Chapter 18 – Melting Ice Cream


Carlisle was pacing his office.  He had a funny feeling that something was up with Edward.  There was something about the conversation about Isabella that didn’t seem right.  Everyone he talked to said that she was terrific in bed, so why was Edward saying she was horrible?

“Hey, Boss, you wanted to see me?”  Bobby B. announced as he walked in.

“B, I need you to do an intense background check on Isabella Masen.  I want to know fucking everything about her and I want it in a few hours.”

Bobby knew that was going to be a hard task, but he also knew that he never could say anything like that to Carlisle.  “Sure thing, Boss.  I will be back as soon as I have everything.”

“Make it fucking quick.  There is something bizarre going on, and I fucking don’t like it.”  Carlisle grumbled.

Bobby rushed out of the room.  He needed to get to his computer and made quick work on the information needed.  Arriving at his home, he began to search; at first, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but then something appeared.  Isabella Masen didn’t come into existence until seven years ago.  Fuck, then who the hell was Isabella?  Isabella.  Isabella,  Bella.  Fuck, it couldn’t be?  He had not checked on the girl in Forks in years.  There wasn’t really any reason because, the last time, she was so depressed, he felt she would kill herself.  Fuck! How was he going to get the information in time for Carlisle?  He knew he had only one shot.  Picking up his phone, he dialed the last known phone number for the Swan residence and hoped that if it was still where they were living that he could lie his way through the conversation.

“Hello?”  A woman answered.

“Good afternoon.  I am calling to speak to Bella Swan, please.”  He said in his best Southern accent.

“I am sorry, but Bella doesn’t live here.”

“Oh, my.  I am calling about an issue with the last check she received.  The number I have doesn’t seem to be working.”  Bobby said.

“You can try her office.  Hold on, I will get the name and number for you.”  She replied, then a

few moments later, she came back.  “It is Chi-Town VIPs, Chicago, 312-555-1212.”

Bobby almost dropped his phone.  “Thank you.”  He said and hung up.

Carlisle was going to bust a blood vein over this.  He had set up Edward with his old girlfriend, and Edward didn’t say anything about it.  Fuck this was bad, real fucking bad.  There was only one thing he could do to save his own life, and that was to bring the cunt to Carlisle.  Finding her residence was fairly easy, and he was quickly put the address in the GPS and was on his way to her apartment.  His concern was that pussy boy had giving her a guard.




Bella was going stir crazy, couped up in her apartment.  There was just so much binge watching you could do.  Malcolm was just like Jacob, however, it was in the most annoying way.  He had the most irritable laugh, much like nails on a blackboard.  Every piece of food that went in his mouth had to have ketchup on it, even the shrimp scampi she made from scratch.  Then, what was even more disgusting, was how he watched TV.  She was watching The Crown when she glanced over and saw he had his hand down his pants.  He wasn’t doing anything other than having his hand in the front of pants, much like he was trying to keep it warm.  Edward had kept his word and had called her the night before.  They talked about what they were going to do once Carlisle was dead and gone.

A vacation out of the city would be out of the question, because the family would be very vulnerable until Edward could make a name for himself, not only in the family but with other rival families.  So, instead, they would camp out in Edward’s apartment; not only would they be reconnecting, but also looking for a house that they could call their own.  The future would still be filled with a lot of uncertainty, but at least there would be a future for them together.  Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t hear her phone ring right away.  When she did, she looked at it and saw that it was Alice.

“Alice.”  She answered.

“BELLA!!!”  Alice cried loudly.  “He…(sob)…knows.”

“He knows what?”

“Jasper knows and says that he doesn’t want to be with me.  I need you.  Can you come over, please?”  Alice begged.

“Alice, I really can’t,”  Bella replied, knowing that Malcolm wouldn’t allow her to go to Alice.

“I need you.  Please.”

“Okay,”  Bella whispered.

“Thank you.  Do you think you can stop and get some wine and chocolate ice cream on the way?”

“Yes.  Bye, Alice.”  Bella said, hanging up her phone.  She needed a plan.  “Pest, I am going to take a soaking bath.  Don’t disturb me.”

“I don’t want to see your skinny, naked ass; that is Edward’s territory.”  Malcolm joked.  He liked Bella, she was a cool chick and perfect for Edward.

Bella flipped him off.  Asshole.

Walking into her ensuite, she began filling the tub and while it was filling she quickly changed into a pair of black jeans, black t-shirt, and her favorite soft, black leather coat.  Slipping into her favorite pair of black bikers boots, she went back into the bathroom and turned off the water and turned on the jets.  They make a rumbling noise that you could hear in the living room.  Leaving the door open, she slipped out of the bathroom and into the spare bedroom.  The beauty of living in an older apartment building was that it still had outside fire escapes.  She could access hers by the spare bedroom window.  After carefully and quietly opening the window, she climbed out and started walking down.  She finally made it to the bottom, which was in the back alley of the building, she then walked down the alley to the street.  Flagging down a cab, she was on her way to Alice’s.  She didn’t see the car sitting across the street and didn’t notice as it followed her.

After a quick stop at a corner market, she finally made it to the front of Alice’s apartment building.  Before getting out of the cab, she paid the driver and gave him a good trip.  Stepping out with her bag that held the wine and ice cream she began to take a step toward the door.  Ringing the bell she waited for Alice to ring her in, but, as the buzzer sounded that the door was unlocked, she was grabbed from behind with a cloth over her mouth.  She dropped her bag and was dragged to the vehicle.  Bobby had some chloroform for just some occasion, and she is soon stopping her fighting and went unconscious.  Stuffing her into the backseat, he got in and began driving to Carlisle’s.  He couldn’t believe his luck when he saw her come out of the alley.  He guessed Edward hadn’t put security on her or if he did, he fucked up.  Having her hopefully would curb Carlisle’s anger, and he would try to kill him.

Pulling into Carlisle’s driveway, he drove around to the side and parked.  He opened the back door and pulled Bella out and threw her over his shoulder and carried inside, through the side door.  Thankfully, she was a skinny bitch, so carrying her up the stairs to Carlisle’s office wasn’t a problem.  He knocked twice.

“Come in.”  Carlisle barked.

Bobby walked in and over to the couch where he threw Bella’s body.  “I brought you a little present.”

Carlisle got up, walked over and when he looked down, he saw it was Isabella.  “What the fuck?  I didn’t tell you to kidnap the bitch.”

“Carlisle, this is not Isabella Masen, but Bella Swan,”  Bobby explained.

Carlisle was in shock.  This was the girl that Edward was so called in love with.  Then, it hit him, Edward was with her last night.  He had to have known that it was her, and he lied to him.

“Take the bitch to the bedroom next to mine and tie her up.  I have a little call to make.”

Bobby took Bella’s body to the bedroom and tied her to the bed.  He knew Carlisle would have his fun with her later on.  As he finished tying her up, she began to wake.

Bella’s head hurt; as she went to move her hands, she realized she couldn’t…neither could she move her legs.  Willing her eyes to open, she saw she was in a strange bedroom tied to a bed, with a large man looking down at her.  “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!”  She yelled.

“Bobby.”  He answered with a smirk.


“No can do.  Now shut that mouth of yours before I tape your mouth shut.”

“FUCK YOU!!”  Bella screamed.

Bobby picked up the duct tape, tore off a strip, and placed it on her mouth, even though she cussed, spit, and moved her head.  “Be a good little girl.”

After Bobby left the room, Carlisle calmed his temper, when he had, he picked up his phone and dialed Edward’s number.  As he waited for Edward to answer he walked to his bedroom, where he found Bella tied to his bed, with a piece of duct tape over her mouth.  She was fighting against the ropes, and he could hear the muffled yells from the tape.  Finally, Edward answered his phone.

“Hey, Dad.”

“Edward.  What are you doing?”

“I am getting ready to do my evening checks at the clubs.  Is there something you need?”

Edward asked, wondering why Carlisle was calling again.

“Well, here is the thing.  Why did you lie to me about Isabella?”

“I didn’t.”

“But you did.  The little bitch is Bella Swan, and I know you know that.”  Carlisle said with venom in his voice.

Edward didn’t know what to say; how had he found out?  Thankfully, she was safe in her apartment with Malcolm.

“Did you hear me, Edward?”


“I don’t know what your little game is, but, you see, I hold all the pieces.  I am going to show her what a real man is like.”

“You don’t have her; she is safe from your grasp,”  Edward growled.

Carlisle walked over and ripped the tape from her mouth, causing her to cry out, then she began screaming at Carlisle.

Edward heard her voice, and his heart sank.  How had he gotten her?

“SHUT UP, WHORE!!”  Carlisle bellowed.  “I am talking your lover boy.”

“CARLISLE, LET HER GO NOW!!”  Edward yelled.

“No.  She will not leave this house alive.”

Edward needed something to stop this.  Then he remembered the DVD.  “You will let her go, or I will take the DVD to the Feds.”

“What DVD?”  Carlisle asked.

“The one that has you, on tape, killing two FBI officers.”

Carlisle gasped.  Fuck.  Yeah, he had killed those motherfuckers, but he didn’t realize there was a DVD of it.  “How did you get that?”

“None of your damn business.  So here is what going to happen, you release Bella, and I will not take it to the Feds.”  Edward explained.

“No.  I release the bitch once I get the DVD and not before.  You have until tomorrow morning at eight am.”  Carlisle said.

“You lay one of your slimy fingers on her, and I will cut your heart out,”  Edward growled.

Carlisle chuckled and hung up.  Edward’s heart was beating so loud that he could hear it echoing in his ears.  FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!  As he was about to call Malcolm, his phone rang.

“Edward, I am sorry.  Bella slipped out the fire escape.  I don’t know where she is.”  Malcolm said.

“FUCK YOU, MALCOLM!!”  Edward screamed.  “You had one job, and you fucking failed.  She has been taken by Carlisle.”

Malcolm felt horrible.  He really liked Bella, and he not only failed Edward but her as well.

“What can I do?”

“Head to Jasper’s.  We are moving up the time frame.”  Edward barked.  Edward had a little over twelve hours to get to Forks, get the DVD, and get back to Chicago.  He only hoped that Carlisle wouldn’t touch Bella.


One Comment on “Chapter 18 – Melting Ice Cream

  1. Aaaaah, l hate cliffy. I am really disappointed in Bella. Bearing in mind the situation of things and how far Edward has gone to keep her safe, just one phone call and she became a silly ninja without verification, thereby putting herself and others life in jeopardy. She knew Jasper is probably with Edward, she could have called to ascertain Alice’s call and guidance from Edward. Now we have a life or death situation. Lets hope Edward gets the tape and move Esme out on time. In fact l believe Bella’s parents are not immune from Carlisle retributions. Carlisle can not be trusted in any shape or form, am sure by the time Edward gets back tohim, he will have other leverage at hand. Thank you for the update, Great chapter, read it with my heart beating out of chest. Hurry back please.


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