Chapter 5 – Glimpse at the Future

Angela was proud of the progress that Edward was making in his studies to become a Dominant.  She was impressed that he took notes on all their sections together, but also came to the next part with a list of questions.  One area that he took a particular interest in was on aftercare, which made Angela feel confident that he would be an exceptional Dominant.  All the material wasn’t on serious situations; she did go over that Dominants are also human and from time to time things are going to happen in the playroom that was not as he or she designed the scene to be.

Chapter 5 h

“Edward, there are going to be times when human moments just happen,”  Angela explained.

“Human moments?”

“Yes.  You are in the middle of a well planned out scene when all of sudden there is a pussy fart or ass fart.  Your submissive is most likely going to fall out of mode and in reality, so will you.  Take that moment, laugh it off then get back to the scene.  There are also going to be a time when you butt heads, teeth, knees and other body parts that you didn’t figure in your scene.  Just remember you are human and we are not perfect.”  Angela explained.

“Shit, I hadn’t thought about that.”

“That is why this training is so important for someone wants to be a good Dominant,” Angela said.  “So, are you excited about this evening.  You have the impact toy class and dinner with your brothers.”

“Yes and no.  I am excited about the class, and I love spending time with my brothers.   I can’t wait to talk to Jasper.  However, I am a little unsure about how to bring up the subject of my new adventure.”

“There are a lot of people in this world who would judge us for our decision, but if you want to embrace this adventure, you must not be afraid to be proud about being a Dominant.  Your brothers might be shocked at first; however, I know that if you show them that it is something that you truly are, they will be there for you.  Be proud of your dominant side.”

“Does your family know that you are in the community?”  Edward asked.

“Yes.  My mother is happy that I have found something that I love so much.  She has told me that she had never seen me so confident and happy.”

“That is great.”  Then Edward remembers that Angela’s cousin lived with her.  “Does your cousin know?”

Angela had forgotten that Edward knew about Bella, even though he had never met her.  “She knows and is proud of me.”

“How does it work with her here and your playtime with Benjamin?”

“We work around it.  She just finished up her degree and has started working a the rehab center.  She works twelve-hour shifts, which gives us plenty of time.  Bella also has outside interest that keeps her away from home.”  Angela explained.  She didn’t want to tell Edward that she was studying to be a submissive.  That was Bella’s story to tell.

“I am glad you have it worked out and that your family is okay with your choices.”

Angela patted Edward’s hand.  “Carlisle, Emmett, and especially Jasper will be fine with it also.  Just show them that you are a Dominant.  Let the persona out and wear it with pride.”

“Thank you, Angela, for all your great advice.”

“But don’t forget about tomorrow night,” Angela smirked.

Edward was so worried about his brothers he had forgotten about that he was going to sit in a section between Angela and Benjamin.  “Are you still fine with me watching?”

“Yes, and before you ask, Benjamin is extremely excited.  He really loves to perform in front of other people.”

Chapter 5 i

“Wow.  I would never guess that when I have talked to him before.  He always seemed a little quiet and reserved.”  Edward said.

“Haven’t you heard that you have to watch out for the quiet ones.”  Angela laughed.

They talked for a little bit longer until Edward had to leave to get to his class.  Thankfully his housekeeper was cooking dinner; otherwise, it would have been pizza delivery and beer, when his brothers came over.


Bella had a tough day at the center.  She had two new amputees beginning their time at the center to get them ready for everyday life.  It would be a long process to get them to that point.  The stages of grief over the loss of the limb would be brought forward during this process, and it would take all her training to help them to get through each stage.  Most had already had gone through at least one or maybe two of the stages, but most would still be in the denial stage when they entered the center.  Bella had taken extra courses in psychology to assist the men and women who came to the center for help.

She was excited to get home, eat, and change because she had another intro in submission class tonight.  When she first started going she didn’t know what to expect; however, the first class was the fundamentals, which included the request for both a physical, drug screening and disease screening.  It was mandatory to have a drug and disease screening done every six months and the community would keep them in her file and would make them available to any future Dominants.

Rosalie had been an exceptional mentor, and Bella fell in love with her trainer.  Esme had been in the community since she was nineteen and had married her Dominant, but unfortunately three years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and died.  She couldn’t see herself at this point submitting to another Dominant, but she still wanted to be part of the community and help others.  Starting an intro into submission gave her a source of belonging and self-worth knowing she was helping the next group of submissives in their journey of self-discovery in the BDSM community.

Bella arrived at the club where the classes were being held, and as she rushed through the door, she bumped into someone.

“Excuse me,” Bella began, but as she looked up she was mesmerized by this man’s sheer overwhelming good looks.  He was at least 6’2”, broad shoulders, dark brown hair, alluring green eyes, and covered in sexy ass tattoos.  The way he carried himself and the aura around him, screamed DOMINANT.  Bella lowered her eyes and whispered.  “Sir.”


Edward had been to the Dominant’s class on the correct use of floggers, whips, canes, and other impact toys.  Watching as seasoned Dominant use each toy on the submissives who had volunteered to endure each strike.  However, as the class went on, he noticed that each submissive was incredibly aroused.

Chapter 5Chapter 5 e

At one point, the Dominant leading the class whispered to each one of them and with the next hit each of them, he saw them let go and allow themselves to orgasm. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Chapter 5 f

Chapter 5 d

Chapter 5 c

He hoped that one day he would be able to bring his submissive such pleasure.  After the class, he had to rush to get home, as he began to exit the building he ran into by a girl, no a fuck hot woman.  She was short, long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and the sexiest molten brown eyes he had ever seen.  However, when she whispered Sir, his cock came to life.   He had no clue who she was, but there were rules he needed to follow.

“Not a problem, little one,” He groaned.

Dom Edward 7

Bella couldn’t help but smile at the name he called her.  She had dreamed almost nightly that she would be a little one to a Dominant.

Chapter 5 b

He gave her a wink and walked out the door.  Damn, she was going to have a rough time in class, before she could go home and take a cold shower.  This was a time she wished she could have an orgasm;  however, that was against the rules.   Submissives in training were not allowed to give themselves orgasms.  Orgasms are the property of their future Dominants.  Bella understood, but this stranger shook her to her core.  She stopped off by the bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face.  As she raised up from the sink and looked into the mirror, even with the cold water droplets flowing down her face, her cheeks were still a bright rosy red, and her pupils were dilated.  Damn, if she was this aroused by being called little girl by a Dominant, then what was going to happen when she was in his playroom.  Splashing several more handfuls of cold water, she decided to dry off and get to class.  She walked in, and Esme had placed the mats on the floor for the students to sit on after they went through their different positions.

Esme had taught them both vocal and hand commands for each position.  Bella stripped down to her leotard and sat down.  As she looked up, she gasped.  On large boards set up in the front, was every imaginable sex toy.  “Fuck me,” Bella groaned.

Chapter 5 g

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