When Fate Steps In – Chapter Two

“What the hell was I thinking?” Edward grumbled as he drove down what he hoped was the road that led to the cabin. He had both hands gripping on the wheel, leaning forward to try to see even a few more inches in front of him through the blinding snow. The strong wind was rocking the jeep back and forth, making it even harder to keep control of the vehicle. Foot by foot, Edward eased his way forward, looking for cabin number 5696. By some miracle, the snow and wind lightened, and he was able to see the outline of a cabin, and when he pulled up to the house number, he was excited to see that he had finally arrived. Pulling into what he hoped was the driveway, he opened the door and stepped out. The cabin was dark, except for a warm glow from the window.

“Thank you, Uncle Benjamin,” Edward thought. He couldn’t wait to get inside and forget about what had happened over the last few days. His life and future had been turned upside down by a simple package that he had received a few days before his wedding.

Edward was sitting in his office, looking for the prospective deal with a new company on the West Coast. He had hoped to have been further along on the deal, but the Operating Officer was one busy woman. Every time he thought he could pin her down for a meeting, she was out of the country. His research on her showed that I.M. Swan was one tough ass businesswoman, who took no prisoners. Edward had wanted to get it at a great price so his partner could take over and close the deal while he was away on his honeymoon, however, I.M. Swan was going to unavailable until after the holidays.

Honeymoon, wow, it was happening. In two days, he would be marrying his lovely Victoria in a lavish, over the top wedding that she desired. He would have been happy with just a small ceremony with family and his close friends, but she insisted that a man of his station, in the business world, had to have a wedding to match. The guest list was over five hundred and the reception was currently sitting at eight hundred.

He couldn’t wait to begin their life together as husband and wife. In this day and age, it was almost impossible to find someone who had kept themselves pure for their spouse, but that is what his darling Victoria had done. He wished he had waited, but he had allowed his carnal desires get the best of him during his college and young adult years. Hell, he and his best friend James had shared a few of these desires.

James Hunter had been his best friend since freshman year in college. They met at a mixer and quickly became best buds; drinking, partying, and chasing girls. After college, when Edward took over the family business, he hired James as the CFO, entrusting him the finances of the company. They continued to chase women until Edward started dating Victoria Green. He had run into her at a business symposium and fell head over heels in love.   

Edward had been faithful to Victoria since they started dating two years ago. His poor dick was tired of the hand action that it had been receiving to relieve the pressure.  He couldn’t wait to wet his dick in Victoria’s hot, wet, and tight virgin pussy.

Edward came from a prominent family in Boston. His mother, Esme Platt-Cullen, was a world-renowned surgeon that invented a less invasive way to do heart surgery; it was praised as the best procedure to save lives in the last fifty years. Every heart surgery in the world used her technique.

His father was an author. Carlisle Cullen’s last crime series was top of the New York Times bestseller list for ten weeks and had been in negotiations for the series to be made into movies.

Even though both his parents work hard, they didn’t need to; they both came from old money families of Boston. However, their parents and grandparents raised them to work hard and to give back as much as possible. When Edward’s grandfather decided to retire from Cullen International, he made Edward CEO. Cullen International had interests in everything from construction to medical research.

“Mr. Cullen, you have delivery, but they are demanding your signature for the package,” Maria stated over the phone pager.

“That is fine, Maria, show them in,” Edward said, shutting his laptop.

Maria opened the door, and in walked a woman with the lightest blonde hair he had ever seen, it was like pure white snow on a perfect winter day. As Edward gazed upon her face, he was in awe of the perfection of her smooth milky skin and crystal ice-blue eyes. As she moved closer to him, she appeared to glide across the floor.

“Mr. Cullen, I have an extremely important package for you,” the woman said, handing Edward a clipboard and pen for him to sign.

Edward scribbled his name on the line and handed it back to the courier, and then she handed him the large manilla envelope.

“Thank you, Mr. Cullen, and don’t forget that fate sometimes knows best,” the woman exclaimed, then turned and disappeared out the door.

Edward took out his letter opener and sliced opened the top of the envelope. Reaching and pulling out papers and he dropped them on the table as if they burned his hands, It was a photograph of his lovely Victoria naked and fucking a man she had tied to her bed. Her head was tossed back, allowing her long, fiery red hair to fall down her back. Taking a deep breath, Edward moved the image to the side and looked at the next one. This was worse than the first. It was of Victoria, with the man’s dick in her mouth, her eyes wide open as she looked up at the man. Edward tore his eyes from Victoria and looked at the man. His shattered world came crashing down into a million pieces. The man was James.

Image after image showed Victoria and James fucking in different places. Some areas, Edward didn’t know where they were, however, many showed Victoria’s apartment, which he had put in his name and he paid the rent for. Others were in James’s townhouse, but the vilest ones were them fucking in the new house that he had built for his and Victoria’s new life.

Victoria had lied to him and so had James. After looking at all the pictures, Edward began to read the detailed reports that were in the envelope. As he started to read, his heart dropped to his stomach. It was a doctor’s report dated two days ago, and it stated that Victoria Green was six weeks pregnant.

“HOLY FUCK!” Edward yelled as he slammed his fist onto the table. Standing up quickly, he pushed his chair back hard causing it to slam against the glass window behind him. Pacing back and forth, clenching his fists, Edward’s rage over what he had found out was boiling over. Victoria had willingly signed a prenup agreement with the clause that if anything would cause their separation that any children that came from their union would receive fifty percent of his net worth.

“That bitch was going to pawn off another man’s baby as mine,” Edward growled out loud. Walking back over to the desk, he picked up the next piece of paper, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This couldn’t be accurate; however, the more he studied he realized that it was true. James had been stealing from the company since the beginning. The records showed how he shifted money between multiple accounts before he finally shifted it into his private account. The worst part was that it wasn’t just a few thousand dollars, but over five million.

Turning to look out his window that overlooked Boston, Edward began to recount his relationship with, James and Victoria. He thought  back to the first time he saw Victoria, he remembered James pointing her out. Then, as they started dating, James was always telling him how beautiful Victoria was and how perfect they were together.

Edward knew he had to call off the wedding and to turn over the documentation to the police so they could arrest James for embezzlement. Fuck, this was a nightmare. How the hell was he going to notify all the five hundred guests that had been invited to the wedding? He needed help; the only people he could trust was his parents and his sister, Alice. Taking out his cell phone from his jacket pocket, he called his mother. After two rings she picked up, answering in her always cheery voice.

“Edward, darling, how are you?”

Trying to control not only his heartbreak but also his temper he answered. “Mom, I need to tell you something.”

Esme could tell by the tone of his voice that something was wrong. “What is going on?”

“I don’t know how to start; Mom,” Edward started, running his hand through his hair. “I just found out that my entire relationship with Victoria has been a lie and the person I trusted most has been stealing for me.”

“How, what, when, who?” Esme gasped, trying to figure out what Edward had just told her.

Edward knew it was a lot to take in and he figured the best way to do it was to take the evidence and tell her face to face. “I know it is confusing, I am leaving the office now and will be home in about thirty minutes. Do you think you can get Dad and Alice there as well, so I only have to go through this once?”

“Of course, my darling. Be careful driving; we will be waiting for you.”

Edward gathered all the pictures and documents and put them back in the envelope. Who had sent him all this and how did they get the information? It didn’t matter, because there was no denying the truth. Walking out of the office, he told Maria that he was leaving for the day and he got on the elevator to head down to the garage. As the door was about to close, a hand shoved between the closing doors to make them stop. When they opened back up, Edward was face to face with James. It took every ounce of self-control not to beat the living shit out of him. Edward knew he must not let on that anything was wrong.

“E, my man, are getting excited about the wedding?” James asked with a wicked grin, then jabbed Edward in the ribs. “And the wedding night?”

“Yeah,” Edward answered plastering a smile on his face. As he looked at the lying stealing weasel, Edward smirked. “Well, at least she will be with a real man for the first time, instead of some pencil dick.” Edward could see that he had hit a nerve by that comment and it made him happy.  

James wanted to say something back to Edward about the comment, but he couldn’t risk exposing the plan that he and Victoria had cooked up. There was no way he could skim enough money to make a big difference, but that is where Victoria came into play.

Victoria and he had been cohorts in crime since they were sixteen. They had blackmailed a local businessman out of fifty thousand dollars after Victoria seduced him and he had sex with her, unknowing that James had audiotaped and videotaped the act. Victoria then told the businessman that she was only sixteen and if he didn’t give her the money she would sell the story to the press. James and Victoria continued their con games until James went to college and befriended Edward Cullen. He had researched many of the people at the school to find his next target, but, after learning about Edward, all others were small fishes. It was time to make the big score and the Cullen family money was what was needed.

“I bet,” James said with a fake smile.

The elevator arrived at the garage and Edward was never so thankful, because he wanted nothing more than beat the holy shit out of James. “Got to go; see you later,” Edward said as he quickly exited the elevator. He was happy to see that James had not followed him. Getting into his car, he roared it to life and took off to his parents’ home. All the way there he thought about how he was going to tell them about Victoria and James.

Once Edward arrived, he got out of the car and went inside. As soon closed the door, he was met by his mother, who engulfed him in a warm loving hug. “I am so glad you are here, come, your Dad is in the den,” Esme instructed.

Walking arm in arm into the den, Edward found his father sitting on one of the couches, but, as soon as he saw him, he stood up and walked over to him. Wrapping his arms around Edward, Carlisle gave him a tight hug. “I bet you could use a stiff drink?”

“I sure can and make it a double,” Edward confirmed. “Did you get a hold of Alice?”

“Yes, she and Jasper are on their way and should be here any minute,” Esme answered.

Carlisle handed Edward the glass, who took and downed the warm amber liquid. After it was empty, he handed back to Carlisle. “I need another one, Dad.”

Edward sat down beside his mother and laid the envelope on the table in front of him. Carlisle handed him a second glass and a glass of wine to Esme. Sitting in silence, Edward took a big drink and then placed the glass on the table. Suddenly, he heard the voice of the one person who could make him smile, no matter how bad he felt. His Piglet; his little sister, Alice.

Alice pounced into the room; as soon as she saw Edward, she placed her hands on her tiny hips. “What has that red-headed bitch done, Eeyore?” Alice asked.

“Alice, language,” Esme scolded.

“Oh please, Mom, you say worst every other sentence,” Alice smirked as she and Jasper sat down across from Edward. “All right, tell us.”

Edward picked up the envelope and began to lay the pictures on the table, keeping the other documents in the envelope. As Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Jasper looked at each photo. When Edward had laid out the last photo, Esme took her fist and hit the table.

“That red-headed bitch has messed with the wrong fucking family,” Esme growled like a momma bear protecting her young.

Alice, Carlisle, and Edward couldn’t help but chuckle at Esme’s colorful language. Their mother always corrected their foul language; however, they learned every bad word from her.

Esme looked at the last closer and realized that the man that Victoria was fucking was James. “This is James.  You mean that you have had blue balls while James was fucking your girlfriend?”

“Yes, but that is not all,” Edward confirmed. “Victoria is six weeks pregnant.”

At this point, Alice hit the table with her fist. She and Jasper had been trying for years to have a child and now this bitch was trying to pawn off another man’s baby on Edward. “How fucking dare her? Did she really think that she could have, I guess James’s baby, and you would think it was yours?” Alice hissed, then it hit her. “You had a prenup agreement for any children. No wondered she signed that she wouldn’t  get anything; she had this planned all along.”

“Yes, she did, but, as bad as all this is, there is more,” Edward said, motioning to the pictures. “Jasper, I am going to need your help on the next part.”

“What do you mean?” Jasper asked.

Edward took out the documents and handed them to Jasper, who took them and began to read. When he had finished, he handed them to Carlisle to read.

“Where did you get all of this?” Jasper questioned, pointing to the photos and documents.

“They were delivered by courier today. There was no note or return address. I have no clue who sent this to me; however, I am thankful,” Edward answered.

“I need to get the authorities involved,” Jasper said. “Edward, I know you want to end things right this moment with Victoria, but we need to wait.”

“I know, but it is taking everything in my power not to beat the shit of James and allow Piglet to take care of Victoria,” Edward chuckled. Alice might be short and tiny, but she was known for always coming out on top of a fight.

“You bet your Betsy, I would Eeyore,” Alice smirked, cracking her knuckles.

Jasper wrapped his arm around Alice and pulled her close, then placed a kiss on her neck and whispered in her ear. “You know how turned on I get when you talk that way.”

Alice turned and licked her lips. “Later, cowboy.”

“Fuck!” Jasper groaned loudly.

Esme eyebrow raised, and she shook her finger at Jasper. “She made me do it, momma,” Jasper laughed.

“What are we going to do about all the guests invited to this farce of a wedding?” Edward asked. “I really don’t know how to handle it at all.”

Esme thought for a moment. Edward didn’t need to go through any more pain. “Edward, I think it would be for your best interest to leave town and not to come back for a few weeks. Let us handle this shit.”

“No, Mom I can’t let you do that. This is my mess,” Edward declared.

“Son, your mom is right. Why don’t you go away where no one knows you for a few weeks? Relax and regroup, then come back and reorganize,” Carlisle instructed.

“Why don’t you go to one of Uncle Benjamin’s cabins in Canada? We went there in February and it was great. No phones, no internet, no T.V.; a perfect situation for someone who needs to leave everything behind for a while,” Alice said. “I promise you that Victoria and James will not get away with this.”

Edward tried to think of a good argument to stay, but the idea of getting away from everything was very appealing. “All right, I will go, but if you need me, I will have my cell phone on me.”

Jasper called Uncle Benjamin and arranged for a cabin for Edward for the next two weeks, then had the family plane prepared to fly him to Canada. Carlisle and Alice went to Edward’s house and packed him a bag. Just before midnight, Edward was in the air and on his way to Canada. Victoria had called him several times, but each time he rejected the call. He was met at the airport by one of Uncle Benjamin’s employees, who took him to pick up the jeep that he would take to the cabin. With the directions on his phone, he took off.





Edward waited a few minutes before stepping out in the snow storm, debating about whether to lug his suitcase into the cabin now or wait until the sun came out later in the morning. “Fuck it; I will get it later.”

Pulling up the collar around his neck, Edward opened the door and stepped out, sinking into the deep snow. Trudging through the thick, deep snow, he slowly made his way to the cabin porch. Finally making it, Edward turned the knob and opened the door. The only light was coming from the roaring fire in the fireplace. He flipped the switch and nothing happened. “Damn, the power is out,” he thought. Oh well, he would deal with that tomorrow after he got some much-needed sleep. Taking his cell phone out, he shined the flashlight around the room and on the back wall was a king size bed, with lots of blankets. Putting in a few pieces of wood into the fire, he stripped out of his wet clothes and walked, naked, over to the bed and climbed into the flannel sheets. His naked body loved the feel of the soft fluffy sheets and a few seconds later was fast asleep. For the first time since this nightmare started, he felt relaxed and happy.





Fate was dancing around the cabin, happy that she had gotten the two lost souls in the same place, but now she needed a little help.

“Oh, Cupid,” She sang. “It is time for you to get trigger happy with these two.”

“But you fussed at me about doing that before,” Cupid whined.

“Stop being a pussy and let those arrows fly,” Faith said with a wicked smile.

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