Chapter 7 – And So it Begins

Over the next month, Edward had been extremely busy, not only at the shop, but with his training as well.  He had sat in a session between Angela and Ben and thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever witnessed.  He only hoped when he got his submissive that he could be as half as good as Angela was, because she was exquisite with each movement, each command, and with each touch to her submissive.

Chapter 3 D

The construction company finished up his playroom and attached bath.  Angela had come over, and they went through the type of equipment that he wanted in the room and how it would be best laid out.  She also told him the safety supplies that he should always have on hand, along with the proper way to clean and sanitize the toys after each use.

“You are responsible for health and safety of your submissive when she is under your care.  It is extremely important to make sure that you follow safety procedures during playtime, always checking with her during any time she is placed onto a new piece of equipment.  But, also remember, no matter how careful you are, they are going to be times when you will injure your submissive.  Don’t beat yourself about it, just keep a level head and take care of her.  Most times it is just a simple injury, but there could be a time that it would require treatment with a doctor.  There are several doctors in the community that are on call for those times,”  Angela explained.

Before the equipment and furniture arrived, Edward decided he needed to tell Carmen what the room was and that he was a Dominant.  He didn’t know how she would take it or if she would understand. However, he knew that keeping it a secret from her would be a mistake.  It was not uncommon for him to tell his staff to take the weekend off and, once he had his submissive, she would be at his house from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  He knew that Carmen came and went as she pleased and he was scared that she would walk in on him and his submissive in a compromised position.  He hoped that he could make her understand what the community truly was about, and not what some narrow-minded people thought.

Chapter 7 b

If there were one thing he could always count on, it would be that Carmen would be on time. Edward heard her using her key and opening the front door.  “Edward?”  She called out.

“In the den.” He replied.

Carmen walked into the den to find Edward sitting on the couch, but, instead of his usual glass of whiskey, it looked like he had a glass of tea.  Walking over, she saw that he had fixed a tray of her favorite cookies and a pitcher of tea.

Edward stood and hugged her.  “Hello, my sweet girl.”

“Hello, good looking.  So, what have you done to warrant all this?”  She asked.  “Did you break a piece of my grandma’s china?”

“You know very damn well that I keep that shit locked up,” Edward joked.  The worst ass whipping he had ever gotten was from Carmen when he broke one of her grandma’s teacups.  When he bought this house, she brought over her prized china and placed it in the cabinet.  He asked her why and she said he had learned his lesson a long time ago and she knew he would keep it safe.  “Come sit down; I have something I want to tell you.”

Chapter 7 c

After Carmen sat down, Edward took a deep breath.  “I know you have been wondering what I am doing with that bedroom and I hope once I tell you that you will allow me to explain.”

“Well as long as you are not going to kidnap girls and tie them up in the room, I really don’t see what you would have to explain,” she said with a sly smirk.  She knew exactly what he was going to be doing in that room.  When she saw the extra support beams and soundproofing going in she figured it out.  What Edward didn’t know was that when Jasper became part of the community, he had confided in her and when his submissive wasn’t around, she cleaned his playroom.  At first, she was a little worried about his decision, but, like her mother always told her, “don’t criticize until you know all the facts.”  She did her research, and even though it was something she personally couldn’t do, it was still a beautiful, fulfilling relationship that one of her boys was part of; she couldn’t be happier for him.  Now it seemed that another one was becoming a part of the community.

Edward nearly spit out his tea when he heard Carmen’s comment.  Damn, this was going to be harder than he expected.  “Carmen, I want you to know that I am very proud of the decision that I have made and that I have worked very hard to be the best that I can be.”

Chapter 7 d

“Well, that is how it should be.  You should never do anything half-assed.”  Carmen said.

“You know my receptionist, Angela?”  Edward asked.

“Oh, yes, a sweet girl.”

“Well, I don’t know if you have ever heard of this, but she is a Dominatrix in the BDSM community.  Now, it has nothing to do with cruelty or beating your partner, but, instead, it’s a structured, consensual relationship, in which one person is the Dominant and the other is a submissive.  But, what people who are not in the community don’t know is that the submissive is the one with the ultimate control.  With one word, he or she can stop all activities.  Carmen, with every cell in my body, I am and will always be a Dominant,” Edward explaining, hoping he could make Carmen understand.

Chapter 7 e

Carmen leaned forward and grabbed a cookie, munching the chocolate-coconut goodness and finishing it off with a sip of the sweet tea.  She looked over at Edward, who was visibly worried; she loved making him squirm.  Here sat a badass, tattooed man who was scared to death of her; she loved to have this over him, even for a few moments.  She loved her boys with all her heart, but, every now and again, they needed to be put in their place.  However, it was time for her to put Edward out of his misery and come clean.  “Edward, I might have snow on the roof, but there is a blazing fire in the basement,” She laughed.

“CARMEN!  I DIDN’T NEED TO HEAR THAT!”  Edward yelled, trying to wipe the thought of Carmen having sex.

This made Carmen laugh even harder.  Once she was back in control, she began to explain to Edward what she knew.  “I am sorry about that.  I know all about the community and what you are building upstairs.  I also know that Jasper is also a Dominant and has been for years.  It has always been my hope that my boys would find something that fulfills them and, from your expression, I can tell that you have.  If you need someone to pick up or clean when your submissive is not around, just let me know.  It is something I already do for Jasper.”

“You do?”  He asked.

“Yes, and I know that, even though you trust your housekeepers, this is something above normal cleaning and some people might try to use this against you,”  Carmen explained.

Edward was relieved that he had Carmen in his corner.

“When are you selecting your first submissive?”  Carmen asked.

“I was hoping at the next selection party at the club, but it happens to be the same weekend as the Tattoo Exhibit in Vegas,” Edward grumbled.

“You are giving a speech and accepting an award?”

“Yeah, that is why I can just blow it off.”

“There will be a time when you get back to choose,”  Carmen said.

Edward took Carmen to show off his new playroom and explained where each piece of equipment would be placed.



After of months and months of training, tonight was the night that Bella hoped she might be selected by a Dominant to start her first Dominant/submissive relationship.  Rose and Esme had taken her out and helped her choose the best outfit for tonight.  It was the most revealing dress she had ever seen.  It was a stunning rhinestone-encrusted dress, made from diamante chainmail, and it had a horizontal ripped design to both sides, showing some thigh as she walked. It had a cowl neckline, and it was backless.  She would be unable to wear any underwear or bra, which would be perfect for the prospective Dominants.  All three of them had gone together to the spa where they were buffed and polished and all had received a much-needed waxing.  She was not going wear jewelry, other than a simple red ribbon tied to her wrist, which would indicate that she was available and looking for a Dominant.

Chapter 7

Angela had agreed to escort her to the party with her submissive, Benjamin.  They arrived and the guard who kept those who were not invited out allowed them in the door.  Bella had been at the club several times as she studied and dropped off her medical paperwork, but she had never been here when an actual party was going on.  She wanted to look around and take in all there was to see. However, she remembered her training and didn’t look any Dominant in the eye.  As the sexual beat of the music, the erotic glow of the lights, and the anticipation of the evening grew, Bella became so aroused.  Angela handed her a glass of white wine and said she should go mingle with the other submissives.

As she walked toward the area where the others were standing, she accidentally bumped into someone.  She looked up and, when she did, she saw that it was an incredibly good-looking man that oozed with dominance.  Casting her eyes down quickly and lowering her head, she waited for him to give her permission to speak.

Chapter 7 f

“Oh, little girl, are you all right?”  He asked with a smile.  What a stunning woman was standing beside him, in perfect submission form.  “You may speak.”

“This girl is fine, and she is sorry for running into you, Sir,” Bella whispered through her labored breathing.

He looked her up and down and was impressed by every inch of her.  He had come to the party to find his next submissive.  The last relationship ended when the time of the contract ended.  Jessica was a good submissive, but there was nothing there to warrant a continuation of the relationship.  He was looking for an experienced submissive, but there was something about this inexperienced beauty.  “Would you like to go somewhere and have a talk?”

Chapter 7 g

“Yes, Sir,” Bella answered.

“May I have your name?”

“Bella, Sir.”

Holding out his hand toward Bella and she placed her hand on it, and when she had done so, he raised it to his mouth and placed a sweet kiss on her knuckles.  “My name is Garrett, and I think this is a start of a beautiful relationship.”

Chapter 7 h

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