Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-Two

When The Nightmare Come True

Edward had been awake for a while, just watching Bella sleep. The memories of last night’s activities caused him to smile. All his past sexual encounters were pale in comparison to their lovemaking. His worst nightmare was that no woman would ever be able to look past his disability and love him; however, Bella did wholeheartedly. How had he gotten so lucky to find her? She was everything he could ever want for a lover, a friend, and maybe in the future for something more. He was deep in his thoughts and didn’t see that she had woken up.

“Hey,” she rasped.

Edward smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Good morning.”

“How long have you been awake,” Bella asked.

“Since the sunrise.”

“Shit, I forgot to close the curtains,” she grumbled. “I hardly ever close them because I love waking up to the sun.”

“It is fine, I enjoyed the view,” he murmured as he placed kisses up her jawline.

“Edward,” Bella moaned.

“God, you taste so good.”

Suddenly her door burst open and a shocked Angela gaped at the sight before her. “I’m sorry,” she stuttered.

Edward pulled the blanket over his head, while Bella giggled. “It is fine, Ang.”

“I didn’t realize you had company,” Angela said as she points to the blanket-covered body. 

“Yeah, it was just my newest conquest,” Bella joked, trying not to laugh. “Do you want him now since I’m done.”

Edward threw off the blanket. “NEWEST CONQUEST!” He yelled.

Bella and Angela both couldn’t help but break out into laughter. “Damn, Edward calm the fuck down, boy,” Angela quipped. “Bella, your phone has been going off. Rose called me and said they will meet you at the dress shop in an hour.”

Bella sat up quickly, not thinking that she was totally naked. Edward eyed her full breasts and thought how wonderful they tasted last night.

“Nice tits, cos,” Angela smirked.

Bella quickly pulled up the sheet to cover herself, then flip Angela off. “You are just jealous that I am a full cup size bigger.”

“Fine, just get your naked ass up and get ready. I will take loverboy home so you can get there on time,” she said, turning and leaving the room.

Bella began to get out of the bed, but Edward wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back. “I don’t want to get out of bed.”

“Neither do I, but we only have a week left before the wedding, and we have a lot to do,” she responded.

“Can I see you tonight?” Edward asked, looking longingly into her deep pools of molten chocolate eyes.


“Can I see you tomorrow, the next day, day after that, fuck that, every day until my last breath?” He questioned, meaning every word. He couldn’t imagine a day without seeing her face.

Stroking his face tenderly. “I think I might be able to arrange that.”

Edward needed to tell, and he hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t scare her. “Bella, I know you might think I have lost my mind, while, in fact, I have lost my heart. You are the woman of my dreams, and I love you.”

Bella gasped as her eyes filled with tears. Staring at his face, she saw the look that her father gave her mother every time he looked at her. It was the look of pure love and devotion. “Then, I must have lost my mind as well because I love you.”

Edward pulled her close and sealed his declaration with a kiss. 

Bella was standing in front of the full-length mirror in a gorgeous short plum-colored cocktail dress. She couldn’t stop smiling after Edward’s words of love, and it made her feel like walking on the clouds.

“Bella. Bella. BELLA!” Esme yelled.

“What?” Bella answered.

Rose, Alice, and Esme giggled. They had never seen Bella so preoccupied other than that night at the bar. “We asked if you liked this one?”

“Yes. It is very nice,” Bella answered.

“Nice, damn, you look hot,” Rose blurted. “I bet Edward will cream himself when he sees you in it.”

Hearing Edward’s name, caused her to think about the night before with all its beautiful caresses, kisses, and unbelievable sex. Then this morning, those magnificent three little words.

“BELLA!” Rose screamed this time.

“What?” Bella replied, shocked by her name being yelled.

“There you go again,” Rose explained, but then she took a good long look at Bella and the smile. She knew this smile. “Fuck, did you get lucky last night?”

“Maybe,” Bella hedged.

“Edward put out on the first date, damn, was it hot?” Alice asked.

Bella smiled even bigger. “Yes.”

“Alright, we need details,” Esme said, excited for her friend and Edward.

Bella looked around and knew this wasn’t the place to be discussing this. “Alright, but not here. Why don’t we go to lunch and I will answer your questions?”

“Fine, but we want all the details,” Rose said.

They continued their friendly banter as they picked out the dresses for the wedding, along with all the other necessities. Bella paid for her items and turned to the girls. “I am going to run this to my car, and I will be back in a few minutes.”

“Alright,” they said in unison, then breaking out in a fit of laughter.

Bella draped the dress bag over her right arm, while her left hand was filled with the other bags. Pushing out the door, she walked towards the parking deck where she had parked. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Edward and how much she looked forward to seeing him this evening. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind, and cloth went over her mouth. It happened so quickly, she forgot to fight back then she became dizzy. The last thing she remembered was an eerie familiar voice whispering in her ear.

“Finally, you are mine.”

“What is taking Bella so long?” Rose asked as she looked at her watch.

“I don’t know,” Esme replied. “You don’t think she chickened out of giving us the details, do you?”

“No, but let’s go find her and hurry her ass up,” Alice said. Walking up the street towards the parking deck and just as they turned the corner, they all stopped. On the sidewalk were a dress bag, packages, and a purse. 

Esme picked up the purse and looked around. “This is Bella’s. She wouldn’t just leave it here.”

“Oh my God, do you think something bad has happened to her?” Alice asked.

Rose didn’t know why, but she had a bad feeling that something horrible had just happened to her friend. “Call Carlisle, Esme, tell him what is happening. Alice call Angela and asked if she happened to pick up her up.”

Esme took out her phone and called Carlisle. After explaining what was going on, he told them to stay where they were and he would be there as soon as he could. Alice said that Angela hadn’t seen Bella since early this morning, but she was on her way.

Carlisle could hear the worry in Esme’s voice, and it was strange that Bella had just disappeared into thin air. He knew that he needed to call Edward, but he was going to wait until he surveyed the area. Breaking every speed limit in the city, he pulled onto the street and saw the girls. 

“Any news?” He asked.

“No, but her car is still in the deck, and her phone is in her purse,” Esme gasped, on the brink of breaking down. 

Carlisle wrapped his arm around Esme and pulled her close. “We will find her.”

“I have a bad feeling about this,” she cried.

Angela arrived a few minutes later, and once she got all the details, she stopped to digest the information. As she looked around at the doors down the alley, she saw that most of them had chains with padlocks. Then a thought came like a bolt of lightning, but there was no way that he was still alive. However, the thing that had bothered her from the fire scene was that the building had been padlocked from the outside. Who had done that? Aro, that is who.

“FUCK!!!” Angela screamed. 

“What is it?” Carlisle asked.

“Aro is alive,” she answered.

“Who is Aro?” Rose questioned.

“The fucker was the leader of the sect that Bella’s family lived in. It was thought he was killed in the fire, but the asshole is alive, and I think he has Bella.”

“Why would he come after her?” Carlisle wondered.

“Because before Charlie snuck Bella out of the sect, Aro had his sights on her to become his next wife. When Bella and I were in Utah, we learned what type of creep he truly was and what a dangerous man he was,” Angela explained. “I have got to call Detective Johnson in Utah and let her know that something has happened to Bella.”

“I’ll call my friend in the police department and get him out here,” Carlisle said, taking out his phone and calling Alistar. Once Carlisle explained the situation, Alistar said he would be there immediately with his detectives.

Once Alistar arrived, he had already received a phone call from Detective Johnson and had received all the information on Aro Volturi. As he read about him, a cold shiver ran down his spine. This man was pure evil, and if he had kidnapped Bella Swan, she was in extreme danger.

Carlisle called Jasper and Emmett, sending them to Edward’s. They would need everyone they could to control Edward once he learned that Bella was missing. Alistar assured him that the Plano police department would do everything possible to find the young lady. Alice, Rose, Esme got into Carlisle’s car and went to Edward’s house to break the news. They had also called Carmen and Max, who were devastated by the news. They all arrived outside the house and took a deep breath before going in.

Edward had just finished his PT and was relaxing in the den, thinking about his beautiful Bella. He couldn’t believe he was the lucky bastard to have her love, and as soon as he could convince her, he was going to put a ring on her finger. Embrace life was his new moto.

“Ed, where are you, bro?” Emmett boomed.

“In the den,” Edward called out as he turned towards the entrance and was confused by the fact that his entire family was coming in. There was a look of worry on each of their faces. “What is going on?”

“Bro, we have something to tell you, but you need to let us get it all out before reacting,” Carlisle instructed.

“Alright,” Edward said.

Carmen sat down beside him while everyone else took a seat. “I am not going to pussyfoot around, Bella has been kidnapped,” Carlisle said, observing Edward’s expression.

“What did you say?” Edward stammered. This had to be a sick joke.

“We don’t know for sure, but it seems that Aro Volturi is still alive, and has taken her,” Angela hypothesized.

Edward jumped to his feet, causing him to wobble, but he steadied himself. “Why the fuck are you here? We need to be out there looking for her,” he stormed then started towards the door. Jasper and Emmett grabbed his arms.

“Bro, calm down. The cops are out there looking, and I have our investigative team out there as well. We need to stay here and wait for news,” Carlisle implored.

Edward fought to get his arms free, he had to get to her. He couldn’t let her die as well. Bella was his heart, his soul, and if something happened to her, he would not be able to go on. She had saved him from the darkness into which he had descended after his accident;  he could feel it began to creep back. Resolved to the fact that his brothers wouldn’t let him leave, he sighed deeply. “Let my arm loose, I’m not going anywhere.”

Jasper and Emmett let go. “We are here for you, bro,” Jasper advised.

Edward went back to the couch and sat down. Carmen patted his leg and gave him a weak smile. “She is a strong woman, and I know that she will fight her way back to you.”

His eyes filled with tears as he looked at Carmen, and then she opened her arms, which he fell into. “I love her so much, Mimi. I can’t lose her.”

Bella’s head was pounding, and it was hard to open her eyes. Finally, she was able and she had no clue where she was. It was dirty, musty, warehouse, but how did she get here. 

“Oh, my Isabella, you are awake,” Aro slurred. 

Bella gasped. He was dead, just like her parents. This was a dream, no this was a nightmare. “You are not real.”

Aro stepped forward and stroked her hair. “I am real, and after I cleanse you from your whoring ways, we can finally be together.”

“Fuck you!” Bella yelled, but as the words left her mouth, Aro’s hand came across her cheek in a mighty blow. The pain shot through her face like a hot poker. 

“You will not yell at me. I am your master, and you will follow my every command,” he snarled and took a sniff of her. “You smell like that cripple.”

“Edward isn’t a cripple,” Bella argued.

“You allowed him to deflower your body,” he growled.

“How would you know?”

“Because I watched every minute of the disgusting act.”

“You watched us?” Bella asked in pure shock.

“Yes, I have been watching you for weeks, and I am very upset with your behavior. However, that is all in the past, and I am your future. Now, you need to strip so I can start the cleansing,” Aro instructed.

“I will not take my clothes off for you, asshole,” Bella argued.

Aro grabbed her arm and squeezed. “Yes, you will, or I will take them off myself.”

Bella was terrified because she didn’t know how she was going to get out of this. No one knew where she was, and Aro was sick. The thought of Aro touching her made her sick to her stomach. 

“Remove your clothes,” he ordered.

Bella closed her eyes and said a prayer. “Please don’t do this.”

“REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!” Aro screamed his face red with rage.

Her eyes filled with tears as she reached down and began to lift her top, then all of a sudden, there was a blur of movement from the right, and a hooded man ran into Aro knocking him to the floor. Bella was shocked as she watched the two men wrestling on the ground. The hooded man was giving Aro blow after blow, causing him to cry out in pain. Finally, with one powerful blow to the head, Aro was knocked out. The man stood, looking down, spit in his face and gave a firm kick to the groin. Turning, he pushed back his hood, and Bella let out a gasp and whimper.


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  1. Judy Leavell says:

    Wow! Aro has her. He is filled with evil plans. But she is rescued by a masked man, who, when revealed, is her father. Is his face burned and disfigured? How did he escape?


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