In a Heartbeat – chapter Ten

Bella woke the next morning and touched her lips, as she remembered Edward’s kiss. Never had she felt or tasted anything like it and she wanted to do again. Getting up, she looked at her phone and noticed she had a text from a number that she didn’t recognize. Opening the text, she broke out in a smile upon seeing it was from Edward.

Good Morning, Beautiful. I had the most wonderful dreams and you were the star in all of them. I will pick you up at six and bring a sweater. Counting the minutes until I can see your smiling face. Edward

Bella read the text several times and sighed. Looking at her clock, she frowned, calculating that she had eleven hours before she would see him. Damn, it was going to be a long day. Before getting out of bed, she decided to return his text.

Oh my God, what a wonderful way to wake up. I too had marvelous dreams of you as well. Looking forward to this evening, is it six o’clock yet? Thinking of you and that kiss. Bella

She reviewed the text twice before pushing the send button. Was he thinking about the kiss? Was that too forward? Damn, why did she say that? Just as she was berating herself, her text alert sounded. 

Are you trying to kill me? I need to concentrate, but thinking of your lips on mine makes it impossible. However, I plan to reacquaint myself with them this evening. Edward.

Bella’s heart skipped a beat. He was thinking about the kiss as well. As much as she would love to stay at home and think of Edward, she couldn’t. It was going to be a busy day at the studio. The phone and email had been extremely full of messages  with requests for classes. In between classes today, she needed to contact the institute to see if anyone was looking for work. 

Getting out of bed she hurried to get ready. After a shower, dressing, and packing her lunch, she was out the door. Ten more hours to go.


Edward had awakened at five o’clock and went out on his deck to watch the sunrise. Over the years, this was the time of day that he would talk to Maggie. He would tell her how Elizabeth was, what she was doing, and he would tell her that he still wasn’t over her. However, today he wanted to tell her about Bella. Looking out at the skyline as the warm glow began its ascent he took a deep cleansing breath. 

Maggie, I know you are listening and I am sorry it has been awhile. Elizabeth is doing great and now taking ballet lessons. She loves it and Bella, her teacher, says she is a natural. I need to tell you about Bella. God, where do I start? As I said she is Elizabeth’s ballet teacher, but she should be dancing at a dance company because she is that good. Mom and Dad have known her for years and they love her, as well as my brothers. Whenever she is near, my heart just goes nuts and I have this overwhelming need to touch her. I know you have been telling me to move on and I think she is the one I can do that with. Maggie my love, know that I will always love you and I promise never to let Elizabeth forget you. Thank you for loving me and for pushing me to move on. 

Placing his two fingers to his lips he kissed them and held them out to the rays coming over the horizon. The color of the sky was the exact shade of red as Maggie’s hair and he knew that she had somehow done this to let him know that she had heard him.

Walking back into his room, he grabbed his phone and shot off a text message to Bella. When he had returned last night from the dance studio his mother was sitting in his den watching Die Hard. He couldn’t count how many times she had watched it.

“So, did you find her?” She asked turning the movie off.

“Yeah. We talked,” he started, then ran his hand through his hair. “And I asked her out.”

“Good, but don’t break her heart,” Esme insisted. 

“I don’t think I could, even though I think she could probably break mine. Mom, there is just something about her. I can’t explain it, but I need to find out what it is.”

Esme wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug. “It is so good to see you smiling again.”

“Thanks,” he said, then remembered he forgot to get Bella’s cell number. “Mom, do you have her cell number. I want to be able to send her a text or call her.”

“Forgot to get the digits?” Esme joked. She walked over picking up her phone and texting him Bella’s number.

“Thanks, Mom.”

“When are you going out?” She asked.

“Tomorrow,” he beamed.

“Shit,” she exclaimed. “I have a charity meeting tomorrow evening.”

“Oh,” Edward grumbled, upset because he didn’t want to cancel out of Bella. 

“Wait before you cancel,” she instructed. Typing away on her phone and a minute later she smiled up at Edward. “Taken care of.”

“Wait, what do you mean? I hope you didn’t cancel your plans,” Edward asked.

“Nope, but called in the “C” team,” she joked.

“Who is the “C” team?”

“Your father. He has been whining because he is not getting some quality alone time with the LadyBug,” she smirked. “I bet he is planning out the entire evening.”

Edward chuckled. Elizabeth had his father wrapped around her little finger and he knew that she was in great hands. “Thanks, Mom and thank you for watching her this evening.”

Esme placed her hand on the side of his face and looked deep into his eyes. “I can see that she makes you happy and that makes me happy.”

Edward leaned down and placed a kiss on her cheek. “She does, but you will always be my girl.”


After he sent her the text, he took a shower, dressed and walked down the stairs, he noticed his mother walking in the back door. “Good morning, Mom.”

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?” She asked.

“I did,” he said with a smile, then he looked at the clock on the wall. “Shit, Mom I have got to go.”

“Do you want coffee?”

“Not this morning. I have a procedure in a couple of hours and as you know no caffeine. Once it is over with I will have one,” Edward explained. “I will be home early.” Rushing out the door, he had some calls to make to plan the perfect date. 

It didn’t matter what time it was, traffic was always horrible in the mornings. As he sat in a long line of traffic, he sent a text to Peter using his hands-free function. He was Jasper’s best friend and he owned a sailboat. He chartered it out to tourists taking them on cruises around the Baltimore Inner Harbor area. Edward hoped it was not being used tonight. He was already visualizing  them on the deck of the boat as it glided across the water.

The notification dinged in the car and the attendant asked if he wanted to hear the text.

“Yes,” he called out.

Peter Whitlock writes: The boat is available tonight and I would be happy to pilot you and your date around the harbor. Would you like dinner while on the boat? Would you like to send a reply?

Fantastic. I would love to have dinner on the boat. Is there anything you need from me? Edward stated then sent.

Peter Whitlock writes: I just need the full name of your date for me to leave at the port. It is a safety precaution in case of an accident. I promise to make it special for you. I am just happy to see you going out, she must be exceptional. Would you like to send a reply?

Her name is Isabella Marie Swan and yes she is exceptional. We should arrive at the marina at six-thirty. Thanks again, Peter. 

Edward was happy that he had been able to get his first choice for their first date. He hoped that Bella would enjoy it. Finally making some headway in the traffic, he soon pulled into the parking deck at the hospital. Parking in his assigned spot he began to turn the car off, but an incoming text alert sounded. Once accepting the text he listened thinking it was Peter.

Bella writes: Oh my God, what a wonderful way to wake up. I too had marvelous dreams of you as well. Looking forward to this evening, is it six o’clock yet? Thinking of you and that kiss. Bella. Would you like to send a reply?

She had dreamt of him and was thinking about the kiss. God, he wanted to kiss her right now. Fuck the thought her lips and that sexy body had him instantly aroused. FUCK!!

Would you like to send a reply?  Shit, he was totally distracted, “yes, I want to send a reply.”

Are you trying to kill me? I need to concentrate but thinking of your lips on mine makes it impossible. However, I plan to reacquaint myself with them this evening. Edward.

Smiling over the text, he got out of the car and headed into work. The procedure with Mr. Jacobs went well, as did the rest of the day. Between patients, he finalized his plans for the date. Locking up his office, he headed to his car, so he could get to the florist to pick up Bella’s flowers. Not wanting to just pick up roses, he decided to get something different and selected Potomac Appleblossoms. They were unique, just like her. 

When he arrived home, he walked in the kitchen to find Elizabeth sitting at the counter eating a bowl of strawberries. His mother was taking the clean dishes out of the dishwasher. 

“Mom, I can do that,” he said.

“Daddy, you’re home,” Maggie said her mouth full of strawberries. She then saw the flowers. “Ohh, those are pretty. Are they from Nana?”

Edward had considered whether or not he should tell Elizabeth that he was going on a date. He hadn’t had any interest in going out until now. Bella was different than any other woman he had ever met, even Maggie. However, he knew how much Elizabeth liked Bella and he didn’t want her to get her hopes up, just yet. 

“No, Ladybug. I am going out and these are for the lady I am taking to dinner,” he explained.

Elizabeth looked at him with her little face scrunched up as she tried to figure out what he was talking about. “What lady?”

“Elizabeth, it is a friend of your daddy and since I have a meeting, guess who is staying with you?” Esme asked, hoping to redirect Elizabeth’s attention. 

“Who?” She asked.

“Papaw,” Esme replied.

“YEAH!” She screamed. “Can I go over now?”

“Finish up your snack first. We need to pack you an overnight bag because we are going to have a sleepover.”

Elizabeth stuffed the remaining strawberries in her mouth making her cheeks puff out like a chipmunk. “I’m finished,” she muffled as pieces of strawberries escaped her mouth.

Edward laughed at his daughter. She always brought a smile to his face. As his mother helped Elizabeth to pack a bag, he finished cleaning up the kitchen. When he was finished, he decided to cleanup  the den. On the coffee table was Elizabeth’s ballet bag. She had a class today and his thoughts went to Bella. Had she thought of him as much as he did her today? If so, how did she teach a class?

“See you later, Daddy,” Elizabeth yelled as she walked to the back door.

“Whoa, wait a minute. Daddy needs a hug and kiss,” Edward said dropping to his knees and opening his arms.

Elizabeth turned and took off running. Jumping into her Daddy’s open arms, she wrapped her tiny arms around his neck. “I love you.”

Edward wrapped his arms around her and drank in her warmth. Kissing the top of her head. “I love you too. Have a great time with Papaw and I will see you in the morning.”

“Okay, Daddy. I’ll miss you,” she whispered.

“I’ll miss you. But when I pick you up I will take you out for breakfast,” Edward explained.

“Waffles?” She exclaimed.

“Of course.”

“Come on Ladybug,” Esme said holding out her hand. Elizabeth let go of her Daddy and took her Nana’s hand. Esme looked at Edward and gave him a reassuring smile. 

After they left, Edward shot a text off to Peter to make sure everything was still a go and once he got a confirmation. He began getting ready.


Bella’s hands were shaking as she put on her necklace. It was five minutes to six and she couldn’t believe she was going out on a date with Edward. All-day long she thought of nothing but him. It was even worse when Elizabeth had been in her class and each time she looked at her, she saw Edward. With each passing hour, she wished that the day would hurry along. Lost in her thoughts until the ringing of her door bell brought her back. Smoothing over her dress, she picked up her sweater and walked to the door. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and gasped. Edward looked good enough to eat. He wore a dark pair of pants, fitting him all the right places, a starched white button-down shirt, and a pair of black loafers. 

Edward couldn’t speak, because her beauty was so overcoming. She was wearing a tight black dress with a floral accent at her tiny waist and sleeveless. Her hair was down and laid in dark curly waves over her shoulder. Unlike some women that had tried to garner his attention, her makeup didn’t cover up her beauty but emphasized it. The subtle pink lipstick on her full lips had him anticipating the next kiss. Damn, he was one lucky bastard. Handing her the flowers in his hand he smiled. “Good evening, Bella.”

Bella took the flowers and brought them up to her nose. They smelled wonderful. “Oh Edward, these are gorgeous.”

Edward leaned in and brushed his lips over hers. Looking deep into her eyes. “Nowhere as gorgeous as you.” Offering his arm to her they walked towards his car, where  he helped her in. As she sat on the seat, the dress rode up and gave him the perfect view of her toned sexy legs. Just the view of her beautiful legs had him picturing what it would be like to have them wrapped around his waist.   Shaking his head, and trying to save some modicum of gentlemanly behavior, he shut the door after he adjusted himself, and went to the other side of the car. 

As they made their way to the marina, they each talked about their day. Soon Edward turned toward the docks. Bella squeaked in excitement. “Are we going out on a boat?”

“Yes. You do like the water?” Edward asked.

“Oh my God yes. My father loves to fish and we spent most of my early childhood on the beach,” she replied with a large smile. 

Edward parked his car and helped Bella out, making sure she had her sweater. They walked down the pier where he saw Peter waiting for them. 

“Ed, good to see you, man. You must be Isabella,” Peter said.

“Just Bella please, but how did you know my name?” She wondered.

“Ed told me for the manifest. Come aboard,” Peter instructed.

Edward got up on the boat and lifted Bella onboard. Peter directed them to bow while he took the controls. He would use the motor until they got out of the marina. Edward stood behind Bella and wrapped his arms around her as they maneuvered away from the dock. Once they were out of the marina, Peter unfurled the sails and cut off the motor. The boat skimmed around the water towards the setting sun. 

“Oh Edward, this is heavenly,” Bella murmured. 

Edward thought the same. He was in heaven, not because of the scenery, but because he had Bella in his arms. This felt so right and he didn’t want to ever let her go. He cast aside all the doubts that had plagued him about the opinions of others concerning their idea of how much time he should remain alone grieving Maggie.. If she was interested in a relationship with him, he would make sure that she was aware that he wanted her and her alone. Turning her around, he took her hand and placed it on his chest over his heart and he placed his hand on her chest. “Bella, life is too short not to grab hold of something or someone when the heart tells you that it is right. I’m not hesitating, I know what I want, and I want you. My heart is yours.”

Bella couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was the same thing she had been thinking, but was too afraid to say. She knew how she felt about him, but could not understand why she felt so connected to this man? “Oh, Edward, I don’t understand it either, but I too feel this is right and my heart is yours as well. Please kiss me,” she begged.

Lowering his mouth to hers, he sealed his declaration with a kiss. With this woman, he could finally love again.

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  1. Maggie approves. Her heart is in Bella’s chest and Bella is perfect for Edward and Elizabeth. Will they ever learn the source of the heart?

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