Testing Faith ~ Chapter 16

Edward was sick and tired of being in the rehab center. Every day was the same thing, pushing him to accept that he could be the same as before the accident. Yeah, right. He was missing a fucking leg, that was a huge difference. If it wasn’t the assholes pushing for him to walk, it was the fucking head doctors trying to fix is head. He didn’t need his head fixed, he needed his leg back. However, that was one miracle that wasn’t going to happen. He was going to have to live with the fact that he was a cripple.

“Well, he didn’t have to live,” he thought again.

“Edward, I brought you some fresh clothes,” Carmen announced, walking in the room with a small suitcase. 

“What fucking for? I’m not going anywhere,” Edward growled.

Carmen had been patient with Edward’s foul mood, but it was time for him to stop feeling sorry for himself and begin living again. She set the suitcase down and walked over to his bed. She looked at him, dead in the eyes. “I am sick and tired of hearing you whine about your fucking leg. It is gone, but it doesn’t mean that your life is over. You have your health, your business, and your family.”

“FUCK YOU!! GET OUT!!” Edward screamed.

“I am not leaving you,” Carmen consoled.


One of the nurses walked in after she had heard the yelling. “Carmen, I think Edward needs a little bit of time alone.”

“But,” Carmen began, but the look on the nurse’s face told her that she was in a losing battle. “I am leaving, but I will be back.”

“Don’t. I am not worth the time,” Edward grumbled, turning towards the window with his back towards Carmen. 

Once Carmen was in the hall, the tears began to flow. Emmett and Dr. Branner had warned her that Edward’s moods would be hurtful, not only to himself but to others. However, it still hurt to hear him in such pain. It was time for the big guns to come out. Carmen took out her cell phone and placed the call to the one person who might break through to Edward.

“I think it is time for your intervention,” Carmen said.

“Alright, I will come over tomorrow afternoon. Make the staff aware of my appearance.”

“I will. Please do your best to get through to him. I think he has given up hope, and I don’t like the look in his eyes,” Carmen conveyed. 

“He has allowed his dominant personality to hide. It is time for it to be woken up and take control. I will call you tomorrow after our little talk. Oh, and make sure he has his prosthetic on for my visit,” the voice said with an evil little laugh.

Carmen smiled at the laugh, it was one of the few that she had since the accident. She went to the nurse’s station and told them who was coming in to do an intervention with Edward. The nurses had already been advised by Dr. Banner that someone would come in at some point and not to interfere no matter what they heard or saw. They made notes on his chart that all the nurses were aware of. Carmen thanked them and left the rehab center.

Once she was in her car, she felt lighter with the thought that someone was going to help Edward. Driving down the street, she looked ahead and saw the light at Max’s on. “Damn, I deserve a drink.” She pulled into the parking lot and found a space. Locking up her car, she walked to the front door. Country music was pumping, and the lights were dimmed, allowing the lanterns on the table to give the room a warm glow. Looking towards the bar, she saw the one man that she had allowed in her heart. 

Max Dalton was the sexiest tattoo god on two legs. She thought she would never trust another man, other than her boys, but Max won her heart and trust. He had been patient and understanding about her not wanting to commit fully to him, when she was dedicated to the Carlisle, Edward, Jasper, and Emmett. However, it seemed that they were finally dating women that were a marrying kind, not just a piece of ass. The only one she was worried about was Edward, but for some reason, she had a feeling that he was going to find his missing part, and she didn’t mean his leg.

Deep in thought, she didn’t see or hear Max walk up beside her, placing his large muscular painted arm around her and drew her into his massive chest. “Damn, woman, do you know what you do to me?” He whispered hoarsely into her ear. His hot breath sending chills down to the spot that needed what only he could give her.

Not even looking around, Carmen slowly lowered her hand over the massive bulge so prominent in his 505’s and rubbed from its base to its glorious nine-inch tip. Turning her head towards him, she licked her lips and gave him one of her special smiles. It was the smile that she had when she was either extremely aroused or satisfied after a long night of lovemaking. “I do.”

Max wrapped her up in both arms and bent down to place a hot, needy kiss on her lips. When they were both fighting for breath, they parted, their lips were swollen, and their eyes black with desire. “Come, let me buy you a drink.”

“Damn, I do need one, actually make it a double,” Carmen proclaimed.

Max went around the bar, grabbed a bottle of Black Label Jack Daniels and two glasses. He directed Carmen to the corner booth, where they could enjoy each other’s  company without being too interrupted. Pouring the amber liquid into the glasses, he handed one of them to Carmen. “To us.”

“To us,” Carmen repeated.

After taking a large drink, Max placed his glass back on the table. “How is Edward?”

Carmen frowned. “The same, no worse. I have never seen him so depressed and angry.”

“Have the doctors given him anything for it?” Max asked.

“No. They don’t want to give him anything that will mask his feelings at this point. I called in support this afternoon, and they will be there tomorrow. Everyone seems to think that this is what Edward needs to knock him out of this depression and whip him back into shape,” Carmen explained.

“Whip?” Max laughed. “Damn, a woman that was a good one.”

Carmen giggled. “Yeah, I guess it was.” Taking a look around, she finished he drink and put the glass down. “Do you have to work today?”

“Nope. That is the beauty of being the boss. What do you have in mind?”

“Hmm. I thought something along the lines of you and me tangled up in the sheets all night long,” she suggested.

“Fuck, yeah!! Give me ten minutes, and we will get out of here,” Max boomed. It had been a while since they had all night sweat sessions, and his dick was weeping at the thought. Eight minutes later, he had his leather jacket on and his arm around Carmen’s shoulder, walking out to his truck. He loved his Ford F350 King Ranch club cab dually with retractable running boards. Helping Carmen into the truck, he rushed around and jumped into the driver’s seat. Bringing to life the diesel engine, he placed it into gear. Tearing out of the parking lot, he headed towards his home. 

Carmen sat back in the buttery soft leather seats and let the country music flow around her. The sun was setting on the horizon, and its red hues blended with the yellow, violet tones to cast a crimson glow. Carmen’s spirit soaked in the beauty, allowing the richness to ease her troubled heart. Tonight she would put all her worries aside and enjoy her night with the man she loved.


The heels of her mile-high stilettos clicked a somewhat snappy tune as they carried Angela, dressed in a pair of skin-tight leather pants and an off the shoulder red sweater, towards her target. She carried a duffel bag full of tools that would hopefully snap Edward out of his depression. After multiple conversations with Edward’s family and Dr. Branner, she was prepared for what she was about to walk into. It was the conclusion that Angela needed to walk in the room in full Dominatrix mode and hopefully tap into Edward’s dominant side. There was no doubt he was a Dominant, but at this point, he was second-guessing himself. Angela would push Edward to the breaking point where his Dominant side would break free from its restraints. 

Angela had done some research on Dominants and submissives in the community who had disabilities. She was shocked at just how many people there were with all different types of disabilities. Several even had the same kind as Edward and still were able to enjoy their playrooms as a Dominant. She made some phone calls to those, and all were willing to talk to Edward. This was just another reason why Angela was proud to be part of such a wonderful community of Dominants and submissives.

She walked past the nurse’s station, without even a glance and headed towards Edward’s room. Pausing for a moment to submerge herself into a Dominant mindset, Angela took a deep breath and opened the door.

Edward heard the door open. “It is about fucking time you came in here and took this damn leg back,” he growled. 

Angela sat the bag on the floor, straightened her back, and stood tall. Much like all other Dominants, she had a distinct voice when she meant business. “Stand,” she commanded.

Edward’s head whipped around and was shocked to see Angela standing in his room in one of her outfits strictly worn when she was in her playroom. 

“Stand,” she said again, but this time a little louder.

Out of pure instinct, Edward stood without any effort. For the first time since wearing the prosthetic leg, he didn’t even think about it. He wasn’t a Dominant, he was a submissive doing the bidding of Angela. 

Angela unzipped her bag and took out her flagger, knowing that Edward had enjoyed learning to use it this tool. Looking back over to where he was standing, she was pleased to see that he had lowered his head. Dominants never forget how submissives are supposed to behave, because they all had to go through the submissive stage when training to be a Dominant.

“Come over here,” Angela commanded, pointing to a spot in front of her.

“I can’t walk,” Edward growled.

Angela slapped the flogger against her leg. The slap echoed around the room. “Did you growl at me Edward?  I Said Take One Step!”

“I CAN’T!!!” Edward screamed.

“YES, YOU CAN!! GIVE ME ONE STEP!” Angela yelled.

Edward was so mad. Couldn’t she see that he was permanently disabled? Glaring at Angela, he would just have to show her that he couldn’t walk unless he had a fucking walker. Taking a step forward, expecting to fall on his face, he was instantly shocked when he didn’t. “Wait, I am still up.” he thought. 

Angela could see the surprised look on Edward’s face, and as badly as she wanted to run over to him and give him a hug, she knew she must remain where she was, and continue in her Dominant demeanor. “What is taking you so long?”

Edward gritted his teeth and took another step. It was a little shaky, but he was still upright. With each step, his confidence built, and soon he was standing in front of Angela with a smile. “I DID IT!”

“Never doubted that you couldn’t,” Angela beamed.

Edward then fell into Angela’s arms and cried. It had been the first time since waking up that he allowed himself to release the despair and pain. Not only over the loss of his leg, but also for the death of someone that he knew. Jessica had been his first submissive, and even though they didn’t work out, she would always have a special place in his heart. After a while, he pulled away and looked into Anglea’s eyes. “Thank you.”

“You are very welcome, however,” Angela said as she slapped Edward’s ass with the flogger. “I will come back with my Cat O Nines.” 

“Fuck that shit,” Edward laughed. Damn, it felt good to laugh. 

“Alright, let us take a walk around the floor,” Angela instructed. 

Edward nodded, still worried that he couldn’t do it; however, with Angela’s strength, he felt that he just might. Angela placed the flogger in the bag and opened the door. They began at a slow pace with Edward concentrating on every step, Angela started to tell him about how everything was going at the shop, and he soon was walking without thinking. She also explained that there were many Dominants in communities across the country that had disabilities and still enjoyed their playrooms. 

The nurses had heard the yelling and screaming, but when Edward walked out of the room, they were impressed. Whomever this woman was, she was someone that they wouldn’t want to have mad at them. They all thought Mr. Cullen was an extremely handsome man, but now that he was laughing and smiling, he was breathtaking. None would admit, but they all were aroused when they took in his crooked smile and sparkling green eyes. And then there were those tattoos, which just accentuated his badass body. 

Edward was exhausted after the long walk, but he also felt so much lighter. He would forever be changed, but it didn’t mean that he couldn’t live a full, happy life. Still unsure about going back into his playroom, but sure that he could start life anew with his family and his shop. By bedtime, he was exhausted. Taking a shower, he put on the clean pajamas that Carmen had brought yesterday. He knew he needed to apologize to Carmen and his brothers for his horrible attitude. They didn’t deserve the shit that he had yelled at them as they tried to show him that he was still loved. 

Taking off his prosthetic leg, he climbed in bed and quickly fell asleep. His dreams soon began. 

“RED! Master RED!” Jessica screamed. “Help me, Master.”

Edward tried to get to her, but he couldn’t move his leg. As he yanked and pulled, he didn’t move an inch.  

“Please, Master, it hurts so bad.” 

Edward looked towards the scream, he saw that she was trapped in an overturned vehicle which was on fire. The flames were nearing her quickly.  

“Master, please. HELP I AM ON FIRE!!! Master, why aren’t you helping me. You promised, you promised.” She cried.

“I’m trying, I truly am.” Edward wailed, as he tried to move but still was trapped.

He saw the flames engulf her body, her screams echoed loudly, and then a deafening silence. 

“NO! GOD NO! I AM SO SORRY!” Edward cried.

“Mr. Cullen, it is okay. It is just a bad dream.” Bella said as she shook his arm.

“I am sorry.” He cried, then he heard a calming voice saying it was okay. As he finally opened his eyes, he saw an angel standing next to him.

“Sir, are you okay?” She asked.

Hearing the angel call him, Sir caused something to stir inside of him. She was a submissive, and there was no way she would desire him. 

“Sir. Can I get you something? Are you in pain?” 

“More than I can say.” He confessed. But as he looked into her dark brown eyes, he wanted to try with her and her alone. She would be his saving grace, and testing faith with her made him feel that he could be a complete man and Dominant again.

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