Test Faith Chapter 10 ~ Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Carmen placed a large dish of Tuscan Chicken into the oven. Edward had texted that he had left work and would be home in about an hour. She had been coming over every evening and cooking Edward dinner after Max had called and told her about Edward’s drunken episode at the bar.

Chapter 10 a

The Cullen boys were known to drink heavily but not to the point to be carried out of a bar. When Carmen came over the next day, she found Edward still asleep at one o’clock in the afternoon, which was something that Edward never did. He was always up by six a.m. and was in his gym doing his morning workout. She went into the bathroom poured a glass full of cold water and threw it over Edward’s head.

Chapter 10 b

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Edward shrieked, jumping out the bed. As soon as his feet hit the floor, his head began to swirl and he felt like he was going to be sick.

“Get your stinking ass in the shower and come downstairs when you’re finished,” Carmen hissed.

“But,” Edward started, however when he saw Carmen raise one eyebrow, he knew to shut his mouth and do as he was told.

After Edward’s shower, he came downstairs where Carmen proceeded to give him one of her famous lectures, then told him that she would be coming by daily to check on him. Edward kept his mouth shut other than to say “Yes Ma’am.”

Carmen noticed the sparkle that once was in Edward’s eyes was gone and she didn’t know what had caused it but knew she would take care of him until it returned. That is why she was cooking dinner for him.

As she began to chop up the salad to go along with the main course, the doorbell rang. Picking up a towel, Carmen wiped her hands and walked to the door. Opening it up, she came face to face with a man in a Texas State Highway Patrol uniform and her heart dropped.

“Hello Ma’am, I am Officer Williams of Texas State Highway Patrol, are you kin to a Mr. Edward Cullen?”

Chapter 10 c

“Yes, I am. What is wrong?” Carmen cried.

“Ma’am, he has been in a serious accident and has been airlifted to Baylor University Hospital,” Officer Williams explained.

“How bad is it?”

“Ma’am, I am going to honest with you, it is not good. He was hit head-on by a vehicle and he was pinned under his bike. Do you have someone who can take you to the hospital?”

“Yes, Edward’s brother is a doctor at Baylor and his other brothers live close by.”

“I am sorry that this has happened, Ma’am, and I hope that Mr. Cullen makes a full recovery.”

“Thank you, Officer,” Carmen said, closing the door, then rushed to her cell phone to call Emmett.

After a few rings, he picked up. “Mimi, what is my sweet girl up to?” Emmett joked.

“Emmett, are you at the hospital by chance?”

“Yes, are you okay?”

“I am fine, but Edward is being airlifted to Baylor. He has been in a motorcycle wreck and the officer said he wasn’t in good shape,” Carmen sobbed.

“Fuck, all right, call Carlisle and have him pick you up; I will keep you up to date,” Emmett said.

Carmen called Carlisle and told him what had happened. He quickly came and picked her up. Jasper was already in Dallas and went straight to the hospital. When Carmen and Carlisle arrived, they walked up to the reception desk.

“Good evening, how can I help you?” The blonde girl asked.

“We are Edward Cullen’s family and we need to know where he is located,” Carlisle said.

The girl typed in Edward’s name and looked up from the screen. “I am sorry, but I can’t give out that information.”

“What do you mean?” Carlisle asked.

“He hasn’t given permission to allow his information to be released,” she answered.

Chapter 10 d

“How the hell was he going to give permission when he was airlifted here,” Carlisle growled.

“Well, I don’t know, but he hasn’t, so I can’t give that information to you.”

At the moment, Emmett came around the corner and heard what the blonde bimbo had said. “Tracey, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Dr. Cullen, I was telling these people I couldn’t give out patient information,” she giggled, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder and pushing out her fake breasts.

“Who were they asking about?” Emmett inquired.

“A Mr. Edward Cullen, oh, wait, that is your last name as well, are you kin to each other?”

Emmett shook his head in disbelief. “Yes and these are his family members.”


Emmett held out his arm for Carmen to take and started walking away from Tracey. After Edward was taken care of, he would be reporting this to Tracey’s supervisor. They arrived on the surgical floor and Emmett showed them over to a waiting area. Once they were seated, he began telling them what he had found out.

“They brought Edward in from the medivac; he was in critical condition. He was rushed into surgery because his left leg was crushed during the crash and then pinned under his bike. They believe he has a broken arm, collarbone, and possible internal bleeding. However, the worst thing right now is his leg,” Emmett explained.

“How bad is the leg?” Jasper asked.

“Bad. I got a look at it when they were wheeling him in and it was crushed almost flat,” Emmett answered.

“Oh my, God,” Carmen cried.

Over the next two hours, they continued to wait to hear news from Edward’s surgeon. Jasper had called Angela and told her what had happened to Edward and she quickly came to the hospital to sit with the family. They were mindlessly watching t.v. when the program was interrupted by a special news report.

Chapter 10 f

“We interrupt this program with breaking news from Provo, Utah, where an entire religious sect is believed to be dead after a tragic fire in their church. The Order of the Solar Temple, whose leader was Aro Volturi, was found a few hours ago in a blaze that could be seen a several miles away. A videotape has been found that the authorities have said contained the deadly confession of the leader. We will have more news of this tragic event this evening on the nightly news.”

Chapter 10 e

“Oh my God,” Angela cried out. “I have got to go.”

“Angela, dear what is a matter?” Carmen asked.

“Bella’s parents were part of the Solar Temple. I have to get to her before she hears this.”

“Who is Bella?” Carmen asked.

“My cousin. I am sorry, but I have to go. Please call me when you know about Edward’s condition,” Angela said.

“We will and let us know if we can be of help,” Jasper said.

Angela rushed out of the hospital and to her car. She needed to get to the rehab center as fast as possible. Bella was working again today, much like she had done for the last few weeks. Angela had asked Bella on several occasions what was the matter, but she insisted that nothing was wrong. As Angela drove toward the center, she wondered how Bella was going to take the news.

Carlisle had gone down to the coffee shop and picked up drinks for everyone. As the drank they caffeinated drinks, a Texas State Policeman walked up.

“Mike Newton, when did you become a policeman?” Emmett asked. He would have never guessed that the dingbat Newton when have it in him to become a policeman. Mike was called the “fruitless Newton” all through school because he was so stupid.

“I just finished the academy at the beginning of the year. The State Patrol was waiting anxiously for me to complete my training,” Mike boasted.

Chapter 10 g

“Yeah right,” Emmett challenged. “You mean your Daddy paid off someone to get you hired.”

Mike looked at him a dumb expression and smiled. “I think Daddy did call to thank them. But I am here concerning the accident tonight.”

“Tell me you got the motherfucker that did this,” Jasper growled. Of all the Cullen brothers, Jasper was the most laid back one in the bunch. However, when it came to protecting his family from harm, he was the deadliest. When the Cullen brothers got in a fight, it was Jasper’s adversary who was beaten up the worst. They never started a fight but always ended it with them walking away with very few scrapes and evil smirks on their faces.

“No, we don’t have them in custody,” Mike said.

“Why the fuck not? Did they drive away?” Jasper growled.

“Because they are dead, dude,” Mike laughed.

“What the fuck do you mean they are dead?” Emmett asked.

“Well, their jeep overturned and burst into flames. Cooked them like burnt toast.”

“Officer Newton, I think that is highly inappropriate of you to say,” Carmen gasped.

“Sorry, but I am here to talk to,” Mike started then looked down at his notepad. “A one Edward Cullen, he seemed to have left the scene of the accident and I have some questions about the accident.”

“Fuck, Newt, you know Edward, he whipped your ass in eleventh grade,” Emmett growled. “He didn’t leave the scene, he was airlifted due to his injuries.”

“I still need to talk to him, where is he?”

“He is in surgery,” Carlisle answered.

“Oh, well I need to clear up a few things before I charge someone with the accident,” Mike informed.

“Wait a minute, are you saying that the accident was Edward’s fault?” Jasper asked.

“It appears to be,” Mike answered.

“Okay, let me get this straight, which lane was the tire marks in?” Carlisle asked.

“They would be in the right lane,” Mike advised as he looked at his notepad again.

“And which side of the bike hit?” Carlisle asked. “Was it in the front?”

“No, it was on the right side.”

“Then it appears that the jeep was in the right lane and the bike tried to avoid the collision,” Carlisle explained.

Mike looked mindlessly at what Carlisle had said then back down to his notepad. “Hmm, that could be the case.”

“Officer Newton, Edward will not be out of surgery for hours. Why don’t you leave your card and we will call you when he is awake,” Carmen urged, hoping to get rid of him.

“Ma’am, that sounds like a very good idea,” Mike said with a goofy smile. Reaching into his pocket, he handed her one of his cards.

“Hey, Newton, before you leave, what were the names of the passengers in the other vehicle,” Emmett asked.

“A James Hunter and a Jessica Stanley,” Newton answered. “I will see you guys later.”

After Newton had left, Jasper gasped. “Holy fuck, Jessica.”

“Jessica? Oh, my you mean Jessica, Edward’s old submissive?” Carmen asked.

“Yeah, and James Hunter was her new Dominant,” Jasper explained. “I have seen them around the club.”

“Fuck, how weird is that and what the hell was this about Bella’s parents being a part of religious sect?” Emmett said. “Hell, my Rosie has never said anything about Bella being a part of a sect.”

Carmen’s head whipped around. “Who is this Rosie?”

Emmett large dimpled cheeks bloomed into a bright shade of pink. “Well, she is my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend, you have a girlfriend and you didn’t call me. How long has this been going on?” Carmen demanded.

“Just a few weeks, Mimi, and I promise you I was going to bring her by to introduce you to her,” Emmett said, then looked over to Carlisle who had a smirk on his face. “Carlisle also has a girlfriend, Mimi.”

“Tell me everything about these girls,” Carmen snapped.

“Esme is a widow. She was married to Gerald Lomax,” Carlisle said.

Chapter 10 j

“You mean Gerald Lomax of Lomax Pharmaceuticals?” Carmen asked.

“Yes. He passed away a few years back from cancer and she has been working tirelessly for cancer research. She doesn’t have to work, but feels it is her responsibility to help those who can’t,” Carlisle explained.

“She sounds wonderful,” Carmen said.

“She is and more,” Carlisle affirmed, then elbowed Emmett.

“All right, Rosie, or Rosalie Hale, is a goddess. She works as a freelance book editor and just happens to be the most beautiful woman that walks this earth,” Emmett bragged.

Chapter 10 i

“And she is a real ball buster,” Carlisle jested.

“She does keep me in line,” Emmett countered.

“Esme and Rosalie are friends?” Carmen inquired.

“Yes and they are friends with Bella,” Carlisle answered.

Jasper chuckled lightly. “And they are submissives.”

“Excuse me, did you say they are all submissives?” Carmen asked, then looked at Emmett and Carlisle. “Have you two joined the community, like Edward?”

“No, no we haven’t. But Rosie and Esme are okay with the fact that we are not Dominants.” Emmett said.

“But Edward is and has the hots for Bella,” Jasper announced.

“What? How do you know this?” Carmen asked.

“Because the night he was drunk on his ass, he blurted it out, however, he is too chicken shit to talk to her or to make his move,” Jasper said.

“So this is why he has been so not himself recently,” Carmen guessed.


At that moment, Dr. Walker walked over to the Cullen family. He loved being a doctor and surgeon, but, it was times like this that he hated his job. “Emmett,” Dr. Walker called out.

“Dr. Walker, how is Edward?” Emmett questioned, but as he studied Dr. Walker’s face he could tell something was majorly wrong.

Carmen reached out and took Jasper and Carlisle’s hand. She needed their support to hear the news about Edward.

“I was able to stop the internal bleeding and set his right arm. It needed several pins and a steel bar, but it should heal nicely,” Dr. Walker informed.

“But what about his leg?” Emmett asked.

“There is no good way to tell you this. There was extensive damage to the entire lower of the leg. The vehicle that hit him, crushed the leg, severing multiple arteries. My team tried to repair them, but they were damaged beyond repair. Edward was losing large amounts of blood and the only way we could save him was to cut the leg off starting at the knee. I am so sorry,” Dr. Walker explained.

Chapter 10 h

Carmen burst out crying, while Emmett, Carlisle, and Jasper sat in shock. How were they going to tell Edward and how would he get through this?

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