Words to Die By Chapter Five July 14, 2017

Edward was sitting across from the bed where Isabella was sleeping peacefully. After she had passed out in his arms, he carried her to his car while Emmett took care of the body of scum that had attacked her. Fuck he couldn’t believe he had been late getting to her and allowed her to get hurt. He had told Jasper that he would take his watch because he enjoyed following her around and watching her work. The way she twisted her mouth as she read the microfiche, he had wondered what was going on in her beautiful mind. However, she had slipped out of the library in the rain, before he realized she had left. Quickly walking down the street, he hoped that she had decided to take the alley to her car and as he turned the corner his heart stopped. A man was towering over her and kicking her. He saw red, but he had to remain calm and quiet to be able to sneak up on the bastard, afraid of what he might do to Bella if the attacker saw him approach. As he eased closer, he watched as Isabella head-butted the fucker in the groin. Damn, there she was hurt on the ground and she still fought back. She was living up to all the wonderful sexy dreams he had about her recently. 


When he first began to read her second book, he had no clue that it was a woman who was writing this unbelievably intriguing mafia story. Fuck, several times while he was reading the story, he wondered which family the author was a member. At the end of the book, loving every word, he flipped the last page and was shocked to find the author bio. It wasn’t a man, but a woman that had written the story. Holy Hell. Checking online to find she had another book prior to this one, he quickly purchased it and began to read. When he finally looked up, it was dark outside and looking at the clock, he realized that he had been reading for five straight hours. Taking a much-needed bathroom break, he grabbed a couple of sandwiches, chips, and an ice-cold beer and headed back to the book. Gobbling down the sandwiches and chugging the beer, he picked up the book and continued where he left off. When he read the last sentence, sighing over the overwhelming feeling of joy that the story had brought out in him. 

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“Fuck, that was one great book,” he said out loud. Laying the book down on the table, Edward stood and stretched his stiff joints. Suddenly, a large yawn escaped and he looked at the clock. It was three-thirty in the morning. 

After that, Edward made sure that he purchased every new book that I.M. Swan had written. It wasn’t until the fifth book, that she had changed her bio and added a photograph. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, which led to her being the main character in all of his dreams. He never knew her full name, only her initials, I.M. until yesterday when Emmett told him. Isabella was a perfect name for the beautiful angel.


Driving the town, breaking every speed limit to get Isabella safely back to his home and to Rose who would evaluate her injuries. Edward was blessed by having Rosalie Hale, no McCarthy, as a member of his family. Much like others in the family, she had been a victim of Aro Volturi’s family. 


She had just finished up her residency in orthopedics and was working in a rehab center. Her patients had many injuries, some would make a full recovery, while others would have to learn different adaptations in order to be able to cope with the rest of their lives. She had one such patient, whose injuries were extremely severe, caused by a drive-by shooting. He was a massive man that looked very intimidating, but she had come to learn he possessed a soft side, he was a teddy bear. While working with him to get back on his feet and back to living his life, however, he was always flirting with her. If she hadn’t been engaged, she might have just fallen for those crystal blues eyes and dimpled cheeks. But she was engaged and happy, well kind of happy. Pushing him to walk without pain pills was her objective and at one point, she had even bargained with him that if he ran around the building without being on any meds, she would go out for coffee with him. A few weeks later he was released, but before leaving he reminded her that he would be back to take her up on her offer.

When she wasn’t working, she was engaged to James Volturi, son of Aro Volturi, planning a grand wedding. It was going to be the wedding of the season, with a guest list of over seven hundred, all being friends and business associates of the Volturi. Rosalie’s parents and only living relatives were killed in a horrible car wreck a few years ago when she was still in her residency. James had been by her side providing support during this sad time, being the loving, caring boyfriend that she needed and a year later he proposed.

James worked for his father in the family business, what they did, Rose had no idea. She had once asked James and the look in his eyes made her shiver. “We work and make shit loads of money,” He growled. “So don’t worry about what my family or I do, got it?”

“Yes,” Rose whimpered.

She was mindful from that point on and was cautious not to piss James off. But unfortunately, she made a horrible mistake, by coming by James’s office to get his approval on the place settings for the reception. She did try to call him numerous times, but he had his phone off which was extremely unusual. His phone was always on and never out of his sight. It didn’t matter what they were doing; even in the middle of sex, he would stop what he was doing and answer the phone. Getting off the private elevator at the high-rise office complex that was V International, Rose walked through the deserted office towards the end of the hall where James’s office was located. As she neared his office she heard shouting coming from the office and noticed that one of the large wood doors was slightly opened.

“Jordan, you motherfucker, you know better than to steal from the family.”

Rose could tell by his voice that it was James and knew that Jordan was the young man who was his driver. What did James mean by stealing from the family?

“Boss, I didn’t, I swear,” Jordan pleaded.

Rose moved closer to the door as quietly as she could to hear more clearly. When she got to the edge of the door, she was able to look inside and see Jordan on his knees, with blood pouring from his nose and corner of his mouth. Then a hand came forward with a gun and pointed towards Jordan.

“I thought you cared about the family when you took out the Hale’s. Fuck, even the cops had no idea that it wasn’t just an accident,” James explained.

Rose gasped. Her parents didn’t die from an accident, they were murdered and the man she was going to marry was part of it. Her mind was racing, as well as her heart and she didn’t know what to do. Then suddenly, a large bang echoed from the room and when she looked back to where Jordan had been kneeling, he was now slumped over to the floor. Glancing up to his face, she saw a gunshot wound to his forehead. She was shaking so badly as she saw James step towards Jordan’s body, with the gun still in his hand, and give it a kick.

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“That is what you get for screwing over the family,” James mumbled.

Rose knew she had to get out of here before James or anyone else saw her. Slowly she walked back away from the door and then quietly walked back down the hall towards the elevator. As she neared the doors, she looked up and saw that the elevator was on its way up and she looked around for a place to hide. Looking right, then left she was thankful to see an exit sign. Taking off for the exit, she opened the door that led to the stairs. She was on the twenty-fourth floor, but it didn’t matter, as long as she could get out of the building. As she journeyed down each flight of stairs, she wondered what she was going to do. Seeing that James had killed a man in cold blood and didn’t even seem to be bothered by it, what would he do if she tried to break off their engagement? Should she go to the police? However, she was afraid of what he might do if he found out. As she neared the final flight of stairs, her cell phone began to ring, echoing against the walls making it sound louder than it truly was. Pulling it quickly out of her pocket, as she continued down the stairs, wanting to quiet the ringing.

“Hello,” she said breathlessly.

“Baby, I saw you called,” James said sweetly.

“Yes,” Rose agreed, trying to catch her breath.

“What are you doing?” James asked, wondering why she was so out of breath.

“Oh, I’mmm,” Rose began, trying to think about what to say. “I’m at the gym, on the stair stepper.” Damn, she thought, that wasn’t even a lie.

Trying not to scream and yell at him for killing her parents and Jordan, she took a deep breath, knowing that she had to remain calm. “Yeah.”

“So what did you want when you called earlier?” James asked.

“Ah, I wanted to tell you that I have a conference I need to go to and I will be gone for a week or so,” Rose said, hoping she sounded convincing. 

“Oh, when do you leave?” James questioned, hoping that he would have time to get his dick wet before she left. If not, then he would just have to go to one of his other girls to release his built-up energy. It always happened when he killed someone, his dick would get hard after the kill.

“After I finish here, I am going to go home and pack. I leave in a few hours,” Rose rushed as she had finally reached the ground floor and opened the stairway door. Cautiously looking around and not seeing anyone, she slipped out the door onto the rained covered street.

“Be careful and don’t forget me,” James said.

“I will be,” Rose responded. Taking off across the street towards her car, she didn’t care if she got wet as long as she got far away from James. When she got to the car and climbed in, she took a moment to allow her brain to comprehend what she had just witnessed and how she had been oblivious about the type of man James Volturi was. Her parents were dead because of him. She was all alone and vulnerable because he took them away from her. Thinking back, she had never really seen James as a future husband until her parents had been killed. He had been by her side throughout that horrible time, but now she realized that it was when she was at her most vulnerable that he wormed his way into her life.  It was all just an act. Fuck, why her?

When she had finally calmed down enough to drive, she started down the street towards her apartment, which was close to the rehab center. It made it easy and quick to get to work when there was an emergency. Pulling into the garage, she took the elevator up and rushed into her apartment. Not knowing if James would appear at any moment, she had to pack what she could in the two large suitcases, because she didn’t think she could ever come back. Making sure she had the pictures of her parents, her passport, and what cash she had in the apartment, making a mental note to go by the ATM and withdraw as much as she could.

Finally, she was packed and her luggage was in the back of her car. Not knowing where she was going, she knew she had to put as much distance between her and James as possible. But was that going to be enough? Driving out of the garage and turning towards the rehab center, the rain was continuing to pour. As she neared the center, she saw someone running around the building. Who would be stupid enough to be doing that in this weather? Then her headlights shined on the person and she gasped, it was Emmett.

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Putting the car in park and jumping out, Rose ran toward Emmett. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to get a coffee date with the woman of dreams,” Emmett confessed. 

“You don’t want to be around me, you could get hurt,” Rose cried.

Emmett was shocked by her outburst, and concerned by behavior.  He didn’t know what she was talking about, however, he would give his own life to protect this woman.  She was there for him during one of the most difficult times of his life.  She had never given up on him, and given him so much encouragement, that he knew he would not have made it without her. “Come on, let us get out of this rain and talk about what is going on.”

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Rose looked up into his crystal blue eyes and allowed herself to fall apart, knowing that she needed to confide in someone she trusted, and she knew that this man would be there for her. They got her stuff out of her car and placed it into his truck and he took her to a small coffee shop that was out of the way. She told him about what had happened and that she didn’t know what she was going to do. 

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Emmett was pissed that Rose’s life had been affected by the Volturi scum and it was just one more reason for wanting to kill every single fucking one of them. He was glad that he had help with Edward, who had more reason than anyone for wanting to wipe each and every one of them from the earth. Feeling sure that Edward would help take care of Rose, he took her to meet with Edward and let her make the decision if she wanted to stay and become part of the family or allow Edward to help her get out of the country. Rose decided to stay and help as the family doctor and Edward promised that her family would be avenged. 


Rose walked into the room, to find Edward sitting in the same chair that he was in hours before. She couldn’t help but smile, remembering what Emmett had told her about Edward’s enchantment with Isabella. Going over to where she was lying, she picked up her wrist and took her pulse. It was strong and placing the stethoscope on Isabella’s chest, she was happy to hear a strong heartbeat and deep breathing. 

“Is she okay?” Edward asked, concerned about her.

“Everything sounds great. She is going to be in a lot of pain when she wakes up, with a broken rib. I taped it up, but it will still hurt like a motherfucker.”

“Can you give her anything for pain?”

“I will, once she wakes up,” Rose answered.

“It is all my fault,” Edward whispered.

Rose came over to where Edward was sitting and hit him in the back of the head. “Stop being a knucklehead. It wasn’t your fault, you saved her from the asshole.”

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“But, if I hadn’t let her slip by me, she wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

“And if I had a dick, Emmett would be my bitch,” Rose joked. “Look, you can’t protect her all the time and she is the one that is nosing around about the past. And you even said, she was able to get a good lick in, even though she had a broken rib. Damn, I can’t wait to get to know her better, because I have a feeling we are going to be good friends.”

Edward thought of what Rose had been saying and as much as he hated to admit it, he knew she was right. He needed to stop sulking and be the man he hoped that Isabella might fall for. Stepping over to the bed, he brushed his hand along the side of her porcelain face. Her warmth shot through his hand, up his arm, and then straight into his heart. “Do you have any clue how beautiful you are?”

She moved slightly and moaned. “Hmm, green eyes, so dangerous, yet so sexy.”

Edward smiled because she was dreaming of him. He hoped that when she woke up that she still thought of him in the same way.

Bella was having the best dream of a sexy man with green eyes and pouty lips. His hands were skimming her body like a pianist playing a Steinway Alma Tadema.

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He knew how to hit every note, bringing her to the most eutopic crescendo. Just as she began her most glorious climax, a voice whispered. “Cullen, Edward Cullen.”

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This startled her and her eyes burst open and standing beside her was her green-eyed hero.

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  1. So Caius killed Rosalie’s parents so he can take control of her. I am afriad for all of them, it appears they have a big fight brewing with the Volturi. Thanks for updating.


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