Defiance Chapter 23 – Deleting the Past, Planning the Future

Edward led the way to the basement, preparing himself for the task at hand.  As much as he wanted to just to walk in the room and put a bullet between Carlisle’s eyes so he could get back to Bella so they could start living their lives together, he couldn’t. However, to get to that point, Carlisle had to be taken care of and suffer for all the pain he had caused the family.

Charlie followed Edward through the house and down a set of stairs; when they reached the bottom, Edward used a key and opened the massive metal door.  Pushing it open, he was able to see inside, which looked like something from a horror movie.  The walls were painted black and there was no natural light, the only light was from the flickering of fluorescent bulbs.  There were handcuff attached to hooks and shackles along the floor.  Taking a closer look, Charlie could see dried blood that seemed to be caked on the walls and floors.  Following Edward deeper into the room, he then saw both Carlisle and Bobby, hanging from the ceiling by their wrists.  Both were naked and their bodies both had large red marks from the supposed beating of Edward’s men.  Both of them were groaning behind their duct-taped mouths and fighting to get free from their restrains.  He watched Edward remove his jacket and hand it to Jasper, who then handed him a long steel pipe.  Edward turned toward Charlie, who, at that moment, didn’t recognize the man standing before him.  Gone was the fresh, loveable young man and, instead, was the face of hardened powerful man.

Edward pulled the pipe back and swung with all his might, striking Carlisle in the rib cage. He smiled at the sound of the cracking and breaking of his ribs.  He continued his assault until his arms grew tired.  Carlisle’s head flopped forward, his eyes rolled back in his head and he tried to breathe.  “Get him down and place him on the table and give him a shot of adrenaline.  He can’t be allowed to pass out.”

Jasper had the syringe already filled; he quickly poked it into Carlisle’s leg and injected the drug.  After a few moments, Carlisle woke up, once again fighting to get released.

“Carlisle, you have walked all over this family; your hand has caused Esme and me unspeakable pain.  The pain you will feel is just a little what you should endure, but I don’t want to stay in here that long,”  Edward explained, then walked back to the table and picked up the chainsaw.

After Edward finished, Carlisle was nothing more than a bloody stump; his feet, legs, hands, and arms cut off one by one.  Edward was covered in Carlisle’s blood, but he knew that a hot shower would wash all evidence of Carlisle’s evil existence down the drain.  While Edward took care of Carlisle, Charlie made Bobby “B” wish for a quick death. However, that did not happen.  Charlie used his skills as a hunter to cut off most of Bobby’s skin and then gutted him like the pig he was.

“Get rid of the rest and clean this place up,” Edward commanded.  “Charlie, come, let’s get cleaned up and go to Bella.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.”


Bella paced back and forth in Edward’s apartment, waiting for news that he and her father were okay.  To say she was shocked at the sight of her father beside Edward was an understatement. However, it made her feel comforted to know that her father was here and fighting beside Edward.  She knew he could take care of himself, but it had been hours and there had been no contact with them.  JB had been like a wolf keeping an eye on his next dinner; even though she tried several times to slip out and call Edward, JB always caught her.  Fucking asshole.  Sitting down, she turned on the TV, hoping it would take her mind off things.  But the first scene she saw was a reporter at the estate of Carlisle Cullen.

“We are at the estate of Carlisle Cullen, the suspected mafia leader, where his home is fully engulfed in flames.  Witnesses claim that there was a large odor of gas before the explosion.  At this time we don’t know if anyone was in the house at the time of the explosion.  Please stay tuned and we will bring you updates as they come available.  This is Robert Peterson of TV3 News.”

“JB, I have got to go find Edward,” Bella cried.

“Nope, Boss is fine,” JB said.  He knew that if something had gone wrong that he would have gotten a text or a call.  This was part of the plan.  Carlisle’s body and the bodies of all his men would not be found in the home; this was a way for them to erase the evidence of the what transpired there today.  Edward will come out tomorrow with a statement that his father had decided to retire and would be living in Italy.  He would state that he was taking over the family business and rebuilding his family home.

“How the fuck do you know that, asshole?” She asked.

“I’m psychic,” he joked.

Bella flipped him off and went back to watching the TV, even though her mind was racing about all the horrible things that could be happening to Edward and her father.  Deep in her thoughts, she didn’t see JB get up and go to the door…nor did she even hear the door open.

Edward and Charlie had cleaned up, before heading to Edward’s home, where Bella was being kept safe.  As they rode in the back of the car on their way to the house, Charlie patted Edward on the knee.  “Son, I am proud of you.  You did what had to be done and those who witnessed it will never think twice about trying to undermine your command.  However, more than that, you showed them that you were thinking not of yourself, but for what Carlisle had done to the family as a whole.  This is the sign of a great leader and I am proud to stand by you.”



Edward laid his hand on top of Charlie’s and squeezed it.  He was too choked up to say anything, but he hoped this relayed his feelings.  Once they arrived at his home, he sent JB a text saying they were coming in.  JB met them at the door and pointed to where Bella was.  Edward took off down the hall to the den to find the love of his life staring blankly at the TV with tears running down her beautiful face.  “Bella,” He whispered.

Bella heard her name and looked up and, for a moment, thought she was seeing things.  There was Edward and he was alive.  Standing up, she ran to him and jumped into his opened arms.  “You are okay?”

“Yes, my love.”

“I was so worried,” she cried, then remember her father.  “Where is Dad?”

“Right here, sweetie,” Charlie answered.  “I am fit as a fiddle.  You hang out with Edward, while I find a bed to take a nap.  When I wake up, I have to call your mom and that is going to take me having a fresh mind.”

“JB, show him to one of the guest rooms,” Edward instructed.

“Will do, Boss, and then I will go see if Jasper needs any help.”

“I will talk to you later,” Edward said, knowing he needed to thank him for all that he had done to keep Bella safe.

Once everyone was gone, Edward turned his attention back to Bella.  “I know that we said we would wait, but I really want to make love to you and forget about the night.”

Bella reached up and placed her hands around his head, pulling him closer to her.  “Make me yours.”

“Fuck, baby.”

Edward picked her up and carried her to his bedroom, well, their bedroom, because everything he owned was part hers.  She would be the one who would help him design and decorate their new home on the land that Carlisle’s house used to stand.  Fresh Beginnings.

Between the kissing and sweet caresses, they stripped each other naked and were now in the center of the king sized bed, making love.

Bella had never felt anything like this before.  Before, it was just sex, but this was so much more, the connection between them ebbed in utter bliss.  As they came, her heart was so full of love that she couldn’t help but break out into sobs.

“Bella,” Edward cried, wondering if he had done something wrong.  “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she murmured.  “It’s that I love you so much and so much has happened.”

Kissing her sweetly, Edward reached over, opened the nightstand and took out what he always kept there… a handkerchief.  He handed it to Bella, who couldn’t help but break out into a huge smile.  “Yes, so much has happened, but that is the past, it is time for us to start our lives together and look forward to the future.  Our defiance against evil has prevailed and our love will only grow.”


The End

Defiance Chapter 22 Blood Payment

Edward’s loyal men were prepared to start their siege on Carlisle’s estate.  They were waiting for the final go-ahead from their inside man that he was close to Bella and could protect her during their advancement.  Edward had called JB, but he didn’t answer, which was extremely weird.

“Boss, we have movement on the west side of the estate,” Garrett said, looking at his surveillance camera display.  They had the entire estate wired for both video and sound, except for a few rooms, Carlisle’s private bedroom and the room in which he was holding Bella captive.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, they did have a camera in Carlisle’s bathroom; all night they had seen the asshole on the toilet moaning and groaning.  It was so disgusting that several got sick watching it.

Edward took the screen and watched as the person with long black hair was running toward the gate, but it looked like he was carrying something in his arm.  Damn, that looked a lot like JB, but he was supposed to be keeping an eye on Bella.

JB or Jacob Black had been loyal to him for several years.  One night, they were sitting around after doing a job for Carlisle and JB confided in Edward and Jasper that the only reason he was loyal because his father had been injured in a car accident and need extensive medical treatment. The money he earned, he paid for his doctor bills.  However, Carlisle had been controlling how much money was made, so Jacob would have to do his bidding, or his father would die.  Edward knew then, that if any man would do this for his father was a man that he could trust.  JB had been their mole for over two years now and had been the one that had installed all the surveillance equipment in the mansion.

Two men went to the gate where the figure was about to go out and, with the guns drawn, waited for the person to emerge.  The seconds ticked by and finally the gate slowly opened; out stepped JB with a person in his arms.

“Where is Edward?”  JB asked.

“On the southwest corner.”

“Give me your phone.”  JB barked, letting the person down from his arms.  One of the guys handed him their phone, and he called Edward.

“Who was at the gate?”  Edward growled.

“It is me, Boss.  I dropped my phone when she fell from the tree.”  JB explained.


“Bella; she has escaped.  You need to move in now before they realize she is gone.”  JB said.

“You stay with her and protect her with your life,” Edward demanded.

“Will do, Boss.”

“Let me talk to her.”

JB handed Bella the phone.  “Loverboy wants a word,” he joked.

Bella took the phone.  “Edward?”

“Hello, sweet girl.”

“Oh, Edward, are you okay?”  She asked.

Edward couldn’t help but laugh.  Here she was asking him if he was okay when she was one that had been kidnapped by a madman.  “I am fine. Stay with JB, and when this is all over, I plan on making up for lost time.”

“Please be safe.”  Bella cried.  She couldn’t lose him now that she just got him back.

“I will.  I have a great group of men to help me, along with an ace in the hole.  Now behave and, for God’s sake, don’t run off.”

“I won’t, oh, and, Edward?”  She asked.


“I love you.”  She murmured.

“Oh, sweet girl, I love you, too.  Now let me get to work and take out this motherfucker.”

“Make him bleed for me.”  She said.

“Oh, baby, he will,” Edward confirmed and hung up.

“All right, men, let’s take this motherfucker out.  Don’t leave anyone who is loyal to him alive, because we don’t need someone coming after us for revenge.”  Edward commanded.  “Charlie, Jasper, you are with me, everyone else, you know where you are supposed to hit.”

Methodically, they began their attack on the mansion; they weren’t surprised by the lack of skill on the loyal men of Carlisle’s crew.  They had gotten rusty and slower over the years; they had made the younger guys do most of the heavy work and now it was their downfall.  Edward had taken out several guys, and, as he kept an eye out for Charlie, he noticed that Charlie was still a dead-on shot as he always had been.  Sometimes, the shot would have been impossible for most men, but not Charlie Swan; he made it look like a day at target practice.  Soon, the grounds were littered with Carlisle’s men, and Edward’s men were left unshaved, other than a few lucky nicks.  After checking in with the other teams, the only men remaining were Bobby “B” and Carlisle, who were currently in Carlisle’s bedroom with the door barricaded.

** Defiance **

Carlisle had finally begun to feel better after spending the night on the toilet with food poisoning; he was determined to torture the cook for feeding him tainted oysters.  Popping two Viagra, he took off all his clothes, placed his robe on, and was going down the hall to show Bella how a real man fucked.  When he arrived at the door, he took the breath spray out of his pocket and gave his mouth a couple of squirts and then he grabbed his cock, then gave it a few good pumps.  Carlisle Cullen was primed and ready.  Turning the knob of the door, he walked in; instead of finding Bella tied to the bed, the room was empty.

“WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?!”  He screamed.

Bobby heard Carlisle yell out and he started to run up the stairs, well, maybe not run, because he was so fat, he couldn’t run even if his life depended on it.  However, when he was about halfway up, he heard gunfire and men screaming, fuck, they were under attack.  When he got to the top of the stairs, he was met by an irate Carlisle, with his robe open and a limp dick.

“Carlisle, we are under attack, get in your room, NOW!”  Bobby yelled.

They took off to the room and slammed the door shut.  “Who is attacking us?”  Carlisle asked, wondering which rival family was trying to take him down.

“I don’t know, but call Edward and get his ass over here with backup.”

Carlisle picked up his phone and called Edward.  He had been expected him at any moment because he was bringing that fucking DVD in exchange for the bitch, Bella.

“Hello?” Edward answered.

“Get your ass over here now.  We are under attack.”  Carlisle demanded.

“I am already here and taking care of the trash as we speak.”

“Good, when you have completed the job, I am in my room.  Call me when it is safe to come out.”

“Oh, I will, don’t worry,” Edward said with a smirk.

Double checking to make sure that all of Carlisle’s loyal men were dead, not only on the estate but also around the city, Edward was ready to put an end to Carlisle and his evil ways.  Charlie had been an enormous asset, and he gained the respect of the men who were around him during the firefight.  Jasper hadn’t wanted to admit it, but he was so wrong about Charlie, and when this was all over, he would make sure Charlie knew it.

Edward, Jasper, Charlie, and several of Edward’s men entered the mansion and ascended the stairs.  Motioning for Jasper and Charlie to station themselves on either side of the door, he called Carlisle’s phone.

“All clear, open the door,” Edward said.

“Well, it is about fucking time,” Carlisle grumbled.  Unlocking the door, he opened it up to find Edward standing with a grin on his face.  “What the fuck are you smiling about?”

At that moment, Jasper and Charlie came around the door, their guns cocked and pointed at Carlisle and Bobby “B.”  Edward pulled his gun from behind his back and pointed it at Carlisle’s head.  “I am smiling because I am finally going to kill you, you sick motherfucking asshole.”

Carlisle smirked.  “You don’t have the balls to kill me; my men will be here soon to protect me.”

At that moment, Edward’s men came in behind him.  “Oh, I hate to tell you but they are all dead, and these men are loyal to me.  Your evil rule is over, and I am going to make you pay for every second of pain you caused Esme, Bella, the family, and, most of all, me.”

Carlisle’s eyes grew large; surely this was a sick joke.  “Listen here, boy, I am your father and, better yet, your fucking leader.”

“You are nothing but a fucking sperm donor, and it is time that your evil reign over this family comes to an end,” Edward sneered.

“Boy, you don’t have the balls to take me down, so stop this bullshit and put away that fucking gun before you accidentally shot someone,” Carlisle growled.

Edward had had enough of this bullshit; he needed to show Carlisle, just who was in charge now.  With his gun still pointed at Carlisle, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his switchblade and clicked it open, allowing the razor-sharp blade to spring from its case.  Then, with one swift swipe, he slit open the robe Carlisle was wearing and, with the next swipe, cut his dick off, causing it to fall to the floor, and blood began pouring from the wound.  Carlisle yelled out in pain, staring down at his dickless crotch.

Edward smirked.  “Boys, take dickless here to the basement and tie him up.”

Several of the men, came around Edward and grabbed a crying Carlisle and dragged him out of the room.  “Charlie, would you like the first strike on the man who kidnapped Bella?”

“Fuck yeah,”  He said.  He knew that this was it; it was going to the dark side for good, but, somehow, he didn’t mind.  It was time to make the one who caused his daughter pain suffer.  Taking the knife from Edward’s hand, he stepped up to Bobby “B.”  “I need some help, boys.”

Jasper and another man stepped around Bobby and grabbed his arms.  Taking the knife, Charlie brought the blade up the side of Bobby’s face, allowing the cold metal to glide over his cheek.  “You stuck your nose in where it didn’t belong, and, for that, I am going to remove it,” he snared, as he flipped the blade to the sharp side and sliced off the tip of his nose.  Blood began to pour from the cut and Bobby began to scream and cry.  “Take the asshole and tie him up.  Your pain has only the begun.”


Age is Only a Number

Edward Cullen and Charlie Swan have been best friends all their lives.  However, that may all change when Edward starts having feelings for Charlie’s daughter, who is sixteen years younger than Edward.  Sometimes, age is only a number.


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The last of the boxes were brought into the house, and Edward looked around at the daunting task before him.  He should have taken everyone’s advice and got rid of everything that he didn’t need, but he was too busy with arranging not only the move but who would take over and run his company.  He had started the advertising company straight out of college and had lucked into some very large lucrative contracts, so there he was at forty-years-old retiring. He had gone to school in New York and hadn’t planned on staying as long as he did because he missed the enjoyment of living in a small town.  The kind of town where you know everyone, and everyone knows you. When he had built his company to a point where he didn’t need to be there anymore, he decided it was time to go home. He had been born and raised in a town about three hours away from Seattle named Forks. His father had been the local doctor and his mother a stay-at-home mom until their tragic death ten years ago.  The crime rate in Forks was almost nothing, but that was broken when a strange group came into town under the pretense of backpacking through Washington; however, they had other plans. Edward’s parents’ home was the nicest in Forks and was the primary target for the group. They broke in in the dead of night and killed Carlisle and Esme while they slept. They then proceeded to take as many valuables as they could carry.  It wasn`t until the next day when Edward’s best friend, partner in crime, and Sheriff of Forks, came over to drop off a report that he knew something was off. Charlie walked up to the back door, as he had always done, to find it standing open. Sticking his head inside, he called out for Esme and Carlisle but got no response, yet he could hear Jake, their black lab, crying from inside. Walking in, he went towards the cries of Jake, which were coming from upstairs.  Cautiously, he walked up the steps and entered Carlisle and Esme`s bedroom. When he saw them lying in the bedroom with blood all around them, he gasped. Quickly, after checking their pulse and finding none, he called it into the station. Hours ticked by and he found a vital piece of evidence, which led him to the group that had done this. He sent his men out to track down the group, and as they started their search, he called his best friend.

Edward had been devastated by the news and quickly came back home.  Charlie and Renee helped him plan his parents’ funeral, and it was no surprise that it was a gray, rainy day.  He stood all alone as the minister lead the service at the grave, trying to hold it together. Even though he felt all alone in the world at that horrible, dark moment, all it took was the warm hand of Charlie’s daughter to ease his pain.

Bella had been a surprise to Charlie and Renee.  They had started dating when they were just fifteen, but at the young age of sixteen, Renee became pregnant.  Their parents were shocked by the news; however, in the end, family was family and they helped Renee and Charlie keep and take care of the child.  Charlie worked after school and every weekend to make sure Renee and the baby had everything they could possibly want or need. Bella was born one surprisingly sunny morning in September and was quickly beloved by all who saw her.  After Charlie graduated high school, he attended the police academy, and after graduation, he married Renee. After he was hired by Forks police department, they purchased a home next to Edward’s parents.

Edward and Charlie had kept in touch over the years.  Edward had several photos of Bella in his house and office in New York, but it was the last one that he kept by his bed.  It was the picture of her in her sophisticated black dress that she had worn under her cap and gown for her college graduation with the pearl necklace he had sent her as a graduation gift.   He had returned to Forks once again for another funeral. This time it was Renee’s. She had gotten sick during the time Bella was off at school in Seattle, and after multiple tests, they diagnosed her with stage four brain cancer with no hopes of her beating it.  Renee had held on until Bella graduated with her degree in education and had returned to Forks to become the newest English teacher at Forks High School. Two months after Bella’s return, Renee passed away in her sleep, holding onto Charlie’s hand like she had done since the day they got married.  As Charlie and Bella stood by Renee’s casket at the graveside, it was his hand that took Bella’s delicate hand into his, but at that moment, something happened to him. She was no longer the little girl of his best friend but a woman who had captivated his heart, mind, and soul.

Edward, of course, dated over the years, but he had never found anyone that would hold his interest.  All women seemed to want one thing, and that was his vast wealth and the prestige of being Mrs. Edward Cullen.  After the funeral, Bella had kept in touch with him through texts and lengthy phone calls. They would talk for hours about anything or nothing at all.  He didn’t know why he felt like he could tell her anything. A few weeks before he decided to retire, he had had a conversion with Bella, and she sounded so sad.  She explained that she felt that she would never find anyone to share her life with. All the men her age were immature assholes. Edward had gotten used to her colorful language.  She said she had gotten it honestly from hanging out with her dad and his friends, which included him.

“Edward,” Bella said as she stared at the man she had fallen head of heels in love with.  She knew that there would be no way that he could ever return her feelings, but that couldn’t stop what was in her heart.  The sixteen-year age difference between them meant nothing to her. She would have loved him no matter how old he was.

Edward turned to find Bella standing in the sea of boxes, looking like an angel that had dropped out of heaven.  She was wearing a short, white sundress, her alabaster white shoulders bare as was her delicate cleavage, which gave him a peek of her perky, tight breasts.  He couldn’t help but imagine how they would feel and taste. His dreams every night had been filled with Bella in his bed as they made sometimes slow passionate love and while others were of wild unabated sex.  He had lost count how many times he had woken up with his hand around his cock and the sheets covered in his cum. “Bella,” he moaned.

Bella looked into his sparkling green eyes, and in that second, she could see what she thought was love.  She took off running towards him, and as she did, he opened his arms to catch her. She jumped into his arms and not even thinking, she wrapped her legs around his waist.  Her silk covered pussy was against what could not be denied as a rock-hard cock, and boy was it huge.

Edward was shocked at first, but there had never been a better feeling than having Bella in his arms, her silky legs wrapped him, and he felt her wet, hot pussy against his cock.  So many times, he had dreamed this, and as he studied Bella’s face, he saw her lick her lips. Throwing caution to the wind, his mouth descended onto her plump lips, and as soon as they connected, an unusual electric charge pulsed between them.  Bella wrapped her hands around his neck and grabbed two handfuls of hair, pulling it hard. He traced her lips with his tongues, demanding entrance to her mouth, which she granted willingly. Their tongues danced around each other, each enjoying the taste of the other.

Edward walked her over to the nearest wall and pushed her back against it.  They both were in desperate need of air, but neither of them wanted to lose connection to each other.  Edward pulled away, but he kept placing kisses along her jaw and down her neck.

“Fuck that feels so good,” she moaned.

“You have to tell me to stop because I am about to lose all control,” Edward said.

“Please don’t stop. Make me yours,” she cried, hoping he would do just that.

Edward pulled back and looked at her.  “Bella, if I do this I will never let you go.  I have dreamed of this so many times, and I only hope this is not a dream.”

“I am real, and I, too, have dreamed of this.  I want you so badly,” Bella cried then rubbed her pussy against him, knowing he had to feel how wet she was for him.  “Feel that? This is how I am every time I think of you.”

“You think of me?”  he asked, taking his hand and dipping it into her panties until he reached the promised land.  He was excited to find her smooth, bare mound and then her dripping wet, engorged clit. As he rubbed his fingers back and forth against her pussy lips, he watched her face as she rolled her eyes back, tilting her head back to the wall and opening her mouth.  “Do you like that, little girl?

“Fuck yeah.  Make me come,” she moaned.

Taking two of fingers, he placed them inside her.  “Oh, my God, you are so fucking tight and wet. I can’t wait until this is my cock.  I am going to fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk straight for days.”

“YES!”  she yelled.  “FUCK ME.”

Edward tried to finger fuck her faster, but her panties were getting in the way.  He removed his fingers, which caused her cry out. Pushing her harder against the wall, he took both his hands,  grasped the sides of panties. and ripped them off, and once they were gone, he began to fuck her again, first with two fingers and then three.  When he added the third one, she moaned loudly. “You like that don’t you, dirty little girl?”

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.  She was so close to coming.  “Harder, faster, I am so fucking close.”

“Your wish is my command.”   He continued ramming his fingers into her, but this time he turned them over and curled them, so they hit the small patch deep inside.  A few seconds later, he felt her muscles clamp down on his fingers and she screamed out.


When she finally finished coming, Edward removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth and licked the juices from them.  “Damn, the sweetest thing I have ever tasted, but I can’t wait to taste it from the source.”

“I can’t wait to have your cock down my throat,” Bella said with a wicked grin.

“FUCK ME!!”  Edward groaned.


Edward placed his hands under her ass and walked his way through the house and to his bedroom.  It had been his parents’ room all those years ago, but he knew they would want him to enjoy the house and make new happy memories.  After their death, he had replaced the bedroom furniture, and before he moved back, he had hired a designer to come in and decorate the house.  The boxes were his personal items from his house in New York. He hadn’t sold that house, deciding to keep in when he decided to go back to check on the company.

Once in his room, Bella unwrapped herself, and she stood before him, her skin glowing with the I’ve-been-fucked glow and a wicked smile.  He reached down for the hem of her dress and began to lift it. With every inch, he was blessed with silky smooth skin, and when he got to her pussy, he noticed that she had a tattoo on the right side of her pelvic bone.  He decided to investigate that further after he had her naked on the bed. “Raise those arms for me.”

Bella raised her arms, and a second later, she was completely naked.  “You seemed to be overdressed for the occasion,” she joked. Edward dropped her dress on the floor and licked his lips.

“Hmm, you do have a point,” Edward said with one of those devilish sexy grins.  After pulling out his button-down shirt from his pants, he slowly unbuttoned each button and then slid the shirt off his shoulder before dropping it.  “Is that better?”

“It is a start, but I want to see that monster in your pants,” she said, biting her lower lip.

“Well alright then.”  He quickly lost his pants, and his hard cock bounced against his belly.  Edward had been fortunate to have a sizeable cock, both in length and girth.

Bella backed up until she felt the bed’s edge and sat down, then moved back, so she was lying on the bed. She rose up and motioned for Edward to join her.  He had wanted to take it slow, but he couldn’t wait any longer to be inside her. They had all day and night to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies.

“Little girl, I can’t wait anymore. Are you ready for me?”

“Oh, yes, please take me. Make me yours,” she cried.

Climbing on the bed, hovering over, he aligns his cock to the opening of her pussy and pushes in slowly, allowing her to adjust to his size.  “Holy fuck, you are so tight.”

“Oh, God.  Please give me more.”

Edward took a deep cleansing breath, and with one large thrust, he was balls deep in her hot, tight, wet pussy.  Never had he ever felt anything like this. It was as if she made for him. He allowed her a moment to get used to him before he began to pound into her in a wild frenzy.  She moaned loudly as she arched her back to meet each powerful thrust. “I need for you to come for me.”

“Oh, yes.  So close,” Bella said as she held onto his muscular arms.

Edward pulled out, then easily flipped her over and pulled her ass up, and he came in behind and thrust once again into her.  In this new position, he was able to go deeper than before. Reaching under her, he found one of her perky nipples on what had to be a size D cup breast and began rolling it between his finger and tugging on it.  Hearing her response, he realized that she loved having her nipples pulled, so he tugged even harder. “Come for me,” he commanded.

Bella emotions were oversensitive with Edward’s cock pounding into her and him pulling her nipple she could feel herself begin to fall into the sweet paradise.  The wave of pure joy built, then in one glorious second, it snapped, causing her orgasm to take control of her body.

Edward felt her orgasm begin, which triggered his own, shooting long strings of cum deep inside of her.  When the both final came down from their high, Bella collapsed on the bed, rolling over slightly and Edward joined her.  “Holy hell that was intense,” he groaned.

After a few moments of them just touching and stroking each other, Bella knew that they needed to talk.  “So, how long have you wanted to do that?” she asked.

“As awful as it sounds, the day of Renee’s funeral when I took your hand.”

“Mine was before that, so don’t feel bad.  I have wanted you since I was sixteen.”

Edward laid there beside of her, and his mind was racing.  He had just had sex with Bella. No wait, he had sex with his best friend’s daughter.  No, he had sex with a woman sixteen years younger than him.

Bella watched as the emotions of whatever he was thinking about played on his face.  She became worried. Was he regretting what they had done? She didn’t regret it; she was proud that they had allowed themselves to get past the evident barricades and express the love that had for each other.  “What is wrong?”

“Bella, I am sixteen years older than you,” he murmured.

“Edward, age is only a number.  Love is what counts, and if our love is true, everything else will fall into place.”

Chapter 7 – And So it Begins

Over the next month, Edward had been extremely busy, not only at the shop, but with his training as well.  He had sat in a session between Angela and Ben and thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever witnessed.  He only hoped when he got his submissive that he could be as half as good as Angela was, because she was exquisite with each movement, each command, and with each touch to her submissive.

Chapter 3 D

The construction company finished up his playroom and attached bath.  Angela had come over, and they went through the type of equipment that he wanted in the room and how it would be best laid out.  She also told him the safety supplies that he should always have on hand, along with the proper way to clean and sanitize the toys after each use.

“You are responsible for health and safety of your submissive when she is under your care.  It is extremely important to make sure that you follow safety procedures during playtime, always checking with her during any time she is placed onto a new piece of equipment.  But, also remember, no matter how careful you are, they are going to be times when you will injure your submissive.  Don’t beat yourself about it, just keep a level head and take care of her.  Most times it is just a simple injury, but there could be a time that it would require treatment with a doctor.  There are several doctors in the community that are on call for those times,”  Angela explained.

Before the equipment and furniture arrived, Edward decided he needed to tell Carmen what the room was and that he was a Dominant.  He didn’t know how she would take it or if she would understand. However, he knew that keeping it a secret from her would be a mistake.  It was not uncommon for him to tell his staff to take the weekend off and, once he had his submissive, she would be at his house from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  He knew that Carmen came and went as she pleased and he was scared that she would walk in on him and his submissive in a compromised position.  He hoped that he could make her understand what the community truly was about, and not what some narrow-minded people thought.

Chapter 7 b

If there were one thing he could always count on, it would be that Carmen would be on time. Edward heard her using her key and opening the front door.  “Edward?”  She called out.

“In the den.” He replied.

Carmen walked into the den to find Edward sitting on the couch, but, instead of his usual glass of whiskey, it looked like he had a glass of tea.  Walking over, she saw that he had fixed a tray of her favorite cookies and a pitcher of tea.

Edward stood and hugged her.  “Hello, my sweet girl.”

“Hello, good looking.  So, what have you done to warrant all this?”  She asked.  “Did you break a piece of my grandma’s china?”

“You know very damn well that I keep that shit locked up,” Edward joked.  The worst ass whipping he had ever gotten was from Carmen when he broke one of her grandma’s teacups.  When he bought this house, she brought over her prized china and placed it in the cabinet.  He asked her why and she said he had learned his lesson a long time ago and she knew he would keep it safe.  “Come sit down; I have something I want to tell you.”

Chapter 7 c

After Carmen sat down, Edward took a deep breath.  “I know you have been wondering what I am doing with that bedroom and I hope once I tell you that you will allow me to explain.”

“Well as long as you are not going to kidnap girls and tie them up in the room, I really don’t see what you would have to explain,” she said with a sly smirk.  She knew exactly what he was going to be doing in that room.  When she saw the extra support beams and soundproofing going in she figured it out.  What Edward didn’t know was that when Jasper became part of the community, he had confided in her and when his submissive wasn’t around, she cleaned his playroom.  At first, she was a little worried about his decision, but, like her mother always told her, “don’t criticize until you know all the facts.”  She did her research, and even though it was something she personally couldn’t do, it was still a beautiful, fulfilling relationship that one of her boys was part of; she couldn’t be happier for him.  Now it seemed that another one was becoming a part of the community.

Edward nearly spit out his tea when he heard Carmen’s comment.  Damn, this was going to be harder than he expected.  “Carmen, I want you to know that I am very proud of the decision that I have made and that I have worked very hard to be the best that I can be.”

Chapter 7 d

“Well, that is how it should be.  You should never do anything half-assed.”  Carmen said.

“You know my receptionist, Angela?”  Edward asked.

“Oh, yes, a sweet girl.”

“Well, I don’t know if you have ever heard of this, but she is a Dominatrix in the BDSM community.  Now, it has nothing to do with cruelty or beating your partner, but, instead, it’s a structured, consensual relationship, in which one person is the Dominant and the other is a submissive.  But, what people who are not in the community don’t know is that the submissive is the one with the ultimate control.  With one word, he or she can stop all activities.  Carmen, with every cell in my body, I am and will always be a Dominant,” Edward explaining, hoping he could make Carmen understand.

Chapter 7 e

Carmen leaned forward and grabbed a cookie, munching the chocolate-coconut goodness and finishing it off with a sip of the sweet tea.  She looked over at Edward, who was visibly worried; she loved making him squirm.  Here sat a badass, tattooed man who was scared to death of her; she loved to have this over him, even for a few moments.  She loved her boys with all her heart, but, every now and again, they needed to be put in their place.  However, it was time for her to put Edward out of his misery and come clean.  “Edward, I might have snow on the roof, but there is a blazing fire in the basement,” She laughed.

“CARMEN!  I DIDN’T NEED TO HEAR THAT!”  Edward yelled, trying to wipe the thought of Carmen having sex.

This made Carmen laugh even harder.  Once she was back in control, she began to explain to Edward what she knew.  “I am sorry about that.  I know all about the community and what you are building upstairs.  I also know that Jasper is also a Dominant and has been for years.  It has always been my hope that my boys would find something that fulfills them and, from your expression, I can tell that you have.  If you need someone to pick up or clean when your submissive is not around, just let me know.  It is something I already do for Jasper.”

“You do?”  He asked.

“Yes, and I know that, even though you trust your housekeepers, this is something above normal cleaning and some people might try to use this against you,”  Carmen explained.

Edward was relieved that he had Carmen in his corner.

“When are you selecting your first submissive?”  Carmen asked.

“I was hoping at the next selection party at the club, but it happens to be the same weekend as the Tattoo Exhibit in Vegas,” Edward grumbled.

“You are giving a speech and accepting an award?”

“Yeah, that is why I can just blow it off.”

“There will be a time when you get back to choose,”  Carmen said.

Edward took Carmen to show off his new playroom and explained where each piece of equipment would be placed.



After of months and months of training, tonight was the night that Bella hoped she might be selected by a Dominant to start her first Dominant/submissive relationship.  Rose and Esme had taken her out and helped her choose the best outfit for tonight.  It was the most revealing dress she had ever seen.  It was a stunning rhinestone-encrusted dress, made from diamante chainmail, and it had a horizontal ripped design to both sides, showing some thigh as she walked. It had a cowl neckline, and it was backless.  She would be unable to wear any underwear or bra, which would be perfect for the prospective Dominants.  All three of them had gone together to the spa where they were buffed and polished and all had received a much-needed waxing.  She was not going wear jewelry, other than a simple red ribbon tied to her wrist, which would indicate that she was available and looking for a Dominant.

Chapter 7

Angela had agreed to escort her to the party with her submissive, Benjamin.  They arrived and the guard who kept those who were not invited out allowed them in the door.  Bella had been at the club several times as she studied and dropped off her medical paperwork, but she had never been here when an actual party was going on.  She wanted to look around and take in all there was to see. However, she remembered her training and didn’t look any Dominant in the eye.  As the sexual beat of the music, the erotic glow of the lights, and the anticipation of the evening grew, Bella became so aroused.  Angela handed her a glass of white wine and said she should go mingle with the other submissives.

As she walked toward the area where the others were standing, she accidentally bumped into someone.  She looked up and, when she did, she saw that it was an incredibly good-looking man that oozed with dominance.  Casting her eyes down quickly and lowering her head, she waited for him to give her permission to speak.

Chapter 7 f

“Oh, little girl, are you all right?”  He asked with a smile.  What a stunning woman was standing beside him, in perfect submission form.  “You may speak.”

“This girl is fine, and she is sorry for running into you, Sir,” Bella whispered through her labored breathing.

He looked her up and down and was impressed by every inch of her.  He had come to the party to find his next submissive.  The last relationship ended when the time of the contract ended.  Jessica was a good submissive, but there was nothing there to warrant a continuation of the relationship.  He was looking for an experienced submissive, but there was something about this inexperienced beauty.  “Would you like to go somewhere and have a talk?”

Chapter 7 g

“Yes, Sir,” Bella answered.

“May I have your name?”

“Bella, Sir.”

Holding out his hand toward Bella and she placed her hand on it, and when she had done so, he raised it to his mouth and placed a sweet kiss on her knuckles.  “My name is Garrett, and I think this is a start of a beautiful relationship.”

Chapter 7 h

Chapter 21 – All Hell is Breaking Loose

Bella was wide awake and mad as hell.  She had tried for hours to get out of the ropes around her wrists.  Every time she heard someone turning the doorknob, she would close her eyes and pretended to be asleep.  Each time, she thought it was the creep Carlisle coming to force himself on her, but, each time, she was surprised and happy that it wasn’t.  In the wee hours of the morning, she finally heard the reason why; when the guard came in to check on her, she overheard the moaning and groaning, which she soon realized came from none other than Carlisle.  As she listened harder, she heard him yell out for someone to bring him more toilet paper.  It took everything inside of her not to bust out laughing at the thought of Carlisle moaning in pain on the toilet.  She always knew he was full of shit.  After the guard checked, she would go back to try and get free from the ropes, and, with each passing minute, she was able to loosen them. Her thoughts were on Edward and if he was okay.  She wanted to get free and get to Edward before he came in with guns blazing and could possibly get himself hurt or, even worse, killed.




Malcolm had taken off, and they were on their way back to Chicago.  Edward and Charlie had settled in the cabin while the plane rose to cruising altitude and, once they had reached it, Charlie unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned forward with his elbows on his knees looking straight at Edward.

“All right, you are going to answer my questions,” Charlie commanded.

Edward had been expecting this; he knew it was time to lay everything out on the table, whether it be good, bad, or ugly.  “Ask away.”

“Why did the guy on the phone call you Boss?”

“Because he is loyal to me.  Charlie, let me tell you what happened leading up to today.”  Edward implored.  He told Charlie why Esme had ran away with him and how she hoped to protect him against Carlisle’s evil plans for him.  Then he continued with how they were found and what happened when they were back in Carlisle’s clutches.   “When I take Carlisle out, I will become the leader of the family.”

“Couldn’t you just dismantle the family and walk away?”  Charlie asked.

“Yes, but the issue is that a rival family will step in and take over our turf.  The leader will want to remove anyone who had anything to do with the Cullen family.  They would come looking for me and any family that I might have.  As much as I hate the idea, the safest place for me to be is Boss.  Charlie, I hope that even though I will be on the wrong side of the law, you won’t think ill of me, because, in my heart you, are the only father I have ever had.”  Edward explained.

Charlie stood up and paced up and down the narrow path behind the seats.  With each step, he thought about what Edward had said; he wondered if he knew a way that would get Edward far away from this life.  But, as hard as he tried, he couldn’t think of one way, so he had two options.  He could turn his back on Edward, which meant he would turn his back on his daughter as well because he knew that they would be together no matter what.  Or, he could stand by Edward and help him to turn the family into something that he could live with.  He and Renee knew that Bella was never coming home. They had discussed that, when he retired, they would move to Chicago to be closer to her.  He had thirty years behind the badge, upholding the law and as he looked at the young man who was, in his heart, his son, he knew that he couldn’t turn his back on him.  Hell, he had walked the straight and narrow for so long, maybe it was time to see what it was like to walk on the dark side.  Walking back to his seat, he sat back down and turned toward Edward.  “So, are you going need some help running the family?  Because I happen to know a guy who knows his way around a gun.”  Charlie chuckled.

“Charlie, you don’t want to be part of this,” Edward said.

“Edward, family sticks together.  I know that it is a matter of time before you and Bella get married.”

“Whoa, wait there, I haven’t even asked her yet.”  Edward stuttered.

“Do you love her?” Charlie questioned.


“Can you imagine her married to anyone else?”

“Fuck no.  I would kill any motherfucker that tried that shit.”  Edward growled.

“So, that is your answer.  You love her, and you can’t imagine her married to anyone else, which means you want to marry her.  You have mine and Renee’s permission, and we can’t wait to have you as our son.”

“I have always considered you my father, but are you sure you want to be part of this life?  You have been a cop for so long.”

Charlie reached over and patted him on the leg.  “I am doing this for my family, you, Bella and Renee.  You have stated that, if you walked away, you would be in danger and I know that if people are ruthless enough to go after you, they would go after anyone you care about.  Let’s get to Chicago and take this motherfucker out, along with all his followers.”

A few hours later, Malcolm announced they were on approach to land.  As the plane came to a stop, Malcolm opened the door and went down the steps, looking around the area for any potential security issues.  When he saw Jasper, along with several other guards, he motioned for Edward and Charlie to disembark.  Once Edward was on the ground, Jasper was ready to meet him.

“Hey, Boss,” Jasper said, then looked at the man behind him.

“This is Charlie, and he is here to help,” Edward explained.

Jasper looked the guy up and down and wondered how the hell was this old man going to be any help. Fuck, he would probably be killed in the first few minutes.  “What is he going to do, drive the car?  I mean, you can drive a car or do you need a horse and buggy?”

Charlie reached out and grabbed Jasper by the neck and lifted him off the ground.  “Listen here, you prick; I was killing assholes when you were still in diapers.”  Then, he gave Jasper a shove, causing him to land on his ass on the ground.

Edward couldn’t help but chuckle.  “Jasper, this is Bella’s dad, and I wouldn’t piss him off.”

Jasper couldn’t believe the old man was able to get the upper hand on him, but, when Edward said he was Bella’s father, he remembered that he was a fucking pig; of course, he had some training.  Jasper climbed to his feet and dusted off his clothes.  “Boss, can I have a word in private?”

Edward didn’t have time for this shit.  “Jasper, whatever you have to say, you can say in front of everyone.  We have to get to Carlisle’s estate and take him fucking out.”

“Edward, he is a fucking pig.  How can you know that he isn’t here to take you down once he witnesses you breaking a damn law?”  Jasper ranted.

“Because, he is and has always been my true father,” Edward barked.  “So are you still with me or not?”

“Of course, Boss, I was looking out for your best interest.  However, if you trust him, then so do I.”

“All right, now, let’s go get what is mine and take out the trash.”

Everyone got into their vehicles and headed toward the estate. As they drove along, they made sure their weapons were loaded and ready for war.


Bella was still playing like she was asleep when the guard came in, but, as soon as he shut the door, she wiggled her hands from the ropes, which had finally loosened enough to get her hands free.  As soon as she was free from the ropes, she rushed over to the sheer curtain draped doors, and, as she pulled back the curtains, she was excited to see that they led to a balcony.  As quietly as she could, she opened the door and slipped out onto the balcony.  Staying close the wall and out of the light as much as possible, she made it over to the edge and cautiously looked down.  Fuck, it was a long way down, but she needed to get as far away as possible.  Looking around as best she could, she finally decided to climb over the edge and try to climb down the tree that was next to it.  Fuck, she hadn’t been in a tree for almost fifteen years, when she and Edward would climb the tree next to the playhouse and hang out.  She began her decent, carefully placing her feet and hands on the most secure position possible.  Hell, she just might do this without breaking her leg, or, worse, her neck, but, just when she thought she had it made, the limb she was holding onto cracked and before she could find another, broke away, sending her towards the ground.  Just as she thought she was going to hit the hard ground, she was instead caught in a massive set of arms. Looking at the man that caught her, she tried to remember her defense moves.

“Hey, little lady.  Boss is going to be glad that I caught you,” he said with a smirk.

“Let me go you asshole or my boyfriend will make you suffer even more.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, because the Boss likes me.”

Bella was confused by his comments and more she looked into his face, the more he didn’t look like he wanted to hurt her.

“The name is JB, and I am loyal to one man, and that is Edward Cullen.”