Test Faith Chapter 10 ~ Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Carmen placed a large dish of Tuscan Chicken into the oven. Edward had texted that he had left work and would be home in about an hour. She had been coming over every evening and cooking Edward dinner after Max had called and told her about Edward’s drunken episode at the bar.

Chapter 10 a

The Cullen boys were known to drink heavily but not to the point to be carried out of a bar. When Carmen came over the next day, she found Edward still asleep at one o’clock in the afternoon, which was something that Edward never did. He was always up by six a.m. and was in his gym doing his morning workout. She went into the bathroom poured a glass full of cold water and threw it over Edward’s head.

Chapter 10 b

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Edward shrieked, jumping out the bed. As soon as his feet hit the floor, his head began to swirl and he felt like he was going to be sick.

“Get your stinking ass in the shower and come downstairs when you’re finished,” Carmen hissed.

“But,” Edward started, however when he saw Carmen raise one eyebrow, he knew to shut his mouth and do as he was told.

After Edward’s shower, he came downstairs where Carmen proceeded to give him one of her famous lectures, then told him that she would be coming by daily to check on him. Edward kept his mouth shut other than to say “Yes Ma’am.”

Carmen noticed the sparkle that once was in Edward’s eyes was gone and she didn’t know what had caused it but knew she would take care of him until it returned. That is why she was cooking dinner for him.

As she began to chop up the salad to go along with the main course, the doorbell rang. Picking up a towel, Carmen wiped her hands and walked to the door. Opening it up, she came face to face with a man in a Texas State Highway Patrol uniform and her heart dropped.

“Hello Ma’am, I am Officer Williams of Texas State Highway Patrol, are you kin to a Mr. Edward Cullen?”

Chapter 10 c

“Yes, I am. What is wrong?” Carmen cried.

“Ma’am, he has been in a serious accident and has been airlifted to Baylor University Hospital,” Officer Williams explained.

“How bad is it?”

“Ma’am, I am going to honest with you, it is not good. He was hit head-on by a vehicle and he was pinned under his bike. Do you have someone who can take you to the hospital?”

“Yes, Edward’s brother is a doctor at Baylor and his other brothers live close by.”

“I am sorry that this has happened, Ma’am, and I hope that Mr. Cullen makes a full recovery.”

“Thank you, Officer,” Carmen said, closing the door, then rushed to her cell phone to call Emmett.

After a few rings, he picked up. “Mimi, what is my sweet girl up to?” Emmett joked.

“Emmett, are you at the hospital by chance?”

“Yes, are you okay?”

“I am fine, but Edward is being airlifted to Baylor. He has been in a motorcycle wreck and the officer said he wasn’t in good shape,” Carmen sobbed.

“Fuck, all right, call Carlisle and have him pick you up; I will keep you up to date,” Emmett said.

Carmen called Carlisle and told him what had happened. He quickly came and picked her up. Jasper was already in Dallas and went straight to the hospital. When Carmen and Carlisle arrived, they walked up to the reception desk.

“Good evening, how can I help you?” The blonde girl asked.

“We are Edward Cullen’s family and we need to know where he is located,” Carlisle said.

The girl typed in Edward’s name and looked up from the screen. “I am sorry, but I can’t give out that information.”

“What do you mean?” Carlisle asked.

“He hasn’t given permission to allow his information to be released,” she answered.

Chapter 10 d

“How the hell was he going to give permission when he was airlifted here,” Carlisle growled.

“Well, I don’t know, but he hasn’t, so I can’t give that information to you.”

At the moment, Emmett came around the corner and heard what the blonde bimbo had said. “Tracey, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Dr. Cullen, I was telling these people I couldn’t give out patient information,” she giggled, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder and pushing out her fake breasts.

“Who were they asking about?” Emmett inquired.

“A Mr. Edward Cullen, oh, wait, that is your last name as well, are you kin to each other?”

Emmett shook his head in disbelief. “Yes and these are his family members.”


Emmett held out his arm for Carmen to take and started walking away from Tracey. After Edward was taken care of, he would be reporting this to Tracey’s supervisor. They arrived on the surgical floor and Emmett showed them over to a waiting area. Once they were seated, he began telling them what he had found out.

“They brought Edward in from the medivac; he was in critical condition. He was rushed into surgery because his left leg was crushed during the crash and then pinned under his bike. They believe he has a broken arm, collarbone, and possible internal bleeding. However, the worst thing right now is his leg,” Emmett explained.

“How bad is the leg?” Jasper asked.

“Bad. I got a look at it when they were wheeling him in and it was crushed almost flat,” Emmett answered.

“Oh my, God,” Carmen cried.

Over the next two hours, they continued to wait to hear news from Edward’s surgeon. Jasper had called Angela and told her what had happened to Edward and she quickly came to the hospital to sit with the family. They were mindlessly watching t.v. when the program was interrupted by a special news report.

Chapter 10 f

“We interrupt this program with breaking news from Provo, Utah, where an entire religious sect is believed to be dead after a tragic fire in their church. The Order of the Solar Temple, whose leader was Aro Volturi, was found a few hours ago in a blaze that could be seen a several miles away. A videotape has been found that the authorities have said contained the deadly confession of the leader. We will have more news of this tragic event this evening on the nightly news.”

Chapter 10 e

“Oh my God,” Angela cried out. “I have got to go.”

“Angela, dear what is a matter?” Carmen asked.

“Bella’s parents were part of the Solar Temple. I have to get to her before she hears this.”

“Who is Bella?” Carmen asked.

“My cousin. I am sorry, but I have to go. Please call me when you know about Edward’s condition,” Angela said.

“We will and let us know if we can be of help,” Jasper said.

Angela rushed out of the hospital and to her car. She needed to get to the rehab center as fast as possible. Bella was working again today, much like she had done for the last few weeks. Angela had asked Bella on several occasions what was the matter, but she insisted that nothing was wrong. As Angela drove toward the center, she wondered how Bella was going to take the news.

Carlisle had gone down to the coffee shop and picked up drinks for everyone. As the drank they caffeinated drinks, a Texas State Policeman walked up.

“Mike Newton, when did you become a policeman?” Emmett asked. He would have never guessed that the dingbat Newton when have it in him to become a policeman. Mike was called the “fruitless Newton” all through school because he was so stupid.

“I just finished the academy at the beginning of the year. The State Patrol was waiting anxiously for me to complete my training,” Mike boasted.

Chapter 10 g

“Yeah right,” Emmett challenged. “You mean your Daddy paid off someone to get you hired.”

Mike looked at him a dumb expression and smiled. “I think Daddy did call to thank them. But I am here concerning the accident tonight.”

“Tell me you got the motherfucker that did this,” Jasper growled. Of all the Cullen brothers, Jasper was the most laid back one in the bunch. However, when it came to protecting his family from harm, he was the deadliest. When the Cullen brothers got in a fight, it was Jasper’s adversary who was beaten up the worst. They never started a fight but always ended it with them walking away with very few scrapes and evil smirks on their faces.

“No, we don’t have them in custody,” Mike said.

“Why the fuck not? Did they drive away?” Jasper growled.

“Because they are dead, dude,” Mike laughed.

“What the fuck do you mean they are dead?” Emmett asked.

“Well, their jeep overturned and burst into flames. Cooked them like burnt toast.”

“Officer Newton, I think that is highly inappropriate of you to say,” Carmen gasped.

“Sorry, but I am here to talk to,” Mike started then looked down at his notepad. “A one Edward Cullen, he seemed to have left the scene of the accident and I have some questions about the accident.”

“Fuck, Newt, you know Edward, he whipped your ass in eleventh grade,” Emmett growled. “He didn’t leave the scene, he was airlifted due to his injuries.”

“I still need to talk to him, where is he?”

“He is in surgery,” Carlisle answered.

“Oh, well I need to clear up a few things before I charge someone with the accident,” Mike informed.

“Wait a minute, are you saying that the accident was Edward’s fault?” Jasper asked.

“It appears to be,” Mike answered.

“Okay, let me get this straight, which lane was the tire marks in?” Carlisle asked.

“They would be in the right lane,” Mike advised as he looked at his notepad again.

“And which side of the bike hit?” Carlisle asked. “Was it in the front?”

“No, it was on the right side.”

“Then it appears that the jeep was in the right lane and the bike tried to avoid the collision,” Carlisle explained.

Mike looked mindlessly at what Carlisle had said then back down to his notepad. “Hmm, that could be the case.”

“Officer Newton, Edward will not be out of surgery for hours. Why don’t you leave your card and we will call you when he is awake,” Carmen urged, hoping to get rid of him.

“Ma’am, that sounds like a very good idea,” Mike said with a goofy smile. Reaching into his pocket, he handed her one of his cards.

“Hey, Newton, before you leave, what were the names of the passengers in the other vehicle,” Emmett asked.

“A James Hunter and a Jessica Stanley,” Newton answered. “I will see you guys later.”

After Newton had left, Jasper gasped. “Holy fuck, Jessica.”

“Jessica? Oh, my you mean Jessica, Edward’s old submissive?” Carmen asked.

“Yeah, and James Hunter was her new Dominant,” Jasper explained. “I have seen them around the club.”

“Fuck, how weird is that and what the hell was this about Bella’s parents being a part of religious sect?” Emmett said. “Hell, my Rosie has never said anything about Bella being a part of a sect.”

Carmen’s head whipped around. “Who is this Rosie?”

Emmett large dimpled cheeks bloomed into a bright shade of pink. “Well, she is my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend, you have a girlfriend and you didn’t call me. How long has this been going on?” Carmen demanded.

“Just a few weeks, Mimi, and I promise you I was going to bring her by to introduce you to her,” Emmett said, then looked over to Carlisle who had a smirk on his face. “Carlisle also has a girlfriend, Mimi.”

“Tell me everything about these girls,” Carmen snapped.

“Esme is a widow. She was married to Gerald Lomax,” Carlisle said.

Chapter 10 j

“You mean Gerald Lomax of Lomax Pharmaceuticals?” Carmen asked.

“Yes. He passed away a few years back from cancer and she has been working tirelessly for cancer research. She doesn’t have to work, but feels it is her responsibility to help those who can’t,” Carlisle explained.

“She sounds wonderful,” Carmen said.

“She is and more,” Carlisle affirmed, then elbowed Emmett.

“All right, Rosie, or Rosalie Hale, is a goddess. She works as a freelance book editor and just happens to be the most beautiful woman that walks this earth,” Emmett bragged.

Chapter 10 i

“And she is a real ball buster,” Carlisle jested.

“She does keep me in line,” Emmett countered.

“Esme and Rosalie are friends?” Carmen inquired.

“Yes and they are friends with Bella,” Carlisle answered.

Jasper chuckled lightly. “And they are submissives.”

“Excuse me, did you say they are all submissives?” Carmen asked, then looked at Emmett and Carlisle. “Have you two joined the community, like Edward?”

“No, no we haven’t. But Rosie and Esme are okay with the fact that we are not Dominants.” Emmett said.

“But Edward is and has the hots for Bella,” Jasper announced.

“What? How do you know this?” Carmen asked.

“Because the night he was drunk on his ass, he blurted it out, however, he is too chicken shit to talk to her or to make his move,” Jasper said.

“So this is why he has been so not himself recently,” Carmen guessed.


At that moment, Dr. Walker walked over to the Cullen family. He loved being a doctor and surgeon, but, it was times like this that he hated his job. “Emmett,” Dr. Walker called out.

“Dr. Walker, how is Edward?” Emmett questioned, but as he studied Dr. Walker’s face he could tell something was majorly wrong.

Carmen reached out and took Jasper and Carlisle’s hand. She needed their support to hear the news about Edward.

“I was able to stop the internal bleeding and set his right arm. It needed several pins and a steel bar, but it should heal nicely,” Dr. Walker informed.

“But what about his leg?” Emmett asked.

“There is no good way to tell you this. There was extensive damage to the entire lower of the leg. The vehicle that hit him, crushed the leg, severing multiple arteries. My team tried to repair them, but they were damaged beyond repair. Edward was losing large amounts of blood and the only way we could save him was to cut the leg off starting at the knee. I am so sorry,” Dr. Walker explained.

Chapter 10 h

Carmen burst out crying, while Emmett, Carlisle, and Jasper sat in shock. How were they going to tell Edward and how would he get through this?

Chapter 9 ~ Life Changing Testing Faith

Edward was sitting at his desk at the shop thinking about the upcoming night.  It had been three months since he had started his Dominant/submissive relationship with Jessica.

Chapter 9

The first couple of sessions had been very nerve-racking for him, but, over time, he built confidence and was able to become a better Dominant.  Jessica had been an excellent submissive; however, there was no deeper connection. She had obeyed his every rule, command… that there was the problem.  Jessica seemed to anticipate his every command, which took away from the anticipation of play. He had tried to push her to her limits while taking care of her needs, but, in the end, it felt empty.  As he talked it over with Angela, she asked him some questions about the relationship and how it made him feel, but also what he thought Jessica felt in the playroom.

“Do you feel she is growing in her submission?”  Angela asked.

Edward thought hard on the question.  “No.”

“Are you pushing her limits?”

“Yes, but she anticipates the next move.  There is no spontaneity,” Edward said, defiantly.

“This is not your fault.  The connection is not there, which is very common, even for a seasoned Dominant.  At the end of the contract, just sit her down and explain the reason why you have decided not to extend it.  She will understand.”

Edward took Angela’s words to heart, and, after several hours of thought, he knew that he would not renew the contract.  Angela was right; the connection wasn’t there and they both deserved better.

The rest of the day was busy with several clients coming in for new pieces and, on occasion, some virgin skin wanted to be colored.  When the last client was seen, Edward finished up the daily paperwork and headed home. Jessica was to arrive promptly at eight and he knew she wouldn’t be late.  After he came home, he took a shower, then dressed in a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt. Going downstairs, he would wait for Jessica so that he could discuss his decision with her.

Just like he thought, promptly at eight, Jessica rang the doorbell.  Edward went to the door, to find Jessica standing with her head down waiting for him to give her a command.  “Come in,” Edward commanded.

Jessica walked and was excited to see what her Dominant had in store for her tonight.  Over the past three months, she had fallen head over heels for Edward and was going to tell him tonight after their session.  There were many times after their play had ended that she felt he was going to utter the words that she longed to hear, but, each time, he didn’t.  However, the look in his eyes told her otherwise; he loved her and was afraid to tell her. He wasn’t the only Dominant to have fallen for her over the years and been too scared to tell her, but Edward was the only one that she loved with all her heart and soul.

Chapter 9

“Jessica, come into the den where we can talk,” Edward said.

Jessica was confused. Typically, she was instructed to go to her room and prepare herself for that night’s play.  Also, why was he using her real name? She wondered.

They walked into the den and Edward motioned for her to have a seat on the couch.  After she had sat down, Edward sat on the chair beside the sofa. “Jessica, do you know what today is?”

“Yes, Sir.  It is our three month anniversary,” she replied, still in submissive mode with her head lowered and her eyes downcast.

“Jessica, we are not Dominant/submissive right now; I need to have a conversation with you.”

“Sorry, Sir,” she said as she looked up at him.

“Jessica, I have enjoyed our contract.  I believe that we have both learned and grown over the last three months.  With that being said, I do not want to extend the contract. There is no connection other than what we have in the playroom and, to be honest, I am looking for something more,” Edward explained.

Jessica flew in a fit of rage as she jumped to her feet.  “WHAT? YOU DON’T MEAN THAT! YOU PROMISED ME THAT YOU WOULD TAKE CARE OF ME!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Chapter 9 2

“Jessica, I promised that to you as your Dominant.  I will always think of our time together as a wonderful learning experience, but nothing more.”

She stomped over to him, pushed him back in the chair, crawled on top of him and began to kiss him, trying to force his mouth open.

At first, Edward was shocked, but quickly pushed Jessica away.  “What do you think you are doing?” He commanded.

“You love me; I know it.”

“No I don’t,” he said, wondering where she got an idea like that.

“You do, you are just afraid to admit it.  I love you and I promise never to leave you,” Jessica cried, once again trying to climb back onto him.

Blocking her once again, he grasped her shoulders.  “Jessica, I don’t love you. Our contract is over and I want you to leave.”


Edward was shocked by her statements and her demeanor.  She had never acted like this before, but he knew he needed to calm her down and send her on her way.

“Jessica, I cared for you as a good Dominant should, but that is all.  You deserve someone who will love you for you. You are a wonderful person and I feel sure that you will find someone soon.”

“But you said,” Jessica cried.

“Jessica, I don’t love you like you need to be loved.”

Jessica couldn’t believe this was happening, but he sounded so final.  She needed to get out of here and quick. She turned from Edward and headed for the front door and as she began to walk out, she looked back at Edward.  “One day you will realize that you do love me and it will be too late.”

Edward was never so happy to have that over with but knew he needed to say something to Angela concerning what had transpired, just in case Jessica decided to make his life difficult in the future with other possible submissives.

Looking at the clock, he knew that he would have to wait until tomorrow to call because she would be with Ben in the middle of one their sessions.  So, he decided to call Emmett to see if he wanted to go out and grab a drink instead.

Edward found his contact and called him.  “Hello, little brother,” Emmett boomed.

“Hey, Bro.  What are you doing?”

“Nothing much.  Just signed the last piece of paper for today,” Emmett said looking up at the clock.  “Aren’t you supposed to be whipping that the hot pussy you have under contract?”

“Actually, our contracted ended today.”

“And she didn’t want to extend it?  Damn, Edward do you need some advice on how to satisfy a woman?” Emmett jokes.

“I do just fine, thank you, and it was my decision.”

Emmett loved to pick on his brother, but, secretly, he was jealous that Edward had found something that he could pour himself into.  He wished that he could find something, no, someone that would accept him for him, not his checking account. “I will call Carlisle and you call Jasper, we will make this a Cullen Boys’ night.  Hell, Max at the bar will probably have a heart attack when he sees us walk in together.”

“Alright, this is so on.  Damn, I hope I won’t be interrupting Jasper and Alice,” Edward smirked, knowing that they might be in the playroom.

“Tell the bastard to let the girl rest.”

They hung up with each other and Edward made his call to Jasper, who picked up right away.

“Edward, are you okay?” Jasper asked concerned that his brother was calling on a night that he usually was in his playroom with his submissive. Thoughts of something going wrong ran through his head.

“I am fine, brother.  I hope I am not interrupting anything.”

“No, Alice is in Atlanta with her mother for a few days,” he replied. This was a yearly trip that they took, shopping, dining, and just having fun as mother and daughter.

“Great. We are meeting down a Max’s for a drink, oh, hell, for a lot of drinks. Call a taxi, because we are going to have an old fashion Cullen brothers’ night out.”

“Fuck, that sounds like fun. Give me thirty minutes,” Jasper laughed.

“And none of that designer shit tonight,” Edward demanded.

“All right, I will have to dig in my closet to find my boots.”

Edward couldn’t help but laugh, because he knew that Jasper had to have at least a dozen pair of boots in his closet. Carmen made sure her boys always had a good pair of boots in their closet, just in case they needed to go “somewhere nice.”  “See you there, little bro.”

Edward walked into his room and changed into a pair of jeans, a white button-down shirt, and a pair of his favorite cowboy boots.  They fit like a glove and were worn in all the right places. Going into the bathroom, he tried to calm his unruly hair to no avail and splashed on some cologne.  Calling an taxi, he made sure he had his wallet and house keys and waited for them to arrive.

The ride to the club was quick. After he paid the driver, he gave him a tip and collected his cell phone number for him to call when Edward was ready to go home.  Stepping out in the hot, muggy Texas air, he saw that Carlisle and Jasper were waiting outside the bar.

Chapter 9 4

Edward walked over, giving them a brotherly hug and handshake.  “Damn, good to see ya.”

“Same here, bro,” Carlisle agreed.

As they began talking, they didn’t see Emmett until he was right up behind them. “Girls, are we going to stand out here gossiping or are we going to go in and get shit faced?”

“Asshole,” Edward laughed.

They opened the doors to the bar and walked in.  As they looked around, they could see that nothing had changed about the place.  The bar was packed with good old Texas born and raised boys and girls. The owner, Max, refused to serve any of those fru-fru drinks and if you didn’t like beer, whiskey, or bourbon, then you were shit of luck.

Max looked up from behind the bar and smiled brightly.  The Cullen brothers had just walked in and looked like they were ready to do some drinking.  He had known the Cullen family for over thirty years and had the honor of serving each of the boys their first legal drink.  Picking up the small hammer, he slapped it against the large brass bell, causing it to ring loudly about the roar of the patrons and the blare of the music.


Chapter 9 9

Edward and his brothers walked towards the bar, with every woman in the building looking at them with hungry eyes and thoughts of being naked, sweaty in their beds.  It didn’t matter if they were with someone else, if one of the Cullen men showed interest, their dates would be dropped like a hot potato.

After finding a place at the bar, Max poured them all their favorite whiskey and placed it in front of them.  “Drink up boys.”

Edward lifted his glass. “To family.”

“Family,” Carlisle, Emmett, and Jasper said together.

After they finished that round, Max smiled wickedly. “So boys, which one of your cards am I placing them on tonight? Or Edward, I have a deal for you. I cover all your drinks tonight and you do my next tattoo on the only available space I have on my body.”

Edward knew very well where the only available space was on Max and there was no way in hell he was placing a tattoo on his dick. So, he reached into his back pocket, pulled out his well-worn wallet, then pulled out his credit card, and slid it towards Max. “I’ll pass.”

Max threw his head back and laughed out loud. He may have been in his sixties, but he loved his tattoos and, before he died, he wanted the last piece of virgin skin to be tattooed. The love of his life loved his tats; however, she would never accept his proposal. There were already four men in her life and, until they had settled down, she wouldn’t agree to marry him.

The door of the bar opened up and in walked three incredibly sexy women each dressed in skin-tight jeans, low cut tops, and fuck-me high heels. They walked across the floor to find an empty table beside the small dance floor.

Bella had received a call from Rose, asking her if she wanted to go out for a drink. At first, she was going to say no, but she needed to get out.

She had been working extra shifts ever since she and Garrett had decided not to extend their contract. Bella had learned so much from Garrett and grew in her confidence as a submissive, but they knew that they didn’t want a different relationship with each other. Angela told her that there were plenty of Dominants in the community that would love to take her on as their submissives. However, she had decided to wait until she was mentally prepared to embark on a new contract.

“Howdy ladies, what can I get you?” The cute busty waitress said, who wore cutoff jean shorts and a tight t-shirt with Max’s across the chest.

Rose looked up at the waitress at her name tag. “Mandy, we would like a round of whiskey, neat on stones if you have them.”

“Sure do. I’ll wrestle those up for you in a hot minute.”

As Mandy sashayed away, Rose began to look around the bar. There was a varied collection of patrons enjoying their night out. There were true cowboys, their boots  showed visible signs of wear and dirt caked on them. It didn’t matter to them what they looked like; as long as the beer was cold and whiskey was available, they were happy.

Then, there were the wannabe cowboys, with their crisp, tailored western shirts, jeans straight from the designer boutique, and cowboy boots that had never been worn and were absent of any dirt. These were the men who felt that they were entitled to every woman and those that didn’t meet their standards would be passed on to the common cowboys.

Rose then glanced towards the bar and as soon as she saw the god sitting there, she nearly came. He was perfection from his snakeskin boots, tight jeans that hugged his massive legs and gave her a good look at the outline of his cock, and a tight white button-down shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and enormous chest. As she looked up at his face, she was in awe of his dark brown hair and he smiled the sexiest smile with the best pair of dimples she had ever seen.


Esme glanced towards Rose and saw how she was breathing heavily and gripping the edge of the table. Following the direction that she was staring off to, she saw four men standing together, and two were facing so you could see their faces, while the other two had their backs to them. One of the men was tall, broad shoulders, and good looking, but it was the guy next to him that caught her attention. He was a little shorter than the other one, with lighter brown hair and striking good-looking face. He wasn’t as broad in the shoulders as the other, yet it still looked like he took care of himself. Esme couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like under those jeans.

Then suddenly the other two guys that were standing beside them turned and Esme gasped. “Fuck, Jasper and Edward Cullen.”

Bella whipped around when she heard Esme say Edward Cullen. He was the object of her nightly dreams and desires. She came to the realization that it was her continual thinking of the green-eyed God that had been the reason why she didn’t put more into the relationship with Garrett. She had only seen him in suits, but, tonight, he was dressed in tight jeans that hugged his ass, a white shirt, and fucking hot cowboy boots.

“Fuck, what a fucking gene pool,” Rose groaned. “I know that they are not in the community, but I wonder if they are available?”

“I don’t know, but damn they are hot,” Esme said.

Bella had not taken her eyes off Edward. She watched as he took a drink of whatever alcohol was in his glass and as a drop of the liquid escaped his tongue licked the fluid from his lips. Fuck what a sexy tongue, I wonder what that would feel like as it licked my pussy or my nipples? Bella thought to herself.

Chapter 9 8

“I wonder if Jasper and Edward are trying to bring them over to the dark side,” Esme smirked thinking of Carlisle in worn jeans with the buttons open as his enormous cock peered from its denim confines. In his hand was a flogger and he was striking her nipples and breasts in the most glorious matter, causing her excitement to pour down her legs.

Chapter 9 7

“Hmm that would be delicious,” Rose chuckled. She then looked over at Bella, who had been silent, and saw her staring at Edward.  She patted Bella on the hand and asked. “Why don’t you send him a drink?”

Bella came out of her trance and looked at Rose with a sad look on her face. “He is in a relationship with Jessica.”

“Fuck I forgot about that. I can’t believe he is still in the contract with her,” Rose emphasized.

“I know, right?” Esme said. “She is known to be one who is very boring in the playroom.”

“What do you mean, Esme?” Bella asked.

“She always is so perfect in the playroom that her Masters don’t have anything to correct. Damn, who doesn’t like to be strapped to a whipping bench as our Master corrects us for our missteps,” Esme said, holding up her hand.

“Hell yeah!” Rose yelled, slapping Esme’s hand.

Across the room, Emmett to look over at that time and saw them having a good time. “Fuck, what a fine table over there.”

“Where?” Carlisle asked, looking around the room then saw what Emmett was talking about. The caramel haired beauty was the one that caught his eye and as he took in her beauty, he became hard. Fuck, that never happened.

Edward turned and saw that it was Rosalie and Esme from the community that his brothers were talking about, but he then noticed the object of his dreams sitting beside them, Angela’s cousin, Bella. Ever seen he had seen her at the club at Garrett’s feet, he has thought of no one else. He knew that she was the primary reason why he really didn’t want to extend the contract with Jessica.

Jasper saw Edward staring at the pretty brunette that he knew was Bella Swan. She had been the talk of the community and many Dominants were clamoring to be her next Master. Leaning forward to Edward. “You know that she and Garrett are no longer together.”

“Fuck, when did that happen?” Edward asked.

“A few weeks ago. Word has it that she is taking a little time off. But I am sure if the right Dominant comes along, she might change her mind,” Jasper joked.

Bella looked back toward the bar, but this time she was met by a pair of blazing green eyes. Fuck was he looking at her? Why? Her heart began to race and she needed to get out of here and quick and at that moment she felt her phone vibrate. Looking at the screen, she saw that it was work. “Hello.”

“Bella, Mica called in sick for tomorrow and I was hoping you could pull some of her shift,” Jason asked.

Looking at her watch she knew it was close to eleven, but she had already had two drinks. “I can’t come in until noon,” Bella advised. It was regulation that no employee shall report to duty until at least twelve hours of their last alcoholic beverage.

“Bella, that will be fine. Thanks for doing this and I will see you when you get here,” Jason said.

Bella looked at Esme and Rose. “I have to go.”

“Why?” Rose asked.

“I got called into work,” Bella answered said reaching in her purse for money for the drinks.

“Don’t worry about the money, you can pay next time,” Esme said, sad that Bella was leaving.

“Thank you. I will call you in a few days,” Bella said as she stood and walked towards the door, willing herself not to look over at the bar. She couldn’t think about Edward and Jessica together.

Edward had turned back to the bar and was about to order when Jasper jabbed him in the side. “Looks like your little bird has flown away.”

Edward’s head whipped around to see her gone for the table and when he began searching the room he saw the back of her head and she was walking out the door. Fuck, he was getting ready to go ask her to dance. He was so disappointed and he decided he needed to drink away the thoughts of her for just a little while.

The night wore on, with Emmett and Carlisle at Esme and Rose’s table, putting on their best moves. Jasper decided he would keep an eye on Edward, who was getting drunker by the minute. Finally, he decided that Edward had had enough and took him home, dumping him in the bed. He decided to spend the night to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn’t get up and start drinking again.

“She left,” Edward slurred.


“The beautiful Swan,” Edward murmured before passing out.

Jasper covered him up and walked over to the sofa in the room. He didn’t need Edward throwing up in his sleep and aspirating. As he lay on the sofa, he thought of what Edward had said. “Hmm, I need to get those two together,” Jasper thought with a smile.

The after that drunken night, Edward resigned himself that he needed to get her out of his thoughts. He poured himself into work and started actively looking for his next submissive. Instead of last time, when he selected a submissive, he was more critical with each possible candidate. He was not going to make the same mistake twice. Jessica had moved on with a new Dominant named James Hunter, who was known to be someone who really didn’t follow the rules. More than one submissive had complained about his tactics and he was one complaint away from being kicked out of the community.

It was Thursday night and Edward had just finished up with his last client. His other artist had already left for the evening, so he made sure everything was cleaned up and locked up. Walking outside he mounted his motorcycle and put on his riding gloves and helmet. Starting up the engine with its thunderous roar, he maneuvered onto the road. Driving west towards his home a sliver of the sun was just setting in the horizon and it casts a warm glow into the sky. This one of the things that he loved about living in Texas.

Deciding to take the back way home, Edward took a right and roared down the road. He loved this way home because instead of the straight road, it had twists and turns to allow him to enjoy the power of his bike. As he took the sharp, kiss your ass turn, he was met with a set of headlights. He jerked the handlebars to the right, but there was no way he could avoid the jeep.

Chapter 9 6

Time seemed to come to a crawl, the loud sound of the metal against metal, the feeling of flying in the air, then, the unbelievable pain. Edward looked up and saw that the jeep had flipped over and, in the passenger seat of the vehicle was Jessica. She was restrained by the seat belt and blood was running down her face. The jeep itself was on fire and was slowly making its way toward Jessica.

Chapter 9 5

Jessica turned to see Edward lying on the pavement as she struggled to get out of the seatbelt. In her heart, she was still Edward’s submissive and she knew that he would help her.

“RED!  Master RED!”  Jessica screamed.  “Help me, Master.”

Edward tried to get to her, but he couldn’t move his legs.  As he yanked and pulled, he didn’t move an inch.

“Please Master, it hurts so bad.”

Edward looked towards the scream, he saw that she was trapped in an overturned vehicle which was on fire.  The flames were nearing her quickly.

“Master, please.  HELP, I AM ON FIRE!!!  Master, why aren’t you helping me?  You promised, you promised.” She cried.

“I’m trying, I truly am.”  Edward wailed, as he tried to move but still was trapped.

He saw the flames engulf her body, her screams echoed loudly and then a deafening silence.

“NO! GOD NO!  I AM SO SORRY!”  Edward cried, before blacking out.

In a Heartbeat ~ Chapter 5

Edward and Carlisle came in from their reunion in the backyard. They had talked and allowed all the pain that Edward had carried over the years out. Carlisle knew he had failed as a father, but he hoped that this was the beginning of a new relationship between Edward and himself. Of course, this wouldn’t happen overnight, but Carlisle was determined to make it happen. Now that Bella had received her heart, he was ready to retire and spend as much time as Edward would allow with him and little Elizabeth.

Esme had been crying since she saw Edward and Carlisle hugging in the backyard. The horrible relationship between them had been something that had been hurting her for years. As much she loved her husband and understood why he had been away so much when the boys were growing up, she knew why their sons felt like Carlisle had abandoned them for his career. When she heard them walk in talking and not yelling, she felt lighter. Going into the bathroom, she washed her face and put on makeup to cover up where she had been crying. She didn’t want Edward or Carlisle to be fussing over her, but to continue their talking and working on their relationship. After she had finished, she headed down the stairs to see if they needed anything. When she walked into the den, Edward and Carlisle were sitting on the sofa, where Edward was showing him a photo album.

“This is Maggie and me at the NY City Ballet. She loved ballet so much, but she had two left feet,” Edward chuckled. He remembered how many times he had taken her out to dance and it wasn’t just her saying she had two left feet, it was the truth. Many times he would hide his feet from her after going dancing so that she wouldn’t see the bruises. “We talked about if our little one was blessed with my feet that we would put her in ballet classes.”

“Elizabeth looks perfect, so I feel sure she has perfect feet for ballet,” Carlisle boosted.

“She is perfect,” Edward sighed thinking about his lovely daughter. Even during this horrible time, she had been the brightest light.

“That she is,” Esme chirped, walking into the room.

Edward looked up and smiled at his mom. “Where is she?”

“Sleeping, but I have the monitor.”

“Okay,” Edward said.

At that moment, Edward’s cell phone rang. Sliding the screen, he answered. “Dr. Cullen.”

“Dr. Cullen, this is Barry Morris with Forest Park Chapel. I wanted to let you know that we have brought Maggie into our care and was wondering if you needed anything?”

Edward knew this was going to happen, but this made it so real to get the call. “Hello, Mr. Morris. I am fine at the moment, but I would like to go over a few things that Maggie had wished.”

Esme came over and sat on the other side of Edward as Carlisle remained seated on the other side. Taking her hand, she laid it on Edward’s leg and let him know that she was here for him.

“What were her wishes?” Barry asked.

“She wanted to be cremated,” Edward stammered. His emotions were almost to the breaking point, but having his mother and father beside him gave him the strength to continue.

“Will you want a memorial service?”

“No, I plan on taking her remains to her homeland when our daughter is old enough to understand what is happening,” Edward explained.

“That sounds beautiful. When would you like to do this?”

Edward looked at his mom and dad, taking a deep breath. “I would like to do it tomorrow if possible.”

“We can work with that,” Barry said.

“Would it be possible for Maggie’s parents to see her one last time?” Edward asked.

“Of course, would they like to do it today?”

“I am sure they would, but is there any way we can have her not in a morgue-like setting?” Edward begged.

“Yes. Would you like her dressed in a specific outfit?”

Edward looked at his parents. “He is asking if I want her dressed in a specific outfit. I don’t know what to say.”

“Does she have a favorite dress?” Esme inquired.

“Yes, a simple blue dress,” Edward answered, remember how lovely she looked every time she wore it out.

“Then that should be the one,” Esme assured.

“Mr. Morris, we do have a dress. I will send my brothers over with it in a little bit and maybe, when she is ready, you can let me know,” Edward said.

“That would be fine. I am glad your family is there for you during this time. What time tomorrow would you like to meet?”

“Is ten o’clock okay?”

“That will be fine. I will make sure I have everything ready for her parents this afternoon and for you tomorrow.” Barry informed.

“Thank you, Mr. Morris,” Edward said, hanging up.

“I will get Jasper and Emmett,” Carlisle said.

“I will go get the dress,” Edward whispered. “I need to wake up Maggie’s parents and let them know what is going on.”

“Let me help you get Maggie’s dress and I am sure you will want her completely dressed,” Esme observed.

Edward hadn’t thought about it until his mom said something, but of course, he would want her dressed not only the dress but her undergarments as well. “I would love the help, mom.”

They went upstairs and collected the dress and undergarments for Maggie. Esme found a cute bag and placed them in it, along with a scarf that Edward said that was her favorite. Jasper came upstairs and got the bag to take to the funeral home. After Jasper left, Edward turned to Esme, tears rolling down his face once more and fell into her open arms.

“Mom, please tell me this is a nightmare,” Edward cried.

“Edward, I can’t. I wish it were, but sadly our sweet Maggie is gone. However, you need to remain strong, not only for yourself, but that sweet little girl over there.”

“I know, it just hurts so bad,” Edward sniffled.

“And it will for a long time, but don’t let it harden you. Please allow yourself in the future to allow your heart to love again,” Esme pleaded.

“I don’t think I will ever find anyone like Maggie.”

“You won’t, because there was only one Maggie. However, there might be someone that you don’t expect that will come along. Don’t be so closed hearted not to allow those feelings to happen, not only for you but for Elizabeth.”

“I will try, but I don’t know.”

“That is all I ask,” Esme said, squeezing him tightly.

Elizabeth decided it was time for her to wake up from her nap and let out a loud cry. Edward let his mother go and rushed over to the bassinet. “What is wrong little one? Are you hungry?”

Esme left the room to go downstairs to prepare Elizabeth’s bottle, while Edward checked Elizabeth’s diaper then changed her wet diaper. After she was changed, he cuddled her close and hummed a sweet tune. She still was crying, but not as loud as before. Walking over to the rocking chair, that Maggie had picked out.

“Edward, I can just see us rocking our little one to sleep in this chair each night,” Maggie squealed seeing the rocking chair in the boutique.

Wrapping his arm around her shoulder as she ran her hand along the back of the chair, while the other was wrapped protectively over her prominent pregnant belly. “Then we will have to have it, my love.”

The clerk came over and asked if she could help.

“We would like this chair, please,” Edward said, beaming brightly.

“We have other chairs,” the clerk announced, wanting to sell the highest price one she could. The higher the price of the chair, the bigger her commission would be.

“I am sure you have other chairs, but we want this one,” Edward insisted.

“But I have a lovely tufted chair that would be perfect for you.”

Maggie had heard enough and her Irish blood began to boil. Looking at the clerk’s name tag. “Jessica, I would like for you to go back to the office and bring out your manager, NOW!”

Jessica’s mouth fell open, she couldn’t believe that this woman was demanding to see her boss. Who did she think she was?

Edward watched as the clerk or Jessica had not moved to get the manager and he knew that Maggie would blow a gasket if she didn’t move and move now. “Jessica, I would go get your manager now if I was you because Mrs. Cullen does not like to be kept waiting.”

Jessica rushed away to get her manager and, a few minutes later, Charlotte came out with Jessica behind her.

“Hello, I am Charlotte Johnson; I understand you wanted to see me.”

“Yes, we would like to purchase this chair, but Jessica refuses to sell it to us,” Maggie barked.

“Mr. and Mrs. Cullen,” Charlotte began.

“That is Dr. Cullen, thank you very much,” Maggie blurted out.

All customers are important, but doctors and their wives usually spend a considerable amount of money on outfitting their nurseries. “Sorry, Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen. If this is the chair you want, I will make sure it is delivered to your home on the date and time you desire.”

Jessica couldn’t believe that Charlotte was backing Mrs. Cullen and not her employee. “You are siding with her?” Jessica sneered.

Charlotte whipped around and glared at Jessica. “Go to the office and wait for me.”

Jessica stomped off toward the office, mumbling under her breath about how could Charlotte be kissing that fat woman’s ass. Once Jessica was in the office Charlotte turned back to the Cullens.

“I am so sorry about that and I promise you that she will be gone as soon as I finish taking care of you.”

“Thank you, Charlotte. I really do love this chair,” Maggie said.

“Wonderful. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Maggie looked around the boutique and saw many things that she did in fact loved. An hour later, Edward’s credit card was hit with a six thousand dollar charge, but a smiling Maggie was worth every dime spent.

Esme walked back into the room, warm bottle in hand and saw Edward with Elizabeth in the rocking chair as he hummed a sweet tune. There was no doubt that he was going to be a wonderful father. Coming over, she took a better look at Edward, who to be lost in his thoughts.

“Edward, here is Elizabeth’s bottle,” Esme said, but Edward didn’t answer her or even look up at her. He was staring out the window, lost his thoughts.

Esme touched his arm, causing Edward to jump slightly. “Oh sorry, mom, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“You seemed to be thinking of something important,” Esme said, worried about his mental health, as he was dealing with Maggie’s death.

“I was just remembering the day that Maggie picked out this chair,” Edward murmured, then smiled brightly. “She let her Irish temper out that day and to see those green eyes of hers with so much fire was something to behold.”

Edward took the bottle and as soon as he put it up to Elizabeth’s sweet lips, she grabbed on and began to suck in earnest. She made short work of the bottle and when Edward started to pat her little back to get a burp, she gave him one that would make her Uncle Emmett proud.

“Wow, that was a huge one,” Esme chuckled.

“I think her Uncle Emmett has been giving her pointers,” Edward smirked.

“Sounds a lot like him. Why don’t I just leave you two to spend some quality time together and I will go talk to Maggie’s parents,” Esme said.

“But mom, I need to do that,” Edward said.

“No, you don’t have to do it. That precious little girl in your arms is your main concern right now.”

Edward nodded his head. “Thanks, mom.”

Esme went to talk to Maggie’s parents, while Edward got up and changed Elizabeth’s diaper once again and put on a cute onesie with cherries on it. As soon as he laid her down on the bed, she let out a scream. “What is it little one?”

Elizabeth looked up, her bottom lip stuck out and whimpered.

“All right, I will pick you back up, just put away that lip,” Edward said.

Once he had her up and nestled close to him, she quit whimpering. He walked over to the sofa that was in the bedroom and stretched out, laying Elizabeth on his chest placing his hand protectively on her tiny back. Before long, the sleepless nights caught up with him and he drifted off to sleep. Instead of the horrible nightmares of Maggie lay on the table dead, he had sweet dreams of a redhead little girl in pink tights dancing around a studio. She was so cute and looked so familiar. As she twirled around on her toes, her laughter fills not only the room but every heart that was in earshot.

Esme had talked to Maggie’s parents and called Mr. Morris at the funeral home to let him know what time they would be arriving. They were grateful that they would be able to say their goodbyes before Maggie was cremated. After arranging Jasper and Emmett to take them to the funeral home, she went to see how Edward was doing. Opening the door to his room, she caught a sob before it escaped; there, on the couch, was Edward asleep, with Elizabeth, also asleep, on his chest. It had to be one of the most beautiful things she had seen in a long time. There was no training on how to be a good father, it just came naturally and Edward was going to be a fantastic father.

The next morning, Edward was up and dressed to go off to the funeral home. Dressing in the suit that Maggie loved, he walked out of his bedroom to find Carlisle waiting for him.

“I thought I might come with you,” Carlisle said, hoping that Edward would allow him to go with him.

“I would love that, dad,” Edward whispered. His mom was going to take care of Elizabeth, while Jasper and Emmett took Maggie’s parents to the airport. They had spent several hours with Maggie yesterday afternoon and they didn’t want to be around for the cremation. Edward promised that he would keep in touch and send pictures so they could see their granddaughter grow up.

Carlisle called for a car service to pick them up and take them to the funeral home. He didn’t know much about New York and Edward didn’t need to be driving or even think about giving directions. During the entire trip, Edward looked out the window, willing himself not to cry. Just when he thought he was about to lose it, he felt the warm, comforting hand of his father take hold of his.

“You can do this, Edward,” Carlisle encouraged.

“I don’t see how.”

“You are the strongest person I know,” Carlisle exclaimed.

Edward didn’t consider himself strong. Maggie was the strong one in their relationship and without her, he didn’t know how he would be able to survive.

Soon, they pulled up in front of the funeral home and the driver opened the door for Edward and Carlisle to exit the car. Once out of the car, they walked up to the double glass doors, pulled them open, and walked into the lobby. In the center was a large slate water fountain, the trickling water gave a calming effect both in sight and sound.

“Dr. Cullen?” A man asked, coming around the side of the fountain, dressed in a dark suit and white shirt.

“Yes,” Edward answered.

The man held out his hand to Edward, which he took and they shook. “I am Barry Morris, we spoke on the phone. So sorry about your loss.”

“Thank you,” Edward whispered.

“This must be your father?” Barry questioned, seeing the likeness between the two of them.

“Yes, this is my father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”

“Two doctors in the family,” Barry smiled.

“Actually, there are four doctors in the family,” Carlisle bragged.

“You must be very proud,” Barry told Carlisle.

“I am extremely proud of all my children and not because they are doctors,” Carlisle said.

“I’m sure you are. Would you like to see Maggie now or after we do the paperwork?”

“Let’s get the paperwork over with,” Edward said.

Mr. Morris took them in the arrangement room and went over the cost of the services that they performed with Maggie’s body. Edward went to reach for his wallet in his pocket but realized he had left it at home.

“I am so embarrassed, I’ve mistakenly left my wallet at home, ” Edward murmured.

“Dr. Cullen don’t worry about that, we will send you a bill, ” Barry said. He knew that there would be no doubt that Dr. Edward Cullen was good for the bill.

“Thank you,” Edward said, then turned to Carlisle. “Dad, I will only be a little bit, but I would love for you to meet Maggie.”

“I would be honored,” Carlisle confessed.

“Edward, please come with me,” Barry instructed. Edward, Carlisle and Barry walked out of the office and down the hall, lit with warm Tiffany lamps and soft overhead lighting. They arrived at the door and Barry offered a chair across from it for Carlisle to wait.

Edward took a deep cleansing breath and walked in the room behind Barry. Once in the room, he was faced with a dark wood casket, with Maggie tucked inside the satin interior trim. Walking over to Maggie, he looked down at her sweet face, so perfect, yet not his Maggie. His Maggie was full of life, her green eyes brightly shining, and a smile that could make the darkest of day bright.

Barry quietly exited the room allowing Edward the privacy to say his goodbyes. When he walked out he sees Carlisle, sitting in the chair wiping tears from his eyes, looking broken for his son. “Edward is doing fine.”

“Thank you for everything you have done for Maggie and Edward,” Carlisle said.

“Thank you. I just wished that it hadn’t happened. From what I can have heard and seen, she truly was a wonderful person.”

“Maggie was Edward’s saving grace. She allowed him to experience unconditional love,” Carlisle explained, then remember the bill. Reaching in his jacket he pulled out his wallet, removing one of his credit cards and held it out towards Barry. “Please run the bill on my credit card. I don’t Edward to get a bill later on and open up the wound all over again.”

“I think that is a very lovely thing for you to do for him,” Barry confessed.

As Barry and Carlisle were taking care of the bill, Edward was saying his goodbyes to Maggie. “Mag Pie, it should be me in that coffin and not you. You were always the better of the two of us and Elizabeth needs her mother,” Edward choked, taking a tissue from the box next to the coffin and dried his eyes. “Since there is nothing I can do to change this, I will promise you that I will tell Elizabeth everything about you and how much you loved her. I also promise to love her enough for both of us.”

Leaning down and placing a kiss on her head, “I love you so much and I know that you are in heaven looking down on us.

At that moment, Barry opened the door, “Are you ready for your father?”


Carlisle walked in and up beside Edward and looked in the coffin at the lovely Maggie. Edward took Carlisle’s hand and turned back to coffin, “Mag Pie this is my dad. I know you wanted to meet him, but I was too pig-headed as always to allow that to happen.”

“Hi, Maggie. Edward is wrong, it wasn’t his fault, but my own.  I promise you that I won’t be making that mistake again. I was not a good father, but I will be a fantastic grandfather for Elizabeth. I also promise to take care of Edward and be here for whatever he needs. Thank you for taking care of him.”

By the end of Carlisle’s speech, Edward was opening sobbing. His heart was so broken and he felt so empty.

Barry stepped up, placing his hand on Edward’s back, “Edward, do you need more time?”

“No. It is time for Maggie to take her final journey,” Edward whimpered. “Dad, I am ready to leave.”

Edward had decided he didn’t want to see Maggie being placed in the cremator, even though he had been given the chose to do so if he wanted. Walking out of the room and out of the funeral home to the waiting car, they climbed in and began their trip home. Barry had told them that Maggie’s remains would be ready in a few days and he would call when they were available for them to pick up.

As Edward and Carlisle rode through the city, rain began falling down on the car, much like the tears falling from their eyes. Edward soul was broken over the loss of his love, but his heart was full of love for little Elizabeth. Then a song came on the radio that seemed poynette to the moment.

It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again
Damn, who knew all the planes we flew
Good things we’ve been through
That I’ll be standing right here
Talking to you about another path I
Know we loved to hit the road and laugh
But something told me that it wouldn’t last
Had to switch up look at things different see the bigger picture
Those were the days hard work forever pays now I see you in a better place
How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be with me for the last ride
It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again
First you both go out your way
And the vibe is feeling strong and what’s
Small turn to a friendship, a friendship
Turn into a bond and that bond will never
Be broken and the love will never get lost
And when brotherhood come first then the line
Will never be crossed established it on our own
When that line had to be drawn and that line is what
We reach so remember me when I’m gone
How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gonna be with me for the last ride
So let the light guide your way hold every memory
As you go and every road you take will always lead you home
It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again.