Fire of Your Soul ~ Chapter Four

I know that we’ve been sending all of you on an emotional roller coaster. We’re grateful for all of the support of our readers. Thank you! Also, we’re not Stephenie Meyer … sigh … And onto it … Chapter Four   After his phone conversation with his mom, Edward called Uncle Eleazar and informed him…

Fire of Your Soul ~ Chapter 3

You still with us? We’re going through a time jump after chapter two. We don’t want our story to be a bajillion chapters long, reading  about every tiny thing our characters experience. It would be very tedious. Now, again, none of this is ours. We’re not famous or anything. We don’t get paid for this….

Fire of Your Soul ~ Chapter 2

We hope you loved the first chapter of Fire of Your Soul. Thank you to all of you who took the time to review. We appreciate it so much! The next chapter, we’re warning you, will have some tissue alerts … Have some Kleenexes near by … just sayin’! As always, this is not ours….

Fire of Your Soul ~ Chapter 1

In the blink of an eye, your world can change. You can experience the greatest happiness … or succumb to the world’s worst pain, losing someone that had no reason to die … Edward Cullen, a decorated fireman, after losing a woman in a deadly apartment fire, left his life and family in Seattle, trying…

All Tied Up in Love – One Shot

Summary:  You never know where you might find that person who is everything you need or desire.  Thanks to my Beta: Princess07890/RAH07890.  Written for the All Tied Up In You Contest.  Thanks for all the wonderful reviews I received during the contest. “Why are you here, pet?” Looking at the submissive in a perfect waiting…