Defiance Chapter 22 Blood Payment

Edward’s loyal men were prepared to start their siege on Carlisle’s estate.  They were waiting for the final go-ahead from their inside man that he was close to Bella and could protect her during their advancement.  Edward had called JB, but he didn’t answer, which was extremely weird.

“Boss, we have movement on the west side of the estate,” Garrett said, looking at his surveillance camera display.  They had the entire estate wired for both video and sound, except for a few rooms, Carlisle’s private bedroom and the room in which he was holding Bella captive.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, they did have a camera in Carlisle’s bathroom; all night they had seen the asshole on the toilet moaning and groaning.  It was so disgusting that several got sick watching it.

Edward took the screen and watched as the person with long black hair was running toward the gate, but it looked like he was carrying something in his arm.  Damn, that looked a lot like JB, but he was supposed to be keeping an eye on Bella.

JB or Jacob Black had been loyal to him for several years.  One night, they were sitting around after doing a job for Carlisle and JB confided in Edward and Jasper that the only reason he was loyal because his father had been injured in a car accident and need extensive medical treatment. The money he earned, he paid for his doctor bills.  However, Carlisle had been controlling how much money was made, so Jacob would have to do his bidding, or his father would die.  Edward knew then, that if any man would do this for his father was a man that he could trust.  JB had been their mole for over two years now and had been the one that had installed all the surveillance equipment in the mansion.

Two men went to the gate where the figure was about to go out and, with the guns drawn, waited for the person to emerge.  The seconds ticked by and finally the gate slowly opened; out stepped JB with a person in his arms.

“Where is Edward?”  JB asked.

“On the southwest corner.”

“Give me your phone.”  JB barked, letting the person down from his arms.  One of the guys handed him their phone, and he called Edward.

“Who was at the gate?”  Edward growled.

“It is me, Boss.  I dropped my phone when she fell from the tree.”  JB explained.


“Bella; she has escaped.  You need to move in now before they realize she is gone.”  JB said.

“You stay with her and protect her with your life,” Edward demanded.

“Will do, Boss.”

“Let me talk to her.”

JB handed Bella the phone.  “Loverboy wants a word,” he joked.

Bella took the phone.  “Edward?”

“Hello, sweet girl.”

“Oh, Edward, are you okay?”  She asked.

Edward couldn’t help but laugh.  Here she was asking him if he was okay when she was one that had been kidnapped by a madman.  “I am fine. Stay with JB, and when this is all over, I plan on making up for lost time.”

“Please be safe.”  Bella cried.  She couldn’t lose him now that she just got him back.

“I will.  I have a great group of men to help me, along with an ace in the hole.  Now behave and, for God’s sake, don’t run off.”

“I won’t, oh, and, Edward?”  She asked.


“I love you.”  She murmured.

“Oh, sweet girl, I love you, too.  Now let me get to work and take out this motherfucker.”

“Make him bleed for me.”  She said.

“Oh, baby, he will,” Edward confirmed and hung up.

“All right, men, let’s take this motherfucker out.  Don’t leave anyone who is loyal to him alive, because we don’t need someone coming after us for revenge.”  Edward commanded.  “Charlie, Jasper, you are with me, everyone else, you know where you are supposed to hit.”

Methodically, they began their attack on the mansion; they weren’t surprised by the lack of skill on the loyal men of Carlisle’s crew.  They had gotten rusty and slower over the years; they had made the younger guys do most of the heavy work and now it was their downfall.  Edward had taken out several guys, and, as he kept an eye out for Charlie, he noticed that Charlie was still a dead-on shot as he always had been.  Sometimes, the shot would have been impossible for most men, but not Charlie Swan; he made it look like a day at target practice.  Soon, the grounds were littered with Carlisle’s men, and Edward’s men were left unshaved, other than a few lucky nicks.  After checking in with the other teams, the only men remaining were Bobby “B” and Carlisle, who were currently in Carlisle’s bedroom with the door barricaded.

** Defiance **

Carlisle had finally begun to feel better after spending the night on the toilet with food poisoning; he was determined to torture the cook for feeding him tainted oysters.  Popping two Viagra, he took off all his clothes, placed his robe on, and was going down the hall to show Bella how a real man fucked.  When he arrived at the door, he took the breath spray out of his pocket and gave his mouth a couple of squirts and then he grabbed his cock, then gave it a few good pumps.  Carlisle Cullen was primed and ready.  Turning the knob of the door, he walked in; instead of finding Bella tied to the bed, the room was empty.

“WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?!”  He screamed.

Bobby heard Carlisle yell out and he started to run up the stairs, well, maybe not run, because he was so fat, he couldn’t run even if his life depended on it.  However, when he was about halfway up, he heard gunfire and men screaming, fuck, they were under attack.  When he got to the top of the stairs, he was met by an irate Carlisle, with his robe open and a limp dick.

“Carlisle, we are under attack, get in your room, NOW!”  Bobby yelled.

They took off to the room and slammed the door shut.  “Who is attacking us?”  Carlisle asked, wondering which rival family was trying to take him down.

“I don’t know, but call Edward and get his ass over here with backup.”

Carlisle picked up his phone and called Edward.  He had been expected him at any moment because he was bringing that fucking DVD in exchange for the bitch, Bella.

“Hello?” Edward answered.

“Get your ass over here now.  We are under attack.”  Carlisle demanded.

“I am already here and taking care of the trash as we speak.”

“Good, when you have completed the job, I am in my room.  Call me when it is safe to come out.”

“Oh, I will, don’t worry,” Edward said with a smirk.

Double checking to make sure that all of Carlisle’s loyal men were dead, not only on the estate but also around the city, Edward was ready to put an end to Carlisle and his evil ways.  Charlie had been an enormous asset, and he gained the respect of the men who were around him during the firefight.  Jasper hadn’t wanted to admit it, but he was so wrong about Charlie, and when this was all over, he would make sure Charlie knew it.

Edward, Jasper, Charlie, and several of Edward’s men entered the mansion and ascended the stairs.  Motioning for Jasper and Charlie to station themselves on either side of the door, he called Carlisle’s phone.

“All clear, open the door,” Edward said.

“Well, it is about fucking time,” Carlisle grumbled.  Unlocking the door, he opened it up to find Edward standing with a grin on his face.  “What the fuck are you smiling about?”

At that moment, Jasper and Charlie came around the door, their guns cocked and pointed at Carlisle and Bobby “B.”  Edward pulled his gun from behind his back and pointed it at Carlisle’s head.  “I am smiling because I am finally going to kill you, you sick motherfucking asshole.”

Carlisle smirked.  “You don’t have the balls to kill me; my men will be here soon to protect me.”

At that moment, Edward’s men came in behind him.  “Oh, I hate to tell you but they are all dead, and these men are loyal to me.  Your evil rule is over, and I am going to make you pay for every second of pain you caused Esme, Bella, the family, and, most of all, me.”

Carlisle’s eyes grew large; surely this was a sick joke.  “Listen here, boy, I am your father and, better yet, your fucking leader.”

“You are nothing but a fucking sperm donor, and it is time that your evil reign over this family comes to an end,” Edward sneered.

“Boy, you don’t have the balls to take me down, so stop this bullshit and put away that fucking gun before you accidentally shot someone,” Carlisle growled.

Edward had had enough of this bullshit; he needed to show Carlisle, just who was in charge now.  With his gun still pointed at Carlisle, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his switchblade and clicked it open, allowing the razor-sharp blade to spring from its case.  Then, with one swift swipe, he slit open the robe Carlisle was wearing and, with the next swipe, cut his dick off, causing it to fall to the floor, and blood began pouring from the wound.  Carlisle yelled out in pain, staring down at his dickless crotch.

Edward smirked.  “Boys, take dickless here to the basement and tie him up.”

Several of the men, came around Edward and grabbed a crying Carlisle and dragged him out of the room.  “Charlie, would you like the first strike on the man who kidnapped Bella?”

“Fuck yeah,”  He said.  He knew that this was it; it was going to the dark side for good, but, somehow, he didn’t mind.  It was time to make the one who caused his daughter pain suffer.  Taking the knife from Edward’s hand, he stepped up to Bobby “B.”  “I need some help, boys.”

Jasper and another man stepped around Bobby and grabbed his arms.  Taking the knife, Charlie brought the blade up the side of Bobby’s face, allowing the cold metal to glide over his cheek.  “You stuck your nose in where it didn’t belong, and, for that, I am going to remove it,” he snared, as he flipped the blade to the sharp side and sliced off the tip of his nose.  Blood began to pour from the cut and Bobby began to scream and cry.  “Take the asshole and tie him up.  Your pain has only the begun.”


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  1. Oh boy, l hope they make Carlisle suffer after what he did to Esme and Edward. Thanks for updating and looking forward for ending drama.


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