Chapter 6 – Confessions

Edward arrived at his house and was happy to see that he had beat his brothers there.  The mouthwatering aroma floating from the kitchen meant that Carmen was making “her” boys their favorite dishes for dinner.  Carmen had been with the Cullen family for nearly twenty-five years.  When Edward’s parents were killed, Carmen stepped in to keep an eye on them.  As each of them bought homes of their own, she supervised the staff for each one.  However, whenever Edward and his brothers got together for dinner, Carmen took over the duty for cooking for them.

Chapter 6

Edward quietly walked into the kitchen and slipped in behind Carmen, but before he could tickle her, which was something she hated, she spun around and whacked his hand with the wooden spoon.

“Ouch,” screamed Edward, holding his hand as if she injured him for life.

“Stop being a drama queen, you pussy.”. Carmen chuckled.  She might be in her fifties, with grey hair, and looked like a kind, loving motherly figure; however, that was far from her real personality.  She smoked, drank, had several tattoos, and cussed like a sailor on three-day shore leave.  Edward and his brothers learned their colorful language from her.

“Well I see that your sister didn’t reform your dirty mouth during her visit,” Edward joked.

“Fuck no.  She acted like I was stabbing her with a rusty kitchen knife every time I did; however, I know for a fact that she is not as Godly as she makes herself out to be.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw her Tumblr account,” Carmen said with an evil grin.

“Carmen!” Edward shouted. “That is an invasion of privacy.”

“The old biddy left her iPad on the counter, and it didn’t have a security code.  Damn, I thought mine was hot, but hers makes mine look like Mickey Mouse Club.  I actually started following some of the ones she is following, and now my spank bank has some new material.”

Chapter 6c

“CARMEN!” Edward shouted.

“For fuck sakes, did you really think I was not having sex?  Damn, boy you need to get laid.”

Edward knew that Carmen would continue down this path of conversation until he changed the subject. She had made it known to all four of them needed to find a girl and settle down because she wanted to be able to play with their children before she got too old to get around. “Did the workmen come today?”

Carmen smirked.  She knew she was getting to Edward like she always did.  “Yes.  They cleaned out the two bedrooms and began ripping up the carpet.  They said that they would start demolishing the wall next week.”

“Great,” He replied.  The two bedrooms were being combined to make his playroom.  He wanted to get the necessary construction over with before Angela helped him design and outfit the space.  The construction company was going to enforce the bracing in the ceiling and walls, as well as add extra lighting with dimmer switches.  They would also be soundproofing the entire room.

“What are you doing with the space?” Carmen asked.

Edward wasn’t going to tell her yet what it was, but he knew he would have to in the future.  “I didn’t like the layout,” he lied.

Carmen knew he was lying and just as she was going to call him out on it two massive arms wrapped around her and she lifted off the floor.

“Mimi, my sweet girl,” Emmett boomed.

Chapter 6d

“Put me down you big ox.”

Before putting her down, Emmett places a huge wet kiss on her cheek. As soon as her feet were on the ground, she picked up the wooden spoon and hit him on his ass.

“Ouch!” Emmett cried.

“Fuck you are a bigger baby than your brother.”

Emmett smirked his large dimples showing in all their glory.  “Ah, Mimi you know I love ya.”

Carmen couldn’t help but smile, but as she took a good look at Emmett, she noticed that he had lost weight.  “Isn’t Lori feeding you enough?”

“Yeah, when I am home, but I spend most of my time at the hospital, and the food there tastes like shit,” Emmett grumbled.

“Give me your schedule,” Carmen said.

“No Mimi, I will be okay.”

Carmen gave him a look that would make the toughest man shake in his boots.  Pulling out her smartphone, she looked up at him.  “Email it to me now!”

“Yes Mimi,” Emmett said as he pulled his phone and sent her the schedule.

When her phone dinged that she had received the email, she looked up at Emmett.  “I will have your dinner brought to the hospital and will continue to do so until you put the weight back on and look healthy again.”

Emmett nodded in agreement.  “Edward, why don’t you pour me a drink.  I am off duty for the next three days.”

“Gladly brother,” Edward said.

They walked into Edward’s den to find Carlisle already there with a rock glass in his hand and smoking on a cigar.

Chapter 6e

“When did you get here?”  Edward asked.

“A few minutes ago, but I heard Carmen, and I wanted to stay out of that,” Carlisle chuckled.

“Pussy,”  Emmett grunted and took a seat.  Edward brought over a tumbler full of Jameson and handed it to Emmett, who took a large swallow.  “Damn that is good.”

Once Edward had his glass he joined his brothers.  “So how are we going to bring up the subject to Jasper?”  Carlisle asked.

“I thought we could talk about business and I could say that a young woman I had in my shop knew him and made a comment that was confusing.”

Jasper had pulled up in front of Edward’s house, but he really wanted to be back at his house wrapped up with his girlfriend.

Chapter 6b

Damn, that sounded weird, but also so fucking good.  While he was gone, he realized that he wanted to take their relationship future than Dominant/submissive.  He had called Alice and had her waiting in his playroom when he arrived back home.  When he walked into his playroom, she was waiting in perfect position.  He began the scene, and when he had her tied to the bed and kissing every inch of her body, he noticed the new tattoo on her hip bone.

Chapter 6f

He demanded to know what it was and when she explained she wanted it to be a surprise.   Jasper reminded her that she broke their agreement about getting a tattoo or piercing without his approval.  After dealing out the punishment for breaking their agreement, he performed aftercare; then they spent the rest of the night in his bed making love.  She is so perfect for him, and he couldn’t wait to take this next step with her.  As a submissive, she gave herself to him completely, but outside the playroom, she was tough as nails women rights attorney.

Edward had called him while he was still in New York and invited him to dinner the second night back.  Jasper thought it was weird that it was the second night and not the first.  He had kept the fact that he was Dominant from his brothers, not that he was ashamed of it, but because he didn’t think they would understand.  Getting out of the car he walked up to the door and using his key he let himself in.  As soon as he walked in, he was hit the aroma that couldn’t be anything but Carmen’s cooking.  Damn, it smelt good.  Then he smelt something different, and he knew exactly where his brothers were and he walked to the den.  Walking up to the entryway, he saw his brothers sitting around, drinks in one hand and cigars in the other.  They were laughing and talking; this was something he missed.

Chapter 6i

“Hey assholes, I see you started without me,” Jasper joked.

Edward looked up and smiled.  “Well fucker if you weren’t always priming your hair, you wouldn’t be last every time.”

Jasper flipped him off and walked over to get his drink.

Chapter 6g

After Jasper sat down, they began to talk about what they had been doing since the last time they were all together.  Jasper told him about how well his line was received in Rome, LA, and New York.  “My office has been flooded with orders.  I am going to have to hire more people to keep up with it all.”

“Damn, bro that is great,” Emmett boomed.

They continued catching up, and Edward knew it was time to bring up about Jasper’s lifestyle choice.  “So Jasper, I had a young woman who got a tattoo who saw your photo on my shelf.  She called you her Master.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Of all the tattoo shops in Texas, she had to go to Edward’s and even worse have Edward do the tattoo.  They were too wrapped up into each other last night for him to question where she had gotten it.  Pulling from his training to become a Dominant, he took a moment and centered himself, because it was time for him to reveal his true self.  Looking around at each of brothers he took in a deep breath and began.  “Alright, I have been keeping something from you.  It is not because I am ashamed of it, but because I didn’t know know how you would take it.  It began about five years ago when a Peter took me to this party that turned out to be a play party.  At first, I was shocked, but also very intrigued.  Peter introduced me to his trainer, and after extensive studying and training, I became a Dominant.  I am sure you have questions and concerns, but know that this is me.  Being a Dominant is not a fab, but something that is part of my DNA and I am happy.”  Jasper explained, hoping his brothers would understand.

“Are you Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/submission, or Sadism/Masochism?”  Emmett queried.

Jasper gasped.  Damn, his twin brother actual knew something about the community.  “I am in Dominance/submission relationship.  I have been with my current submissive for a little over a year, but we have decided to expand our relationship into also a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.  I am sure you have questions, so fire away.”

“Jasper, are you truly happy?”  Carlisle asked.

“I am.  I can’t describe how being Dominant completes me.”

“If you are happy, we are happy,” Carlisle said.

Chapter 6j

Jasper couldn’t believe how accepting they were, but then it hit him that Edward hadn’t said anything.  “Edward, do you have any questions?”

“No, but I need to tell you something.  I was confused at first about what it meant to be in the community, so I began to research.  The more I read, the more I wanted to know more.  As you know Angela, my receptionist is a Dominatrix, and after asking her questions, I knew I wanted to be part of the community as a Dominant.  Angela is my mentor and is helping me through the journey.”

“Really?”  Jasper asked, shocked over the confession.

“Yes.  I am sure I will have questions, and I hope I can come to you with them,”  Edward said.

“That is what brothers are for.  Damn, I thought for sure you wouldn’t understand.  I am sorry I held this back for so long.”

“Remember that above everything else we are family and the Cullen brothers will always stick together through the good times and bad,”  Carlisle declared.  “Now let’s go to the dining room, because I wouldn’t want Carmen to come after us with one of you whips Jasper.”

Chapter 6h



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