Testing Faith Chapter Eleven

Breaking Hearts

Angela rushed home hoping to get to Bella before she heard the news about her parents. Over the years Bella had gone through a kaleidoscope of emotions concerning the lack of communication between her and her parents. Feelings of abandonment were what hurt her the most. She couldn’t understand how they could choose the sect over their own flesh and blood.

When Angela walked into the house, she heard music coming from the exercise room. Going in she saw Bella on the treadmill sweating and running. Bella was keeping with her exercise regimen even though she didn’t currently have a Dominant. She still couldn’t get her mind off Edward, and until she could, she would remain in peak physical condition.

Angela turned the music down, which caused Bella to turn towards her. “Ang, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I know, but I need to talk to you,” Angela said.

“Sure thing.” Bella stopped the treadmill and taking her towel she began wiping off the sweat and then took a large drink from her water bottle. She sat down on the floor across from Angela.“Bella, there is no good way to tell you this, and as you know, I never mince words. There has been a fire at the compound of the Solar Temple, and it is believed that every member of the sect has been killed.” Angela said.

Bella’s mouth dropped open and her heart skipped a beat. “Mom, Dad?” Bella whimpered, grasping for words but only those two came out.

“I don’t know for sure; however, the news had stated that the entire sect were together in the temple,” Angela began.

“In the chapel,” Bella finished, getting up and began pacing the room. Her rage for one person at the moment and that was Aro. It was part of his preaching that one day that he would take the faithful followers back to heaven in a ball of cosmic fire, leaving the non-believers to perish here on earth. It took her a while after leaving the community to realize that Aro was brainwashing everyone in the sect. Before being accepted into the sect, the people had to give Aro all the money that he said would cleanse them from its evil. “It was a prophecy of Aro’s teachings,” she whispered.

“Oh, I wish I had more information, but as soon as I saw it on the news, I had to find you.”

“Who do you think I can call?” Bella asked.

“Maybe the police in the area,” Angela said.

Together they pulled up CNN on Bella’s laptop and saw that there was no further information on the fire, or if there any survivors.  After Googling the area and finding the number for the local police department, Bella called. She was connected to several departments until she was finally connected to the investigator in charge of the investigation.

“This is Detective Johnson, how may I help you?”

“Hello, my name is Isabella Swan and my parents were part of the Solar Temple community. I am trying to find out information concerning the fire,” Bella explained.

“I am sorry, but I can’t give you information,” Detective Johnson informed the woman on the phone. She had been receiving calls all day from people pretending to be family members of the members of the sect. However, most were only journalists trying to get the inside story on the tragedy.

“But I need to know if my parents are okay. Please help me,” Bella cried.

“If you are in fact a daughter of one of the members, then you will need to show proof. I can give you the address to our office if you’d like?”

“Why won’t you tell me if there are any survivors?” Bella questioned, distraught over the fact that the Detective wouldn’t give her any answers. Angela came over and wrapped her arm around her shoulder.

After giving Bella the address to the station, Detection Johnson hung up, not wanting to spend any more time with these fucking journalists. She had a hard enough job trying to identify all the bodies who were burned past recognition. The only way to discover their identities now would be through DNA or dental records. She also had to get her team to go through all the houses in the community to collect any evidence of the families.

“Angela, I have to go and prove to them who I am,” Bella said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Then we will go and show this asshole just that,” Angela smirked. “Go start packing and I will book our tickets to Utah.”

Bella gave Angela a tight hug and went towards her room to pack. As she was packing, memories of all the good times that she had with her parents and how much she loved them, flooded her mind.  She fell to her knees praying that somehow her parents were still alive and would be there when she arrived.

While Bella was in her bedroom packing, Angela quickly booked their tickets and made a phone call to Emmett for an update on Edward’s condition.

“Emmett, any news on Edward?” She asked.

“Yes, but it’s both good and bad news. The good news is that he will make a full recovery except for the fact that they had to remove his right leg from the knee down,” Emmett explained.

“OH GOD!! Have you seen him?” Angela asked.

“Not yet, he is still out. I just don’t know how he is going to take this. You know how active he is, and this is going to be devastating.”

“It is going to be rough, but in this day and age, losing a limb isn’t as bad as it used to be. Bella sees it all the time a rehab center. Make sure you don’t let me close himself off,” Angela instructed.

“I am sure that Carmen won’t allow that, but thanks for the advice. How is Bella?”

“Shaken to the core. The detective she talked to wouldn’t give her any answers, so we are going out there to see what we can find out. I booked our flight, but it isn’t until late tonight,” Angela divulged.

“Fuck, that. You need to get out there asap. I am going to call my pilot and you can take the family jet,” Emmett said.

“I, no we can’t do that,” Angela exclaimed.

“Edward would have me strapped to one of his benches, and beaten with a cane if I didn’t help Bella out,” Emmett joked.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, come on, Angela. Edward has the hots for Bella, big time.”

“This is not the time for this conversation, but the feeling is mutual. When we get back, we have to get these two together,” Angela declared.

“I will call Seth now, just get your asses to the airport and follow the signs to the private terminals. He will remain with you until you are ready to come back.”

“Emmett thank you,” Angela cried, holding back her tears. She needed to remain strong for Bella.  “All the appointments are scheduled and on the computer at the shop. It should be fine until I get back.  I will text you the password, in case anyone needs to get in, but everyone has copies of their appointments for the week.

“Thanks, Angela, but don’t worry about the shop, it will be covered.”

Bella came out of the bedroom carrying her carry on bag, which contained her clothes, and all the necessary documentation she hoped would prove that she was the daughter of Charles and Renee Swan. She also had the name of the dentist that her parents went to in Utah.

After talking to Emmett, Angela quickly packed a bag and called Ben to let him know what was happening. He asked if she wanted him to go with them and as much as Angela would love Ben’s support during this time, she and Bella needed to do this alone.

“Angela, I am all ready to go. Were you able to get us a flight?” Bella asked.

“Actually a friend was kind enough to fly us on their private jet,” Angela answered.

Bella too numb to question who Angela knew with a jet, didn’t even inquire as to who had been so kind, as her mind was on getting to Utah as soon as possible and finding some answers. “Alright,” she whispered.

The taxi took them to the airport and soon they were through the TSA, ready to board the plane. Emmett had called Seth and told him the situation. He readied the plane, submitted the flight plan with the tower, and began his pre-flight checklist. When he was finished, he stepped off the plane to wait for Angela and Bella. After a few moments, he saw them walking towards him, each carrying a small suitcase.

“Hi, Angela. I wish I wasn’t meeting you under these circumstances, but it is nice to see you,” he said turning to Bella and holding out his hand. “You must be Bella, I am Seth and I am going to get you to Utah as quickly as possible.”

“Thank you,” Bella murmured.

“Come on, let’s get in the air,” Seth proclaimed.

They boarded the plane and sat down in one of the large comfortable captain chairs, buckling themselves in for take off. Seth received the approval for runway five and taxied down for take off. Seth announced over the speaker once they were at cruising altitude they could take off their seatbelts.

Once they were free of the restrains, Angela got up and went over to the mini-bar and poured both her and Bella a tumbler of whiskey. She handed it to Bella who took it, but instead of drinking, stared mindlessly at the amber liquid.

“Drink, Bella,” Angela commanded.

Bella brought the thick glass to her lips and turned it up, allowing the warm whiskey to run down her thought. The burn of the alcohol warmed the cold numbness as she continued to think about her parents.

She thought that she would have the opportunity one day to see them again and to ask them why they didn’t leave the sect. Even though she felt betrayed by them, she still loved and missed them. However, she was thinking that she may never be able to tell them that. Tears began to pour from her eyes and down her cheeks. “Why Ang, why didn’t they leave?”

Angela placed her hand on Bella’s knee. “I don’t know sweetie, but I am sure they had a reason.”

“I got away, surely they could have,” Bella said.

“You said that it was difficult for Uncle Charlie to get you off the compound. Aro’s guards would have probably beefed up security after your disappearance. Maybe when we get there, we will be able to find some clues as to why they stayed,” Angela implored.

“Maybe,” Bella sighed, hoping Angela was right because she needed answers.

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