When Fate Steps In ~ Chapter One

When Fate Steps In


Fate decides that two lost souls need a little boost in finding their soulmates.

After Bella confronts Jacob about his infidelity and evil plans to sell the companies, she chooses to spend her already paid Christmas honeymoon alone. She arrives at the cabin in the woods just as a horrible blizzard hits.

Edward finds out that woman he was supposed to marry has been lying their entire relationship. Not only was he betrayed by the woman he was going to spend his life with, but also his best friend and partner. Wanting to get away from everyone, he rents a cabin in the woods for Christmas.

What happens when he arrives at cabin number 5696 that Fate has worked her magic on the number? What surprises will he see in the little cabin? What happens when the roads are closed and there is no cell service?

Disclaimer: I only own my storyline.


“Look at that beautiful pure heart. I can’t believe it is going to be crushed and damaged beyond repair if she marries that jerk,” Fate said as she looked down at the young woman hurrying around to finalize her wedding.

“It is unfortunate. Why can’t two pure souls be brought together anymore?”  Cupid asked.

“Because you are a trigger-happy asshole,” Fate replied with one of her wicked grins as she pointed to Cupid’s bow and arrows.

“Bitch,” Cupid smirked.

“Yup and damn proud of it. Sit back and watch what I can do.”

Bella continuing pacing around the small room close to the chapel doors. It was hard to maneuver in the full ball gown that Jacob had insisted that she wear. She wanted a simple ceremony with just their parents, but he said that the merging of the Swan International Company and Black Enterprise needed to be a grand affair with every potential client in attendance. Bella tried to fight against it, but he became belligerent, screaming and demanding that he knew best in these matters. She had discussed Jacob’s behavior with her father, but he took Jacob’s side. Charlie worshipped Jacob since he was a small child and, in his eyes, could do no wrong. When Bella and Jacob began dating, Charlie threw them a grand party to celebrate and, when Jacob proposed, Charlie made plans for him to take over for him when the merger was finalized. Bella was pissed; she had spent her entire life studying and working towards becoming the next head of Swan International and now she was being pushed out.  That was until she received a mystery package three days ago.

Looking at the clock on the wall, she noticed it was already thirty minutes past the time that the wedding was supposed to start. Her best friend and maid of honor had notified her earlier that Jacob had not arrived at the church. Bella was not shocked because he was never on time for anything.

“Did you give the technician the DVD to play?” Bella asked Rose.

“Yes. He is waiting for my sign to start the video. Bella, are you sure you want to do this?” Rose inquired. She couldn’t believe that Bella was going to go on with the wedding, knowing that Jacob had been sleeping with over half of Seattle and had plans in selling off the company to the highest bidder. He owed a bunch of loan sharks a shit pile of money due to his colossal gambling problem.

Bella and Jacob had known each other since they were only five years old. Charlie had met Jacob’s father, Billy, on a fishing trip in Alaska. They hit it off so well that the Blacks moved to Seattle from Portland, Oregon. Bella considered Jacob a good friend, but never saw him as a boyfriend. They both went to the University of Washington and one weekend Jacob confessed that he was in love with her. Bella was stunned but with school and keeping up with the family business, she hadn’t had any boyfriends or dates. Deciding to give this new relationship a chance, she agreed to become his girlfriend. In the beginning, he was a sweet and loving boyfriend, always attentive to her; however, he soon became distant and mean. Bella thought for sure he was going to break it off with her, but he surprised her by asking her to marry him at a family dinner party. Looking back, she wasn’t in love with him like she had seen other couples, but she had liked him enough to say yes. It made her father happy and, with that, it made her happy.

The announcement of their marriage threw shockwaves through both the business and social communities. The owners of the rival business were scared of Swan and Black merging, while the social community was jealous of Bella and Jacob’s marriage. He was good looking and rich, many women hoped and dreamed that they might become Mrs. Jacob Black. Bella was beyond beautiful, tall, long brunette hair, full perky breasts, luscious lips, stunning brown eyes, and a body that would have made Greek goddesses jealous. Men lusted after her, hell even women, however, she never paid attention to any advances.

She was going into this marriage pure as the driven snow. It wasn’t like she believed she should save herself for her husband, but she didn’t have the time or opportunity to have sex. After she had graduated college, she was working one hundred plus hour weeks and traveling at least three weeks out of the month and most of those trips were overseas. Bella had studied and mastered eight different languages so that she could converse with clients in other countries. Jacob tried on many occasions to pressure himself on Bella and when she denied his advancements, he showed his true colors. He was quick-tempered, almost like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth and she was thankful for the amount of time she had to be away from him. Several times during their engagement she thought that she was making a huge mistake and, when she made a comment about this to her father, he simply told her that she would, in fact, marry Jacob and that after the wedding he would be naming Jacob as the next CEO of the new Swan/Black Corporation.

Bella and Rose were having a pre-wedding celebration when a messenger delivered a box to Bella’s high-rise apartment. When she looked to see who had sent the box, there was no return address which made her leary. She thought it might be another wedding gift, so opened the box. Pulling out the paper, she found several DVDs, pictures, and documentation. Bella looked at the pictures first and gasped at what she saw. Jacob was having sex with different women in each image. Then she began to read the documentation, some were recent medical records that showed that Jacob had just about every sexually transmitted disease, while others were huge life insurance policies on herself. Bella’s head was swimming with all the information, but what she read next made her blood boil. It was documentation on Jacob’s plan to break apart and sell the projected Swan/Black merged company.

Bella allowed Rose to see and read all the information and when they were finished, they both looked at each other. “Bella, oh my God.”

Bella opened her mouth to speak, but couldn’t form any words. The man she had known almost all her life was pure evil. How had she not seen the signs?

Rose watched her best friend carefully, knowing that she had to be in complete shock with the information that she had received. Pouring Bella a glass of whiskey, she handed it to her and watched as Bella down it, handing the empty glass back for a refill. After drinking the next glass, Bella took a deep cleansing breath. Bella was not going to allow Jacob Black to sell her family’s business, and she wasn’t going to marry the two-time bastard. “I need to see what is on the DVDs and then I need to come up with a plan,” Bella told Rose.

“Are you sure you want to watch them?”

“I need to know everything and whoever sent them wanted me to know the truth.”

After watching every minute of the DVDs, Bella got up and paced the floor, thinking about what she was going to do with the information. She knew if she called off the wedding and showed her father the videos, Jacob would somehow convince her father that it was all a mistake and Charlie would believe him. Saying nothing would mean that Jacob would be able to carry out his evil plan and, in a few short years, the business that her grandfather started would be in the hands of strangers. Bella had only one way out of this and that was to show everyone Jacob Black’s true colors.

“Rose, do you think Emmett will do me a huge favor?”

“Sure, what do you need?” Rose asked.

“Need him to do his magic and make me a highlights DVD for the wedding.”

“You are not calling it off?”

“Nope, but I am going to make Jacob regret for ever messing with me and my family,” Bella said.

Emmett did work his magic, cutting and splicing the multiple DVDs into the most disturbing scenes, including the most important one, where Jacob was discussing selling off the company once he took over.

“Bella, he has arrived,” Rose said, looking at her phone. Emmett had been watching out for Jacob and it took everything he had inside of him not to pulverize him. He needed to let Bella bring her justice to Jacob.

“Then let us get this shit over with. I want to put all this behind me.”

“Are you still going to cabin?” Rose asked.

“Yes. I know you are worried about me, but I need to get away and get my mind right.”

Rose pulled the veil over Bella’s eyes just as Charlie rapped on the door.

“Bella, it is time,” Charlie said.

Bella opened the door to find her father, dressed in a black tux wearing a huge smile. “Actually, we are already thirty minutes late,” she growled.

“Now Bella, Jacob was held up by a pressing matter,” Charlie explained.

“I bet,” Bella murmured, knowing that Jacob was probably in the bed of another woman and lost track of time.

Charlie looked puzzledly at Bella. What was wrong with her today? It was supposed to be one of the most joyful days of her life. But before he could question her on her behavior, the string orchestra began the Wedding March, and the doors opened to the chapel. Every seat was filled, and they all turned to see the bride.

Bella kept her eyes forward, hoping she wouldn’t see Jacob until the last possible moment. All too soon she was at the front of the church and Charlie was placing her hand into Jacob’s. She couldn’t help but shutter thinking about the number of diseases that Jacob was carrying.

The minister began the service talking about love and commitment between a man and a woman. He asked Jacob to repeat the vows, which he did without skipping a beat. Bella became sick with hearing him say he would love and keep their vows to one another sacred.

“Bella, I understand you have something special for Jacob,” Pastor Williams said.

“I do. Jacob, this video will show our families, friends, and clients, what type of man you truly are,” Bella said with a fake smile, then turned and nodded to Emmett who was posed and ready. The screen came down and lights were dimmed. The first images where of them as small children, then them as boyfriend and girlfriend, and lastly their engagement photo. The screen went black, then rapid succession flashes of the names of the many sexually transmitted diseases came onto the screen in bright red letters. Next were images and video clips of Jacob with just some of the women he had been with and with each picture was time stamped with time and date.

Jacob couldn’t believe his eyes. How the hell had she gotten a hold of this information? Just as he was going to confront Bella, the most damaging video began to play. It was the video with him in private conversation with the men who were going to buy different pieces to Swan International.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” screamed Charlie. If he hadn’t seen it or heard it with his own eyes and ears, he would not believe that Jacob could be something like this.

“Charlie, are you going to believe something that Bella has cooked up on me?” Jacob asked, hoping to weave his magic. “She wants the business all for herself and she will do anything to make that happen.”

Charlie looked between Jacob and Bella, taking in what Jacob had said, but the images he had just seen couldn’t be denied. “Why don’t we take this to a more private room?”

“No. I am not going anywhere with this asshole.” Bella declared. “Jacob, I was going to marry you and obey the wishes of my father by allowing you to take over as CEO of our family business, but not now or ever.”

Bella removed the ring from her finger and threw it on the floor. Turning to her father she smiled brightly, feeling happier and more herself than she had been in months, hell even years. “I am going to take some much-needed vacation time and when I return, you and I are going to sit down and discuss my plans for the future of the company.”

“Where are you going?” Charlies asked.

“Away. I am a big girl and can take care of myself,” Bella said, then turned to the guest in the church who were still in shock by what they had seen. “The wedding might be off but that doesn’t mean that you will miss out on the good food and booze at the reception. Go party and have a good time on my father’s expense.”

Bella lifted up the skirt of the gown and took off down the aisle to the back of the church. Once through the door, she headed outside to the waiting limo. The driver was shocked to see that she was alone, but he knew better than ask questions. Bella gave him the address of her apartment and instructions to wait for her return. After tearing off the dress, she turned on the fireplace and threw it inside, watching as the flames burned up the white gown. Changing into a pair of jeans, a sweater, and a pair of boots, she picked up a suitcase and filled it with comfortable warm clothes, her iPad, and a few paperback books. The next two weeks were going to spent at the cabin that was supposed to be her honeymoon destination. But, instead of connecting with her husband, she was going to relax and do things she enjoyed.

The limo took her to the airport and, before long, she was landing in Toronto. Bella fell in love with the snow-covered city, but couldn’t wait to get her hideaway cabin in the woods. It was rustic, but had a few modern conveniences, like running water and electricity, but there was no internet, no phones, or tv. Bella was happy that the rental company had a employee that would take her to the cabin and to pick her up in two weeks. She had already had the rental company supply the cabin with enough food for the two weeks.

“Miss, they are calling for some bad weather this evening. Are you sure you want to stay out here all alone?” Dave, the driver, asked.

“I will be fine,” Bella said as she stared out the window at the winter wonderland.

“The nearest cabin is five miles up the road and I will leave my cell number if you might need anything.”

“Thank you.”

The driver helped Bella with her luggage and carried it into the cabin at 5666 Snowtrack Lane. When Bella opened the door, she was welcomed with one great room with exposed beamed ceiling and wood panel walls.  To the left was small cozy sofa and chair sitting on a bear skin rug was nestled close to the large stone fireplace. Beside the fireplace was a tall Christmas tree, decorated in white lights and red bows. On the right  was a stove and refrigerator with a small table and two chairs. Bella looked to the back of the room and smiled at the large king size bed covered in antique looking quilt with large pillows.

“The bathroom is through the door in the back. I can start the fire for you if you would like,” Dave said.

“No, I will be fine. I have experience with fireplaces,” Bella informed Dave. “Thank you for all your help and I will see you in two weeks.”

“I will be here then, but if you need something don’t hesitate to call me or the rental company,” Dave urged as he left.

After Dave left, Bella quickly made a roaring fire and unpacked her suitcase. Once she finished, she fixed herself a cup of hot tea and went over the sofa, covered with the blanket on the back, and enjoyed the warm glow and drink. For the first time in a long time, she actually felt relaxed and happy. Looking at the tree, she sighed; this would be the first time she wasn’t home for the holidays, however, she was looking forward to the peace and quiet. The new year was going to be a trying time, but she was excited to the prospect of the future.

As night fell, the wind began to howl outside and the snow began to fall in large fluffy flakes. Within a few hours, the tracks that Dave had made were completely gone. After a dinner of beef stew and a grilled cheese sandwich, Bella put more wood in the fire, to last the rest of the night and changed into her nightgown and headed off to bed. Just as she settled into bed, the lights flicker twice and then they went out.

“Fuck. Well I am glad I have the fireplace and plenty of wood,” Bella murmured out loud. Pulling the extra blanket up, she snuggled down and drifted off to sleep.






Fate danced around the cabin, skipping on the snowflakes, before blowing the house number to read 5696. “Now let’s get the fire started between two people who really deserve each other.”





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