Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-Three

Faith For The Future

Charlie took cautious steps towards his daughter who had a bewildered look on her face. He could understand why, because she thought they were killed in the fire. They would have been if he hadn’t seen Aro’s plan. 

For years Aro had been upset with him because he thought he had something to do with Bella’s escape; even though Aro couldn’t prove it. The morning after Bella’s escape, Charlie and Renee had decided to tell the sect that she had run away without their knowledge. Aro questioned them extensively, but they held strong. As time past, he seemed to forget about Bella, but the suspicions were there in his eyes whenever he saw them. Charlie had become disenchanted with Aro’s teachings; however, he had heard what happened to families who spoke out against the sect. He didn’t want to believe anything negative about the man whom he had come to respect and admire as his spiritual leader, but that all changed the day before the fire. Charlie had gone to Aro’s home on a matter for the sect.  When he arrived, the front door was open. Walking in, he began to look around for Aro. Going down the hall, he noticed a light under a door. Carefully opening the door, peering down the steps, he quietly descended until he reached the bottom. The room was full of plastic gas cans, pushing one with his foot he could tell they were full. Also, there were piles of chain link with padlocks and a drawing. Looking at the drawing, he could tell that it was of the sect’s temple and the exits were marked. Next to the drawing was a computer print out of a bank account. The name of the account was Aro Volturi and its balance over two million dollars. But what he saw next was the most peculiar, it was a bus ticket to Washington State dated for tomorrow. Why was Aro leaving the compound? He never left, not ever. Deciding he needed to leave before he was discovered in the basement, Charlie slipped back out of the house. Going home he kept thinking about what all he saw, but it wasn’t until word came to him that tomorrow morning a special service was going to be held in the temple and all followers were required to attend, that he knew what a truly horrific man Aro was. At this point, he knew that Aro was going to burn everyone up in the temple and run away with all their money. 

The next morning as everyone began to make their way to the temple, Renee and Charlie removed their rings and left them on the dresser, in hopes if Bella came she would deduce that they had not perished. They hid in the small dirt basement that he had built in secret, even from Aro. As they hid, the front door opened and they heard Aro call out for them. After a few minutes, Aro walked around the house, opening all the doors and when he must have been satisfied that they were not there, he left. A few hours later, they smelled the smoke and when they came out of their hiding place, they saw the temple on fire. Charlie knew that Aro had killed everyone and was getting away. 

“Renee, we need to follow him, because I have a funny feeling he is going to try to find Bella. I saw a bus ticket to Washington State, which is where we last lived before coming here. We have to make sure he doesn’t find her.”

Days turn to weeks and Charlie took on odd jobs to support them, not wanting to use all the money that they had saved and hidden over the years. Aro was always one step ahead, but Charlie and Renee were sure that Bella was still safe. Well, that was until three weeks ago, when Aro once again disappeared. It took them until yesterday to figure where he had gone and their hearts stopped, realizing that Aro was indeed after Bella. They arrived in Plano this morning and Charlie started looking for evidence of Aro whereabouts. Charlie had an uncanny ability to track someone and usually, it only took a few hours to find Aro. However, Aro had an easily trackable hobby and that was his taste for expensive cigars, specifically the RoMa Craft Neanderthal. Not many shops carried it because of its price. Renee went in the shop in Plano and made an inquiry about the cigar and the clerk said he had ordered a dozen for a gentleman and he was supposed to pick them up this afternoon. She said she would be back to place her own order and thanked him for his help. They waited across the street and an hour later Aro appeared. After he purchased his cigars, Charlie and Renee followed him back to the abandoned warehouse. Once he went inside, they looked for another way in; luck was on their side when they found a window open. Charlie looked in but his heart stopped. Aro had already found and captured Bella.

“Renee, I want you to find a phone and call the cops,” Charlie whispered. “Tell them everything.”

“Save her,” she cried.

“I will, I promise.”

He slipped in and was able to knock Aro out before he had a chance to hurt Bella anymore. When he slipped off his hood and turned to Bella he knew she was shocked. He had hoped when she heard his special name for her, that she would know that it was him.

“Bells, I know you are shocked, but it’s me, Daddy” Charlie declared.

“Daddy, but how?” She questioned, throwing herself in his arms and hugging his with all the strength she had. 

“It is a long story,” Charlie began but heard sirens coming closer. “And I promise to tell you everything, but the cops are on their way here.”

The doors burst open and armed officers flooded the building. “Freeze, raise your hands,” they commanded.

Charlie and Bella both raised their hands, then waited for their next command. A man started towards them, dressed in a suit. “Miss Swan, we are so glad that you are okay. I am Captain Alistair Morgan and who might you be?”

“This is my Dad. He saved me,” Bella emphasized.

“Mr. Swan? I thought you were killed in a fire?” Alistair questioned.

“We were able to escape and have been following Aro. He is a malicious man who killed all those who chose to follow him and his fake prophecies,” Charlie said.

“That he is,” Alistair confirmed as the officers had Aro handcuffed and was dragging him out of the building. “We have a lot of questions that need to be answered, but I know that Miss Swan’s friends and family are very worried about her. Why don’t we take her to them and reassure them that she is okay, then we will go over all the details about what happened.”

“Thank you, do you know where they are?” Bella asked.

“Yes, they are at Mr. Cullen’s house. I believe they are detaining him from scouring the city looking for you. He is extremely upset,” Alistair explained.

“Edward,” Bella cried. “He must be beside himself. Please let me go to him.”

“Certainly, Miss Swan,” Alistair said.

“We are going with her,” Charlie said.

“We?” Bella asked.

“Your mom is outside,” Charlie answered with a smile.

“Mom?” Bella gasped with tears.

“Yes. I know you want to see her and I need to know who this Edward guy is,” Charlie proclaimed.

After a tearful reunion with her mother, the Swans were in the back of Alistair’s car and speeding towards Edward Cullen’s home. Bella told them what she had been doing since she left, except the part where she was a submissive. That was a discussion for another time in the future. It wasn’t that she was ashamed, it was that her parents had been living in a religious sect for many years and they wouldn’t understand until they were given all the details. However, she did tell them that Edward was the man she loved with all her heart. Charlie looked stern at her comment, not wanting to hear that she loved another man. When they pulled up to the house, Charlie and Renee’s mouths fell open. 

“This isn’t a house, this is a mansion,” Renee whispered.

“Yeah, he is rich, but he doesn’t act like it. You are going to love him,” Bella assured them.

Jasper had walked outside to get a few minutes of fresh air when Alistair pulled in. He wondered if he was coming to give them an update face to face. However, when the back door opened and an older man wearing a flannel shirt and jeans stepped out, he wondered who he was and if he knew anything about Bella. Suddenly, someone else stepped out and when the woman raised her head, he gasped.

“Bella,” Jasper marveled.

She took off running and jumped in his arms. “Jasper.”

“How are you?” He asked, seeing the red mark on her face.

“I am fine and I will tell everyone, everything, but I have to get to Edward,” she explained.

“He is in bad shape. I think even worse than he was when he found out about his leg,” Jasper declared. Opening the door he allowed her to go in first. “Everyone is in the den, which is straight down the hall.”

Bella walked down the hall and when she got to the entrance, she saw all her friends and family sitting around looking worried. On the couch was Edward staring out the window with a heartbreaking look on his face. Taking a step in she found her voice and called out. “Edward.”

Everyone’s head in the room turned and yelped. Edward turned and stared. For a brief second, he thought he was dreaming, but when she smiled he knew that she was here, alive, and well.

“Bella,” he cried as he stood and took off across the room. They met and fell into each other’s arms with tears falling down their faces. Pulling back he looked into her eyes. “I thought I had lost you and didn’t want to live without you. Fuck, I love you so much.”

Bella put her hands on either side of his face and looked deeply into his eyes. She had survived and had not only been given the gift of parents but also the love of a good man. “I’m fine, I promise.”

Edward looked at her face and saw the red mark. “Who did this to you?”

“Aro, but this was the only thing he was able to do. I was saved in the nick of time by two wonderful people,” she explained.

“Who? I need to thank these people,” Edward said. He was going to do more than say thank you, a huge reward would be given as well.

Bella turned and saw her father and mother standing in the entrance beside Jasper. “Edward, I would like to introduce you to not only my saviors but my parents, Charlie and Renee Swan.”

Edward’s mouth dropped open. “How?”

“It is a long story and my dad promises to tell us everything,” Bella advised as she stepped beside Edward and he wrapped his massive tattooed arm around her waist. 

Charlie and Renee walked over to their daughter, while Charlie gave Edward the evil eye for touching his daughter. Who the hell did he think he was? Renee saw the look that her husband was giving Edward and elbowed him in the ribs. “Behave,” she whispered. 

Edward held out his hand to Charlie, who took it and squeezed it hard. Allowing him to have the upper hand at this, he didn’t reciprocate. “Sir, it is a pleasure to meet you and I can’t thank you enough for saving Bella. She means the world to me.”

“She is my daughter, I would give my life for her,” Charlie growled.

“CHARLIE!” Renee yelled. “Mr. Cullen, I am sorry for my husband’s behavior. We are happy to see that our daughter has found so many people that love her.”

Carmen got up and walked over. “Mr. and Mrs. Swan, why don’t you sit down and I will get you something to drink. Are you hungry by chance?”

“No,” Charlie grumbled. However, at the same time, Renee said “Yes.” 

“Excellent, I will go rustle up some food. Emmett, take their drink order,” Carmen commanded.

“Please have a set,” Edward said to Charlie and Renee.

Bella sat down on the couch, then her parents sat on either side of her. Edward was disappointed that he couldn’t be close to her, but his feelings were not important. She hadn’t seen her parents in a very long time, hell she had thought they were dead. Angela came over and hugged her aunt and uncle.

After Emmett had handed them their drinks, Edward realized he had not introduced everyone. “Mr. and Mrs. Swan,” Edward began.

“It is Charlie and Renee,” Renee corrected. Charlie was about to say something, but Renee once again elbowed him. 

Edward went around the room and introduced everyone to them. They all expressed their gratitude for saving Bella. 

“Mom, Dad, how did you survive the fire?” Bella asked.

They began telling their story and when they got to the end, everyone in the room had a shocked expression on their faces. They had gone through so much to keep their daughter safe.

“Charlie, I am very impressed with how you were able to track Aro,” Carlisle said. “I wonder what your plans are now that it is all over?”

“I haven’t really thought about,” Charlie answered. “For so long we were part of the sect and I haven’t had a job in over thirty years.”

“Well with your innate ability for investigation, you are the man I have been looking for our company,” Carlisle advised.

Charlie was shocked. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be offered a job this quickly. “What type of company is it?”

“Cullen International. We are on the cutting edge for clean energy,” he explained. “I run the company, while my brothers have their own business ventures and careers.”

“Yup, I am a gynecologist,” Emmett boomed wiggling his eyebrows. “My twin brother, Jasper, designs women’s panties.” 

Jasper punched Emmett in the kidney. “I am a fashion designer, asshole.”

“Yeah, yeah and Edward is an artist,” Emmett joked putting his fingers up in quotation marks.

“Fuckhead, I own a chain of tattoo shops,” Edward grumbled.

Charlie looked around the room. “You are able to afford all this by tattooing people?”

“Yes, sir. However, my grandparents and parents left us very well off and in fact, none of us would really have to work, but that is not in our nature,” Edward explained.

Carmen came in and announced that dinner was in the dining room. Everyone got up and walked in. The Swan’s were taken aback by the amount of food that adorned the massive table which was large enough for everyone to sit at. As they took a seat, Edward had lucked out and sat beside Bella. Taking her hand in his, he brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss. 

Their eyes met and the love that they held for each other radiated around them. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing or saying and looked at the couple. Charlie had also turned and looked at them. At that moment, he saw the look in Edward’s eyes, it was the same look that he had for his beloved Renee. This man truly loved his daughter and that was the one thing every father hoped for.

“So, Charlie are you going to take the job?” Carlisle asked.

“I don’t know, Renee what do you think?” Charlie inquired. They always discussed their life-altering decisions with each other.

“It would mean that we would be closer to Bella, I vote yes,” Renee answered.

“Alright, I’ll take it,” Charlie agreed.

“Wonderful, we look forward to having you Chief Charlie,” Carlisle exclaimed.

Carlisle went into detail about what the job would entitle. As they discussed business, Carmen was talking to Renee, making her feel welcomed into the family. 

Edward leaned down and whispered in Bella’s ear. “Come I want to talk to you alone for a moment.”

Bella nodded in agreement. They got up from the table and Edward directed her to the back deck off the den. Once they were outside, they were welcomed by the setting sun, its warm orange glow disappearing on the horizon. 

Edward enveloped her within his arms and pulled her against him for a kiss. At first, it was soft and tender, but it quickly escalated into a raging inferno of passion. Finally pulling away from each other, they breaths deep and ragged, he looked deeply into her eyes. “Bella, I love you and I want you to move in here with me.”

“Edward, it is too soon and my parents need me right now,” she explained.

“First of all, I am a firm believer that life is too short to be worried about time and secondly, see that house over there?” He asked.

Bella looked across the yard and saw a lovely home. It wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t too small either. “Yes.”

“That is my guest house and I am offering this to your parents as a home,” Edward said.

Bella looked at Edward, then back to the house. “Really? You wouldn’t mind them being so close?”

“As long as I have you here all the time, no I wouldn’t mind,” Edward confirmed. “And when the time comes that we indulge in our playroom, we will make sure the doors are locked.”

Bella thought for a moment and knew he was correct. Life was too short. “Yes and yes.”

Edward picked her up and twirled her around, he was wobbly but he still remained upright. “You have made me the luckiest son of a bitch in the world.”

After another breathless stolen taken kiss, they walked back into the house to give everyone the good news. As they entered the room, they both smiled at how the room seemed full of love. Edward’s brothers now had someone special in the lives, Carmen was getting married to Max, and Bella’s parents were laughing and talking to everyone. Their adjustment would take some time, but he knew his family would be by their side helping them through.

Life could be difficult; however, with love, family, friends, and acceptance, Bella knew that they would be able to get through anything that might come their way. Edward dominated her heart and she submits her love completely to him. Bella looked up at Edward and smiled. “Evil has tested faith, but our love prevails. I look forward to Testing Limits with you.”

The End of Testing Faith 


The Beginning of Testing Limits

Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-Two

When The Nightmare Come True

Edward had been awake for a while, just watching Bella sleep. The memories of last night’s activities caused him to smile. All his past sexual encounters were pale in comparison to their lovemaking. His worst nightmare was that no woman would ever be able to look past his disability and love him; however, Bella did wholeheartedly. How had he gotten so lucky to find her? She was everything he could ever want for a lover, a friend, and maybe in the future for something more. He was deep in his thoughts and didn’t see that she had woken up.

“Hey,” she rasped.

Edward smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. “Good morning.”

“How long have you been awake,” Bella asked.

“Since the sunrise.”

“Shit, I forgot to close the curtains,” she grumbled. “I hardly ever close them because I love waking up to the sun.”

“It is fine, I enjoyed the view,” he murmured as he placed kisses up her jawline.

“Edward,” Bella moaned.

“God, you taste so good.”

Suddenly her door burst open and a shocked Angela gaped at the sight before her. “I’m sorry,” she stuttered.

Edward pulled the blanket over his head, while Bella giggled. “It is fine, Ang.”

“I didn’t realize you had company,” Angela said as she points to the blanket-covered body. 

“Yeah, it was just my newest conquest,” Bella joked, trying not to laugh. “Do you want him now since I’m done.”

Edward threw off the blanket. “NEWEST CONQUEST!” He yelled.

Bella and Angela both couldn’t help but break out into laughter. “Damn, Edward calm the fuck down, boy,” Angela quipped. “Bella, your phone has been going off. Rose called me and said they will meet you at the dress shop in an hour.”

Bella sat up quickly, not thinking that she was totally naked. Edward eyed her full breasts and thought how wonderful they tasted last night.

“Nice tits, cos,” Angela smirked.

Bella quickly pulled up the sheet to cover herself, then flip Angela off. “You are just jealous that I am a full cup size bigger.”

“Fine, just get your naked ass up and get ready. I will take loverboy home so you can get there on time,” she said, turning and leaving the room.

Bella began to get out of the bed, but Edward wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back. “I don’t want to get out of bed.”

“Neither do I, but we only have a week left before the wedding, and we have a lot to do,” she responded.

“Can I see you tonight?” Edward asked, looking longingly into her deep pools of molten chocolate eyes.


“Can I see you tomorrow, the next day, day after that, fuck that, every day until my last breath?” He questioned, meaning every word. He couldn’t imagine a day without seeing her face.

Stroking his face tenderly. “I think I might be able to arrange that.”

Edward needed to tell, and he hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t scare her. “Bella, I know you might think I have lost my mind, while, in fact, I have lost my heart. You are the woman of my dreams, and I love you.”

Bella gasped as her eyes filled with tears. Staring at his face, she saw the look that her father gave her mother every time he looked at her. It was the look of pure love and devotion. “Then, I must have lost my mind as well because I love you.”

Edward pulled her close and sealed his declaration with a kiss. 

Bella was standing in front of the full-length mirror in a gorgeous short plum-colored cocktail dress. She couldn’t stop smiling after Edward’s words of love, and it made her feel like walking on the clouds.

“Bella. Bella. BELLA!” Esme yelled.

“What?” Bella answered.

Rose, Alice, and Esme giggled. They had never seen Bella so preoccupied other than that night at the bar. “We asked if you liked this one?”

“Yes. It is very nice,” Bella answered.

“Nice, damn, you look hot,” Rose blurted. “I bet Edward will cream himself when he sees you in it.”

Hearing Edward’s name, caused her to think about the night before with all its beautiful caresses, kisses, and unbelievable sex. Then this morning, those magnificent three little words.

“BELLA!” Rose screamed this time.

“What?” Bella replied, shocked by her name being yelled.

“There you go again,” Rose explained, but then she took a good long look at Bella and the smile. She knew this smile. “Fuck, did you get lucky last night?”

“Maybe,” Bella hedged.

“Edward put out on the first date, damn, was it hot?” Alice asked.

Bella smiled even bigger. “Yes.”

“Alright, we need details,” Esme said, excited for her friend and Edward.

Bella looked around and knew this wasn’t the place to be discussing this. “Alright, but not here. Why don’t we go to lunch and I will answer your questions?”

“Fine, but we want all the details,” Rose said.

They continued their friendly banter as they picked out the dresses for the wedding, along with all the other necessities. Bella paid for her items and turned to the girls. “I am going to run this to my car, and I will be back in a few minutes.”

“Alright,” they said in unison, then breaking out in a fit of laughter.

Bella draped the dress bag over her right arm, while her left hand was filled with the other bags. Pushing out the door, she walked towards the parking deck where she had parked. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Edward and how much she looked forward to seeing him this evening. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind, and cloth went over her mouth. It happened so quickly, she forgot to fight back then she became dizzy. The last thing she remembered was an eerie familiar voice whispering in her ear.

“Finally, you are mine.”

“What is taking Bella so long?” Rose asked as she looked at her watch.

“I don’t know,” Esme replied. “You don’t think she chickened out of giving us the details, do you?”

“No, but let’s go find her and hurry her ass up,” Alice said. Walking up the street towards the parking deck and just as they turned the corner, they all stopped. On the sidewalk were a dress bag, packages, and a purse. 

Esme picked up the purse and looked around. “This is Bella’s. She wouldn’t just leave it here.”

“Oh my God, do you think something bad has happened to her?” Alice asked.

Rose didn’t know why, but she had a bad feeling that something horrible had just happened to her friend. “Call Carlisle, Esme, tell him what is happening. Alice call Angela and asked if she happened to pick up her up.”

Esme took out her phone and called Carlisle. After explaining what was going on, he told them to stay where they were and he would be there as soon as he could. Alice said that Angela hadn’t seen Bella since early this morning, but she was on her way.

Carlisle could hear the worry in Esme’s voice, and it was strange that Bella had just disappeared into thin air. He knew that he needed to call Edward, but he was going to wait until he surveyed the area. Breaking every speed limit in the city, he pulled onto the street and saw the girls. 

“Any news?” He asked.

“No, but her car is still in the deck, and her phone is in her purse,” Esme gasped, on the brink of breaking down. 

Carlisle wrapped his arm around Esme and pulled her close. “We will find her.”

“I have a bad feeling about this,” she cried.

Angela arrived a few minutes later, and once she got all the details, she stopped to digest the information. As she looked around at the doors down the alley, she saw that most of them had chains with padlocks. Then a thought came like a bolt of lightning, but there was no way that he was still alive. However, the thing that had bothered her from the fire scene was that the building had been padlocked from the outside. Who had done that? Aro, that is who.

“FUCK!!!” Angela screamed. 

“What is it?” Carlisle asked.

“Aro is alive,” she answered.

“Who is Aro?” Rose questioned.

“The fucker was the leader of the sect that Bella’s family lived in. It was thought he was killed in the fire, but the asshole is alive, and I think he has Bella.”

“Why would he come after her?” Carlisle wondered.

“Because before Charlie snuck Bella out of the sect, Aro had his sights on her to become his next wife. When Bella and I were in Utah, we learned what type of creep he truly was and what a dangerous man he was,” Angela explained. “I have got to call Detective Johnson in Utah and let her know that something has happened to Bella.”

“I’ll call my friend in the police department and get him out here,” Carlisle said, taking out his phone and calling Alistar. Once Carlisle explained the situation, Alistar said he would be there immediately with his detectives.

Once Alistar arrived, he had already received a phone call from Detective Johnson and had received all the information on Aro Volturi. As he read about him, a cold shiver ran down his spine. This man was pure evil, and if he had kidnapped Bella Swan, she was in extreme danger.

Carlisle called Jasper and Emmett, sending them to Edward’s. They would need everyone they could to control Edward once he learned that Bella was missing. Alistar assured him that the Plano police department would do everything possible to find the young lady. Alice, Rose, Esme got into Carlisle’s car and went to Edward’s house to break the news. They had also called Carmen and Max, who were devastated by the news. They all arrived outside the house and took a deep breath before going in.

Edward had just finished his PT and was relaxing in the den, thinking about his beautiful Bella. He couldn’t believe he was the lucky bastard to have her love, and as soon as he could convince her, he was going to put a ring on her finger. Embrace life was his new moto.

“Ed, where are you, bro?” Emmett boomed.

“In the den,” Edward called out as he turned towards the entrance and was confused by the fact that his entire family was coming in. There was a look of worry on each of their faces. “What is going on?”

“Bro, we have something to tell you, but you need to let us get it all out before reacting,” Carlisle instructed.

“Alright,” Edward said.

Carmen sat down beside him while everyone else took a seat. “I am not going to pussyfoot around, Bella has been kidnapped,” Carlisle said, observing Edward’s expression.

“What did you say?” Edward stammered. This had to be a sick joke.

“We don’t know for sure, but it seems that Aro Volturi is still alive, and has taken her,” Angela hypothesized.

Edward jumped to his feet, causing him to wobble, but he steadied himself. “Why the fuck are you here? We need to be out there looking for her,” he stormed then started towards the door. Jasper and Emmett grabbed his arms.

“Bro, calm down. The cops are out there looking, and I have our investigative team out there as well. We need to stay here and wait for news,” Carlisle implored.

Edward fought to get his arms free, he had to get to her. He couldn’t let her die as well. Bella was his heart, his soul, and if something happened to her, he would not be able to go on. She had saved him from the darkness into which he had descended after his accident;  he could feel it began to creep back. Resolved to the fact that his brothers wouldn’t let him leave, he sighed deeply. “Let my arm loose, I’m not going anywhere.”

Jasper and Emmett let go. “We are here for you, bro,” Jasper advised.

Edward went back to the couch and sat down. Carmen patted his leg and gave him a weak smile. “She is a strong woman, and I know that she will fight her way back to you.”

His eyes filled with tears as he looked at Carmen, and then she opened her arms, which he fell into. “I love her so much, Mimi. I can’t lose her.”

Bella’s head was pounding, and it was hard to open her eyes. Finally, she was able and she had no clue where she was. It was dirty, musty, warehouse, but how did she get here. 

“Oh, my Isabella, you are awake,” Aro slurred. 

Bella gasped. He was dead, just like her parents. This was a dream, no this was a nightmare. “You are not real.”

Aro stepped forward and stroked her hair. “I am real, and after I cleanse you from your whoring ways, we can finally be together.”

“Fuck you!” Bella yelled, but as the words left her mouth, Aro’s hand came across her cheek in a mighty blow. The pain shot through her face like a hot poker. 

“You will not yell at me. I am your master, and you will follow my every command,” he snarled and took a sniff of her. “You smell like that cripple.”

“Edward isn’t a cripple,” Bella argued.

“You allowed him to deflower your body,” he growled.

“How would you know?”

“Because I watched every minute of the disgusting act.”

“You watched us?” Bella asked in pure shock.

“Yes, I have been watching you for weeks, and I am very upset with your behavior. However, that is all in the past, and I am your future. Now, you need to strip so I can start the cleansing,” Aro instructed.

“I will not take my clothes off for you, asshole,” Bella argued.

Aro grabbed her arm and squeezed. “Yes, you will, or I will take them off myself.”

Bella was terrified because she didn’t know how she was going to get out of this. No one knew where she was, and Aro was sick. The thought of Aro touching her made her sick to her stomach. 

“Remove your clothes,” he ordered.

Bella closed her eyes and said a prayer. “Please don’t do this.”

“REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES!!” Aro screamed his face red with rage.

Her eyes filled with tears as she reached down and began to lift her top, then all of a sudden, there was a blur of movement from the right, and a hooded man ran into Aro knocking him to the floor. Bella was shocked as she watched the two men wrestling on the ground. The hooded man was giving Aro blow after blow, causing him to cry out in pain. Finally, with one powerful blow to the head, Aro was knocked out. The man stood, looking down, spit in his face and gave a firm kick to the groin. Turning, he pushed back his hood, and Bella let out a gasp and whimper.


Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty-One


Edward and Bella were excited to continue their evening alone, away from the eyes of the patrons of the restaurant. Seth pulled up to Bella’s house and opened the door once more for the couple. After they emerged from the vehicle, Edward turned and patted him on the back.

“You are free to go home,” Edward said with a sly smile.

“But how are you getting home?” Seth questioned.

“I’ll take him,” Bella answered sweetly.

“Thanks for doing this for us,” Edward declared. 

“I am happy that I could, and if you ever need me again, please let me know,” Seth proclaimed. He had been excited to see how happy both of them were together. There was no doubt in his mind that this relationship was on the fast track to a happily ever after. Over the years, he had seen some of the girls that Edward had dated, and never once did he look at them with one-tenth of intensity that he looked at Bella. He had only met Bella recently, but she had the same look in her eyes. They were right for each other, and they both deserved to be happy.

Edward took Bella’s hand, and they walked towards her door, as Seth went back to the car and drove away. Taking her key out of her bag, she unlocked the door, walking in with Edward close behind. He had been in the house a few times with Angela, but this time it was different. Bella took his hand and led him to the den, only cutting on the one light by the entrance. The warm amber glow danced around the room. 

“Would you like something to drink?” Bella asked.

“That would be nice,” Edward answered, rubbing his hand up her arm. 

“Great. Make yourself comfortable while I get us something.”

Edward couldn’t resist placing a small kiss on her lips. “I will count the minutes.”

Just this small touch and kiss sent her senses into hyperdrive. She couldn’t wait until he touched and kissed her everywhere. Was it wrong to have sex on the first date? Was it wrong for her to feel so strongly towards him so quickly? Probably yes, however, the death of her parents, Edward’s near-death accident, proved that life was too short, and it’s not worth the effort to worry about the what ifs.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked worriedly. He had seen a barrage of emotions flit across her face.

Bella looked up, bathed in the beauty of his crystal green eyes, and smiled. Place her delicate hand on his strong jaw. “I couldn’t be better.”

Edward placed his hand on top of hers and leaned into her touch. “You have no idea how wonderful that feels.”

Bella closed her eyes and sighed. “I think I do.”

Edward removed his hand and placed a kiss on top of her head. “Go get our drinks while I still have enough restraint.”

Bella turned quickly and hurried through the house. Her first stop was in her bedroom, where she swiftly removed her dress and slipped on her short silk robe. She was about to remove her heels, but after looking in the mirror and realizing how much more enticing she looked in them, she decided to leave them on. Walking to the kitchen, she opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. Before returning to the den, she told Alexa to play sensual music. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, she walked into the room. Edward had taken off his jacket, tie, and was standing by the fireplace. He had turned on the gas logs, and the fire was clearly mimicking the fiery passion that they were sharing.

Once Bella had left the room, he decided he would take her advice and get comfortable. He wasn’t one to wear a suit every day, that was Carlisle’s cup of tea, he was happy in a t-shirt and jeans. Looking around the room, his eyes went to the fireplace, and at that moment, he decided to turn it on. He loved the look and feel of a fire, and that was why he had several in his house. The clicking sound of heels across the hardwood floors caused him to turn his head towards the sound, and as soon as he saw the goddess walking into the room, his heart skipped a beat. “Bella,” he groaned.

Bella walked over to him and handed his glass of wine to him. “To us.”

“To us,” he confirmed, taking a drink, then placing the glass on the table. He took her glass and put it down next to his. Wrapping his arm around her waist and he pulled her against him. “I want you.”

“I want you,” Bella proclaimed.

Edward’s mouth descended to hers. His lips were gentle but passionate, however, as soon as her tongue found its way into his mouth, the kiss erupted into a volcano of emotions. His tongue plunged deeper and deeper, savoring the taste that was uniquely Bella. When they were both almost out of breath, Edward began to place kisses across her chin and down her graceful neck. “You taste so fucking good.”

“Oh, Edward,” she cried. No one had ever made her feel this way. He owned her heart, her soul, and her body.

“What do you want?” Edward whispered in her ear, then took her earlobe in his hot mouth and began to suck.

Bella’s hands went around his neck, grabbing his hair and pulling it. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure, because once I have you, I will never let you go,” he confessed.

“I only want to be with you,” Bella declared.

“Show me to your room,” Edward said in a husky voice, filled with desire. 

She released his neck and took his hand, walking him through the house. Feeling his want and need gave her the confidence to take control. Her submissive nature was screaming to fall at his feet and wait for him to provide her with direction, guidance, but he was allowing her to take the lead. 

Edward loved watching Bella walking in front of him. She had an air of confidence from her straight posture, to the sway of her hips. The silk robe rode up with each step, allowing him to get a glimpse of her firm ass. God, he couldn’t wait to grab it as he pounded into her from behind. The things he was going to do to bring her to her greatest enjoyment. His goal was to ruin the memory of any other man that had come before him. He wanted to be her only lover from now until their last breath. She was it. Yeah, some men would be spooked by these thoughts; however, his accident had given him a new outlook on life and love. Each moment is precious, and when you find that special someone who makes you feel complete, you grab on and don’t let go. 

Bella opened her door and was thankful she had left on her lamp on by her bed. Stepping into the room, she turned to see Edward closing the door and looking around. He was so fucking sexy, and how did she get so lucky to have him in her room. Gaping at every inch of him, until she reached his eyes and she stopped. The fire in those green pools set her pussy ablaze. Untying her robe, she pushed it slowly off her shoulders. It pooled at her feet.

Edward stepped forward, running his hands down her arms. “God, you are gorgeous.”

Bella blushed, and she could feel the warmth all over her body. Taking her bottom lip between her teeth, she reached out and began unbuttoning his shirt. When she had reached his belt, she looked up, and he gave her a nod. His chest was rising and falling as he took deep, steady breaths.

She was taking to long, the sweet torture of her fingers brushing against his body as she undressed him was almost too much to bear. He felt his cock finally released from its confines. Fuck, he was hard and long, and the release caused his thick cock to slap against his firm and well-defined abs. “I knew that blush went everywhere,” Edward murmured, tracing his finger around the fullness of her breast, then finally cupping one. Leaning down, he took her hard rose-colored nipple between his teeth and bite down, which caused her to cry out not in pain but in pleasure.

Bella’s head tilted back, and she raised her chest closer to Edward’s mouth. “YES, OH GOD, YES,” she screamed.

Edward stepped forward and gently pushed her onto the bed, her body bouncing, and she giggled. Fuck, he loved that sound. He still had not mastered kneeling down with his prosthetic leg, but after a few attempts, he was comfortable and in the position that he wanted. Caressing her calves, moving up to her thighs, and finally to the destination he had been wanting to see, feel, and taste. Spreading her legs apart, he was amazed at the vision before him. Her pussy was a work of art. Running his thumbs up to her upper thighs and along her dripping lips.

“FUCK!” Bella moaned loudly.

“Soon, but I need my dessert,” Edward smirked. “I want to hear you scream your pleasure.”

Bella leaned up on her elbows and watched as Edward’s face buried itself between her legs. Holy hell, his tongue should be registered as a deadly weapon, because she was going to die from the overwhelming sensations. As his tongue and mouth attached to her clit, he slowly inserted two fingers inside her and finger-fucked her. The whole night she was on the edge of an orgasm, and she could feel the pressure build. 

Edward pulled his face back and licked his lips. “Fucking sweet as warm apple pie. He could tell she was close, and he couldn’t wait to see it happen. Speeding up his fingers, pushing deeper, and opening his fingers in a scissor action. Feeling her legs begin to tremble, he pulled his fingers out and pinched her clit. “COME NOW!” He demanded.

Her orgasm burst sending tingles rippling through her core and screaming out the name of the only man who gave it to her. “EDWARD!”

God, she was ravishing, and he considered himself a lucky bastard to be able to be with her. He couldn’t wait any longer to be inside of her hot, wet pussy. Trying to pull himself by the bed, but he was having a hard time balancing his weight on the prosthetic. “Damn, it,” he growled.

Bella sat up and put her hands on either side of his face. “It is okay, let me take control this time.”

A wave of relief washed over him. She didn’t treat him differently because of his handicap, she made him feel like a whole man. Assisting him up, she pushed him on the bed, much like he had done earlier to her. She wasted no time and climbed on top of him and leaned down; she kissed his lips, first with tiny butterfly kisses, but they began to build until they were both were wrestling for dominance. Finally, breaking free with the lungs screaming for air, she leaned back, her eyes dark with lust. Moving back, she aligned herself on his cock, and instead of going slow, she impaled herself in one quick move. 

“OH GOD, YES!” She cried. He filled her, unlike any other man ever had. It was almost like they were made for each other. 

“Bella, you have to move,” Edward moaned. She was so fucking hot and wet.

Smirking down at him, she began her sexual dance moving up and down, taking him all the way in, then pulling up until only his tip was touching her folds. However, Edward was growing impatient and grabbed her hips, moving her quicker, and with more strength. 

“Bella, oh my God, this feels so fucking good.”

“Yes, it does,” she cried.

Wanting to look into her eyes when he came he rolled them over, balancing on his knees he thrust forward once, twice, and on the third time, he felt her orgasm once again, causing him to fall over the cliff as well. The glorious look in her eyes affirmed for him the realization that he had fallen in love with this magnificent woman. “Bella, I don’t want to scare you, but I have fallen for you.”

Bella gasped at his declaration. “I have fallen also.”

Edward kissed her, pouring all the love he had for her into the kiss. They finally parted, and Bella assisted him in removing his leg. They fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

The man in the black sedan had followed them to Bella’s house. He had been following her for the last week, in hopes that he could catch her alone. But there was always someone around, damn it. The rage he felt when he watched the fucker with the limp take her in the house, sending away the guy who was driving them around was apoptotic. Waiting for a while, he got out and slowly crept up to the side of the house that he knew was her bedroom window. She never closed her curtains, and he had spent hours watching her sleep. 

He rounded the corner, stepped up on the wooden box that was under her window, and carefully peered in. The rage at what he saw ravaged his body and mind. She was allowing the fucker to touch her, to kiss her, and to fuck her. He would have to cleanse her once he took her to remove all the impurities. The thought of her being naked in his bed made him hard, and he hoped that the opportunity would be soon that he could make her his. Waiting all these years after her fucking father helped her escape the sect had been torture. He was Aro Volturi, and Bella Swan was going to be his.

Testing Faith ~ Chapter Twenty

Texas Sizzle

After they both had calmed down, Edward offered her his arm, and they walked towards the car, where Seth was waiting and opened the back door.

“Seth,” Bella said. “I thought you only drove things with wings.”

“I normally do, but this guy needed my help to impress a special young woman, and I couldn’t deny him,” Seth explained.

“Thanks for doing it for us,” Bella proclaimed. 

Edward assisted Bella into the car, while Seth handed him the bouquet of flowers, which Edward placed on Bella’s lap then closed the door before she says anything. Ed turned to shake Seth’s hand and went around to the other side and got in.

Sliding closer to Bella, he took her hand and brought it up to his lips. “Thank you for coming out with me.”

“Oh, Edward, the flowers are gorgeous, and this date is a dream come true for me,” Bella confessed.

Edward leaned closer. “You dream about me?” 

Bella smiled sweetly. “Yes. Nightly.”

“Good, because I dream of you as well,” Edward whispered. “I hope they are good dreams?”

Bella couldn’t wait, her resolve was gone, placing her hands on his cheeks she leaned in and kissed him. At first, Edward seemed surprised, but soon he took control of the kiss. It was hot, wild, and all-consuming. Thinking her heart couldn’t beat any faster or louder, she heard the low growl from Edward, causing it to begin to race. His tongue commanded entrance, and once inside her mouth, they started the hot sensual dance. Soon Edward pulled back from the primal kiss but continued to place sweet kisses down her face and neck, ending by taking her earlobe in between his teeth and sucked.

“Fuck,” Bella moaned.

“You taste so good,” he groaned. “I could feast on you forever and never go hungry.”

Bella clung to Edward. “Oh, Edward, what you do to me.”

“Tell me,” he commanded.

Bella sighed deeply. “You make me so needy and aroused.  I turn into one hot, wet mess.”

“Hmm, and what do you want me to do about your situation?” Edward questioned, rubbing his hand up and down her thigh, with every pass he became closer to the prize. 

“Release,” she testified.

Just as Edward was going to finally touch her heat, Seth cleared his throat. “We are at the restaurant.” Seth had tried not to pay attention to what was going on in the backseat, but he was hard to block out the moans coming from both of them. 

Edward stopped his hands. “Fuck,” he grunted. “We will finish this later.”

Bella continued to grip onto his arms, breathing heavily. “Promise.”

Edward kissed her lips once more. “Yes.”

Bella smiled at him, then pulled out her mirror out of her purse to check her makeup. Her lips were swollen, her lipstick was gone, and her face was flushed. Applying a light coat lipstick and patting down her hair, she was ready to leave the car even though she didn’t want to.

The door of the car opened, and Edward offered his hand to help her out. Bella placed her delicate hand into his and got out of the vehicle. As soon as she emerged, she noticed Seth, and then it hit her. They nearly had sex in the back of the car as Seth drove. Her blush bloomed, spreading quickly across her face and down her neck.

Edward placed his arm around her waist and pulled her close. Leaning down, he whispered into her ear. “You know what your blush does to me.”

Bella turned and looked into his eyes and saw the passion in the pools of emerald green. God, she loved his eyes. 

Edward placed a kiss on her temple and began leading her towards the door of the restaurant. He was still limping, but he was getting better every day. However, he had a gorgeous woman on his arm, who had taken residence in his heart. There was something special about her that he wanted, no needed to know more about. He wanted to protect her, give her heart’s desire, and to spend as much time as possible with her. Opening the door, he allowed her to go in first, and then they walked up to the host’s podium. 

“Good Evening,” Paul said, first looking at Edward then turning to look at Bella. “Holy fuck! That is a fucking stunning woman. I bet I can steal her away from this prick.” He thought as he licked his lips.

“Excuse me,” Edward growled. How dare this fucker to eye fuck my girl! 

“Yes, do you have to have a reservation because we are booked solid for the next four weeks?” Paul snarled. 

“We have a reservation, it is under the name Cullen,” Edward quipped.

Paul looked down at the board and did, in fact, see the name Cullen, but his dislike for this fucking asshole gave him all the reason he needed to deny it. “I’m sorry, but I only see a reservation for a Smullen. That is not you, is it sir?” Paul smirked.

“NO!” Edward growled.

“Well, I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have a reservation or table for you,” Paul smirked as he turned to Bella. “But you, my dear, are welcome to come to sit at the bar. I get off in about thirty minutes and would love to show you a good time.”

Edward’s rage was at a boiling point, and he was just about to deck the fucker when he saw Alex behind Paul with a furious look on his face. Alex placed his hand on Paul’s shoulder, which caused him to look around. “Paul, I have had enough of this shit. This time you fucked with the wrong customers.”

“Ha. She is with a damn pussy, and by the look of him wouldn’t know where to stick his pencil dick,” Paul whisper yelled, provoking them even further.

Bella was enraged. She quickly swung her hand, slapping Paul solid on his cheek. “You are nothing more than a narcissistic little boy.”

Edward was shocked by Bella’s aggressive slap, but readily admitted to himself that it was definitely arousing. But what he heard next made him want to skip dinner and take her directly to his bed for the next week. She had leaned in closer to the asshole, and with a quick look and a wink at him, she turned back.

“And all nine inches of thick cock is more than I could ever desire,” she purred.

Alex busted out laughing. “Paul, you have just insulted my very best friend, Edward Cullen, and you are fired!”

“YOU CAN’T FIRE ME!” Paul screamed.

“You either leave now and quietly, or I will call the cops,” Alex ordered.

He looked at Alex, then at Edward and Bella, and huffed. “Fine, but you will regret this.”

Paul stormed out of the building, ranting under his breath. Alex smiled. “Sorry about that. Follow me, I have your table ready for you, and I promise that you will forget all about this once you taste the delicious meal I have prepared for you.”

Edward placed his hand on the small of Bella’s back and followed Alex through the restaurant. Alex had a booth in the back corner of the room reserved for them. It was the most secluded and romantic. He had been in Edward’s shop the night of the horrible accident, getting his newest tattoo, and Edward had went on and on about Bella. Alex could see in Edward’s eyes how attracted  he was to this woman and couldn’t wait to see them together. That is why when Edward called for a favor, he had arranged that this booth be available for him. 

“I have selected and prepared your dinner this evening. Please sit back and enjoy,” Alex instructed.

“Thanks, bro,” Edward said.

The booth had a long red leather bench seat, big enough for two with a white table cloth that drapped to the floor. Bella sat down on the one end while Edward sat on the other, but he slid closer to the middle and pulled Bella next to him. “I would prefer  you close,” he whispered.

Bella smiled. “I love being close.”

“Do you have any idea how much you turned me on by slapping that fucker?” He asked.

“No.” Edward took her hand and placed it over his erection. She gasped at the fact that he was, in fact, hard. She was even more astonished that she had been right about his length and girth, and realized that  she may have understated the fact. Edward’s hand remained on top of hers and encouraged her to rub up and down his cock.

Edward groaned at the marvelous feeling her warm hand was doing to his dick. The next best thing would be if he could release his cock from his pants and have her hand touching him without the fabric barrier. “Oh God, that feels so good.”

Bella’s heart swelled when she heard his confession. Damn, she was soaked thinking about his cock, and what it would feel like when he would thrust hard into her. Leaning closer to his ear, she moaned. “I am so wet.”

Edward’s eyes snapped open, he removed her hand from his cock, and just as he was about to place a searing kiss on her pouting lips.

“Excuse me,” the waitress said as she poured wine into their glasses. “I will be back with the first course.”

“Thank you,” Edward murmured, still feeling the effects of Bella’s caresses.  

Edward and Bella both picked up their glasses. “To our bright future,” Edward proclaimed.

“Yes,” Bella agreed. Taking a sip of the wine, she smiled at the refreshing taste. 

“Damn, Alex knows his stuff,” Edward said.

“How do you know Alex?” She asked.

“He is one of my customers and my best friend.  I do all his tattoos.”

“Oh. Does he have a lot?” Bella questioned.

“Yeah. Do you have any?” Edward wondered.

“No, but I have wanted to get one,” she divulged.

“I know a great guy who would love to paint your body,” he cooed.

Before Bella could answer, the waitress was back with their first course. It was tuna tartare with avocado, mango, and sriracha.  

“This is delicious,” Bella proclaimed.

“It is good, but I know something that I bet tastes even better,” Edward whispered.


Edward put down his fork. “Keep eating,” he commanded. Slowly he moved his hand up her thigh, stroking the delicate skin until he reached her lace-covered mound. “Did you enjoy your spa treatment today?”

Bella couldn’t speak with the anticipation of his hand where she was yearning to be touched, so she just nodded. 

Edward pushed the lace to the side and began stroking her. She had been correct when she said she was wet. Damn, she wasn’t just wet, she was almost dripping. Collecting her wetness on his finger, he brought it to his mouth and sucked it off. “Hmm, I was right, fucking delicious.”

Bella gasped. She couldn’t believe that he had done that as they sat in the restaurant. However, she couldn’t deny that it aroused  her further. “Edward,” she moaned.

“Yes, baby,” he said with a devilish smile.

“I need,” she whispered.

“What do you need, my Bella?”

“A release,” she cried.

“Maybe later,” he smirked.

Bella’s bottom lip stuck out in her pure frustration. Edward leaned in and bit the lip lightly, pulling it slightly, once releasing it, he murmured. “I love your lips, and I am the only one who will say when you are allowed to come.”

“But,” she started.

Dominant Edward shook his head. Bella looked into his eyes and immediately bowed her head. She could feel the energy coming from his body being in his Dominant mindset, and it caused her to become even more aroused.

Thankful for the waitress returning with their main course, because it broke him out of thoughts of leaving the booth and finding a place that he could provide them both with the release they needed. Alex had sent his signature, sliced filet mignon with cipollini onions, wild mushrooms, and fig essence. It was the most delicious filet that he had ever had. Damn, he was going to have to give Alex a new tattoo for this. 

“How do you like it?” Edward asked.

“Oh my, I have never had a dinner like this before,” she exclaimed. “Alex is very talented.”

“Yes, he is.”

During the meal, both Edward and Bella asked each other questions about each other. They were surprised by how much they had in common and the interests they shared. Edward was excited about the possibility of sharing these things with her. Alex came out to the table and thanked them for coming in and invited them to come back anytime they wanted. After paying for their meal and leaving a large tip for the waitress, Edward once again placed his hand on her back and walked toward the door. He saw most of the men and even some women openly stare at her. Fuck, he was a lucky man. 

Seth was pulling up as they walked out the door. He got out and opened the door for them. “Thanks for sending out dinner, bro,” he commented.

“It was the least I could do,” Edward said. They got in, and Edward told him to take them back to her place. Bella moved closer to Edward and laid her head on his shoulder and thought about what the rest of the evening would hold for them.

No one noticed the black sedan following them. The man behind the wheel was seething mad, by the way his Isabella was behaving. She was allowing this asshole to have his hands all over her body. She was going to be punished for her misdeeds, and anyone who stands in his way would die. Isabella was his and his alone.

Testing Faith ~ Chapter 19

Edward loved being back home. It had taken him a while to maneuver the stairs, but slow and steady wins the race in the end. He had been texting and calling Bella all day and couldn’t wait till tomorrow to take her out on a date. The only thing he hated was that he couldn’t drive just yet, because he would have to have some specialized equipment attached to his vehicle. One of the questions he asked was whether or not he would ever be able to ride his bike again, and he was stoked to find out that yes, he would. Picking up his phone, he called a friend and employee of the Cullen Foundation.

“Ed, my man glad to hear from you,” Seth said. 

“Thanks, man. I have a huge favor to ask,” Edward divulged.


“I got a date with the woman of my dreams, and I can’t drive,” he admitted. “I was wondering if you could be my chauffeur tomorrow evening?”

“Woman of your dreams, eh?” Seth quizzed.

“And more,” he gushed. 

“Then I would be more than happy to drive you,” Seth confirmed. 

“Thank you, I really want the night to be special for Bella,” Edward said.

“Bella? Bella Swan?” Seth questioned.

“Yes. How do you know her?” Edward asked.

“I flew her and Angela to Utah to deal with that horrible mess with the death of her parents at that cult community.”

“Cult?” Edward quizzed. There was no way Bella was messed up with a cult.

“Yeah. Damn fucking nut job leader trapped everyone in the temple and set the building on fire,” pointed out. “Bella helped the local cops with the details about the cult.”

“How would she know?”

“Her father slipped her out about five years or so ago. It seems the scumball leader had his sights set on Bella to become his   next wife, and her father didn’t like the idea of that. He sent her to live with her cousin, Angela.”

“Fuck. When was this, and how did you get involved?” Edward asked.

“Emmett set it up for Bella and Angela to use the company jet when they received news of the tragedy at the compound. I flew them out the day after your accident and brought them back last week.” Seth answered. “Bella is one beautiful soul. You are one lucky son of a bitch to able to date her.”

“I don’t deserve her, but I am going to try to make her happy. There is something about her that I just have to know more about,” Edward confirmed. “Can you be here around six tomorrow?”

“Yeah, man. Do I get to drive that sexy beast Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost?” Seth asked. The Cullens were collectors of both new and antique cars, and before Edward’s accident, he had purchased the Ghost. 

“Oh, that would be perfect,” Edward declared. 

“Do I need to wear a uniform and one of those funny little hats?” Seth joked.

“No, shithead,” Edward said. “Thanks for doing this.”

After the phone call was over, Edward texted Bella.

“I can’t wait until I can see you tomorrow.” – E

“Me either. I am getting a new dress and going to the spa with the girls.” – B

“Spa? What are you having done?” – E

“Ahh.” – B

Edward wondered why she was telling him, and then it came to him. Fuck, she was going to a spa.

“Spa. Are you getting your kitty waxed?” – E

“Blushing!!!!” – B

“Damn woman, you know what your blush does to me. But you haven’t answered.” – E

“Well, maybe.” – B

Fuck, she was going to be waxed. The thought of her smooth blushed mound made him hard. He was going to have to jack off again.

“Damn! What are you doing this evening?” – E

“Meeting Angela for a drink.” – B

“I hope you don’t find the man of your dreams and run away with him.” 😦 – E

“I already have, Sir.”- B

Edward was excited to see that she was calling him sir. As much as he wanted to go straight into the playroom, he wanted to get to know Bella, as herself and not as a submissive. Also, he was going to contact the Dominant that Angela suggested who had a similar disability. When and if he took Bella to his playroom, he wanted to be prepared. 

“I love hearing that. Go have fun with Angela. I will pick you up at 6:30.” – E

“I will be ready.”- B

Edward’s physical therapist came and completed their daily workout. Tonya was tall with blond curly hair and crystal blue eyes.

“Edward, your muscle is tight,” she purred as she ran her hand up and down his injured leg. 

“I think I might have overdone it with trying to maneuver the stairs,” Edward said, feeling a little uncomfortable.

“You must be careful. The leg is still weak from the accident, and you must watch out for overexertion,” Tonya instructed.

“Alright. Is there anything else today?” Edward asked.

“No we are finished,” Tonya replied. “I will be back tomorrow after around four if that is okay?”

“Actually, can you come in the morning?” he questioned, wanting the afternoon free to relax before his date.

“Well, I guess I could,” she grumbled. Edward Cullen was an extremely handsome man, and  he was also extremely rich. A man like this needed a woman like herself to take care of him. Damn, she could get used to living in this mansion. She just needed to make him fall for her.

“Thank you, Tonya. I promise to take it easy on the stairs.”

“I will see you in the morning at ten,” she confirmed.

Edward saw her out and shut the door. Running his hand through his hair. “Fuck, was she hitting on me?” he said out loud. Thinking about it a little more, he decided that he was just overreacting. Walking into the kitchen, he took out one of the dinners that Carmen had prepared, read the instructions, and turned on the oven to the temperature that she had written on the package. When the oven had beeped, indicating that it was ready, he placed it in the oven and started the timer. This was the compromise that they had come to. She wanted to stay at the house and take care of him, but he knew she had a lot on her plate with the wedding that was coming up. 

His brothers and Carmen had been concerned about the amount of weight that he had lost while in the hospital. Most of the loss was during the time that he didn’t want to live. The dark cloud of depression had infiltrated his mind, causing him to believe that he would never be normal again. Even though he was better, he still had moments of doubt; however, during these dark times, a bright smiling face would appear. Bella was his light in the darkness.

The timer went off, and he took the dish of lasagna out of the oven. His stomach growled at the aroma. Getting a bottle of water from the refrigerator, he sat down on one of the bar stools at the counter. After devouring the cheesy pasta, rinsed off the bowl and placed it in the dishwasher. Deciding he might as well start a cycle and clean off the counters. He didn’t want Carmen to come in and see a mess. 

After cleaning up the kitchen, he went into the living room and turned on the tv. Scrolling through the channels, he decided to find out what was all this hype about Game of Thrones ©. Sinking back into his leather sofa, he began watching the first episode. Halfway through, he wanted to take the shit Joffrey to his playroom and beat his spoiled ass. Then what the fuck was this shit with the king’s wife fucking her own brother. YUCK!

Just as the little boy was pushed off the tower, his phone began to ring. Looking at the screen, he saw that it was Carlisle.

“Hey, Bro,” Edward answered.

“How does it feel to be home?” Carlisle questioned.

“Real good. My physical trainer came by earlier and gave me a workout. Then I warmed up one of Carmen’s famous lasagna dinners.”

“Sounds like a full day. Are you having any issues getting around?” 

“The fucking stairs are a killer. But I am adjusting,” Edward explained.

“Don’t overdo it,” Carlisle urged.

“I’m not, and my trainer Tonya told me the same thing,” he said.

“She sounds like she knows her stuff. So, what are you doing tomorrow night? I thought we could take you out to Max’s for a drink.”

“I already have plans,” Edward admitted.

“Plans?” Carlisle asked, shocked.

“I have a date,” Edward confirmed.

“With who?”


“What? When did this happen?” Carlisle questioned.

“Carlisle, I saw her months ago at the club, and I don’t know what happened, but there was just something about her. Fuck, I only opened the door for her and didn’t even know her name. Then I found out who she was, but I had already missed the opportunity to take her on as a submissive. Garrett had beat me to her. Then I was with Jessica, and that last night we were at Max’s, I was about to talk to her, but she left,” Edward explained. “After Angela beat me out of my funk, I started like most nights with a nightmare of the accident, but Bella came into my room, and when I opened my eyes, she was the angel that I saw. Carlisle, I realized that life is too short, and I needed to make my feelings known.”

“What did she say?” Carlisle asked.

“There must be a God because she said that she felt the same. I couldn’t control myself, and I kissed her. Fuck, it was life-changing,” he swooned. “We couldn’t be together while I was in the center, because it is against the rules. However, as soon as I was released, I asked her out.” 

“I know what you mean. Esme is my angel. I don’t deserve her, but for some strange reason, she loves me, and I love her so much,” Carlisle confessed.

“Damn, I had no idea that it had progressed to this point,” he said. “Carlisle, I know she is submissive, does that mean you are becoming a Dominant?”

“Nope, that life is not for me, but we have talked about it at length, and mutual loving, caring relationship is what she wants,” Carlisle explained. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun in the bedroom.”

“Well, man, if you need some pointers, you can always ask Jasper or me.”

“Do you need any help tomorrow night?” Carlisle asked.

“No, Seth is going to drive us. I have made reservations at The Capital Grille,” Edward disclosed.

“Fuck, how did you do that? They are usually booked for at least three weeks,” Carlisle wheezed.

“Alex is the head chef. I do all his tats,” Edward divulged.

“Damn, I will have to remember that. Well, if you need anything else, just let me know, Bro.”

“I will. I am really happy for you and Esme. You deserve, fuck, no, we all deserve to find our happyily ever, afters,” Edward concluded. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Carlisle said, hanging up.

Edward watched another episode and decided to take a nice hot shower, then get to bed. He wanted to be fresh and full of energy for his date. Laying in his bed, he went over the details, and he had forgotten to get her flowers. Damn! Maybe he could get Carlisle to pick them up for him. Soon he was drifting off to sleep, and instead of nightmares, he had beautiful dreams of Bella.

Edward got through his PT without feeling like Tonya was hitting on him. He must have been imagining things. The next training session would be on Monday, but Tonya told him to continue with his individual workouts.

After she left, he called Carlisle and asked him to pick up the bouquet that he had ordered at Z’s. Not wanting to go for the traditional roses, he decided to get a bouquet of blush-colored peonies. The blush color was now his favorite. Throughout the day, he had sent texts to Bella, telling her how much he was looking forward to their date. 

Bella’s day was filled with shopping for the perfect dress for her date and going to the spa for much-needed maintenance. Rose had suggested Ella Bleu, and she was excited to find the dress that would make Edward’s heart skip a beat. It was in a blush color, and it was called a bandage dress. It hugged her every curve, with a halter top and showed off her shoulders. Esme found a pair of silver wrapped shoes with a four-inch heel. She would have to wear a thong and no bra, due to the cut of the dress. 

“Edward’s dick is going to be hard from the second he sees you in that dress,” Alice blurted out.

“ALICE!” Bella yelled.

“What? It’s the truth,” she giggled.

Bella’s muscles twitched as she thought about his hard cock. Damn, was she going to have to take a spare pair of panties on the date?

Rose, Esme, and Alice decided they needed a spa day as well. When they arrived, the receptionist checked them in and processed the transaction for their day of services.

“Oh, it looks like your spa experience has been already paid for,” the young woman explained.

“By who?” Bella asked.

“The last name on the card was Cullen,” she read.

“Those little devils,” Esme purred. “I mentioned to Carlisle last night we were coming here today.”

“Oh, they must be awesome boyfriends to do something like this,” the receptionist declared. 

The girls were lead back to the changing room and then to the different procedures. The massages were heavenly, but the waxing was straight from hell. By the time they dressed to leave, they were all walking bow-legged to prevent the rubbing on the sensitive skin. 

Bella left the girls and headed home to get ready for her date. After a long soothing bath, she put on a light application of makeup, lotioned all her body parts, slipped on her thong, putting on a pair of petals to smooth her nipples, then finally put on the dress and shoes. She was ready to go. She wore only a simple pair of diamond stud earrings that Angela had gotten her for her birthday. Spritzing her favorite perfume on her wrist and behind each ear, hoping that Edward would love the aroma.

“Fuck, Bella, are you trying to give him a heart attack?” Angela gasped.

“Do I look okay?” Bella whispered, turning around so Angela could see her at all sides.

“Hell yeah,” Angela proclaimed.

Bella looked at herself in the full-length mirror, and she was pleased with how she looked. It had taken a long time after she had left the Solar Temple before she would look in a mirror for any length of time since vanity was one of the mortal sins in Aro’s teachings. But with Angela’s help, she learned that it was okay to look at yourself at length. Twisting side by side, making sure that no visible lines were showing and when she was satisfied there wasn’t she smiled. Hot was an understatement, and she prayed that Edward would appreciate her efforts. 

The thought of the kiss that they had shared had been in her every thought, and it had taken every ounce of willpower for her not to attack Edward every time she walked into his room. When she heard he was being released, she was excited not only because he was well enough to leave, but he would no longer be her patient. 

“God, I hope I get to feel those lips today,” she thought.

The doorbell rang, causing Bella’s heart to race. He was here. Walking to the door, she took a deep breath and opened the door. Her heart stopped when she looked at Edward. He had to be the sexiest man on the earth, fuck, the entire universe. The suit he was wearing had to have been custom made for him. Looking down at his feet, she noticed that he was wearing the prosthetic that allowed him to wear his regular shoes. Raising her eyes back up, she stopped at the massive bulge in the front of his pants.

Edward hadn’t said anything, because all thoughts had left his brain when he saw her. Fuck, she was wearing the color blush, and the dressed hugged every curve. There was no way in hell she was wearing a bra, and she  had to be wearing a thong. Finally, coming out of his trance, he noticed that she was staring at his zipper. Leaning down, he brushed his lips on her cheek softly and moved towards her ear and whispered. “If you keep looking at it, we won’t leave this house or your bed.”

Bella’s eyes shot up as she gasped. A bright blush bloomed across her cheeks and down her neck. This man was going to be the death of her, but what a way to go.