Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty

Texas Sizzle

After they both had calmed down, Edward offered her his arm, and they walked towards the car, where Seth was waiting and opened the back door.

“Seth,” Bella said. “I thought you only drove things with wings.”

“I normally do, but this guy needed my help to impress a special young woman, and I couldn’t deny him,” Seth explained.

“Thanks for doing it for us,” Bella proclaimed. 

Edward assisted Bella into the car, while Seth handed him the bouquet of flowers, which Edward placed on Bella’s lap then closed the door before she says anything. Ed turned to shake Seth’s hand and went around to the other side and got in.

Sliding closer to Bella, he took her hand and brought it up to his lips. “Thank you for coming out with me.”

“Oh, Edward, the flowers are gorgeous, and this date is a dream come true for me,” Bella confessed.

Edward leaned closer. “You dream about me?” 

Bella smiled sweetly. “Yes. Nightly.”

“Good, because I dream of you as well,” Edward whispered. “I hope they are good dreams?”

Bella couldn’t wait, her resolve was gone, placing her hands on his cheeks she leaned in and kissed him. At first, Edward seemed surprised, but soon he took control of the kiss. It was hot, wild, and all-consuming. Thinking her heart couldn’t beat any faster or louder, she heard the low growl from Edward, causing it to begin to race. His tongue commanded entrance, and once inside her mouth, they started the hot sensual dance. Soon Edward pulled back from the primal kiss but continued to place sweet kisses down her face and neck, ending by taking her earlobe in between his teeth and sucked.

“Fuck,” Bella moaned.

“You taste so good,” he groaned. “I could feast on you forever and never go hungry.”

Bella clung to Edward. “Oh, Edward, what you do to me.”

“Tell me,” he commanded.

Bella sighed deeply. “You make me so needy and aroused.  I turn into one hot, wet mess.”

“Hmm, and what do you want me to do about your situation?” Edward questioned, rubbing his hand up and down her thigh, with every pass he became closer to the prize. 

“Release,” she testified.

Just as Edward was going to finally touch her heat, Seth cleared his throat. “We are at the restaurant.” Seth had tried not to pay attention to what was going on in the backseat, but he was hard to block out the moans coming from both of them. 

Edward stopped his hands. “Fuck,” he grunted. “We will finish this later.”

Bella continued to grip onto his arms, breathing heavily. “Promise.”

Edward kissed her lips once more. “Yes.”

Bella smiled at him, then pulled out her mirror out of her purse to check her makeup. Her lips were swollen, her lipstick was gone, and her face was flushed. Applying a light coat lipstick and patting down her hair, she was ready to leave the car even though she didn’t want to.

The door of the car opened, and Edward offered his hand to help her out. Bella placed her delicate hand into his and got out of the vehicle. As soon as she emerged, she noticed Seth, and then it hit her. They nearly had sex in the back of the car as Seth drove. Her blush bloomed, spreading quickly across her face and down her neck.

Edward placed his arm around her waist and pulled her close. Leaning down, he whispered into her ear. “You know what your blush does to me.”

Bella turned and looked into his eyes and saw the passion in the pools of emerald green. God, she loved his eyes. 

Edward placed a kiss on her temple and began leading her towards the door of the restaurant. He was still limping, but he was getting better every day. However, he had a gorgeous woman on his arm, who had taken residence in his heart. There was something special about her that he wanted, no needed to know more about. He wanted to protect her, give her heart’s desire, and to spend as much time as possible with her. Opening the door, he allowed her to go in first, and then they walked up to the host’s podium. 

“Good Evening,” Paul said, first looking at Edward then turning to look at Bella. “Holy fuck! That is a fucking stunning woman. I bet I can steal her away from this prick.” He thought as he licked his lips.

“Excuse me,” Edward growled. How dare this fucker to eye fuck my girl! 

“Yes, do you have to have a reservation because we are booked solid for the next four weeks?” Paul snarled. 

“We have a reservation, it is under the name Cullen,” Edward quipped.

Paul looked down at the board and did, in fact, see the name Cullen, but his dislike for this fucking asshole gave him all the reason he needed to deny it. “I’m sorry, but I only see a reservation for a Smullen. That is not you, is it sir?” Paul smirked.

“NO!” Edward growled.

“Well, I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have a reservation or table for you,” Paul smirked as he turned to Bella. “But you, my dear, are welcome to come to sit at the bar. I get off in about thirty minutes and would love to show you a good time.”

Edward’s rage was at a boiling point, and he was just about to deck the fucker when he saw Alex behind Paul with a furious look on his face. Alex placed his hand on Paul’s shoulder, which caused him to look around. “Paul, I have had enough of this shit. This time you fucked with the wrong customers.”

“Ha. She is with a damn pussy, and by the look of him wouldn’t know where to stick his pencil dick,” Paul whisper yelled, provoking them even further.

Bella was enraged. She quickly swung her hand, slapping Paul solid on his cheek. “You are nothing more than a narcissistic little boy.”

Edward was shocked by Bella’s aggressive slap, but readily admitted to himself that it was definitely arousing. But what he heard next made him want to skip dinner and take her directly to his bed for the next week. She had leaned in closer to the asshole, and with a quick look and a wink at him, she turned back.

“And all nine inches of thick cock is more than I could ever desire,” she purred.

Alex busted out laughing. “Paul, you have just insulted my very best friend, Edward Cullen, and you are fired!”

“YOU CAN’T FIRE ME!” Paul screamed.

“You either leave now and quietly, or I will call the cops,” Alex ordered.

He looked at Alex, then at Edward and Bella, and huffed. “Fine, but you will regret this.”

Paul stormed out of the building, ranting under his breath. Alex smiled. “Sorry about that. Follow me, I have your table ready for you, and I promise that you will forget all about this once you taste the delicious meal I have prepared for you.”

Edward placed his hand on the small of Bella’s back and followed Alex through the restaurant. Alex had a booth in the back corner of the room reserved for them. It was the most secluded and romantic. He had been in Edward’s shop the night of the horrible accident, getting his newest tattoo, and Edward had went on and on about Bella. Alex could see in Edward’s eyes how attracted  he was to this woman and couldn’t wait to see them together. That is why when Edward called for a favor, he had arranged that this booth be available for him. 

“I have selected and prepared your dinner this evening. Please sit back and enjoy,” Alex instructed.

“Thanks, bro,” Edward said.

The booth had a long red leather bench seat, big enough for two with a white table cloth that drapped to the floor. Bella sat down on the one end while Edward sat on the other, but he slid closer to the middle and pulled Bella next to him. “I would prefer  you close,” he whispered.

Bella smiled. “I love being close.”

“Do you have any idea how much you turned me on by slapping that fucker?” He asked.

“No.” Edward took her hand and placed it over his erection. She gasped at the fact that he was, in fact, hard. She was even more astonished that she had been right about his length and girth, and realized that  she may have understated the fact. Edward’s hand remained on top of hers and encouraged her to rub up and down his cock.

Edward groaned at the marvelous feeling her warm hand was doing to his dick. The next best thing would be if he could release his cock from his pants and have her hand touching him without the fabric barrier. “Oh God, that feels so good.”

Bella’s heart swelled when she heard his confession. Damn, she was soaked thinking about his cock, and what it would feel like when he would thrust hard into her. Leaning closer to his ear, she moaned. “I am so wet.”

Edward’s eyes snapped open, he removed her hand from his cock, and just as he was about to place a searing kiss on her pouting lips.

“Excuse me,” the waitress said as she poured wine into their glasses. “I will be back with the first course.”

“Thank you,” Edward murmured, still feeling the effects of Bella’s caresses.  

Edward and Bella both picked up their glasses. “To our bright future,” Edward proclaimed.

“Yes,” Bella agreed. Taking a sip of the wine, she smiled at the refreshing taste. 

“Damn, Alex knows his stuff,” Edward said.

“How do you know Alex?” She asked.

“He is one of my customers and my best friend.  I do all his tattoos.”

“Oh. Does he have a lot?” Bella questioned.

“Yeah. Do you have any?” Edward wondered.

“No, but I have wanted to get one,” she divulged.

“I know a great guy who would love to paint your body,” he cooed.

Before Bella could answer, the waitress was back with their first course. It was tuna tartare with avocado, mango, and sriracha.  

“This is delicious,” Bella proclaimed.

“It is good, but I know something that I bet tastes even better,” Edward whispered.


Edward put down his fork. “Keep eating,” he commanded. Slowly he moved his hand up her thigh, stroking the delicate skin until he reached her lace-covered mound. “Did you enjoy your spa treatment today?”

Bella couldn’t speak with the anticipation of his hand where she was yearning to be touched, so she just nodded. 

Edward pushed the lace to the side and began stroking her. She had been correct when she said she was wet. Damn, she wasn’t just wet, she was almost dripping. Collecting her wetness on his finger, he brought it to his mouth and sucked it off. “Hmm, I was right, fucking delicious.”

Bella gasped. She couldn’t believe that he had done that as they sat in the restaurant. However, she couldn’t deny that it aroused  her further. “Edward,” she moaned.

“Yes, baby,” he said with a devilish smile.

“I need,” she whispered.

“What do you need, my Bella?”

“A release,” she cried.

“Maybe later,” he smirked.

Bella’s bottom lip stuck out in her pure frustration. Edward leaned in and bit the lip lightly, pulling it slightly, once releasing it, he murmured. “I love your lips, and I am the only one who will say when you are allowed to come.”

“But,” she started.

Dominant Edward shook his head. Bella looked into his eyes and immediately bowed her head. She could feel the energy coming from his body being in his Dominant mindset, and it caused her to become even more aroused.

Thankful for the waitress returning with their main course, because it broke him out of thoughts of leaving the booth and finding a place that he could provide them both with the release they needed. Alex had sent his signature, sliced filet mignon with cipollini onions, wild mushrooms, and fig essence. It was the most delicious filet that he had ever had. Damn, he was going to have to give Alex a new tattoo for this. 

“How do you like it?” Edward asked.

“Oh my, I have never had a dinner like this before,” she exclaimed. “Alex is very talented.”

“Yes, he is.”

During the meal, both Edward and Bella asked each other questions about each other. They were surprised by how much they had in common and the interests they shared. Edward was excited about the possibility of sharing these things with her. Alex came out to the table and thanked them for coming in and invited them to come back anytime they wanted. After paying for their meal and leaving a large tip for the waitress, Edward once again placed his hand on her back and walked toward the door. He saw most of the men and even some women openly stare at her. Fuck, he was a lucky man. 

Seth was pulling up as they walked out the door. He got out and opened the door for them. “Thanks for sending out dinner, bro,” he commented.

“It was the least I could do,” Edward said. They got in, and Edward told him to take them back to her place. Bella moved closer to Edward and laid her head on his shoulder and thought about what the rest of the evening would hold for them.

No one noticed the black sedan following them. The man behind the wheel was seething mad, by the way his Isabella was behaving. She was allowing this asshole to have his hands all over her body. She was going to be punished for her misdeeds, and anyone who stands in his way would die. Isabella was his and his alone.

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  1. I hope Aro gets what he deserves instead of what he wants.


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