Wishing Upon A Snowflake ~ Chapter Four

Wish Granted

Bella woke the next morning with a smile. Yesterday had solidified why she had felt compelled to move Noelle to New York. 

Yesterday, she had read over Bree’s file and did an assessment. During the assessment, she noticed that Bree wasn’t having seizures, but Brainstem Myoclonus spasms. To the untrained eye, they appear to be seizures, however, the movements were caused by Bree’s MS. Bella had worked with several children with MS and had seen on many occasions these particular spasms. After consulting with Dr. Volturi, they designed a treatment plan to help Bree. 

When Bella got home last night, she was welcomed by her excited daughter. “Mommy, did you see it is snowing?”

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“I made my wish,” Noelle bragged.

“Okay. I am sure you will get everything you asked for Christmas,” Bella said giving her a hug. 

“No, Mommy. My special wish,” Noelle said.

The rest of the evening Noelle was quiet, but Bella figured that the time change had finally caught up with her. If she was off tomorrow, she would have Rose to take a look at her. 

“Mommy,” Noelle said as she opened the bedroom door and crept into her mother’s room the next morning.

Bella held the blanket up, Noelle took off running and jumped into the bed and snuggled close to her mom. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes. I looked outside and the snow is still there,” Noelle said.

“It is too cold for it to melt,” Bella explained. “I think we might have to go back to the store and get more sweaters.”

“Oh, Mommy. Today is going to be too busy for that. I am taking my gifts to the hospital and Ed is going to be there,” Noelle exclaimed.

“Who is Ed?”

“He is the nice man from the park,” Noelle said.

Bella was worried. Where was Alice and why was she allowing Noelle to talk to strange men in the park? “Where was Alice when you met this man?”

“She was sitting on the bench with Jasper. Ed is Jasper’s friend. He is a doctor and he has my eyes,” Noelle explained pointing to her eye. “Oh, and his hair is this color,” Noelle continued as she pulled her hair around her shoulders to show her Mommy.

“Oh, and you said he is a doctor?”

“Yup, at your hospital. Jasper said he works with kids. Do you know him?”

“No, but I just started. I guess I will meet him today,” Bella confirmed.

“I want to be pretty,” Noelle informed.

“You are always pretty, my love.”

“I know, but I want to be prettier,” Noelle said then her eyes got large. “Oh no, I need a red dress. I don’t have one of those soft long sleeve dresses. We will have to go shopping. Get up Mommy we don’t have all day.”

“Calm down sweetie. It is still early and I promise to take you shopping,” Bella said trying to calm her down.

“Can I have pany cakes?” Noelle asked.

Bella tapped her chin with her finger as if contemplating the question and after a few moments, she smiled. “Of course. Why don’t you call Auntie Rose, Uncle Emmett and asked them to come over for pancakes.”

“But Uncle Emmett takes mine from my plate,” Noelle whined.

“Well little one, you just need to be quicker and take his pancake first,” Bella jested.

Noelle thought about what her Mommy had said and began to think of a plan. Bella handed her the cellphone and Noelle pressed the three-button, which was the speed dial number for Auntie Rose’s phone. She chatted away with Rose for several minutes, before she hung up. 

“They will be here in a little bit. Uncle Emmett was making those funny groaning sounds again. I think he might need to see a doctor,” Noelle explained.

Bella tried not to laugh. Sweet little Noelle interrupted Rose and Emmett once again. She would have to hear how if she continued to cock block him, they would never get pregnant. Getting out of bed, taking a quick shower, then dressing in a pair of skinny jeans and a lovely cashmere purple sweater, she was ready to make breakfast. Twenty minutes later, Rose used her key and walked in with a grumbling Emmett.

Bella chuckled at him. “Oh, Emmett you know you love her.”

 “I am beginning to reconsider that fact,” he growled, with a raised eyebrow.

Suddenly, Noelle came running in and towards Emmett. “What fact, Uncle Emmett?”

Emmett looked at Noelle’s smiling face and all his frustrations melted away. He loved this little girl with all his heart. Reaching down and picking her up, he placed a raspberry kiss on her cheek. “Nothing Little Bit.”

Bella finished up breakfast and Rose helped her take it to the table. “Breakfast,” she called out. 

Emmett came running with Noelle over his shoulder. “Did someone say food?”

“Uncle Emmett put me down,” Noelle growled.

“Nah, more pancakes for me,” he jested.

“Uncle Emmett put me down or I will pee on you again,” Noelle said. Her Auntie Rose told her that secret. When she was just a baby, every time Emmett would go to change her diaper, she would pee on him. 

“You better not,” Emmett groaned putting her down.

Noelle took off and sat down in her chair. Bella placed a pancake, a piece of bacon, and some fruit on her plate. Emmett sat down beside her and filled his plate with food. As they ate they talked about their day. Emmett turned his head to answer a question that Bella asked and Noelle reached over and took his pancake. She began to eat it and was all but finished when Emmett turned back to see that it was missing. Looking around he glanced at Noelle, whose mouth was so full of pancake that she looked like a chipmunk. 

“You little thief,” Emmett bleated.

Noelle smiled, pancake pushing out the sides of her mouth. She finally chewed enough to get the cake down. Taking a big drink of her milk and wiped her mouth on the napkin. She was so proud of herself.

As they were finishing breakfast, Alice walked into the apartment, with a dreamy look on her face. She had just taken a long walk with Jasper and he had kissed her goodbye. Never did she think she would enjoy a man’s kiss, but Jasper’s was magical and healing.

“Auntie Alice, where were you, we were eating pany cakes?” Noelle asked.

“I went for a walk,” Alice replied.

“And you didn’t take me?” Noelle gasped before she put on the perfect pout.

“You were asleep when I left. You needed your rest because we have a big day ahead,” Alice explained.

“Okay. Mommy when are we leaving to get my dress?” Noelle asked.

“Dress?” Rose asked.

“Noelle wants a new dress to deliver presents.  One of those pretty red velvet numbers.” Bella answered.

Rose bent down to Noelle. “I think that is a grand idea.”

“Fuck. Shopping again Rose?” Emmett groaned.

Noelle ran up and held out her hand. “Uncle Emmett,” she sang. “You said a bad word.”

Emmett reached into his wallet and gave her the money. “Getting an early start for next year, aren’t you?”

“Yup,” she said and skipped over to the jar, placing the bill into it. “Auntie Alice, can you start my shower for me?”

“Sure pumpkin.”

An hour later, Noelle, Bella, Rose, and Alice were off to the store to find a new dress. Emmett and Jasper were hanging out in Jasper’s apartment watching ESPN. 

“I saw Ed last night,” Jasper said.

“Really? I called him to see if he wanted to come over and meet Bella, but he said he was working extra shifts,” Emmett explained.

“He is, but he came through the park last night and met Noelle. He was quite taken with her,” Jasper said. “And Emmett there is an uncanny resemblance between them.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Ed looks like he could be Noelle’s father,” Jasper revealed.

“He can’t be. Noelle’s father was a man that Bella met in St. Barts. They had one night together, but it changed her forever. Fuck she even wears a necklace made from one of his shirt buttons.” 

Jasper thought of what Emmett was saying, but something inside of him couldn’t dispute that there was a chance. “What was the man’s name?”

“She didn’t get his last name, but his first name was Edward,” Emmett replied.

“Fuck, Emmett.  Edward and Ed are very fucking close,” Jasper growled.

Emmett’s mouth dropped open. Could it be true? “Jasper we can’t say anything until we know for sure.”

“Wait, Bella and Ed haven’t seen each other yet?” Jasper quizzed.

“No, but if it is true, we need to get these two together. She has never gotten over him and we know he hasn’t gotten over her.”

Jasper thought for a moment. “Don’t say anything to Rose or Alice. Ed is going to be at the gift giving party this afternoon. We have got to make sure Bella is around at the same time. If it is not him, she won’t care. However, if it is him, how perfect would it be for them to find each other on Christmas Eve?”

Emmett couldn’t even imagine. If this was true, his friends, Bella and Ed would finally be happy and little Noelle would have her daddy.

The girls were in the crowds at Macy’s looking for Noelle’s perfect dress. After looking through all the racks, they finally found it. It was a red velvet dress with long sleeves and white fur trim around the cuffs and hem. It had a white velvet sash with a bow, clasped with a rhinestone buckle. It had a sequined top with sparkles throughout the dress. Rose found a cute pair of white Ugg boots with white fur and satin trim and matched it up with a pair of red leggings with white snowflakes on them. She looked like the cutest elf you ever did see.

Noelle was so excited about her outfit that she convinced everyone else that they needed a new dress as well. Before they left, Rose, Alice, and Bella each had a new dress. Noelle thought her Mommy was the prettiest in the red sweater dress that matched hers. 

Bella was a little apprehensive about how the dress clung to every curve. However, looking at the mirror she liked how she looked. Maybe it was time to let go of Edward and move on. Rubbing her necklace she sighed, feeling closer to him every time she did it and knew that she couldn’t move on yet. She still loved him. 

“Mommy,” Noelle whispered.

Bella glanced down at Noelle and saw her sad face. Squatting down she pulled her into her arms and hugged her tightly before pulling back. “What is wrong Sweetie?”

“I don’t like it when you are sad,” she murmured. 

“I don’t mean to be,” Bella said.

“Mommy, I know you miss Daddy,” Noelle said. 

Bella was shocked by Noelle’s comment. Had she been that transparent? “Baby, I do, but I have all that I need because I have you.”

Noelle smiled and kissed Bella on the cheek. Leaning close to her Mommy’s ear she whispered. “I got to make my wish.”

Bella looked confused. “What do you mean, sweetie? What wish?”

“I can’t tell you, but when it comes true, you won’t be sad no more,” Noelle confessed as she gave her a hug. “Can we go get a donut?”

Bella really wanted to know what Noelle was talking about, however, she seemed excited about it. “You are hungry all the time, you know that?” Bella asked as she tickled Noelle.

“Yup, I want to grow up big and strong like Uncle Emmett,” she said then with a wicked smile. “And be smart like you and Auntie Rose.”

Bella laughed out loud. This had been the standing joke for a long time and Emmett hated it. “Alright.”

After paying for their purchases, they walked down the street and found a coffee shop that made donuts. Bella, Rose, and Alice got a latte, while Noelle got her donut with a hot chocolate. Bella told Rose that she thought she was going to love working at NYPH. 

“Have you met any other doctors in the Peds Unit?” Rose asked.

“I met Dr. Stanley, who seemed to be a little flighty at first, but she was a great help and had a wonderful bedside manner,” Bella said. “The nurses that I met in the unit appear exceptional. They are the best I have ever worked with and as we all know they are the lifeblood of any hospital.”

“You are so right. They work harder than we do and get fewer benefits for it. I am always in awe at how dedicated they are,” Rose responded.

After talking a little more about work, they noticed how quiet Alice was and how she was staring out into nothing with a smile. “Alice,” Bella said but she didn’t answer or even look at her. “ALICE!”

“What?” she asked oblivious to her surroundings. 

“Alright, spill the beans,” Rose commanded.

“Not here with little ears about,” Alice whispered.

“Oh, this must be good,” Rose giggled.

Alice’s blush confirmed that assessment. 

“Look, Mommy, I am all finished,” Noelle said her lips encircled with a chocolate milk ring.

They all looked at her and smiled. “Little Bit, why don’t we go clean your face up before we head back out?” Alice asked.

“Okay, Auntie Alice,” Noelle sang.

After they had walked away Rose leaned closer to Bella. “What do you think is happening between Jasper and Alice?”

“I don’t know for sure. But this is the first time I have seen her allow herself to be alone with any man,” Bella said.

“Yeah, it took a year for her to open up fully when Emmett was in the room. Then wham bam thank you ma’am, Jasper and her go out alone for a walk,” Rose declared.

“As long as she is happy and Jasper is good to her, that is all that matters,” Bella proclaimed.

Once Alice and Noelle got back to the table, they all bundled back up and started back home. When they got to their building, Peter opened the door and assisted them into the elevator. 

“It looks like you have been doing some Christmas shopping,” Peter remarked.

“Mr. Peter, I got a new dress. It is so pretty and I am going to wear it to the hospital to give out presents,” Noelle bubbled.

“I can’t wait to see it,” Peter said.

“Peter, we’re going to need a couple of taxis around three o’clock this afternoon going to the hospital,” Rose informed. 

“I will make sure I have them waiting for you,” Peter replied. The McCarthy’s had been so kind to him and he would do anything for his new tenant Noelle. She was a breath of fresh air.  

They arrived on their floor and went into Bella’s apartment. When they didn’t see Emmett they figured he was hanging out with Jasper. Rose sent him a text and said that they were back. A few minutes later, he came walking in with Jasper behind him holding his phone.

“What the fuck costs seven-hundred-fifty dollars at Macy’s?” Emmett growled turning the screen towards Rose with the credit card text alert.

Rose smirked. “You knew God damn knew well I was going shopping and this bitch doesn’t buy cheap.”

Emmett looked around and there were only two bags by Rose’s feet. “You mean those two shitty bags have seven-hundred-fifty dollars worth of clothes?”

At that moment Noelle ran over between and looked up with her angelic smile. Holding out her hand first to Emmett who’s temper calmed upon seeing her. He reached into his wallet and gave her a five-dollar bill.

“Uncle Emmett you said two,” Noelle informed.

“The hell I did,” Emmett growled.

Noelle giggled. “Now you owe me for two.”

Emmett handed her a ten. Damn, she was good, he thought.

Noelle then turned to Rose. “Auntie Rose pay up.”

Rose smiled at Noelle, then looked up at her big burly husband. She loved him so much, even when they fought over her obsession with shopping. Taking a step around Noelle and closer to Emmett, she ran her hand up to his large bicep then placed her hand around his neck. Rubbing the back of his neck and tugged on the soft curls rising up close to his ear, she ran her tongue along the edge then whispered. “I don’t carry cash.”

Emmett’s eyes grew large. “Fuck Rose.”

Noelle laughed out loud holding her hand out. Emmett knew there was no getting out of it and handed her another ten-dollar bill.

“That is for Rose and mine,” Emmett said with an evil glint. 

Noelle knew he wasn’t mad because his blue eyes sparkled. Motioning him to bend down to her, when he did she kissed his cheek. “I love you, Uncle Emmett.”

Emmett’s heart sighed. This girl had him wrapped around her little finger. “I love you too.”

Noelle smiled and went to put her money in her jar. While Bella and Alice took their purchases to their bedrooms, Noelle headed over to the tv and turned it on. Switching it to her favorite channel, she was excited to see one of her favorite movies was on, Frosty The Snowman. Frosty was made from magical snowflakes. Rose, Emmett, and Jasper joined her and even though they had seen it a hundred times, they all became engrossed. They didn’t even notice when Bella and Alice joined them. At the end of the movie, it was time to prepare lunch. 

Noelle got down and went over to Jasper crawling up on his lap. “Sir Jasper?”

“Yes, Miss Noelle,” Jasper answered.

“Is it okay with you if I call you Uncle Jasper?” Noelle asked twirling one of her coppery curls around her finger. She liked Jasper and he made Auntie Alice happy which she loved.

Jasper was shocked. He had few friends, hell the only people he trusted were Rose, Emmett, and Ed. Most people he met wanted to be his friend or lover for his money. Did he have a lot of money? Hell yeah and he didn’t even know his exact net worth, but it was in the top five percent in the country. His lawyers and accountants had kept his name out of the lists of the most wealthiest, but he knew it was only time before it happened. He had confided in Ed about his worth because Ed himself was also on the same list. Not as high as he was, but pretty damn close. Looking into Noelle’s green eyes. “I would be honored.”

Noelle threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Pulling back she screamed. “I HAVE A NEW UNCLE!”

Everyone looked over at them and smiled. “Welcome to the family,” Emmett boomed.

“He is only an Uncle right now Emmett. He will be part of the family when he marries Auntie Alice,” Noelle instructed. 

Everyone laughed, except for Jasper and Alice who just looked at each other. Jasper knew in his heart that Alice was the one, but knowing her story he was going to move at her pace. When she felt comfortable, then he would ask. Their wedding would be everything she ever dreamed of and more.

Jasper leaned closer to Noelle and whispered. “One day that will happen, I promise.”

Noelle nodded putting her finger up to lips and making a twist like she was locking a door, then crossed her heart. She would keep his secret. Then she remembered. “Uncle Jasper, did you let Ms. Esme know what time we were going to the hospital?”

“Not yet. The store called and they didn’t get all the gifts wrapped until late. Emmett and I are going to pick them up, then meet you at the hospital,” Jasper explained. “I will call her now.”

Jasper took out his phone and found Esme’s number. After two rings her soft voice answered. “Mrs. Cullen?”

“Good Morning, Jasper,” Esme answered. She had been waiting for this call since yesterday. She and Carlisle had talked all evening about Noelle and the possibility that she could be their granddaughter. “How is Noelle?”

“She is as bubbly as ever,” he answered with a smile. “Emmett and I are going to get the gifts then meet y’all at the hospital at three-thirty.”

“Is Noelle and her mother going with you to pick up the gifts?” Esme asked.

“No, we all won’t fit in my truck. They are going to take taxis to the hospital,” Jasper said.

“Alright. Carlisle and I are looking forward to it. Thank you for calling,” Esme gushed.

After Esme’s phone call, Bella called out that lunch was ready. It was a light fair of sandwiches and soup, but it was warm and comforting. Once it was over, Alice picked up Noelle and took her to her room. She didn’t want to take a nap, but Alice’s soothing voice, reading her a story, lured her to sleep.

When Noelle awoke, she looked at her clock and saw it was two o’clock. Getting out of bed she walked into the living room. Her mommy, Auntie Rose, and Auntie Alice were sitting around talking. “Hi,” she said her voice gruff with sleep.

“Hi, sweetie. Did you have a good nap?” Bella said opening her arms.

Noelle climbed up on her lap and laid her head on her chest. “Yes. I had the bestest dream, but I can’t tell you or it might not come true.”

Bella kissed Noelle’s head and hummed. This was her heaven. “Are you excited about giving out the gifts?”

“Yes I am,” Noelle answered then looked around. “Where is Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper?”

“They have already left to get the presents. We better get up and start getting ready ourselves,” Bella informed.

Rose rushed to her apartment to get ready, so she could come back to make sure Bella wore her new dress. She had seen the look on Bella’s face when she tried it on and it wouldn’t surprise her that she ended up in a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt. Rose had mastered getting ready in fifteen minutes and was running back to Bella’s apartment with her boots in her hands.

Bella stood in front of the mirror look at herself with her bra and panties, debating whether or not to wear the dress. She liked it, but she didn’t want unwanted attention from any man. Looking at the dress laying across the bed she sighed and went towards her closet to find something else.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” Rose yelled.

Bella turned around and gapped at Rose. “What do you mean?”

“You were going to get something else to wear. You bought this dress to wear today and you are wearing it,” Rose commanded.

“Rose, I don’t know,” Bella started.

Rose came over and stood before her. “I know you are still in love with Edward, but honey you need to go out and enjoy life more. Noelle is getting older and can sense your sadness.”

Bella took a deep breath. “She already does and you are right I need to enjoy life more.”

“Then start by putting on that red dress,” Rose said with a smile.

Bella put on the dress, stockings, and black knee-high boots. Looking at the mirror, she didn’t recognize the woman before her. The old Bella before St. Barts was standing before her. 

“You look so pretty, Mommy,” Noelle chirped as she skipped into the room. She loved her outfit and couldn’t wait to give out the gifts.

“Not as pretty as you,” Bella praised.

Alice joined them, dressed in a lovely ice blue sweater, black leather skirt, and black boots. The color reminded her of Jasper’s eyes. They all gushed over Noelle’s adorable outfit and it was one of the few times she blushed. Her little cherub cheeks a perfect shade of red. 

 Emmett texted saying that they had loaded all the gifts and were on their way to the hospital. He had called ahead to have carts available to haul them to the Peds floor. Earlier in the week, a large artificial tree had been put up with traditional decorations in reds, greens, and golds. 

Bella, Noelle, Rose, and Alice put on their coats, then took the elevator to the main level. Peter saw them coming and was about to hail a couple of taxis when a long limo pulled up. He quickly went to the back door to open it and gasped.

“Mayor Cullen,” he said. 

“Hello. We are here to pick up Miss Noelle and her family to take them to the hospital,” Carlisle informed as Esme emerged from the backseat.

Noelle saw Emse and took off towards her. “Miss Esme.”

Esme bent down and Noelle ran into her arms. “Hello, Noelle.”

“What are you doing here? I thought you were going to help give out gifts?” Noelle asked.

“I thought I could give you a ride to the hospital,” Esme said.

Noelle looked at the car. It was so big. She turned to see her Mommy walking towards them. “Mommy, this is Miss Esme and she said we could ride with her in that.” As she pointed to the car.

“Hello, I am Doctor Isabella Swan. It seems that you have already met my daughter,” Bella said.

Esme stood and held out her hand. “I am Esme Cullen and this is my husband Carlisle Cullen.”

“Don’t you mean Mayor Cullen?” Bella quizzed.

“Not today, I am just Carlisle and it is a pleasure to meet you and this wonderful child.  My wife has told me wonderful things about your precious Noelle. Please allow us to be your transportation to the hospital.”

“That would be wonderful. Let me introduce my friends. This is Dr. Rosalie McCarthy and Alice Brandon.”

“Come let’s get out of the cold,” Carlisle insisted motioning towards the door.

They all got in and Noelle was mesmerized by the interior. Once they were moving, Esme spoke up. “Doctor Swan I can’t get over the fact that you look so familiar. Have you ever lived in New York?”

“Please call me Bella and no, this is the first time I have been here.”

“Hmm, maybe it was on a vacation or something?” Esme questioned. “We love to vacation in St. Barts.” 

“We went to St. Barts about five almost six years ago,” Rose answered.

“That must be where I saw you. Unlike my husband, I am good with faces,” Esme said poking Carlisle in the ribs. Hearing that Noelle’s mother’s name was Bella and that she was in St. Barts around the same time as Edward just confirmed that she was, in fact, their granddaughter. 

Noelle started chatting away to Esme and Carlisle about how she liked living in New York. They questioned her about her favorite foods, movies, and books. 

“My favorite book is Wishing Upon a Snowflake,” Noelle gushed.

“What is that book about?” Carlisle asked.

“It is about the magic of snowflakes and how they can make miracles happen,” Noelle explained.

Bella listened intently to Noelle and when she explained about the snowflake book, it clicked why Noelle was so obsessed with snow. She was hoping to wish for her to find her Daddy. Willing herself not to cry in front of strangers was the hardest thing she had ever done.

They arrived at the hospital and stepped out of the car, where they were greeted by Emmett and Jasper, who were waiting for them to arrive.  They appeared slightly shocked to find them stepping out of a limo. When Carlisle followed them out, they knew for sure that Ed was Noelle’s father and Bella’s lost love.

“UNCLE EMMETT, UNCLE JASPER,” Noelle screamed. “Did you see what I rode in?”

Emmett picked her up. “Yes. Was it fun?”

“Yes and I got to meet Miss Esme’s husband. He is so funny,” Noelle said.

“Ladies we have a load of presents to give out,” Jasper informed. 

“YEAH!” Noelle yelled. “This is going to be so much fun.”

When they walked into the hospital Dr. Volturi met them and was shocked to see Mayor Cullen with them. Emmett had told him that Dr. Swan’s daughter had purchased the gifts for the children who were stuck in the hospital for Christmas. He was so impressed that a child would think of this. “Miss Noelle, I am Dr. Volturi and I want to thank you for thinking of the children who can’t be home for Christmas.”

“You are welcome. But I did have some help from my Uncle Jasper and Miss Esme.”

“Well thank you as well, Uncle Jasper and Miss Esme.  Now, why don’t I direct you to the room on the children’s floor, where the tree is located.  You can place all of your wonderful gifts there for the children?” Dr. Volturi suggested as he guided the group to the PEDS floor.

Getting off the elevator they saw the tree and began unloading the carts of gifts, wrapped beautifully with decorative paper and large handmade bows. The group began to unload the carts, however, Esme slipped away. She had to make sure that Edward would appear while Bella and Noelle were here. Having the nurse page him to the floor, she slipped back to the group.

Noelle was having a grand time and couldn’t wait to see the other kids’ faces when they got a look at all the gifts. 

Bella was placing gifts on the side of the tree because the front was so full and didn’t see when Edward walked into the room. 

Edward wondered why he was being paged to the PEDS floor, but when he arrived he saw his parents, his friends Emmett and Jasper, and then he saw Noelle. She looked like a Christmas angel in her red dress with fur trim, snowflake leggings, and white boots. Walking over to the tree he took in the vast amount of gifts that they were piling underneath it. 

It was at that moment that Bella stepped out from the side of the tree and gasped. Her hand went to her necklace.

Edward heard a gasp and looked toward the sound. His heart stopped as he tried to catch his breath. Stepping towards her, he reached out to touch her cheek to make sure that she was real. “Bella,” he murmured softly.

Bella felt the electric charge pulsate through her body as soon as he touched her. For the first time since St. Barts she felt whole.”Edward,” she sighed.

Just as they were about to kiss. Edward felt someone tugging on his jacket. He looked down to see that it was Noelle.

Noelle saw the smile on her mother’s face toward Ed and for some reason, she knew. Ed was her Daddy, but she needed to ask. “Are you my Daddy?”

The only sound heard in the room were the gasps from all of their friends and family.

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  1. Donna Bryan says:

    Oh my what away to meet I do love this story


  2. Judy Leavell says:

    Bella and Edward finally see each other, and recognition is immediate. Noelle knows her Snowflake Wish has come true.


  3. pumpkin41379 says:

    My heart stopped. Omg


  4. bevey99 says:

    Still the sweetest freaking story. I can picture her pulling on his jacket. Everyone figured it out, even Noelle. So will Ed pick up Noelle or kiss Bella first? Thank you


  5. ❄️i want more please i love this story it is awesome and I love this series 🙂 & I’m happy that Bella found Edward again & I’m happy that Noelle’s wishes are coming true ❄️


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    bawling, love this so much….


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