Chapter 8 Sore but Satisfied

Edward had returned from his trip to Vegas, where he had been the keynote speaker at the main convention meeting.  He didn’t see himself doing anything different than most professional tattoo artists; however, he had gained the reputation as the being the best in the country.  Even though he enjoyed his time in Vegas, his thoughts continued to drift back to Texas.  He couldn’t help but be disappointed that he was missing his first BDSM party and the opportunity to find his first submissive.  Before leaving for the convention, the last of his equipment had arrived and had been installed.  Angela had come over and given her approval on the placement of each piece, the security that had been established, and, lastly, put in place the most important safety measures.  As a Dominant, you took the safety of your submissive under your care in the highest regard.

He called Angela when he had unpacked. “Hey, Angela.”

“Edward, how was the convention?”

“Good.  I got some new equipment ordered, along with some new dyes.  Did everything run smoothly at the shop?”  He asked.

“Yes.  The guys did a great job and you will be impressed by some of the work they did,”  Angela answered.

“That is wonderful to hear,”  He said.

The awkward silence set in and Edward was trying to think about how to bring up the subject of the party.

“Edward, grow a pair and ask me the fucking question that you are skirting around.”

Chapter 8 b

“All right, how was the party?”

“It was excellent, several people have entered into new contracts.”

“Oh,” Edward groaned, thinking he had missed out on his chance to get his first submissive.

“Edward, there are several submissives who are still available.  I have set up some interviews on Thursday for you to meet some of them.”

Edward relaxed for the first time since knowing that he wouldn’t be around for the party.  Angela had, once again, been an excellent mentor and friend.  “Thanks, Angela.”

“No problem.  Several are very new in the community, but there is one that has been in several contracts and is available.  I think she will be a good match for you.  Edward, you are going to be a great Dominant, but you need to center yourself before conducting these interviews.  You must walk in that room a confident, powerful Dominant.”

“I know and I will.  Thanks again,” he said.

Edward read over his notes and spent several hours reflecting and writing his thoughts in his journal.  Of course, Angela had been right, the journal would be a great tool to have when trying to center yourself and work through your feelings.  He had designed several scenes and had finished up his contract along with the checklists.  Then, he began reflecting on a statement that Angela had written in his journal, “You need a submissive just as much as they need a Dominant.”

The day was finally here and Edward was excited at the possibility of getting his first submissive.  The toughest decision of the day was what to wear.  He wanted to convey his Dominant persona, so, he decided to wear one of his black tailored Armani suits, a crisp white shirt, a black silk tie, and a pair of Italian shoes.

Chapter 8 d

Then, he slipped on the cufflinks that had been a present from Angela, which bore his initials.  Angela had filed the rest of his paperwork at the club and signed off that his training was complete.  His hard and soft limits, along with his contract would be kept in his file.  This was done for all members to ensure that rules were followed and if there was ever a question, the information was readily available.  He decided to take his grandfather’s 1954 cherry red Jaguar xk140 to the club instead of one of his many bikes.  Pulling in the club’s parking lot, he locked up, straightened his jacket, and took a moment to steady his nerves.

Chapter 8 c

Walking up to the security door, he saw the tall, formidable looking guard standing watch.   “Good evening, Felix.”

“Good evening, Mr. Cullen,” Felix replied.

“Please call me Edward.”

“No, sir.  We all must follow decorum and address our Dominants by either Mr. or Ms.  This shows the submissives that we recognize the person as the Dominant,” Felix explained.

Damn, this was something that Edward didn’t think about.  Nodding to Felix, he proceeded to the club and looked around.  Several Dominants were sitting and mingling around, some with submissives, others alone.  Walking up to the bar, Edward ordered a drink, then looked around for a place to sit down, when he saw Garrett.  Garrett was a client of his at the tattoo shop and had a full back piece with a phoenix in the middle.  He had been in the Marines and had come back from his third tour a broken man.  After a long battle and finding himself once more, he wanted the tattoo to represent his coming back from the fire to live again.

Edward noticed that beside Garrett’s leg was a young dark-haired woman, in perfect submissive form.  As he took a closer look, he saw that her delicate hand was wrapped around Garrett’s calf and he was stroking her hair.

Chapter 8 a

“Garrett, how are you?”  Edward asked.

“Edward, good man.  Damn, I don’t think I have ever seen you in a suit before.  Please, have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

“I had heard you became a Dominant,”  Garrett said.  “Have you found a submissive yet?”

“No, but it looks like you have.”

“Oh, yes, my little pet is also new to the community; however, she is excellent.  Tonight is the first time we have been out in public together,” Garrett explained, as he continued stroking her hair.

“Did you meet at the party a few weeks back?”  Edward asked.

“Yes, we did.”

“I wanted to be here, but had a conference.”

“Too bad, but there are plenty of submissives looking for a Dominant,” Garrett stated.

“I know, actually I am here tonight to meet a few of them,” Edward confirmed, then took another look at Garrett’s submissive.

“I am pleased with my little pet.  We had a few issues, but she took her corrections very well.  Fuck, the thought of her ass, red from my paddle, makes me hard,” Garrett groaned.

Bella had been listening to her Master talk to the man called Edward.  She was so aroused that she wanted to move to find some relief, but she didn’t want to be back on the punishment bench.  Garrett had been everything she had ever dreamed of for in a Dominant; he had a clear set of rules and if she didn’t follow them, there would be a correction.  Her first correction was because she came before giving permission.  She had not had an orgasm in so long and when Garrett began the scene with a strap-on vibrator, only moments after he turned it on, she came.  He quickly unstrapped her from the vibrator, took her to the punishment bench, and instructed her to why she was receiving her punishment.  After punishment, he ensured she was okay and asked if she would be okay continuing the scene.

Garrett and Bella

“My pet, you must use your safe words,” Garrett instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

Garrett began again and Bella tried her best, but had to use her safe word to slow down the scene.  He praised her for using it and, in the end, she was so sexually satisfied that she went to sleep that night with a massive smile on her face.  But, as fantastic as the sex was with Garrett, Edward’s rough voice was vibrating through her body.  Bella recognized it as the man who had captivated her that evening after class.  However, she must not think of this man, Edward, as she was in a contractual relationship with Master Garrett for the next three months.

Edward looked at his watch and saw it was time to meet his first prospective submissive.  “Garrett, it was great talking to you, but I must hurry off to make my first meeting.”

“Good luck, Edward.  I hope you find what you are looking for,” Garrett said.

Edward went to the upper section of the club to the private meeting room.  Angela had arranged for him to use the room so he could talk to each of the women in private.  The first one he met didn’t show up on time and didn’t act like a submissive.  The second one did arrive on time, but the more they talked about their limits, he knew they were too far apart on several hard limits for them to ever be compatible.  Before the last one was supposed to arrive, Edward had lost hope that he would find his first submissive.  Lost in his thoughts he didn’t see the young woman walk up to the table, but he finally looked up.  Then, he  noticed…standing with her head down was a striking woman.

“Good evening, you must be Jessica, please have a seat and feel free to answer all my questions,” Edward said.

Jessica sat down and took a good look at the man who might become her next Dominant.  Damn, he was fucking hot.  They began to talk and went over their limits list and they were close, not exact, but something both could work with.

Chapter 8 e

“Jessica, I would like to take this to a contract relationship, if you are agreeable.”

“Yes, Sir.  This girl would like to do that as well.”

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