Chapter 19 – Past Collides with the Future

Edward was in his car, pushing it to its mechanical limits to get to Jasper’s as soon as possible.  All the plans have been thrown out the window when Carlisle kidnapped Bella.  They needed to move up every timeline, and it had to be done ASAP.  By some blessing, he was able to make it Jasper’s apartment without the interference of the pigs.  Jumping out the car, he rushed to the elevator and took it to Jasper’s floor.

When Jasper got the call from Edward that Carlisle had taken Bella and that he needed to get to Forks immediately, Jasper began making sure that it would happen.  He had called the hanger, but, unfortunately, the pilot that they trusted was nowhere to be found.  Where was he going to find someone to fly the plane?  Fuck!  His next round of calls started with Benjamin.  He called him and told him he needed to move Esme tonight and that the tech team was ready to give him the cover he required to do so safely.  Benjamin was concerned by the change; however, he knew that if Edward had called for the change, then it was because it was needed.

Edward burst through the door, his wild eyes searching the room for one person and one person only.  Malcolm.

Malcolm knew when he found out the Bella had been taken, that his lifespan was extremely short.  There was nothing he could say other than he fucked up and he was sorry.  He would gladly give his life if it meant that Bella would be safe from Carlisle’s evil gasps.  When he heard Jasper’s door open and banged against the wall, he knew it had to be Edward.   He walked out of the living room and met Edward in the foyer.  Before he could even open his mouth, Edward rushed him, punched him hard in the stomach, and gave him a stiff uppercut.  This caused him to fall to his knees, and then he felt the cold, hard barrel of Edward’s gun pressed against his forehead.

“Give me one good reason not to place a bullet in your head.”  Edward snarled.

“I have no reason.  I fucked up and, for what it is worth, I am sorry.”  Malcolm pleaded.

Jasper understood why Edward was so mad at Malcolm, but he hoped that he could calm him down for the time being.  They were in trouble and time was ticking away. He really didn’t have the time to clean up a body.  “Edward,”  Jasper said, hoping to pull him from his thoughts on killing Malcolm, even for a few moments.

Edward vision was clouded by the pure rage he had for Malcolm, yet he did hear Jasper’s voice call out to him.  Not moving the gun, he turned toward Jasper.  “Is the plane ready for me?”

“The plane is ready, but William is nowhere to be found,”  Jasper explained.

“What do you mean that William can’t be found?  He is the only pilot I trust right now.”  Edward growled.

“I know.  I have several guys looking, but time is ticking away.  The plane is fueled and ready to go.”  Jasper confirmed.

“Where the fuck are we going to find a pilot we can trust at this time of night?”

“I am a pilot,” Malcolm admitted.

Edward whipped his head around and gasped at Malcolm.  Looking him dead in the eyes.  “What do you mean?”

“I am a licensed pilot,”  Malcolm said.

“How?”  Edward questioned.

“Dad was in the Air Force before he joined the family.  He taught me, and I keep my certification up, in case I am needed,” Malcolm explained.

“Can you fly a Gulfstream 550?” Jasper asked, curious about what types of planes Malcolm was trained.

“Like the back of my hand.”

Edward was torn at the moment.  He wanted nothing more than to make Malcolm suffer for allowing Bella to be kidnapped, but he was the only one who seemed to be available to get him to Forks in time.  “Fine.  However, don’t think I am forgetting what you have done.”

“Of course, Boss.”

“Jasper, make sure my Mom is safe, and our mole is keeping an eye on the bastard’s house.  We need to know how many of his guys are there.  Malcolm, get me to Forks.”

Edward and Malcolm left the apartment and were quickly in Edward’s car speeding toward the airfield.  As soon as they arrived, they were met by his men who were protecting the plane.  Malcolm promptly boarded and headed to the cockpit to do his preflight checks.  Edward also boarded and walked to the cockpit, where he watched Malcolm as he prepared the plane for takeoff.   Malcolm started the engines and radioed the tower for permission to taxi and takeoff.

Malcolm knew that Edward was watching him.  “You need to buckle in as I take off.”

Edward nodded and went back to the cabin and fastened himself in one of the plush seats.  This was the only way to fly.  He had all the leg room he needed; he could bring his gun with him, and fuck the FCC, he would be calling Jasper for updates during the flight.   As much as he hated to admit it, this was the smoothest takeoff he ever experienced, and the entire flight was the same way.  Before he realized it, they were landing at a small airfield in Port Angeles.  Malcolm powered down the engines and stepped into the cabin.

“Stay with the plane and get it ready to return to Chicago,” Edward commanded.

“Are you sure you are okay without some backup?” Malcolm questioned.

“I know this area extremely well, and you are needed here.”

“Okay, Boss.”

Edward got off the plane and got into the black SUV that Jasper had waiting for him.  As he drove down the roads, he was flooded with memories of his past.  Each one had Bella in it, whether it was taking trips with their parents or school trips.  Before he knew it, he was passing the Welcome to Forks sign.  As he turned onto the street where his old home used to be, he turned off the headlights and slowed down.  He planned on parking next to old Mrs. Waylon’s house, because he remembered how she could sleep through anything.  He parked away from the streetlight and made his way in the shadows to where his house used to be.  As he stared at the now vacant lot, his heart became heavy.   His childhood home was completely gone.  Taking a few steps into the lot, he looked around, and he saw the garden that Bella told him that she had built.  He tried to imagine what it had been like for her, thinking that he had died in an explosion.  If it had been reversed, he didn’t know if he could go on without her.  A howling wolf in the forest brought him out of his thoughts, and he made his way to the playhouse.  Before walking inside he looked over at the Swan’s house, to make sure no lights were on.  Feeling confident that Charlie and Renee were fast asleep, he pushed open the door.    As he walked in, he tried not to think about all the many hours that he and Bella spent playing in here.   He needed to get the disk and get back to the plane.  Pulling out his phone, he turned on the flashlight.  He began checking each of the floorboards for the one that Esme had hidden the disk under.

Charlie suddenly awakened by a strange feeling.  He looked over at Renee, who was sleeping soundly, and, when he looked at the clock, he saw it was one-thirty in the morning.  Getting up, he decided to go downstairs and get a glass of milk, which he hoped would lure him back to sleep.  He climbed down the stairs and into the kitchen without turning on any lights.  Renee always picked on him about being part cat for being able to see in the dark so well.  As he opened the cabinet to get a glass, a flash of light caught his eye.  Staring through the kitchen window, which faced Bella and Tony’s playhouse, he saw that the light was coming from instead of the playhouse. By its movement,  he knew that someone was in there.   He rushed out of the kitchen, put on a flannel shirt that he had draped over one of the chairs, and slipped his feet into his boots by the door, and, before going out, he strapped on his gun belt.   Slowly, he made his way to the playhouse being as quiet as he possibly could.  When he arrived at the door, he heard a male voice inside.

“Finally,” The voice murmured.

Charlie pulled out his gun and his flashlight, then pushed the door open.  Flashing the light around the room, he quickly found a man on his knees with a disk in his hand.  “Freeze.”

Edward recognized Charlie’s voice and turned his head so he could look him in the eyes. “Hey, Charlie.”

Charlie had no clue who the young man in an expensive looking suit was.  “I don’t know you and this is private property.”

“I know,”Edward smirked.  “Charlie, it is me, Tony.”

“You didn’t get any information to steal Tony’s identity asshole.  Tony is dead.”

Edward knew had to say something that only Charlie and himself would know.  “Charlie, I am going to reach into this pocket and show you that I am in fact, Tony.  I will do it with two fingers.”

Edward reached into his pocket and grasped the handkerchief that he always carried.  Pulling it out he handed it to Charlie.  “You don’t carry it for yourself, but for someone who might need it,” Edward said.

Seeing what the young man had and hearing what he said shook him to the core.  “Tony?” Charlie gasped.


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  1. exclusiverob says:

    Please tell me the name of this story. I really want to read it. Thanks

    On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 5:14 PM, HeartforTwilight wrote:

    > C D Rodeffer posted: “Edward was in his car, pushing it to its mechanical > limits to get to Jasper’s as soon as possible. All the plans have been > thrown out the window when Carlisle kidnapped Bella. They needed to move > up every timeline, and it had to be done ASAP. By some b” >


  2. Am so happy he gets to meet Charlie again, their little interaction was very emotional, l cried. This story keeps getting better, every chapter leaves you wanting more and longer chapters. Malcolm redeemed himself by flying him to Forks and l hope Edward will show mercy and spare his life. Awesome chapter, thank you for updating, and we undertand that life happens.


  3. Judi Wile says:

    I just started this story and I love the first chapter. Thanks


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