In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter Six

“Kate, remember the pique at the end of the routine,” Bella instructed.

“Okay, Mademoiselle Swan,” Kate said, and as she came up on her toe, she turned slowly and awkwardly on her five-year-old little leg.

Bella smiled and clapped. “That was wonderful, Kate; great job. I will see everyone next time.”

“Bye, Mademoiselle Swan,” her students yelled out as they collected their bags and ran to their parents.

Bella looked at the clocked and hurried to pick up the studio. She had a doctor’s appointment in a half hour and didn’t want to be late. It had been four years since her transplant and, other than a small infection after the surgery, her new heart had been doing great. She had to take anti-rejection drugs and would for the rest of her life, but it would be a long life.

She would see Dr. Martin, because Carlisle had retired and moved to New York to help his son, Edward, with his daughter, after Edward’s wife’s tragic death. Carlisle had kept in touch to see how she was doing, but she had not seen him seen that morning after her surgery. She missed him and Esme, but understood why they had moved. Bella planned on going to New York in the spring, since her ballet studio was doing so well.

Once she was out of the hospital, she was shocked by the amount of energy that she had back. Bella knew that her chance of being a prima ballerina had passed, but she couldn’t wait to possibly train the next one. Taking the money her grandmother had left her, she opened her studio and accepted every little girl or boy, not turning them away if they couldn’t pay for the lessons. Bella also gave the children who couldn’t pay leotards, tights, and toe shoes, so they had the same advantages as the children who could afford them.

Bella was blessed by how many people knew of her dancing abilities and wanted their children to learn from someone who was as talented as she was. After a few months, she had to hire extra staff so more students could join.

Bella quickly took off her toe shoes and pulled on a pair of pink leggings, ballet flats, and a flowy, long peasant top. She removed the pins that were holding her bun in place, allowing her long hair to fall over her shoulders. As it fell, she knew that she needed to get a haircut soon. Pickup up her bag, she rushed out of the studio and to the parking lot where her cute Mini Cooper was parked. It had been a gift from her parents after she came home from the hospital. She had not driven for years while her heart was bad but, with her new heart, she able to drive once again. The freedom of getting behind the wheel of her vehicle was so uplifting.

Making her way to the hospital, she was happy to find a parking place close to the entrance. Locking her doors, she quickly made her way in and up the elevator to Dr. Martin’s office. Arriving at the office, she checked in with the receptionist and sat down. Taking out her phone she checked Facebook to see what was happening, but, before she could begin scrolling through her feed, she was called back.

“Bella, you are looking great,” Martha said as she walked Bella back to the exam room. “Please make yourself comfortable, and the doctor will be with you a few minutes.”

A few minutes later, the door began to open, and Bella gasped. “Carlisle.”

“Hey, sweet girl,” he gushed.

“What are you doing here?” Bella asked, shocked but excited to see Carlisle.

“We moved back this past weekend. Edward decided that the city was no place to raise Elizabeth and decided to take a position here at the hospital. When I called in to check with Dr. Martin, he told me you had an appointment today and I thought I would surprise you.”

“Well, you did. How is Esme?”

“She is great. She’s excited to be back home and is helping Edward find a place for him and Elizabeth.”

“Oh God, how old is she now?” Bella asked. Over the years, Esme had sent her photos of Elizabeth and she thought she was the most beautiful little girl in the world with that button nose and fiery red hair.

“She is four and so precocious,” Carlisle gushed. “Esme is going to bring her to your studio next week. Elizabeth wants to take ballet lessons and we can’t think of anyone better than you to teach her.”

“I would be honored. I have a beginners four and five-year-old class that meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings,” Bella explained.

“That is great. I will tell Esme when I get home,” Carlisle said with a huge smile. “Write down the studio’s address, please. Then I get the privilege of checking you over.”

“Are you coming back to work?”

“No, but that doesn’t stop me from checking on my all-time favorite patient,” Carlisle joked.

After giving Bella a check-up, Carlisle was happy to give her a clean bill of health. He checked to make sure she was taking her anti-rejection drugs and if she needed an update on her prescription. After a strong hug, Bella was off to go back to the studio for the next class, while Carlisle headed home to help Esme.

They had not sold their home in Baltimore but, after four years of not living in the home, it needed a good cleaning. Carlisle had tried to convince Esme to hire a cleaning company to come in and do it. However, she wanted to do it herself. Jasper and Emmett’s wives had donned themselves in old jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes and appeared at Esme’s doorstep with cleaning supplies in hand. Esme tried to convince them that she didn’t need the help, but they wouldn’t leave.

“Momma, we are here to help and that is that,” Rosalie said with a smirk.

She had met Emmett on a plane from New York to Baltimore when he was subjected to sit in the middle seat on the flight. She was sitting at the window. At first, she was pissed when the big, burly guy sat down beside her, knowing that she would be smooshed against the window the entire trip, but that changed when, during the routine flight, the plane lost cabin pressure and had to make an emergency landing.

As the plane descended quickly, Rose mindlessly grabbed hold of the burly guy beside her and held on for dear life.

Emmett turned and looked at the woman who had grabbed his hand. At that moment, his heart skipped a beat. Not because of the plane driving from the sky, but because of the young woman’s sheer beauty. He had never had this feeling about any woman before and he didn’t want to end.

As the plane dived towards the ground, hitting pockets of air which caused the passengers to bounce around, Rosalie’s head tossed to side, causing it to hit the window hard, knocking her unconscious. When she awoke she was in a hospital room, with the burly guy sitting beside her bed, holding her hand.

“Where am I?” Rosalie whispered.

“Baltimore General. You hit your head pretty bad and when we landed I had you brought to my hospital,” Emmett explained.

“Your hospital?”

“Yeah, I am a doctor; I can say that you are going to be just fine. Only a bad bump and bruise,” Emmett explained as he continued to hold her hand.

“Thank you; I am Rosalie.”

Emmett looked sheepishly, his cheeks bloomed in bright red. “Yeah, I know. I had to go through your purse to get your I.D. Sorry about that.”

“I should be upset with you, but those damn dimples are memorizing. So, Doc, what is your name?”

“Shit, sorry, Emmett; Emmett Cullen.”

“Well, Emmett Cullen, are you going to let go of my hand or not?” Rosalie asked with a smirk.

“I don’t I am ever going to let you go,” Emmett declared.

Emmett was true to his word and after a whirlwind romance, they two ran off to Vegas for a quicky wedding. There was not one day that went by that she was thankful for him being beside on her on that plane.

On Tuesday, Esme brought Elizabeth to Bella’s studio for her first class. Esme had called Bella and they had a long conversation about anything and everything, making up for lost time. After inquiring what Elizabeth would need for class, Esme took her out and allowed Elizabeth to pick out her leotards, tights, tutus, and toe shoes.

When Edward came home from work, he was met at the door by Elizabeth, dressed in her new pink ballet costume. “Daddy, look at me, I’m a belly dancer.”

Edward chuckled, placing his case on the floor and bending down to Elizabeth’s level. He opened his arms; as soon as he did, Elizabeth jumped into his arms, wrapping her little arms around his neck. “It is a ballet dancer, sweetheart, and you certainly look the part.”

Elizabeth let go of his neck and twirled around in circles. “Nana is taking me to class tomorrow.”

“I know. I bet you are excited,” Edward said with a huge smile on his face. The days, weeks, months, and years after Maggie’s death were difficult but Elizabeth’s shining light kept him going. He never knew he could love anyone more than his sweet Maggie, however, the love for his daughter proved him wrong.

“Are you coming to class with me, Daddy?”

“I am sorry but I have to work, but I will try to get there before the class is over, so we can go out for dinner,” Edward explained. He was not going to be like his father and not be around for all her activities and that was the stipulation he demanded before accepting the job here in Baltimore.

“Okay, but can we get pizza?” Elizabeth asked staring at him with her bright green eyes. She had him wrapped around her little finger.

“Sure, sweetie. Now let’s you get out of ballet outfit and fix some dinner,” Edward said, picking her up and twirling her around, causing her to belly laugh.

The next day, Esme took Elizabeth to meet with Bella before class.

“Is Ms. Bella nice?” Elizabeth asked with a worried look on her face.

“Oh, Lizzy, Ms. Bella is so nice; you are going to love her,” Esme explained squeezing Elizabeth’s hand. “Pappy and I have known her for a long time. You are going to learn so much from her.”


They arrived at the studio and as they walked in the door, they were welcome by Bella, who was dancing in front of the mirrored wall. The last time Esme had seen Bella dance was the night that she collapsed on stage. A tear escaped her eye and she watched Bella’s graceful form move and twirl around the room. Bella was as exciting to watch as she was before. When the music stopped and Bella finished en pointe, Esme and Elizabeth began to clap.

“Bravo!” Esme exclaimed.

“Esme, Elizabeth, I didn’t hear you come in,” Bella said, breathless from dancing. She loved these quiet moments when she could let herself go and get lost in the music. “Welcome, come over, and let’s get to know each other.”

Esme, Elizabeth, and Bella sat on the floor and began to get to talk. Soon, Elizabeth was at ease and had fallen in love with her teacher. The other students arrived and the class began. Bella assisted Elizabeth with her different positions and placement of her hands and feet. By the end of the class, Elizabeth had picked up very quickly and Bella was sure she was going to be a excellent dancer.

“Bella, dear, that was so much fun to watch,” Esme said. “Are you still coming to dinner Friday?”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Bella confirmed then bent down to Elizabeth. “You practice each of the positions and I will see what you have remembered in the next class. You did very well today.”

“Thank you, Ms. Bella. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to tell Daddy all about it,” Elizabeth exclaimed.

After everyone left, Bella picked up the room and put away all the equipment. The music still played in the background and before long she was back to dancing across the room. There was no feeling in the world like when she was losing herself in the music.

Edward was running late from his last patient, but he thought he might be able to catch his mom and Elizabeth. Parking his vehicle, he saw the lights were still on in the studio. He walked in and followed the sound of the music. As he walked into the room, he found it empty, except for one lone dancer. A dark-haired beauty wearing a black leotard and fluffy white tulle skirt. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she twirled around the room with such grace and poise. As the music died, she pivoted on her toe and landed facing him with a smile.

“Who is this woman and why is my heart feeling so free?” Edward thought.

In a Heartbeat – Chapter Five

Edward and Carlisle came in from their reunion in the backyard. They had talked and allowed all the pain that Edward had carried over the years out. Carlisle knew he had failed as a father, but he hoped that this was the beginning of a new relationship between Edward and himself. Of course, this wouldn’t happen overnight, but Carlisle was determined to make it happen. Now that Bella had received her heart, he was ready to retire and spend as much time as Edward would allow with him and little Elizabeth.

Esme had been crying since she saw Edward and Carlisle hugging in the backyard. The horrible relationship between them had been something that had been hurting her for years. As much she loved her husband and understood why he had been away so much when the boys were growing up, she knew why their sons felt like Carlisle had abandoned them for his career. When she heard them walk in talking and not yelling, she felt lighter. Going into the bathroom, she washed her face and put on makeup to cover up where she had been crying. She didn’t want Edward or Carlisle to be fussing over her, but to continue their talking and working on their relationship. After she had finished, she headed down the stairs to see if they needed anything. When she walked into the den, Edward and Carlisle were sitting on the sofa, where Edward was showing him a photo album.

“This is Maggie and me at the NY City Ballet. She loved ballet so much, but she had two left feet,” Edward chuckled. He remembered how many times he had taken her out to dance and it wasn’t just her saying she had two left feet, it was the truth. Many times he would hide his feet from her after going dancing so that she wouldn’t see the bruises. “We talked about if our little one was blessed with my feet that we would put her in ballet classes.”

“Elizabeth looks perfect, so I feel sure she has perfect feet for ballet,” Carlisle boosted.

“She is perfect,” Edward sighed thinking about his lovely daughter. Even during this horrible time, she had been the brightest light.

“That she is,” Esme chirped, walking into the room.

Edward looked up and smiled at his mom. “Where is she?”

“Sleeping, but I have the monitor.”

“Okay,” Edward said.

At that moment, Edward’s cell phone rang. Sliding the screen, he answered. “Dr. Cullen.”

“Dr. Cullen, this is Barry Morris with Forest Park Chapel. I wanted to let you know that we have brought Maggie into our care and was wondering if you needed anything?”

Edward knew this was going to happen, but this made it so real to get the call. “Hello, Mr. Morris. I am fine at the moment, but I would like to go over a few things that Maggie had wished.”

Esme came over and sat on the other side of Edward as Carlisle remained seated on the other side. Taking her hand, she laid it on Edward’s leg and let him know that she was here for him.

“What were her wishes?” Barry asked.

“She wanted to be cremated,” Edward stammered. His emotions were almost to the breaking point, but having his mother and father beside him gave him the strength to continue.

“Will you want a memorial service?”

“No, I plan on taking her remains to her homeland when our daughter is old enough to understand what is happening,” Edward explained.

“That sounds beautiful. When would you like to do this?”

Edward looked at his mom and dad, taking a deep breath. “I would like to do it tomorrow if possible.”

“We can work with that,” Barry said.

“Would it be possible for Maggie’s parents to see her one last time?” Edward asked.

“Of course, would they like to do it today?”

“I am sure they would, but is there any way we can have her not in a morgue-like setting?” Edward begged.

“Yes. Would you like her dressed in a specific outfit?”

Edward looked at his parents. “He is asking if I want her dressed in a specific outfit. I don’t know what to say.”

“Does she have a favorite dress?” Esme inquired.

“Yes, a simple blue dress,” Edward answered, remember how lovely she looked every time she wore it out.

“Then that should be the one,” Esme assured.

“Mr. Morris, we do have a dress. I will send my brothers over with it in a little bit and maybe, when she is ready, you can let me know,” Edward said.

“That would be fine. I am glad your family is there for you during this time. What time tomorrow would you like to meet?”

“Is ten o’clock okay?”

“That will be fine. I will make sure I have everything ready for her parents this afternoon and for you tomorrow.” Barry informed.

“Thank you, Mr. Morris,” Edward said, hanging up.

“I will get Jasper and Emmett,” Carlisle said.

“I will go get the dress,” Edward whispered. “I need to wake up Maggie’s parents and let them know what is going on.”

“Let me help you get Maggie’s dress and I am sure you will want her completely dressed,” Esme observed.

Edward hadn’t thought about it until his mom said something, but of course, he would want her dressed not only the dress but her undergarments as well. “I would love the help, mom.”

They went upstairs and collected the dress and undergarments for Maggie. Esme found a cute bag and placed them in it, along with a scarf that Edward said that was her favorite. Jasper came upstairs and got the bag to take to the funeral home. After Jasper left, Edward turned to Esme, tears rolling down his face once more and fell into her open arms.

“Mom, please tell me this is a nightmare,” Edward cried.

“Edward, I can’t. I wish it were, but sadly our sweet Maggie is gone. However, you need to remain strong, not only for yourself, but that sweet little girl over there.”

“I know, it just hurts so bad,” Edward sniffled.

“And it will for a long time, but don’t let it harden you. Please allow yourself in the future to allow your heart to love again,” Esme pleaded.

“I don’t think I will ever find anyone like Maggie.”

“You won’t, because there was only one Maggie. However, there might be someone that you don’t expect that will come along. Don’t be so closed hearted not to allow those feelings to happen, not only for you but for Elizabeth.”

“I will try, but I don’t know.”

“That is all I ask,” Esme said, squeezing him tightly.

Elizabeth decided it was time for her to wake up from her nap and let out a loud cry. Edward let his mother go and rushed over to the bassinet. “What is wrong little one? Are you hungry?”

Esme left the room to go downstairs to prepare Elizabeth’s bottle, while Edward checked Elizabeth’s diaper then changed her wet diaper. After she was changed, he cuddled her close and hummed a sweet tune. She still was crying, but not as loud as before. Walking over to the rocking chair, that Maggie had picked out.

“Edward, I can just see us rocking our little one to sleep in this chair each night,” Maggie squealed seeing the rocking chair in the boutique.

Wrapping his arm around her shoulder as she ran her hand along the back of the chair, while the other was wrapped protectively over her prominent pregnant belly. “Then we will have to have it, my love.”

The clerk came over and asked if she could help.

“We would like this chair, please,” Edward said, beaming brightly.

“We have other chairs,” the clerk announced, wanting to sell the highest price one she could. The higher the price of the chair, the bigger her commission would be.

“I am sure you have other chairs, but we want this one,” Edward insisted.

“But I have a lovely tufted chair that would be perfect for you.”

Maggie had heard enough and her Irish blood began to boil. Looking at the clerk’s name tag. “Jessica, I would like for you to go back to the office and bring out your manager, NOW!”

Jessica’s mouth fell open, she couldn’t believe that this woman was demanding to see her boss. Who did she think she was?

Edward watched as the clerk or Jessica had not moved to get the manager and he knew that Maggie would blow a gasket if she didn’t move and move now. “Jessica, I would go get your manager now if I was you because Mrs. Cullen does not like to be kept waiting.”

Jessica rushed away to get her manager and, a few minutes later, Charlotte came out with Jessica behind her.

“Hello, I am Charlotte Johnson; I understand you wanted to see me.”

“Yes, we would like to purchase this chair, but Jessica refuses to sell it to us,” Maggie barked.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cullen,” Charlotte began.

“That is Dr. Cullen, thank you very much,” Maggie blurted out.

All customers are important, but doctors and their wives usually spend a considerable amount of money on outfitting their nurseries. “Sorry, Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen. If this is the chair you want, I will make sure it is delivered to your home on the date and time you desire.”

Jessica couldn’t believe that Charlotte was backing Mrs. Cullen and not her employee. “You are siding with her?” Jessica sneered.

Charlotte whipped around and glared at Jessica. “Go to the office and wait for me.”

Jessica stomped off toward the office, mumbling under her breath about how could Charlotte be kissing that fat woman’s ass. Once Jessica was in the office Charlotte turned back to the Cullens.

“I am so sorry about that and I promise you that she will be gone as soon as I finish taking care of you.”

“Thank you, Charlotte. I really do love this chair,” Maggie said.

“Wonderful. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Maggie looked around the boutique and saw many things that she did in fact loved. An hour later, Edward’s credit card was hit with a six thousand dollar charge, but a smiling Maggie was worth every dime spent.

Esme walked back into the room, warm bottle in hand and saw Edward with Elizabeth in the rocking chair as he hummed a sweet tune. There was no doubt that he was going to be a wonderful father. Coming over, she took a better look at Edward, who to be lost in his thoughts.

“Edward, here is Elizabeth’s bottle,” Esme said, but Edward didn’t answer her or even look up at her. He was staring out the window, lost his thoughts.

Esme touched his arm, causing Edward to jump slightly. “Oh sorry, mom, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“You seemed to be thinking of something important,” Esme said, worried about his mental health, as he was dealing with Maggie’s death.

“I was just remembering the day that Maggie picked out this chair,” Edward murmured, then smiled brightly. “She let her Irish temper out that day and to see those green eyes of hers with so much fire was something to behold.”

Edward took the bottle and as soon as he put it up to Elizabeth’s sweet lips, she grabbed on and began to suck in earnest. She made short work of the bottle and when Edward started to pat her little back to get a burp, she gave him one that would make her Uncle Emmett proud.

“Wow, that was a huge one,” Esme chuckled.

“I think her Uncle Emmett has been giving her pointers,” Edward smirked.

“Sounds a lot like him. Why don’t I just leave you two to spend some quality time together and I will go talk to Maggie’s parents,” Esme said.

“But mom, I need to do that,” Edward said.

“No, you don’t have to do it. That precious little girl in your arms is your main concern right now.”

Edward nodded his head. “Thanks, mom.”

Esme went to talk to Maggie’s parents, while Edward got up and changed Elizabeth’s diaper once again and put on a cute onesie with cherries on it. As soon as he laid her down on the bed, she let out a scream. “What is it little one?”

Elizabeth looked up, her bottom lip stuck out and whimpered.

“All right, I will pick you back up, just put away that lip,” Edward said.

Once he had her up and nestled close to him, she quit whimpering. He walked over to the sofa that was in the bedroom and stretched out, laying Elizabeth on his chest placing his hand protectively on her tiny back. Before long, the sleepless nights caught up with him and he drifted off to sleep. Instead of the horrible nightmares of Maggie lay on the table dead, he had sweet dreams of a redhead little girl in pink tights dancing around a studio. She was so cute and looked so familiar. As she twirled around on her toes, her laughter fills not only the room but every heart that was in earshot.

Esme had talked to Maggie’s parents and called Mr. Morris at the funeral home to let him know what time they would be arriving. They were grateful that they would be able to say their goodbyes before Maggie was cremated. After arranging Jasper and Emmett to take them to the funeral home, she went to see how Edward was doing. Opening the door to his room, she caught a sob before it escaped; there, on the couch, was Edward asleep, with Elizabeth, also asleep, on his chest. It had to be one of the most beautiful things she had seen in a long time. There was no training on how to be a good father, it just came naturally and Edward was going to be a fantastic father.

The next morning, Edward was up and dressed to go off to the funeral home. Dressing in the suit that Maggie loved, he walked out of his bedroom to find Carlisle waiting for him.

“I thought I might come with you,” Carlisle said, hoping that Edward would allow him to go with him.

“I would love that, dad,” Edward whispered. His mom was going to take care of Elizabeth, while Jasper and Emmett took Maggie’s parents to the airport. They had spent several hours with Maggie yesterday afternoon and they didn’t want to be around for the cremation. Edward promised that he would keep in touch and send pictures so they could see their granddaughter grow up.

Carlisle called for a car service to pick them up and take them to the funeral home. He didn’t know much about New York and Edward didn’t need to be driving or even think about giving directions. During the entire trip, Edward looked out the window, willing himself not to cry. Just when he thought he was about to lose it, he felt the warm, comforting hand of his father take hold of his.

“You can do this, Edward,” Carlisle encouraged.

“I don’t see how.”

“You are the strongest person I know,” Carlisle exclaimed.

Edward didn’t consider himself strong. Maggie was the strong one in their relationship and without her, he didn’t know how he would be able to survive.

Soon, they pulled up in front of the funeral home and the driver opened the door for Edward and Carlisle to exit the car. Once out of the car, they walked up to the double glass doors, pulled them open, and walked into the lobby. In the center was a large slate water fountain, the trickling water gave a calming effect both in sight and sound.

“Dr. Cullen?” A man asked, coming around the side of the fountain, dressed in a dark suit and white shirt.

“Yes,” Edward answered.

The man held out his hand to Edward, which he took and they shook. “I am Barry Morris, we spoke on the phone. So sorry about your loss.”

“Thank you,” Edward whispered.

“This must be your father?” Barry questioned, seeing the likeness between the two of them.

“Yes, this is my father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”

“Two doctors in the family,” Barry smiled.

“Actually, there are four doctors in the family,” Carlisle bragged.

“You must be very proud,” Barry told Carlisle.

“I am extremely proud of all my children and not because they are doctors,” Carlisle said.

“I’m sure you are. Would you like to see Maggie now or after we do the paperwork?”

“Let’s get the paperwork over with,” Edward said.

Mr. Morris took them in the arrangement room and went over the cost of the services that they performed with Maggie’s body. Edward went to reach for his wallet in his pocket but realized he had left it at home.

“I am so embarrassed, I’ve mistakenly left my wallet at home, ” Edward murmured.

“Dr. Cullen don’t worry about that, we will send you a bill, ” Barry said. He knew that there would be no doubt that Dr. Edward Cullen was good for the bill.

“Thank you,” Edward said, then turned to Carlisle. “Dad, I will only be a little bit, but I would love for you to meet Maggie.”

“I would be honored,” Carlisle confessed.

“Edward, please come with me,” Barry instructed. Edward, Carlisle and Barry walked out of the office and down the hall, lit with warm Tiffany lamps and soft overhead lighting. They arrived at the door and Barry offered a chair across from it for Carlisle to wait.

Edward took a deep cleansing breath and walked in the room behind Barry. Once in the room, he was faced with a dark wood casket, with Maggie tucked inside the satin interior trim. Walking over to Maggie, he looked down at her sweet face, so perfect, yet not his Maggie. His Maggie was full of life, her green eyes brightly shining, and a smile that could make the darkest of day bright.

Barry quietly exited the room allowing Edward the privacy to say his goodbyes. When he walked out he sees Carlisle, sitting in the chair wiping tears from his eyes, looking broken for his son. “Edward is doing fine.”

“Thank you for everything you have done for Maggie and Edward,” Carlisle said.

“Thank you. I just wished that it hadn’t happened. From what I can have heard and seen, she truly was a wonderful person.”

“Maggie was Edward’s saving grace. She allowed him to experience unconditional love,” Carlisle explained, then remember the bill. Reaching in his jacket he pulled out his wallet, removing one of his credit cards and held it out towards Barry. “Please run the bill on my credit card. I don’t Edward to get a bill later on and open up the wound all over again.”

“I think that is a very lovely thing for you to do for him,” Barry confessed.

As Barry and Carlisle were taking care of the bill, Edward was saying his goodbyes to Maggie. “Mag Pie, it should be me in that coffin and not you. You were always the better of the two of us and Elizabeth needs her mother,” Edward choked, taking a tissue from the box next to the coffin and dried his eyes. “Since there is nothing I can do to change this, I will promise you that I will tell Elizabeth everything about you and how much you loved her. I also promise to love her enough for both of us.”

Leaning down and placing a kiss on her head, “I love you so much and I know that you are in heaven looking down on us.

At that moment, Barry opened the door, “Are you ready for your father?”


Carlisle walked in and up beside Edward and looked in the coffin at the lovely Maggie. Edward took Carlisle’s hand and turned back to coffin, “Mag Pie this is my dad. I know you wanted to meet him, but I was too pig-headed as always to allow that to happen.”

“Hi, Maggie. Edward is wrong, it wasn’t his fault, but my own.  I promise you that I won’t be making that mistake again. I was not a good father, but I will be a fantastic grandfather for Elizabeth. I also promise to take care of Edward and be here for whatever he needs. Thank you for taking care of him.”

By the end of Carlisle’s speech, Edward was opening sobbing. His heart was so broken and he felt so empty.

Barry stepped up, placing his hand on Edward’s back, “Edward, do you need more time?”

“No. It is time for Maggie to take her final journey,” Edward whimpered. “Dad, I am ready to leave.”

Edward had decided he didn’t want to see Maggie being placed in the cremator, even though he had been given the chose to do so if he wanted. Walking out of the room and out of the funeral home to the waiting car, they climbed in and began their trip home. Barry had told them that Maggie’s remains would be ready in a few days and he would call when they were available for them to pick up.

As Edward and Carlisle rode through the city, rain began falling down on the car, much like the tears falling from their eyes. Edward soul was broken over the loss of his love, but his heart was full of love for little Elizabeth. Then a song came on the radio that seemed poynette to the moment.

It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again
Damn, who knew all the planes we flew
Good things we’ve been through
That I’ll be standing right here
Talking to you about another path I
Know we loved to hit the road and laugh
But something told me that it wouldn’t last
Had to switch up look at things different see the bigger picture
Those were the days hard work forever pays now I see you in a better place
How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be with me for the last ride
It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again
First you both go out your way
And the vibe is feeling strong and what’s
Small turn to a friendship, a friendship
Turn into a bond and that bond will never
Be broken and the love will never get lost
And when brotherhood come first then the line
Will never be crossed established it on our own
When that line had to be drawn and that line is what
We reach so remember me when I’m gone
How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be with me for the last ride
So let the light guide your way hold every memory
As you go and every road you take will always lead you home
It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again.

When Fate Steps In – Chapter Three

“Warm, soft, silky smooth,  feels like heaven,” Edward thought. He was having the best dream. He was wrapped around a stunning, dark-haired beauty after they had finished making sweet love all night long. The woman’s warm, loving embrace erased all the hurt that Victoria and James had inflicted. Nuzzling into the sweet, aromatic neck, he began to place delicate kisses across it as he rubbed his fingers across her erect nipples. When Edward heard a deep throaty moan, he took the nipple between his fingers and began tugging and pinching.

“Yes,” She groaned, running her hand down his body and grasping his hard, thick cock. She then began pumping it with slow, rhythmic pumps, which caused Edward to moan.

“This is the best fucking dream of my entire life,” Edward thought, then, suddenly, the hand was gone from his cock and a woman’s scream echoed into his ears.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!” Bella screamed, waking up from an unbelievably sexy dream.

Edward’s eyes popped opened; he was startled to see the woman from his dreams standing on the other side of the bed, naked. He jumped from the bed. “I am Edward, who are you and why are you in my bed?”

“Your bed? This is my bed. I rented this cabin and I am about two seconds away from calling the authorities to arrest your ass,” Bella fumed, as she took a good look at, what she hated to admit, the sexiest man she had ever seen. His hair was auburn and was laying in every direction, as if he had been having wild sex all night. He had a strong, chiseled jaw, full pouty lips, and piercing green eyes. She then allowed her eyes to wander down from his face to his firm, muscular chest which was covered with a light smattering of hair. Traveling lower, she saw the fucking sexiest cut of his waist, which seemed to be directing her to look down.   She did and couldn’t help but gasp. HOLY SHIT, he had a long, thick, hard cock that was fully erect and was slapping against his body. Her pussy contracted with the thought of what it would feel like deep inside of her.

While Bella was checking out Edward, he was taking in all her lovely curves. Fuck, she was a stunning woman: long, wavy brunette hair, smooth alabaster skin, full, plump pink lips, milk chocolate eyes and the face of an angel. Her body was made for sin, with full breasts, a tiny waist, and a bare mound. His cock twitched with the thought of being in her tight, hot pussy.

“I rented this cabin and I can prove it,” Edward said.

“Well, so can I,” Bella stormed, stomping over to her purse and pulling out her receipt.

She stomped back, which caused her tits to bounce with each step, Edward was mesmerized by them. She handed him the receipt. Edward looked at it and smirked.

“This says that you rented a cabin at 5666, but this is the cabin at 5696.”

“No, it is not,” Bella growled. “Dave from Platt Rentals brought me here.”

“Look why don’t we get dressed and sit down and figure this out,” Edward said, even though he hated the thought of the luscious body being covered up.

Bella looked down and quickly tried to cover up her private parts with her hands. “FUCK!” She yelled taking off toward the bathroom. She was so mesmerized by his naked form that she forgot she was naked as well.

Edward walked over to where he took off his wet clothes in early morning hours and slipped on his pants and shirt. Taking the poker from the rack, he stoked the remaining embers in the fireplace, then placed several pieces of wood on top of them. He then checked the light switch to find that the power was still out.

Bella put on blue velour pants, a long sleeve t-shirt with a matching jacket, and a pair of her favorite furry slippers. She had tried the lights but found that the power was still out. Oh well, it wasn’t like she didn’t know how to survive with power. During her many travels for the company, she had learned how to be self-sufficient in any circumstance. Running the hairbrush through her hair and brushing her teeth, Bella took a deep breath, then walked out of the bathroom. Looking around the room, she found Edward standing at the front window looking out.

“Is it still snowing?” Bella asked, moving closer to Edward.

“Yes, and the wind is still blowing hard. I can hardly see the top of the Jeep.”

“Well, it is going to be a really cold walk to the right cabin,” Bella joked.

“Yeah, baby, it’s cold outside,” Edward replied with one of his signature smirks that, back in the day, would make the women drop their panties. “I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.”

“Funny, asshole. Let’s fix us something to eat and talk about this predicament that we seem to be in,” Bella said.

“Well, I guess it is cold cereal because the electricity is still out,” Edward declared.

“You can eat cold cereal, while I eat a nice hot meal,” Bella proclaimed with an evil glint in her eyes. Going to the kitchen, she began searching for the correct pans to use and she was excited to see that the kitchen was stocked with cast iron skillets and pots that would be perfect for cooking over the fire. Bella was also happy to find a coffee pot and coffee grinder that would allow her to brew over an open flame. Opening the refrigerator, she took out some eggs, bacon, and butter. With all her loot, she went over to the fireplace and saw that, in fact, it had a cooking grate and iron arm for holding pots.

Edward stood back and watched in awe. He would have never thought about cooking over the fireplace flames, but she was busy doing just that.

“If you would like some of this, you can help. Bring over the bread and a couple of plates,” Bella instructed.

Edward did as he was told and brought over everything that Bella had requested. As he sat the items down, he sat on one of the chairs beside the fire and watched her cook. Then he remembered he hadn’t checked in with his family. Taking out his phone, he saw that he had no cell service. “Bella, do you have cell service?”

“Nope, I believe the storm has knocked it out as well,” Bella said.

“I bet you are right. Where did you learn to cook like this?”

“On a trip to Greenland a few years ago. The home I was staying at lost power during a blizzard much like this and the lady of the house taught me how to cook over a fire. When I returned to the States, I made sure to purchase a set of cast iron cookware, because I loved how the food tastes when they are used.”

“Do you travel a lot?” Edward asked.

“Yes, for work. I hope one day to go back to the places I have visited for pleasure,” Bella answered.

“I understand about working all the time,” Edward confessed.

Finishing up the eggs, bacon, and toast, Bella placed some on a plate and handed it to Edward. After fixing her plate, she poured the coffee into cups for herself and Edward.

Sitting opposite Edward, she began to eat, enjoying the meal that she had just prepared. Every so often, she would look up at Edward, who was devouring his meal. “Do you like it?”

“Hell yeah, I mean yes,” Edward stuttered.

“Got a potty mouth, I see,” Bella giggled.

“Yup, got it from my mother,” Edward said.

“Your mother? Damn, I like her already.”

“I love her, you remind me of her. Strong, confident, and do anything you set your mind to,” Edward confessed.

“Thank you. Being an only child has made me this way. My father has always pushed me to excel in everything I do. What about you, do have any brothers or sisters?”

“I have a younger sister, Piglet,” Edward answered.

“Oh my, what a name.”

“I call her Piglet; her real name is Alice and is a force to be reckoned with at all times. I am her Eeyore.”

“Cute, so why are here in the middle of nowhere on Christmas? Shouldn’t you be with your family?” Bella asked.

“I needed to get away for a while from everyone. What about you?”

Bella took another drink of her coffee. For some reason, she felt compelled to tell him the real reason why she was here. Why? He was a stranger, and she knew nothing about him other than his name. But there was something about him that made her feel, comfortable, something she never felt around Jacob. She got up and walked over to the Christmas tree and looked at the wooden ornaments. “I was supposed to have got married yesterday to a man that I have known most of my life. However, the day before the wedding, I received information that showed that he had been fucking most of the women in Seattle, but, even worse, he planned to, once he took over my family business, break it up and sell it off.”

“So you just ran away?” Edward asked, shocked by her confession. Their situations were eerily similar.

Bella turned and looked at Edward. “No, I showed my family, his family, and our business contacts just what type of man he truly was by showing them a video my best friend’s husband put together.”

“When did you show the video?”

“During the wedding.”

“FUCK!” Edward gasped.

“So fucking glad I didn’t fuck him. The number of diseases running through him is unbelievable.”

“How long had you two dated?” Edward questioned since she said she hadn’t fucked him.

“Over two years.”

Edward was stunned. “Why didn’t you fuck him? I mean you didn’t know about the other women.”

“At first, it was because I wasn’t ready, then I was so busy with work I didn’t have the time. He tried, but something deep inside of me told me to resist. It is not like I was saving myself for our wedding night; shit, I really wanted to experience that connection between two people, but not with him,” Bella explained dropping her head. For the first time since finding out about Jacob and his betrayal, she allowed her hardened exterior to break and tears began to run down her cheeks.

Without a second thought, Edward jumped to his feet and came over to Bella. Placing his fingers under her chin, he lifted it up and his heart broke when he saw the tears. “Don’t cry over him; he is not worth it,” Edward said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. But, at that moment, something happened: he felt a warm tingly feeling in every cell of his body. Never had he felt anything like it before, however, he had heard about it from his Mom.

Esme had invited him over to lunch one day after he and Victoria had announced their engagement. “Edward, darling, come in,” Esme said, welcoming him at the door. “I have set up lunch on the deck. I think we both could use some natural vitamin D.”

“Sounds great, Mom,” Edward said kissing her on the cheek.

They enjoyed a delicious lunch and small talk. When they were finished, Edward patted Esme on the hand and gave her one of his crooked smiles. “Let’s cut the bullshit and you tell me what this was all about.”

“Edward, I just wanted to spend some time with you.”

“Mom, stop lying to me; tell me what you wanted to say.”

“Fine, what do you feel with Victoria?” Esme asked.

“I love her, that is why we are getting married,” Edward answered.

“What do you feel when you hold her hand, have her in your arms?”

“Feel? I told you I love her,” Edward said, confused by the question.

Esme took Edward’s hand in hers. “When I first saw your father, I thought he was the most gorgeous man in the world, however, it was when we first touched that my soul realized that he was my everything.”

“I don’t understand.”

“When we touched, I felt this warmth that filled my every cell. You must know what I am talking about because you are in love,” Esme pointed out.

“Yes, Mom,” Edward said, but her words made him for a moment question his feelings.

Bella didn’t know what was happening to her. One moment she was crying over a man she didn’t care for, then the next moment she was wrapped in the arms of a man she had just met and didn’t want him to let her go. This was crazy.

Edward didn’t want to let her go, but he didn’t want to scare her either. “I understand more than you know,” he confessed.

Bella pulled back and looked up at those emerald eyes that she couldn’t get enough of. “What do you mean?”

“Come let’s sit down and I will tell you the reason why I am in the middle of nowhere.”

Instead of the chairs they were sitting in, they went over to the small couch and sat facing each other. Edward explained his relationship with Victoria and James, then what happened when he received the evidence of their betrayal.

“What happened to them?” Bella asked.

“I don’t know. My family was going to take care of them. They didn’t want me to be in the middle of the firestorm that was about to come down. Many of the five hundred guests were business associates and my family didn’t want me to lose face with them.”

“What type of business do you own?” Bella asked.

“I have my hands in a little bit of everything from construction to import/export.  What type of business are you in?”

“Funny but the same. This is going sound crazy but I don’t know your last name,” Bella chuckled.

“Cullen. I run Cullen International.”

“Ha, you are Edward Cullen of Cullen International! I am I.M. Swan of Swan International; we have been trying to get together for a few months now for a deal,” Bella laughed.

“Oh, my God, what a small world. I wanted to meet with you yesterday, but you were out of the area. Well, now I know why.”

“It must be fate that we are here together in this cabin,” Bella deducted.

“Fate? Fate. That is what the courier said when she delivered the package with all the evidence against Victoria and James. Before she left she said that Fate sometimes knows best,” Edward said, then took Bella hand. “Do you believe that Fate knows best?”

“Before all this, I would have said no, but I can’t deny this or this thing that is happening between us.”

“You feel it also?”

“Yes, very much so,” Bella confessed.

Edward leaned forward, wanting to know what those full lips tasted like. As he neared, he watched as her pink little tongue licked them wet. As their lips met, his heart was so full of love that he thought it would burst from his chest. Then, he felt her tongue as it pushed on his lips, wanting entrance into his mouth, which he gladly gave. All too soon they were both out of air and had to break apart, gasping.

“WOW!” Edward exclaimed.

“Yeah, WOW!” Bella confirmed.

Edward cupped Bella’s cheek, which she leaned into. “Bella Swan, where have you been all my life?”

“On the other side of the country, but I think someone up there wanted us together,” Bella explained.

“Well, we can’t disappoint them, now can we?” Edward murmured.

“No, we can’t.”

“This is the best Christmas ever,” Edward announced as he stood up and reached out for Bella’s hand.

Placing her hand in his, she stood up beside him. “Why don’t we go back to bed and celebrate some Christmas cheer?”

“Damn, woman, I love the way you think,” Edward exclaimed as he picked her up and took off running to the bed.





Fate was so happy with how Edward and Bella were together. “Cupid, we did great.”

“Yeah, that was fun. Maybe we can work together in the future?” Cupid asked.

“I think that might be fun, but I must go check on my sister. She was going to make sure Jacob, Victoria, and James get what they deserve.” Fate said.

“Damn, Karma is a real bitch,” Cupid declared.

“That she is,” Fate laughed. “Merry Christmas, Cupid. May you always have Fate and Karma on your side.”

When Fate Steps In – Chapter Two

“What the hell was I thinking?” Edward grumbled as he drove down what he hoped was the road that led to the cabin. He had both hands gripping on the wheel, leaning forward to try to see even a few more inches in front of him through the blinding snow. The strong wind was rocking the jeep back and forth, making it even harder to keep control of the vehicle. Foot by foot, Edward eased his way forward, looking for cabin number 5696. By some miracle, the snow and wind lightened, and he was able to see the outline of a cabin, and when he pulled up to the house number, he was excited to see that he had finally arrived. Pulling into what he hoped was the driveway, he opened the door and stepped out. The cabin was dark, except for a warm glow from the window.

“Thank you, Uncle Benjamin,” Edward thought. He couldn’t wait to get inside and forget about what had happened over the last few days. His life and future had been turned upside down by a simple package that he had received a few days before his wedding.

Edward was sitting in his office, looking for the prospective deal with a new company on the West Coast. He had hoped to have been further along on the deal, but the Operating Officer was one busy woman. Every time he thought he could pin her down for a meeting, she was out of the country. His research on her showed that I.M. Swan was one tough ass businesswoman, who took no prisoners. Edward had wanted to get it at a great price so his partner could take over and close the deal while he was away on his honeymoon, however, I.M. Swan was going to unavailable until after the holidays.

Honeymoon, wow, it was happening. In two days, he would be marrying his lovely Victoria in a lavish, over the top wedding that she desired. He would have been happy with just a small ceremony with family and his close friends, but she insisted that a man of his station, in the business world, had to have a wedding to match. The guest list was over five hundred and the reception was currently sitting at eight hundred.

He couldn’t wait to begin their life together as husband and wife. In this day and age, it was almost impossible to find someone who had kept themselves pure for their spouse, but that is what his darling Victoria had done. He wished he had waited, but he had allowed his carnal desires get the best of him during his college and young adult years. Hell, he and his best friend James had shared a few of these desires.

James Hunter had been his best friend since freshman year in college. They met at a mixer and quickly became best buds; drinking, partying, and chasing girls. After college, when Edward took over the family business, he hired James as the CFO, entrusting him the finances of the company. They continued to chase women until Edward started dating Victoria Green. He had run into her at a business symposium and fell head over heels in love.   

Edward had been faithful to Victoria since they started dating two years ago. His poor dick was tired of the hand action that it had been receiving to relieve the pressure.  He couldn’t wait to wet his dick in Victoria’s hot, wet, and tight virgin pussy.

Edward came from a prominent family in Boston. His mother, Esme Platt-Cullen, was a world-renowned surgeon that invented a less invasive way to do heart surgery; it was praised as the best procedure to save lives in the last fifty years. Every heart surgery in the world used her technique.

His father was an author. Carlisle Cullen’s last crime series was top of the New York Times bestseller list for ten weeks and had been in negotiations for the series to be made into movies.

Even though both his parents work hard, they didn’t need to; they both came from old money families of Boston. However, their parents and grandparents raised them to work hard and to give back as much as possible. When Edward’s grandfather decided to retire from Cullen International, he made Edward CEO. Cullen International had interests in everything from construction to medical research.

“Mr. Cullen, you have delivery, but they are demanding your signature for the package,” Maria stated over the phone pager.

“That is fine, Maria, show them in,” Edward said, shutting his laptop.

Maria opened the door, and in walked a woman with the lightest blonde hair he had ever seen, it was like pure white snow on a perfect winter day. As Edward gazed upon her face, he was in awe of the perfection of her smooth milky skin and crystal ice-blue eyes. As she moved closer to him, she appeared to glide across the floor.

“Mr. Cullen, I have an extremely important package for you,” the woman said, handing Edward a clipboard and pen for him to sign.

Edward scribbled his name on the line and handed it back to the courier, and then she handed him the large manilla envelope.

“Thank you, Mr. Cullen, and don’t forget that fate sometimes knows best,” the woman exclaimed, then turned and disappeared out the door.

Edward took out his letter opener and sliced opened the top of the envelope. Reaching and pulling out papers and he dropped them on the table as if they burned his hands, It was a photograph of his lovely Victoria naked and fucking a man she had tied to her bed. Her head was tossed back, allowing her long, fiery red hair to fall down her back. Taking a deep breath, Edward moved the image to the side and looked at the next one. This was worse than the first. It was of Victoria, with the man’s dick in her mouth, her eyes wide open as she looked up at the man. Edward tore his eyes from Victoria and looked at the man. His shattered world came crashing down into a million pieces. The man was James.

Image after image showed Victoria and James fucking in different places. Some areas, Edward didn’t know where they were, however, many showed Victoria’s apartment, which he had put in his name and he paid the rent for. Others were in James’s townhouse, but the vilest ones were them fucking in the new house that he had built for his and Victoria’s new life.

Victoria had lied to him and so had James. After looking at all the pictures, Edward began to read the detailed reports that were in the envelope. As he started to read, his heart dropped to his stomach. It was a doctor’s report dated two days ago, and it stated that Victoria Green was six weeks pregnant.

“HOLY FUCK!” Edward yelled as he slammed his fist onto the table. Standing up quickly, he pushed his chair back hard causing it to slam against the glass window behind him. Pacing back and forth, clenching his fists, Edward’s rage over what he had found out was boiling over. Victoria had willingly signed a prenup agreement with the clause that if anything would cause their separation that any children that came from their union would receive fifty percent of his net worth.

“That bitch was going to pawn off another man’s baby as mine,” Edward growled out loud. Walking back over to the desk, he picked up the next piece of paper, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This couldn’t be accurate; however, the more he studied he realized that it was true. James had been stealing from the company since the beginning. The records showed how he shifted money between multiple accounts before he finally shifted it into his private account. The worst part was that it wasn’t just a few thousand dollars, but over five million.

Turning to look out his window that overlooked Boston, Edward began to recount his relationship with, James and Victoria. He thought  back to the first time he saw Victoria, he remembered James pointing her out. Then, as they started dating, James was always telling him how beautiful Victoria was and how perfect they were together.

Edward knew he had to call off the wedding and to turn over the documentation to the police so they could arrest James for embezzlement. Fuck, this was a nightmare. How the hell was he going to notify all the five hundred guests that had been invited to the wedding? He needed help; the only people he could trust was his parents and his sister, Alice. Taking out his cell phone from his jacket pocket, he called his mother. After two rings she picked up, answering in her always cheery voice.

“Edward, darling, how are you?”

Trying to control not only his heartbreak but also his temper he answered. “Mom, I need to tell you something.”

Esme could tell by the tone of his voice that something was wrong. “What is going on?”

“I don’t know how to start; Mom,” Edward started, running his hand through his hair. “I just found out that my entire relationship with Victoria has been a lie and the person I trusted most has been stealing for me.”

“How, what, when, who?” Esme gasped, trying to figure out what Edward had just told her.

Edward knew it was a lot to take in and he figured the best way to do it was to take the evidence and tell her face to face. “I know it is confusing, I am leaving the office now and will be home in about thirty minutes. Do you think you can get Dad and Alice there as well, so I only have to go through this once?”

“Of course, my darling. Be careful driving; we will be waiting for you.”

Edward gathered all the pictures and documents and put them back in the envelope. Who had sent him all this and how did they get the information? It didn’t matter, because there was no denying the truth. Walking out of the office, he told Maria that he was leaving for the day and he got on the elevator to head down to the garage. As the door was about to close, a hand shoved between the closing doors to make them stop. When they opened back up, Edward was face to face with James. It took every ounce of self-control not to beat the living shit out of him. Edward knew he must not let on that anything was wrong.

“E, my man, are getting excited about the wedding?” James asked with a wicked grin, then jabbed Edward in the ribs. “And the wedding night?”

“Yeah,” Edward answered plastering a smile on his face. As he looked at the lying stealing weasel, Edward smirked. “Well, at least she will be with a real man for the first time, instead of some pencil dick.” Edward could see that he had hit a nerve by that comment and it made him happy.  

James wanted to say something back to Edward about the comment, but he couldn’t risk exposing the plan that he and Victoria had cooked up. There was no way he could skim enough money to make a big difference, but that is where Victoria came into play.

Victoria and he had been cohorts in crime since they were sixteen. They had blackmailed a local businessman out of fifty thousand dollars after Victoria seduced him and he had sex with her, unknowing that James had audiotaped and videotaped the act. Victoria then told the businessman that she was only sixteen and if he didn’t give her the money she would sell the story to the press. James and Victoria continued their con games until James went to college and befriended Edward Cullen. He had researched many of the people at the school to find his next target, but, after learning about Edward, all others were small fishes. It was time to make the big score and the Cullen family money was what was needed.

“I bet,” James said with a fake smile.

The elevator arrived at the garage and Edward was never so thankful, because he wanted nothing more than beat the holy shit out of James. “Got to go; see you later,” Edward said as he quickly exited the elevator. He was happy to see that James had not followed him. Getting into his car, he roared it to life and took off to his parents’ home. All the way there he thought about how he was going to tell them about Victoria and James.

Once Edward arrived, he got out of the car and went inside. As soon closed the door, he was met by his mother, who engulfed him in a warm loving hug. “I am so glad you are here, come, your Dad is in the den,” Esme instructed.

Walking arm in arm into the den, Edward found his father sitting on one of the couches, but, as soon as he saw him, he stood up and walked over to him. Wrapping his arms around Edward, Carlisle gave him a tight hug. “I bet you could use a stiff drink?”

“I sure can and make it a double,” Edward confirmed. “Did you get a hold of Alice?”

“Yes, she and Jasper are on their way and should be here any minute,” Esme answered.

Carlisle handed Edward the glass, who took and downed the warm amber liquid. After it was empty, he handed back to Carlisle. “I need another one, Dad.”

Edward sat down beside his mother and laid the envelope on the table in front of him. Carlisle handed him a second glass and a glass of wine to Esme. Sitting in silence, Edward took a big drink and then placed the glass on the table. Suddenly, he heard the voice of the one person who could make him smile, no matter how bad he felt. His Piglet; his little sister, Alice.

Alice pounced into the room; as soon as she saw Edward, she placed her hands on her tiny hips. “What has that red-headed bitch done, Eeyore?” Alice asked.

“Alice, language,” Esme scolded.

“Oh please, Mom, you say worst every other sentence,” Alice smirked as she and Jasper sat down across from Edward. “All right, tell us.”

Edward picked up the envelope and began to lay the pictures on the table, keeping the other documents in the envelope. As Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Jasper looked at each photo. When Edward had laid out the last photo, Esme took her fist and hit the table.

“That red-headed bitch has messed with the wrong fucking family,” Esme growled like a momma bear protecting her young.

Alice, Carlisle, and Edward couldn’t help but chuckle at Esme’s colorful language. Their mother always corrected their foul language; however, they learned every bad word from her.

Esme looked at the last closer and realized that the man that Victoria was fucking was James. “This is James.  You mean that you have had blue balls while James was fucking your girlfriend?”

“Yes, but that is not all,” Edward confirmed. “Victoria is six weeks pregnant.”

At this point, Alice hit the table with her fist. She and Jasper had been trying for years to have a child and now this bitch was trying to pawn off another man’s baby on Edward. “How fucking dare her? Did she really think that she could have, I guess James’s baby, and you would think it was yours?” Alice hissed, then it hit her. “You had a prenup agreement for any children. No wondered she signed that she wouldn’t  get anything; she had this planned all along.”

“Yes, she did, but, as bad as all this is, there is more,” Edward said, motioning to the pictures. “Jasper, I am going to need your help on the next part.”

“What do you mean?” Jasper asked.

Edward took out the documents and handed them to Jasper, who took them and began to read. When he had finished, he handed them to Carlisle to read.

“Where did you get all of this?” Jasper questioned, pointing to the photos and documents.

“They were delivered by courier today. There was no note or return address. I have no clue who sent this to me; however, I am thankful,” Edward answered.

“I need to get the authorities involved,” Jasper said. “Edward, I know you want to end things right this moment with Victoria, but we need to wait.”

“I know, but it is taking everything in my power not to beat the shit of James and allow Piglet to take care of Victoria,” Edward chuckled. Alice might be short and tiny, but she was known for always coming out on top of a fight.

“You bet your Betsy, I would Eeyore,” Alice smirked, cracking her knuckles.

Jasper wrapped his arm around Alice and pulled her close, then placed a kiss on her neck and whispered in her ear. “You know how turned on I get when you talk that way.”

Alice turned and licked her lips. “Later, cowboy.”

“Fuck!” Jasper groaned loudly.

Esme eyebrow raised, and she shook her finger at Jasper. “She made me do it, momma,” Jasper laughed.

“What are we going to do about all the guests invited to this farce of a wedding?” Edward asked. “I really don’t know how to handle it at all.”

Esme thought for a moment. Edward didn’t need to go through any more pain. “Edward, I think it would be for your best interest to leave town and not to come back for a few weeks. Let us handle this shit.”

“No, Mom I can’t let you do that. This is my mess,” Edward declared.

“Son, your mom is right. Why don’t you go away where no one knows you for a few weeks? Relax and regroup, then come back and reorganize,” Carlisle instructed.

“Why don’t you go to one of Uncle Benjamin’s cabins in Canada? We went there in February and it was great. No phones, no internet, no T.V.; a perfect situation for someone who needs to leave everything behind for a while,” Alice said. “I promise you that Victoria and James will not get away with this.”

Edward tried to think of a good argument to stay, but the idea of getting away from everything was very appealing. “All right, I will go, but if you need me, I will have my cell phone on me.”

Jasper called Uncle Benjamin and arranged for a cabin for Edward for the next two weeks, then had the family plane prepared to fly him to Canada. Carlisle and Alice went to Edward’s house and packed him a bag. Just before midnight, Edward was in the air and on his way to Canada. Victoria had called him several times, but each time he rejected the call. He was met at the airport by one of Uncle Benjamin’s employees, who took him to pick up the jeep that he would take to the cabin. With the directions on his phone, he took off.





Edward waited a few minutes before stepping out in the snow storm, debating about whether to lug his suitcase into the cabin now or wait until the sun came out later in the morning. “Fuck it; I will get it later.”

Pulling up the collar around his neck, Edward opened the door and stepped out, sinking into the deep snow. Trudging through the thick, deep snow, he slowly made his way to the cabin porch. Finally making it, Edward turned the knob and opened the door. The only light was coming from the roaring fire in the fireplace. He flipped the switch and nothing happened. “Damn, the power is out,” he thought. Oh well, he would deal with that tomorrow after he got some much-needed sleep. Taking his cell phone out, he shined the flashlight around the room and on the back wall was a king size bed, with lots of blankets. Putting in a few pieces of wood into the fire, he stripped out of his wet clothes and walked, naked, over to the bed and climbed into the flannel sheets. His naked body loved the feel of the soft fluffy sheets and a few seconds later was fast asleep. For the first time since this nightmare started, he felt relaxed and happy.





Fate was dancing around the cabin, happy that she had gotten the two lost souls in the same place, but now she needed a little help.

“Oh, Cupid,” She sang. “It is time for you to get trigger happy with these two.”

“But you fussed at me about doing that before,” Cupid whined.

“Stop being a pussy and let those arrows fly,” Faith said with a wicked smile.

When Fate Steps In ~ Chapter One

When Fate Steps In


Fate decides that two lost souls need a little boost in finding their soulmates.

After Bella confronts Jacob about his infidelity and evil plans to sell the companies, she chooses to spend her already paid Christmas honeymoon alone. She arrives at the cabin in the woods just as a horrible blizzard hits.

Edward finds out that woman he was supposed to marry has been lying their entire relationship. Not only was he betrayed by the woman he was going to spend his life with, but also his best friend and partner. Wanting to get away from everyone, he rents a cabin in the woods for Christmas.

What happens when he arrives at cabin number 5696 that Fate has worked her magic on the number? What surprises will he see in the little cabin? What happens when the roads are closed and there is no cell service?

Disclaimer: I only own my storyline.


“Look at that beautiful pure heart. I can’t believe it is going to be crushed and damaged beyond repair if she marries that jerk,” Fate said as she looked down at the young woman hurrying around to finalize her wedding.

“It is unfortunate. Why can’t two pure souls be brought together anymore?”  Cupid asked.

“Because you are a trigger-happy asshole,” Fate replied with one of her wicked grins as she pointed to Cupid’s bow and arrows.

“Bitch,” Cupid smirked.

“Yup and damn proud of it. Sit back and watch what I can do.”

Bella continuing pacing around the small room close to the chapel doors. It was hard to maneuver in the full ball gown that Jacob had insisted that she wear. She wanted a simple ceremony with just their parents, but he said that the merging of the Swan International Company and Black Enterprise needed to be a grand affair with every potential client in attendance. Bella tried to fight against it, but he became belligerent, screaming and demanding that he knew best in these matters. She had discussed Jacob’s behavior with her father, but he took Jacob’s side. Charlie worshipped Jacob since he was a small child and, in his eyes, could do no wrong. When Bella and Jacob began dating, Charlie threw them a grand party to celebrate and, when Jacob proposed, Charlie made plans for him to take over for him when the merger was finalized. Bella was pissed; she had spent her entire life studying and working towards becoming the next head of Swan International and now she was being pushed out.  That was until she received a mystery package three days ago.

Looking at the clock on the wall, she noticed it was already thirty minutes past the time that the wedding was supposed to start. Her best friend and maid of honor had notified her earlier that Jacob had not arrived at the church. Bella was not shocked because he was never on time for anything.

“Did you give the technician the DVD to play?” Bella asked Rose.

“Yes. He is waiting for my sign to start the video. Bella, are you sure you want to do this?” Rose inquired. She couldn’t believe that Bella was going to go on with the wedding, knowing that Jacob had been sleeping with over half of Seattle and had plans in selling off the company to the highest bidder. He owed a bunch of loan sharks a shit pile of money due to his colossal gambling problem.

Bella and Jacob had known each other since they were only five years old. Charlie had met Jacob’s father, Billy, on a fishing trip in Alaska. They hit it off so well that the Blacks moved to Seattle from Portland, Oregon. Bella considered Jacob a good friend, but never saw him as a boyfriend. They both went to the University of Washington and one weekend Jacob confessed that he was in love with her. Bella was stunned but with school and keeping up with the family business, she hadn’t had any boyfriends or dates. Deciding to give this new relationship a chance, she agreed to become his girlfriend. In the beginning, he was a sweet and loving boyfriend, always attentive to her; however, he soon became distant and mean. Bella thought for sure he was going to break it off with her, but he surprised her by asking her to marry him at a family dinner party. Looking back, she wasn’t in love with him like she had seen other couples, but she had liked him enough to say yes. It made her father happy and, with that, it made her happy.

The announcement of their marriage threw shockwaves through both the business and social communities. The owners of the rival business were scared of Swan and Black merging, while the social community was jealous of Bella and Jacob’s marriage. He was good looking and rich, many women hoped and dreamed that they might become Mrs. Jacob Black. Bella was beyond beautiful, tall, long brunette hair, full perky breasts, luscious lips, stunning brown eyes, and a body that would have made Greek goddesses jealous. Men lusted after her, hell even women, however, she never paid attention to any advances.

She was going into this marriage pure as the driven snow. It wasn’t like she believed she should save herself for her husband, but she didn’t have the time or opportunity to have sex. After she had graduated college, she was working one hundred plus hour weeks and traveling at least three weeks out of the month and most of those trips were overseas. Bella had studied and mastered eight different languages so that she could converse with clients in other countries. Jacob tried on many occasions to pressure himself on Bella and when she denied his advancements, he showed his true colors. He was quick-tempered, almost like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth and she was thankful for the amount of time she had to be away from him. Several times during their engagement she thought that she was making a huge mistake and, when she made a comment about this to her father, he simply told her that she would, in fact, marry Jacob and that after the wedding he would be naming Jacob as the next CEO of the new Swan/Black Corporation.

Bella and Rose were having a pre-wedding celebration when a messenger delivered a box to Bella’s high-rise apartment. When she looked to see who had sent the box, there was no return address which made her leary. She thought it might be another wedding gift, so opened the box. Pulling out the paper, she found several DVDs, pictures, and documentation. Bella looked at the pictures first and gasped at what she saw. Jacob was having sex with different women in each image. Then she began to read the documentation, some were recent medical records that showed that Jacob had just about every sexually transmitted disease, while others were huge life insurance policies on herself. Bella’s head was swimming with all the information, but what she read next made her blood boil. It was documentation on Jacob’s plan to break apart and sell the projected Swan/Black merged company.

Bella allowed Rose to see and read all the information and when they were finished, they both looked at each other. “Bella, oh my God.”

Bella opened her mouth to speak, but couldn’t form any words. The man she had known almost all her life was pure evil. How had she not seen the signs?

Rose watched her best friend carefully, knowing that she had to be in complete shock with the information that she had received. Pouring Bella a glass of whiskey, she handed it to her and watched as Bella down it, handing the empty glass back for a refill. After drinking the next glass, Bella took a deep cleansing breath. Bella was not going to allow Jacob Black to sell her family’s business, and she wasn’t going to marry the two-time bastard. “I need to see what is on the DVDs and then I need to come up with a plan,” Bella told Rose.

“Are you sure you want to watch them?”

“I need to know everything and whoever sent them wanted me to know the truth.”

After watching every minute of the DVDs, Bella got up and paced the floor, thinking about what she was going to do with the information. She knew if she called off the wedding and showed her father the videos, Jacob would somehow convince her father that it was all a mistake and Charlie would believe him. Saying nothing would mean that Jacob would be able to carry out his evil plan and, in a few short years, the business that her grandfather started would be in the hands of strangers. Bella had only one way out of this and that was to show everyone Jacob Black’s true colors.

“Rose, do you think Emmett will do me a huge favor?”

“Sure, what do you need?” Rose asked.

“Need him to do his magic and make me a highlights DVD for the wedding.”

“You are not calling it off?”

“Nope, but I am going to make Jacob regret for ever messing with me and my family,” Bella said.

Emmett did work his magic, cutting and splicing the multiple DVDs into the most disturbing scenes, including the most important one, where Jacob was discussing selling off the company once he took over.

“Bella, he has arrived,” Rose said, looking at her phone. Emmett had been watching out for Jacob and it took everything he had inside of him not to pulverize him. He needed to let Bella bring her justice to Jacob.

“Then let us get this shit over with. I want to put all this behind me.”

“Are you still going to cabin?” Rose asked.

“Yes. I know you are worried about me, but I need to get away and get my mind right.”

Rose pulled the veil over Bella’s eyes just as Charlie rapped on the door.

“Bella, it is time,” Charlie said.

Bella opened the door to find her father, dressed in a black tux wearing a huge smile. “Actually, we are already thirty minutes late,” she growled.

“Now Bella, Jacob was held up by a pressing matter,” Charlie explained.

“I bet,” Bella murmured, knowing that Jacob was probably in the bed of another woman and lost track of time.

Charlie looked puzzledly at Bella. What was wrong with her today? It was supposed to be one of the most joyful days of her life. But before he could question her on her behavior, the string orchestra began the Wedding March, and the doors opened to the chapel. Every seat was filled, and they all turned to see the bride.

Bella kept her eyes forward, hoping she wouldn’t see Jacob until the last possible moment. All too soon she was at the front of the church and Charlie was placing her hand into Jacob’s. She couldn’t help but shutter thinking about the number of diseases that Jacob was carrying.

The minister began the service talking about love and commitment between a man and a woman. He asked Jacob to repeat the vows, which he did without skipping a beat. Bella became sick with hearing him say he would love and keep their vows to one another sacred.

“Bella, I understand you have something special for Jacob,” Pastor Williams said.

“I do. Jacob, this video will show our families, friends, and clients, what type of man you truly are,” Bella said with a fake smile, then turned and nodded to Emmett who was posed and ready. The screen came down and lights were dimmed. The first images where of them as small children, then them as boyfriend and girlfriend, and lastly their engagement photo. The screen went black, then rapid succession flashes of the names of the many sexually transmitted diseases came onto the screen in bright red letters. Next were images and video clips of Jacob with just some of the women he had been with and with each picture was time stamped with time and date.

Jacob couldn’t believe his eyes. How the hell had she gotten a hold of this information? Just as he was going to confront Bella, the most damaging video began to play. It was the video with him in private conversation with the men who were going to buy different pieces to Swan International.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” screamed Charlie. If he hadn’t seen it or heard it with his own eyes and ears, he would not believe that Jacob could be something like this.

“Charlie, are you going to believe something that Bella has cooked up on me?” Jacob asked, hoping to weave his magic. “She wants the business all for herself and she will do anything to make that happen.”

Charlie looked between Jacob and Bella, taking in what Jacob had said, but the images he had just seen couldn’t be denied. “Why don’t we take this to a more private room?”

“No. I am not going anywhere with this asshole.” Bella declared. “Jacob, I was going to marry you and obey the wishes of my father by allowing you to take over as CEO of our family business, but not now or ever.”

Bella removed the ring from her finger and threw it on the floor. Turning to her father she smiled brightly, feeling happier and more herself than she had been in months, hell even years. “I am going to take some much-needed vacation time and when I return, you and I are going to sit down and discuss my plans for the future of the company.”

“Where are you going?” Charlies asked.

“Away. I am a big girl and can take care of myself,” Bella said, then turned to the guest in the church who were still in shock by what they had seen. “The wedding might be off but that doesn’t mean that you will miss out on the good food and booze at the reception. Go party and have a good time on my father’s expense.”

Bella lifted up the skirt of the gown and took off down the aisle to the back of the church. Once through the door, she headed outside to the waiting limo. The driver was shocked to see that she was alone, but he knew better than ask questions. Bella gave him the address of her apartment and instructions to wait for her return. After tearing off the dress, she turned on the fireplace and threw it inside, watching as the flames burned up the white gown. Changing into a pair of jeans, a sweater, and a pair of boots, she picked up a suitcase and filled it with comfortable warm clothes, her iPad, and a few paperback books. The next two weeks were going to spent at the cabin that was supposed to be her honeymoon destination. But, instead of connecting with her husband, she was going to relax and do things she enjoyed.

The limo took her to the airport and, before long, she was landing in Toronto. Bella fell in love with the snow-covered city, but couldn’t wait to get her hideaway cabin in the woods. It was rustic, but had a few modern conveniences, like running water and electricity, but there was no internet, no phones, or tv. Bella was happy that the rental company had a employee that would take her to the cabin and to pick her up in two weeks. She had already had the rental company supply the cabin with enough food for the two weeks.

“Miss, they are calling for some bad weather this evening. Are you sure you want to stay out here all alone?” Dave, the driver, asked.

“I will be fine,” Bella said as she stared out the window at the winter wonderland.

“The nearest cabin is five miles up the road and I will leave my cell number if you might need anything.”

“Thank you.”

The driver helped Bella with her luggage and carried it into the cabin at 5666 Snowtrack Lane. When Bella opened the door, she was welcomed with one great room with exposed beamed ceiling and wood panel walls.  To the left was small cozy sofa and chair sitting on a bear skin rug was nestled close to the large stone fireplace. Beside the fireplace was a tall Christmas tree, decorated in white lights and red bows. On the right  was a stove and refrigerator with a small table and two chairs. Bella looked to the back of the room and smiled at the large king size bed covered in antique looking quilt with large pillows.

“The bathroom is through the door in the back. I can start the fire for you if you would like,” Dave said.

“No, I will be fine. I have experience with fireplaces,” Bella informed Dave. “Thank you for all your help and I will see you in two weeks.”

“I will be here then, but if you need something don’t hesitate to call me or the rental company,” Dave urged as he left.

After Dave left, Bella quickly made a roaring fire and unpacked her suitcase. Once she finished, she fixed herself a cup of hot tea and went over the sofa, covered with the blanket on the back, and enjoyed the warm glow and drink. For the first time in a long time, she actually felt relaxed and happy. Looking at the tree, she sighed; this would be the first time she wasn’t home for the holidays, however, she was looking forward to the peace and quiet. The new year was going to be a trying time, but she was excited to the prospect of the future.

As night fell, the wind began to howl outside and the snow began to fall in large fluffy flakes. Within a few hours, the tracks that Dave had made were completely gone. After a dinner of beef stew and a grilled cheese sandwich, Bella put more wood in the fire, to last the rest of the night and changed into her nightgown and headed off to bed. Just as she settled into bed, the lights flicker twice and then they went out.

“Fuck. Well I am glad I have the fireplace and plenty of wood,” Bella murmured out loud. Pulling the extra blanket up, she snuggled down and drifted off to sleep.






Fate danced around the cabin, skipping on the snowflakes, before blowing the house number to read 5696. “Now let’s get the fire started between two people who really deserve each other.”