Age is Only a Number

Edward Cullen and Charlie Swan have been best friends all their lives.  However, that may all change when Edward starts having feelings for Charlie’s daughter, who is sixteen years younger than Edward.  Sometimes, age is only a number.


DISCLAIMER: Twilight and its inclusive material is copyright to Stephenie Meyer. Original creation, including but not limited to plot and characters, is copyright to the respective authors of each story. No copyright infringement is intended.

The last of the boxes were brought into the house, and Edward looked around at the daunting task before him.  He should have taken everyone’s advice and got rid of everything that he didn’t need, but he was too busy with arranging not only the move but who would take over and run his company.  He had started the advertising company straight out of college and had lucked into some very large lucrative contracts, so there he was at forty-years-old retiring. He had gone to school in New York and hadn’t planned on staying as long as he did because he missed the enjoyment of living in a small town.  The kind of town where you know everyone, and everyone knows you. When he had built his company to a point where he didn’t need to be there anymore, he decided it was time to go home. He had been born and raised in a town about three hours away from Seattle named Forks. His father had been the local doctor and his mother a stay-at-home mom until their tragic death ten years ago.  The crime rate in Forks was almost nothing, but that was broken when a strange group came into town under the pretense of backpacking through Washington; however, they had other plans. Edward’s parents’ home was the nicest in Forks and was the primary target for the group. They broke in in the dead of night and killed Carlisle and Esme while they slept. They then proceeded to take as many valuables as they could carry.  It wasn`t until the next day when Edward’s best friend, partner in crime, and Sheriff of Forks, came over to drop off a report that he knew something was off. Charlie walked up to the back door, as he had always done, to find it standing open. Sticking his head inside, he called out for Esme and Carlisle but got no response, yet he could hear Jake, their black lab, crying from inside. Walking in, he went towards the cries of Jake, which were coming from upstairs.  Cautiously, he walked up the steps and entered Carlisle and Esme`s bedroom. When he saw them lying in the bedroom with blood all around them, he gasped. Quickly, after checking their pulse and finding none, he called it into the station. Hours ticked by and he found a vital piece of evidence, which led him to the group that had done this. He sent his men out to track down the group, and as they started their search, he called his best friend.

Edward had been devastated by the news and quickly came back home.  Charlie and Renee helped him plan his parents’ funeral, and it was no surprise that it was a gray, rainy day.  He stood all alone as the minister lead the service at the grave, trying to hold it together. Even though he felt all alone in the world at that horrible, dark moment, all it took was the warm hand of Charlie’s daughter to ease his pain.

Bella had been a surprise to Charlie and Renee.  They had started dating when they were just fifteen, but at the young age of sixteen, Renee became pregnant.  Their parents were shocked by the news; however, in the end, family was family and they helped Renee and Charlie keep and take care of the child.  Charlie worked after school and every weekend to make sure Renee and the baby had everything they could possibly want or need. Bella was born one surprisingly sunny morning in September and was quickly beloved by all who saw her.  After Charlie graduated high school, he attended the police academy, and after graduation, he married Renee. After he was hired by Forks police department, they purchased a home next to Edward’s parents.

Edward and Charlie had kept in touch over the years.  Edward had several photos of Bella in his house and office in New York, but it was the last one that he kept by his bed.  It was the picture of her in her sophisticated black dress that she had worn under her cap and gown for her college graduation with the pearl necklace he had sent her as a graduation gift.   He had returned to Forks once again for another funeral. This time it was Renee’s. She had gotten sick during the time Bella was off at school in Seattle, and after multiple tests, they diagnosed her with stage four brain cancer with no hopes of her beating it.  Renee had held on until Bella graduated with her degree in education and had returned to Forks to become the newest English teacher at Forks High School. Two months after Bella’s return, Renee passed away in her sleep, holding onto Charlie’s hand like she had done since the day they got married.  As Charlie and Bella stood by Renee’s casket at the graveside, it was his hand that took Bella’s delicate hand into his, but at that moment, something happened to him. She was no longer the little girl of his best friend but a woman who had captivated his heart, mind, and soul.

Edward, of course, dated over the years, but he had never found anyone that would hold his interest.  All women seemed to want one thing, and that was his vast wealth and the prestige of being Mrs. Edward Cullen.  After the funeral, Bella had kept in touch with him through texts and lengthy phone calls. They would talk for hours about anything or nothing at all.  He didn’t know why he felt like he could tell her anything. A few weeks before he decided to retire, he had had a conversion with Bella, and she sounded so sad.  She explained that she felt that she would never find anyone to share her life with. All the men her age were immature assholes. Edward had gotten used to her colorful language.  She said she had gotten it honestly from hanging out with her dad and his friends, which included him.

“Edward,” Bella said as she stared at the man she had fallen head of heels in love with.  She knew that there would be no way that he could ever return her feelings, but that couldn’t stop what was in her heart.  The sixteen-year age difference between them meant nothing to her. She would have loved him no matter how old he was.

Edward turned to find Bella standing in the sea of boxes, looking like an angel that had dropped out of heaven.  She was wearing a short, white sundress, her alabaster white shoulders bare as was her delicate cleavage, which gave him a peek of her perky, tight breasts.  He couldn’t help but imagine how they would feel and taste. His dreams every night had been filled with Bella in his bed as they made sometimes slow passionate love and while others were of wild unabated sex.  He had lost count how many times he had woken up with his hand around his cock and the sheets covered in his cum. “Bella,” he moaned.

Bella looked into his sparkling green eyes, and in that second, she could see what she thought was love.  She took off running towards him, and as she did, he opened his arms to catch her. She jumped into his arms and not even thinking, she wrapped her legs around his waist.  Her silk covered pussy was against what could not be denied as a rock-hard cock, and boy was it huge.

Edward was shocked at first, but there had never been a better feeling than having Bella in his arms, her silky legs wrapped him, and he felt her wet, hot pussy against his cock.  So many times, he had dreamed this, and as he studied Bella’s face, he saw her lick her lips. Throwing caution to the wind, his mouth descended onto her plump lips, and as soon as they connected, an unusual electric charge pulsed between them.  Bella wrapped her hands around his neck and grabbed two handfuls of hair, pulling it hard. He traced her lips with his tongues, demanding entrance to her mouth, which she granted willingly. Their tongues danced around each other, each enjoying the taste of the other.

Edward walked her over to the nearest wall and pushed her back against it.  They both were in desperate need of air, but neither of them wanted to lose connection to each other.  Edward pulled away, but he kept placing kisses along her jaw and down her neck.

“Fuck that feels so good,” she moaned.

“You have to tell me to stop because I am about to lose all control,” Edward said.

“Please don’t stop. Make me yours,” she cried, hoping he would do just that.

Edward pulled back and looked at her.  “Bella, if I do this I will never let you go.  I have dreamed of this so many times, and I only hope this is not a dream.”

“I am real, and I, too, have dreamed of this.  I want you so badly,” Bella cried then rubbed her pussy against him, knowing he had to feel how wet she was for him.  “Feel that? This is how I am every time I think of you.”

“You think of me?”  he asked, taking his hand and dipping it into her panties until he reached the promised land.  He was excited to find her smooth, bare mound and then her dripping wet, engorged clit. As he rubbed his fingers back and forth against her pussy lips, he watched her face as she rolled her eyes back, tilting her head back to the wall and opening her mouth.  “Do you like that, little girl?

“Fuck yeah.  Make me come,” she moaned.

Taking two of fingers, he placed them inside her.  “Oh, my God, you are so fucking tight and wet. I can’t wait until this is my cock.  I am going to fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk straight for days.”

“YES!”  she yelled.  “FUCK ME.”

Edward tried to finger fuck her faster, but her panties were getting in the way.  He removed his fingers, which caused her cry out. Pushing her harder against the wall, he took both his hands,  grasped the sides of panties. and ripped them off, and once they were gone, he began to fuck her again, first with two fingers and then three.  When he added the third one, she moaned loudly. “You like that don’t you, dirty little girl?”

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.  She was so close to coming.  “Harder, faster, I am so fucking close.”

“Your wish is my command.”   He continued ramming his fingers into her, but this time he turned them over and curled them, so they hit the small patch deep inside.  A few seconds later, he felt her muscles clamp down on his fingers and she screamed out.


When she finally finished coming, Edward removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth and licked the juices from them.  “Damn, the sweetest thing I have ever tasted, but I can’t wait to taste it from the source.”

“I can’t wait to have your cock down my throat,” Bella said with a wicked grin.

“FUCK ME!!”  Edward groaned.


Edward placed his hands under her ass and walked his way through the house and to his bedroom.  It had been his parents’ room all those years ago, but he knew they would want him to enjoy the house and make new happy memories.  After their death, he had replaced the bedroom furniture, and before he moved back, he had hired a designer to come in and decorate the house.  The boxes were his personal items from his house in New York. He hadn’t sold that house, deciding to keep in when he decided to go back to check on the company.

Once in his room, Bella unwrapped herself, and she stood before him, her skin glowing with the I’ve-been-fucked glow and a wicked smile.  He reached down for the hem of her dress and began to lift it. With every inch, he was blessed with silky smooth skin, and when he got to her pussy, he noticed that she had a tattoo on the right side of her pelvic bone.  He decided to investigate that further after he had her naked on the bed. “Raise those arms for me.”

Bella raised her arms, and a second later, she was completely naked.  “You seemed to be overdressed for the occasion,” she joked. Edward dropped her dress on the floor and licked his lips.

“Hmm, you do have a point,” Edward said with one of those devilish sexy grins.  After pulling out his button-down shirt from his pants, he slowly unbuttoned each button and then slid the shirt off his shoulder before dropping it.  “Is that better?”

“It is a start, but I want to see that monster in your pants,” she said, biting her lower lip.

“Well alright then.”  He quickly lost his pants, and his hard cock bounced against his belly.  Edward had been fortunate to have a sizeable cock, both in length and girth.

Bella backed up until she felt the bed’s edge and sat down, then moved back, so she was lying on the bed. She rose up and motioned for Edward to join her.  He had wanted to take it slow, but he couldn’t wait any longer to be inside her. They had all day and night to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies.

“Little girl, I can’t wait anymore. Are you ready for me?”

“Oh, yes, please take me. Make me yours,” she cried.

Climbing on the bed, hovering over, he aligns his cock to the opening of her pussy and pushes in slowly, allowing her to adjust to his size.  “Holy fuck, you are so tight.”

“Oh, God.  Please give me more.”

Edward took a deep cleansing breath, and with one large thrust, he was balls deep in her hot, tight, wet pussy.  Never had he ever felt anything like this. It was as if she made for him. He allowed her a moment to get used to him before he began to pound into her in a wild frenzy.  She moaned loudly as she arched her back to meet each powerful thrust. “I need for you to come for me.”

“Oh, yes.  So close,” Bella said as she held onto his muscular arms.

Edward pulled out, then easily flipped her over and pulled her ass up, and he came in behind and thrust once again into her.  In this new position, he was able to go deeper than before. Reaching under her, he found one of her perky nipples on what had to be a size D cup breast and began rolling it between his finger and tugging on it.  Hearing her response, he realized that she loved having her nipples pulled, so he tugged even harder. “Come for me,” he commanded.

Bella emotions were oversensitive with Edward’s cock pounding into her and him pulling her nipple she could feel herself begin to fall into the sweet paradise.  The wave of pure joy built, then in one glorious second, it snapped, causing her orgasm to take control of her body.

Edward felt her orgasm begin, which triggered his own, shooting long strings of cum deep inside of her.  When the both final came down from their high, Bella collapsed on the bed, rolling over slightly and Edward joined her.  “Holy hell that was intense,” he groaned.

After a few moments of them just touching and stroking each other, Bella knew that they needed to talk.  “So, how long have you wanted to do that?” she asked.

“As awful as it sounds, the day of Renee’s funeral when I took your hand.”

“Mine was before that, so don’t feel bad.  I have wanted you since I was sixteen.”

Edward laid there beside of her, and his mind was racing.  He had just had sex with Bella. No wait, he had sex with his best friend’s daughter.  No, he had sex with a woman sixteen years younger than him.

Bella watched as the emotions of whatever he was thinking about played on his face.  She became worried. Was he regretting what they had done? She didn’t regret it; she was proud that they had allowed themselves to get past the evident barricades and express the love that had for each other.  “What is wrong?”

“Bella, I am sixteen years older than you,” he murmured.

“Edward, age is only a number.  Love is what counts, and if our love is true, everything else will fall into place.”

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  1. Wow, that was steaming hot. Thank you for sharing.


  2. bevey99 says:

    Really good. Sorry the contest people were being as……….. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Celeste Morales says:

    Really good story. Do you think you might expand on it?


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