

Bella needed to know. “He is part of the mafia, isn’t he?”

Rose knew that look, it was the same when she asked Emmett the same question. Even though it was frightening discovering the truth, it comforted her just the same, because she knew that the family would one day make Caius pay for killing her parents. “Bella, I can’t answer your question, but know that Edward will give his own life to protect you from Aro.”

Bella was shocked by that news. Edward had just met her and he was willing to die for her, why?  This made no sense.

“Get some rest,” Rose said as she began to walk out of the room. “If you need anything else, just ask.” 

The morphine was doing its job and Bella rolled over on her good side, falling asleep quickly with a vision of dangerous green eyes and full pouty lips waiting to be kissed.

Rose put her bag back in her room before went back downstairs. She found her loving husband where she’d left him on the couch, with his foot propped up on the table and Edward standing near the window with a glass in his hand. As soon as she stepped onto the hardwood floor, Edward’s head whipped around.

“How is she?” He asked, his voice full of concern.

“Sleeping by now. I gave her some morphine. She is doing good otherwise and will make a quick recovery,” Rose explained.

Edward down the rest of his whiskey and sat his glass down on the table. “Emmett, post two extra guards down here and one in the hallway upstairs.”

“Okay, and where will you be?” Emmett asked.

“My room,” Edward said as he began to leave the room.

“Edward,” Rose called out.

“Yes,” he answered.

“You can thank me later,” she said with a wicked smile.

Edward gave her a curious look but turned quickly and went up the stairs. He made it to his door and opened it slowly. Stepping in the room as quietly as he could, he looked towards the bed to find Bella laying on her side, her long silky hair laying across the pillow. Watching her for several minutes, he could see she was sleeping deeply. Mentally thanking Rose, he entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. He needed to wash away the previous days’ stress. Stripping off his clothes, he placed them in the laundry basket, then walked into the shower. Allowing the multiple shower heads beat against his body to release his tight muscles, he finally began to wash, scrubbing the soap down each arm, across his chest, down each leg and finally along the length of his cock and balls. He was thinking of Bella, which instantly hardened his cock. He was stunned at just how fucking quick and hard he became. Over the years he had been with several women who were able enough to scratch his itch, but they were only a means to an end. He didn’t lie to them, promising them a future with him, because none of them held any interest past their bedroom antics, or a place in his heart. He wanted what his parents had, what his father wrote about in his journals, an all-encompassing love. 

He lathered up his hand with soap, grasping his cock. Placing his other hand on the wall, and began to stroke, beginning slow and steady.  Images of Bella with her hand in place of his, soon had his strokes becoming faster. Images of her naked body danced in his mind as he imagined the pounding of frantic fucking, as she called out his name in pure ecstasy.  Feeling the phantom pulses of his imagination as she clamped down on his cock with her orgasm, caused him to shoot streams of cum on the shower walls. It was intense, that he felt a little light headed. Turning off the water, he dried off and walking naked back into the bedroom. Looking once again at Bella, he noticed that she had not moved. Normally he sleeps in the nude, but he didn’t want to frighten Bella, so he pulled on a pair of boxers. Walking over to the bed he opened the nightstand and took out the Glock that he kept there at all times and put it under his pillow for quick access. He didn’t think anyone would get into his bedroom, but with Bella here he wasn’t going to take any chances. Pulling back the cover he gasped when he saw that Bella was wearing one of his t-shirts. It had inched up and her perfect ass was in plain view. 

“Fuck,” he groaned as his cock once again came to life. She was going to be the death of him. Climbing into bed, he turned off the light and pulled up the covers. Laying as close as he could without touching her, he willed his cock to calm down. He fell asleep with a smile, as he dreamed of Bella.

Bella was having the best dream. She currently dreaming of being on top of her green-eyed hero, riding his cock as it thrust deep inside of her. Never had any man filled her as he did and the deep tightening within her pussy was about to explode. Just as she began to come, she heard a deep voice moaning pulling her out of her sleep. Opening her eyes, she saw Edward, his face glowing in pure pleasure and her hand is down his underwear wrapped around his thick, pulsing cock. Knowing she should pull away and demand to know why the hell he was in her bed, she abandoned that though as her muscles began clenching and tightening. 

“Edward,” she whispered.

“Oh, Bella, my sweet, sexy Bella,” he moaned.

Removing her hand, she turned and leaned in to place a passionate kiss upon his lips. Her ribs still hurt, but she wanted, no, needed him inside of her. Pulling back she looked into his eyes, they were blazing with need.

“I need you inside of me,” she groaned.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

“Fuck my ribs, my pussy is hurting worse,” she demanded, pushing down his underwear allowing his cock free. 

He placed his hands on her hips and helped her as she slowly took him into her. Throwing back her head and groaning out loud. Edward had dreamed of what it would feel like to be deep inside of her, but it was nowhere near how fucking good it actually felt. “Bella you are so fucking wet and tight.”

“Edward, your cock is glorious, filling me up as no other has,” she murmured as she continued to ride up and down. 

He wanted to come, but he needed her to come first, so he reached down between them a pinched her clit hard, sending her over the edge.

“EDWARD!!!” She screamed as her orgasm overtook her, then she felt his orgasm following as he shot streams of release into her. When they finally came down from the sexual high, Bella looked at Edward. “Why are you in my bed?”

Edward pulled her down and placed a kiss on her lips. “You are in my bed and I’m thinking that this is where you are going to stay.”

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  1. Thank you so much for the update, l have waited for so long, than you. And l just love this speak your mind and no beating about the bush Bella. Hoping for more soon……Patricia


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