Testing Faith ~ Chapter 17

Bella and Angela were preparing for their plane landing back in Plano. The last two weeks had been filled with one interview after another with Detective Johnson and her staff. Bella told them everything she remembered about the community, down to the littlest detail. 

“Bella, I want to thank you for all that you have told us,” Detective Johnson said, shaking Bella’s hand.

“I hope that it will be of some good.”

“I do too. Are you heading back home?” She asked.

“Yes, our flight leaves in a few hours,” Bella explained. 

“If I have any other questions or receive any information that might be prudent to you, I will call,” the detective informed. 

“Thank you, and if I think of anything else, I will reach out to you,” Bella said.

Angela and Bella packed their luggage, making sure the items that Bella had picked up at her old home were carefully packed for their journey to Texas. The only thing that wasn’t packed was the wedding bands that now hug around Bella’s neck on a new gold chain. She wanted to have a little piece of her parents with her at all times, but she also wanted to give their rings a place of prominence on the beautiful necklace. 

“Ladies, we are about to land, please be seated and put on your seatbelts,” Seth announced over the intercom. 

They put on their seatbelts and waited for Seth to touchdown on the airstrip. Just like the landing in Utah, the landing was smooth as silk. Damn, he was a great pilot. No wonder Emmett spoke so highly of him. Then it hit Angela, she had not told Bella about Edward’s accident. FUCK! She would have to tell Bella when they get home, but she needed to call Emmett for an update. Damn, she was a horrible friend for not calling and checking on Edward.

Bella unbuckled her seatbelt and began collecting the items that she had brought into the cabin. By the time she got down the steps, the ground crew had unloaded their luggage onto a cart. 

“Bella, I will go get the vehicle,” Angela announced. 

“Okay,” Bella confirmed as she turned on her phone and logged into her work website. They had been so considerate, giving her as much time off as she needed. Bella sent a message to her supervisor to notify her that she was back in Texas and could start again on the next available shift. 

While Angela walked to their vehicle, she called Emmett.

“Angela, don’t you know that it is against the law to make calls during a flight?” Emmett asked, chuckling.

“We have already landed,” she answered.

“I know. Seth sent me a text.”

“I am so sorry I haven’t called. How is Edward?” Angela questioned with sincere regret in her voice.

Emmett ran his hand through his hair, a habit he had picked up from Edward. “Well, his body has healed. The doctors have given him his prosthetic leg; however, he refuses to wear it on his own. When they make him wear it, he falls with every step. The doctors believe that he can walk with it, but his mind is preventing it. That is the issue that we trying to help him with. He’s been in a deep depression, Ang, he’s angry with everyone, but most of all himself,” Emmett said.

“Oh, Emmett,” Angela sighed. “Is there anything I can do to help?

“Actually, Dr. Branner believes that Edward’s Dominant personality is trying to come out, but is being stifled by his regret of the accident,” he said.

“Do you mean he thinks the accident was his fault?” she asked.

“Yes. Dr. Branner thinks that if Edward’s mentor was to push him that it would make his Dominant personality to come forward and take control.”

“That makes sense. When do you need me?” 

“We are waiting for his breaking point, which would be any day now,” Emmett informed.

“I’ll keep my phone by my side at all times. Thank you for the update, I need to tell Bella about Edward before she goes back to work,” Angela stated.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  I’m telling you Angela if she feels as much for him as he does for her, it is going to be very difficult for her. But she can’t coddle him. She’ll need to be his strength,” Emmett said.

“I know. Emmett, she is the strongest person I know, and even though she has had to face the awful news about her parents, she was able to help the police with information concerning the cult. I am so proud of her, and they belong together, not only as Dominant/submissive but as a couple.” Angela confessed as she neared her vehicle. “I have to go, but I will look forward to your call.”

“Thanks, Angela.”

Angela got the car and drove towards Bella. She was talking to Seth when she pulled up. Seth helped them get all their bags in the back and gave each one of them a huge hug. 

“Call me anytime either of you need to take a trip. Emmett has okayed it, and it would be my honor to fly you again,” he said with a wink. 

The ride home was silent, neither one saying anything. The trip had affected both of them deeply. It took them several trips once they got home to get all their luggage into the house. Once they had everything in, Angela turned to Bella.

“How about we sit down and have a glass of wine before unpacking?” She asked.

“That sounds nice,” Bella replied.

Angela went to the wine cooler and selected a bottle of their favorite wine. Uncorking it, she poured two glasses and went back to Bella, who had taken her shoes off and was sitting on the couch. Angela handed her a glass and sat with her on the sofa. They both took a large drink and sighed.

Angela knew it was time to tell Bella about Edward. “Bella, I have something to tell you about Edward.”

“Edward?” She quizzed.

“Yes. The night that we found out about the fire, Edward was in a horrible accident on his bike,” Angela began.

“NO!!” Bella cried. “Is he dead?”

“No, but he sustained a life-altering injury to his right leg,” Angela said.

“What type of injury?”

“The doctors had to remove his leg from the knee down,” Angela explained.

Bella sighed deeply, trying to prevent the tears that were threatening to flow. “Why him?” 

Angela patted her leg. “It was a horrible accident that killed two people, he is lucky to be alive.”

“Where is he?”

“They have moved him to your rehab center. But Bella he is having a hard time coping with the loss. I spoke with Emmett earlier, and he said that Edward was in a deep depression and very angry,” Angela informed her.

“That is all part of the process. I have seen it many times with patients. Is there a plan to get him to snap out of it?” Bella inquired.

 “Yes. His doctor, Dr. Branner, believes that his Dominant personality is trapped and needs some nudging to emerge. They want me as his mentor to do an intervention,” Angela said.

Bella thought for a moment and nodded. “Dr. Banner is outstanding, actually the best. If he believes that this plan would work, then it just might. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Yes. As much as you might want to, you must not coddle him.”

“That is going to be hard,” Bella admitted.

“I know, but you must be strong for him,” Angela said.

Bella thought for a moment and knew that she had to do it for the man that had her heart. “I will.”

“When do you go back to work?” Angela asked.

“Tomorrow evening. I am working the four to midnight shift for the next few days until I can get back on my regular shift.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking, doing laundry, and placing Bella’s mementos around the house. Angela received a call from Carmen asking for her help. She prepared a bag of tools and planned her attire. After dinner, she had Ben come over to help her get in the right mindset and to release the emotions that had been building during their trip. Time with Ben in her playroom was what she needed along with the sweet lovemaking afterward. 

Angela came back from her intervention the next day with a massive smile on her face.

“You were able to get through to him?” Bella asked.

“Yes,” Angela beamed. “We even had a nice long walk around the floor. The old twinkle in his eyes was back.”

“That is wonderful. I am sure everyone will be ecstatic with the progress. I will keep an eye on him tonight because trauma patients are the most vulnerable while they sleep. It will take some time for him to return to some semblance of normality both physically and mentally,” Bella explained.

“Damn, girl, you need to go back to school and become a doctor,” Angela exclaimed.

“No, I can be better for the patients as a nurse. Doctors come in for just a few minutes, while we are there for quality time, both bad and good. The center is known for their nurse to patient ratio,” Bella explained. I checked my schedule, and I have only three patients and five after nine p.m. Edward’s nurse is leaving at nine and I’ll pick him up for the remainder of the shift.”

“Remember what we talked about,” Angela urged.

“I do, and I promise to be strong,” Bella said.

Angela gave Bella a hug. “You are the strongest person I know, I love you,” Angela murmured. 

“I love you too,” Bella declared. “Thanks for always being there for me.”

Bella received a warm welcome back for all the staff. Each one gave their sympathy for the loss of her parents. She was very appreciative of their thoughts and concerns. She began her shift by getting detailed information on each of the patients under her care for the shift. While each was different, they were all people who needed the best care she could give them.

“Oh my God, Bella. You haven’t seen Mr. Cullen. Talk about a dreamboat. He has the dreamiest green eyes and the sexiest tattoos. I have had to start carrying new panties to work,” Lizz swooned. 

Bella smiled as she listened to Lizz. Little did she know that she was very aware of how incredibly sexy Edward Cullen was. “I am sure I will see him later on.”

The early evening went by quickly, and before she knew it, was nine-thirty. Most of the patients were already asleep, and Bella was doing her rounds, checking on each of them. She had not seen Edward since Lizz had him until nine. As she neared his room, she heard him shout out.

“NO! GOD NO! I AM SO SORRY!” Edward cried.

Bella rushed into the room to find Edward asleep but most definitely having a nightmare. “Mr. Cullen, it is okay. It is just a bad dream.” Bella said as she shook his arm.

“I am sorry.” He cried.

“Sir, are you okay?” She asked, her submissive knowing that a Dominant was near. “Sir. Can I get you something? Are you in pain?” 

“More than I can say.” He said, looking up at her with his emotionally filled green eyes. 

“Mr. Cullen,” Bella began.

“No, don’t call me Mr. Cullen,” he instructed, his voice smooth and husky.

“Sir,” Bella whispered, her heart beating like hummingbird wings. 

Edward reached up and brushed his fingers along her jawline and down her throat, causing her to break out in a soft red blush. Licking his lips, he eyed the view of her lace-covered breasts as she bent over him. They looked like they were perfect for him. “Does this blush go all over your tight little body?”

“I believe so,” Bella whimpered.

“I believe so, what?” Edward questioned as he stared into her soulful brown eyes.

“Sir,” She wheezed.

“Do you know how long I have wanted to talk to you?” he asked.

“No, Sir,” Bella answered.

“Since that day I helped you in the door at the club,” Edward admitted. “Until today, I never thought I would not be able to go back in my playroom; however, I want to so badly with you.”

“Me too, Sir.”

“It might take me a while to get to that point. Are you willing to wait for me?” Edward questioned.

“As long as it takes,” Bella proclaimed.

Edward reached up and pulled Bella’s face towards his. “Kiss me.”

“I am on duty,” Bella said.

“Are you my nurse?” 

“Yes,” Bella answered.

“I am in pain, and the only relief for it will be for you to kiss me,” he smiled.

Bella rolled her eyes and chuckled. “Fine.”

She leaned down and placed her lips to his. Time stopped when his lips met hers, but the flutter only intensified. Bella’s heart pounded in her chest as her knees got weaker. She could only focus on how soft his lips felt against hers, how addictively he invaded all her senses. Wanting this feeling to last forever, but knowing she had to pull away. Standing up, she ran her hand through his hair. 

“God woman what you do to me,” Edward said, blowing out a breath. 

“I feel the same,” Bella said.

“You’re giving me something to work for, and I promise you that I will work as hard as I can to reach my goal,” Edward promised. “But I don’t just want you in my playroom, I want to date you and get to know you better.”

“I would like that as well.”

“Then let us begin,” Edward declared.

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