Concerning Babies at the Border: The Fight Continues

I am writing the first chapter or maybe chapters of Madam President for the Babies at the Border: The Fight Continues fundraiser. I hope you will consider donating to this great cause and help us fight for the lives of these helpless children.

Summary:  Bella Marie Swan, the previous first daughter of the United States is elected as the first female President. After her inauguration, she moves in the White House and begins the job that she was elected to do. It had been a hard-fought election, with her opponent attacking her personally for being a woman and not being married. However, in the end, the people of the country spoke with their votes. The first day on the job she was introduced to her security team and was shocked to see the leader was her high school sweetheart, Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen had worked hard and up through the ranks to become the leader of USSS for the POS. Excited to start his new position for the upcoming President, until she won. The only woman he had ever loved.

Across the globe, a old foe of the United States has decided it is time to cripple their enemy before launching an all-out offensive. Sometimes the biggest killer are those that can not be seen by the naked eye.

Will Edward be able to keep his feelings hidden or will in the face of death, he will tell her? 

Action/Romance and of course a HEA!!! HeartforTwilight  #BabiesattheBorder #MadamPresident 

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