Fire of your Soul ~ Summary

So, this story is the brainchild of Clo Rodeffer (Heart For Twilight) and Josie Beckmann (Tufano79). We’d gotten to talking and that talking turned to planning and the planning turned into this collaboration, Fire of your Soul. As we were working on this plan (which came together after about a week of planning, and that’s shockingly fast), we realized that this is something special, hopefully. With that said, both Clo and Josie are busy … working full time (or for Josie, full time starting in August … she’s recuperating from ankle surgery at the moment). Updates will come when they come and if we can get a surplus of chapters, we’ll be able to give you an update schedule.


Anyhow, here’s the extended summary for you.


In the blink of an eye, your world can change. You can experience the greatest happiness … or succumb to the world’s worst pain, losing someone that had no reason to die …


Edward Cullen, a decorated fireman, after losing a woman in a deadly apartment fire, left his life and family in Seattle, trying to escape the ghost of the beautiful woman, the concert mistress of Seattle Symphony. He stayed away from Seattle, living in Boston, working as an arson investigator until his mother called him, informing him that she had cancer. Without a second thought, Edward moved home to help his family.


Dr. Isabella Swan, a renowned oncologist, specializing in women’s cancers, went through the paces of life. Her mother, an ovarian cancer survivor, was her impetus to become a doctor. However, she was closed-off and had been for many years … since the death of her twin sister, Angela, in an apartment fire. Bella focused on her job, working to forget the empty pain of losing her soul mate. Even eight years after her death, Bella was profoundly broken because of it. She never let anyone in … Until … a handsome, sexy man and a son of one of her patients … Edward Cullen …
Everything in her mind told her it was wrong, but in the blink of an eye, your world can change. You can experience the greatest happiness. Your life can come back to life, especially when you find your new soul mate … the Fire of your Soul.

Here is the extended summary from the collaboration of me (Tufano79) and Clo Rodeffer (HeartForTwilight), Fire of My Soul. As of right now, we’ve got the first chapter written and it will be posted next week. It will be posted under my author name, Tufano79, but make no mistake … this is a collaborative effort between me and Clo. It will be posted on all writing platforms (FFn, Stars, AO3, FicPad, Wattpad and on Clo’s blog). I can’t give you an update schedule, but we are hoping that we can post a chapter a week. It’s all dependent on our muses and time to write.

Looking forward to hear what you all think! See you next week with the update! Make sure you put ‘Tufano79’ under author alerts!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. FangirlinGranma Dee Creston says:

    My Tufano and my Clo, I am thrilled beyond measure over this collab! You two will be brilliant together. I can’t wait and the extended summary sounds heart wrenching but with a promise of hope for an HEA. You know I’ll be all in!
    Speedy recovery from surgery, my Josie! Love you both! {GIANT GRANMA HUGS AND SMOOCHES!}
    – FangirlinGranma Dee


  2. Patti Blomstrom says:

    Can’t wait to see how this storyline goes. Thank you for your words


  3. riyarose1 says:

    Loving the story so far but I can’t find chapter 11 thank you for amazing read


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