Defiance Chapter 23 – Deleting the Past, Planning the Future

Edward led the way to the basement, preparing himself for the task at hand.  As much as he wanted to just to walk in the room and put a bullet between Carlisle’s eyes so he could get back to Bella so they could start living their lives together, he couldn’t. However, to get to that point, Carlisle had to be taken care of and suffer for all the pain he had caused the family.

Charlie followed Edward through the house and down a set of stairs; when they reached the bottom, Edward used a key and opened the massive metal door.  Pushing it open, he was able to see inside, which looked like something from a horror movie.  The walls were painted black and there was no natural light, the only light was from the flickering of fluorescent bulbs.  There were handcuff attached to hooks and shackles along the floor.  Taking a closer look, Charlie could see dried blood that seemed to be caked on the walls and floors.  Following Edward deeper into the room, he then saw both Carlisle and Bobby, hanging from the ceiling by their wrists.  Both were naked and their bodies both had large red marks from the supposed beating of Edward’s men.  Both of them were groaning behind their duct-taped mouths and fighting to get free from their restrains.  He watched Edward remove his jacket and hand it to Jasper, who then handed him a long steel pipe.  Edward turned toward Charlie, who, at that moment, didn’t recognize the man standing before him.  Gone was the fresh, loveable young man and, instead, was the face of hardened powerful man.

Edward pulled the pipe back and swung with all his might, striking Carlisle in the rib cage. He smiled at the sound of the cracking and breaking of his ribs.  He continued his assault until his arms grew tired.  Carlisle’s head flopped forward, his eyes rolled back in his head and he tried to breathe.  “Get him down and place him on the table and give him a shot of adrenaline.  He can’t be allowed to pass out.”

Jasper had the syringe already filled; he quickly poked it into Carlisle’s leg and injected the drug.  After a few moments, Carlisle woke up, once again fighting to get released.

“Carlisle, you have walked all over this family; your hand has caused Esme and me unspeakable pain.  The pain you will feel is just a little what you should endure, but I don’t want to stay in here that long,”  Edward explained, then walked back to the table and picked up the chainsaw.

After Edward finished, Carlisle was nothing more than a bloody stump; his feet, legs, hands, and arms cut off one by one.  Edward was covered in Carlisle’s blood, but he knew that a hot shower would wash all evidence of Carlisle’s evil existence down the drain.  While Edward took care of Carlisle, Charlie made Bobby “B” wish for a quick death. However, that did not happen.  Charlie used his skills as a hunter to cut off most of Bobby’s skin and then gutted him like the pig he was.

“Get rid of the rest and clean this place up,” Edward commanded.  “Charlie, come, let’s get cleaned up and go to Bella.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.”


Bella paced back and forth in Edward’s apartment, waiting for news that he and her father were okay.  To say she was shocked at the sight of her father beside Edward was an understatement. However, it made her feel comforted to know that her father was here and fighting beside Edward.  She knew he could take care of himself, but it had been hours and there had been no contact with them.  JB had been like a wolf keeping an eye on his next dinner; even though she tried several times to slip out and call Edward, JB always caught her.  Fucking asshole.  Sitting down, she turned on the TV, hoping it would take her mind off things.  But the first scene she saw was a reporter at the estate of Carlisle Cullen.

“We are at the estate of Carlisle Cullen, the suspected mafia leader, where his home is fully engulfed in flames.  Witnesses claim that there was a large odor of gas before the explosion.  At this time we don’t know if anyone was in the house at the time of the explosion.  Please stay tuned and we will bring you updates as they come available.  This is Robert Peterson of TV3 News.”

“JB, I have got to go find Edward,” Bella cried.

“Nope, Boss is fine,” JB said.  He knew that if something had gone wrong that he would have gotten a text or a call.  This was part of the plan.  Carlisle’s body and the bodies of all his men would not be found in the home; this was a way for them to erase the evidence of the what transpired there today.  Edward will come out tomorrow with a statement that his father had decided to retire and would be living in Italy.  He would state that he was taking over the family business and rebuilding his family home.

“How the fuck do you know that, asshole?” She asked.

“I’m psychic,” he joked.

Bella flipped him off and went back to watching the TV, even though her mind was racing about all the horrible things that could be happening to Edward and her father.  Deep in her thoughts, she didn’t see JB get up and go to the door…nor did she even hear the door open.

Edward and Charlie had cleaned up, before heading to Edward’s home, where Bella was being kept safe.  As they rode in the back of the car on their way to the house, Charlie patted Edward on the knee.  “Son, I am proud of you.  You did what had to be done and those who witnessed it will never think twice about trying to undermine your command.  However, more than that, you showed them that you were thinking not of yourself, but for what Carlisle had done to the family as a whole.  This is the sign of a great leader and I am proud to stand by you.”



Edward laid his hand on top of Charlie’s and squeezed it.  He was too choked up to say anything, but he hoped this relayed his feelings.  Once they arrived at his home, he sent JB a text saying they were coming in.  JB met them at the door and pointed to where Bella was.  Edward took off down the hall to the den to find the love of his life staring blankly at the TV with tears running down her beautiful face.  “Bella,” He whispered.

Bella heard her name and looked up and, for a moment, thought she was seeing things.  There was Edward and he was alive.  Standing up, she ran to him and jumped into his opened arms.  “You are okay?”

“Yes, my love.”

“I was so worried,” she cried, then remember her father.  “Where is Dad?”

“Right here, sweetie,” Charlie answered.  “I am fit as a fiddle.  You hang out with Edward, while I find a bed to take a nap.  When I wake up, I have to call your mom and that is going to take me having a fresh mind.”

“JB, show him to one of the guest rooms,” Edward instructed.

“Will do, Boss, and then I will go see if Jasper needs any help.”

“I will talk to you later,” Edward said, knowing he needed to thank him for all that he had done to keep Bella safe.

Once everyone was gone, Edward turned his attention back to Bella.  “I know that we said we would wait, but I really want to make love to you and forget about the night.”

Bella reached up and placed her hands around his head, pulling him closer to her.  “Make me yours.”

“Fuck, baby.”

Edward picked her up and carried her to his bedroom, well, their bedroom, because everything he owned was part hers.  She would be the one who would help him design and decorate their new home on the land that Carlisle’s house used to stand.  Fresh Beginnings.

Between the kissing and sweet caresses, they stripped each other naked and were now in the center of the king sized bed, making love.

Bella had never felt anything like this before.  Before, it was just sex, but this was so much more, the connection between them ebbed in utter bliss.  As they came, her heart was so full of love that she couldn’t help but break out into sobs.

“Bella,” Edward cried, wondering if he had done something wrong.  “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she murmured.  “It’s that I love you so much and so much has happened.”

Kissing her sweetly, Edward reached over, opened the nightstand and took out what he always kept there… a handkerchief.  He handed it to Bella, who couldn’t help but break out into a huge smile.  “Yes, so much has happened, but that is the past, it is time for us to start our lives together and look forward to the future.  Our defiance against evil has prevailed and our love will only grow.”


The End

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  1. Am glad dickless Carlisle is burning to eternity, now they can look forward to a peaceful future. I would have loved to hear from Esme after all, it was her that started it all. Thanks for sharing this great story with us.


  2. 💕🥰Love it💕🥰


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