Chapter 4 – Not What He Expected

Angela was calling her mentor to see who might be available to mentor Edward.  She wanted him to get the help that she had gotten when she began her journey into the community.

“Hello, Marcus.”

“Angela, sweetheart it is so good to hear from you.  How is that little submissive doing?”

Chapter 4 d

“Oh he was a bad, bad boy last night; however, my favorite paddle got some workout.”  Angela joked.

“Sounds like fun.  I am sure you did your duties afterward?”

“Of course.  I wouldn’t want my mentor to punish me.”

“So what do I deserve a lovely call from my favorite mentee?”  Marcus asked.

“I have someone who is wanting to start the process into the community, and I was wondering if you knew a mentor that would be available?”  Angela asked.

“Well I know someone, but this would be their first mentor undertaking.”

“Oh, do you think they will do a great job?  He has all the characteristics of being a great Dominant, but will need a strong hand to keep him in line.”  Angela inquired.

“One of the finest, most disciplined Dominants in the community.  I know that being a mentor is something new for them, but I feel sure they are up to the task.”

“If you feel that he is qualified then I can’t wait to meet him,”  Angela said, curious who it was and if she had met him before.

Marcus couldn’t help himself from chuckling.  “Are you next to a mirror?”  He asked.

Angela couldn’t understand why he was asking that, but she was in fact next to the mirror in her bathroom.  “Yes.”

“Good, look at yourself in it,”  Marcus commanded.

Chapter 4 g

Angela looked in the mirror.

“See that strong, disciplined Dominatrix in the reflection?  That is the person I am talking about.  Angela, I know that you would be perfect for mentoring Edward.”

Angela took a good look at her reflection and thought about everything that Marcus had said.  Could she do this?  After a few moments, Angela was proud of being a fair, just, thoughtful,  patient, loyal, and honest Dominatrix.  She would have to talk to her submissive about allowing Edward to be part of their time together, yet she knew her naughty submissive would love it.  He enjoyed performing in front of a crowd.  Coming out of her thoughts, she knew she had to give Marcus an answer.  “Will you help me?”

“Of course.  I have lots of material for you to use and I will be here for any questions that you or Edward might have.”  Marcus explained.

“Thank you for your confidence, and I will not let you down.”  Angela pleaded with all her heart.

“I know you won’t.  I will email you first steps in the process, in case you  have forgotten them.”

After her conversation with Marcus and Benjamin, she asked Edward if he would like to meet her at Leather & Lace club.  She had called ahead and reserved a room, with the instructions of having a table and two chairs placed inside of it.  The material that Marcus had sent her was printed out and ready to be gone over with Edward.

Edward was excited and apprehensive about the meeting with Angela at Leather & Lace.  He had read a lot of material on the subject, yet he did not know exactly what was going to happen in the meeting with Angela.  However, he couldn’t wait to get started.  Pulling up to the club and parked in the guest spot that Angela had informed to do.  From the outside of the building it looked much like any other club in the Dallas downtown, but when he got to the door, he saw by a tall, burly guy that made Emmett look like a wimp.

“How can I help you?”  The man asked his face not showing any emotion whatsoever.

Chapter 4 h

“Hello.  My name is Edward Cullen, and I am here to meet with Angela.”

“Ah Mr. Cullen, my name is Felix, and I am Head of Security.  Please come this way.”  Felix said opening the inner door that leads into the front foyer of the club.  It was wide with white walls, dark ceiling and blood red carpet that went the length of the room to a set of white curtains.  On the ceiling was several large chandeliers.  It didn’t have anything that screamed that it was a BDSM club.  Felix looked at Edward’s face and could tell he was confused.  “Were you expecting whip and chains on the walls?”

Chapter 4

Edward blushed, which was something he had never done before in his life.  “Actually yes.”

“Mr. Cullen you have a lot to learn.”  Felix jokes.

They walked down the foyer to the curtains, and when they stepped through, they were in the bar area of the club.  Edward looked around and saw several men sitting around with a woman on the knees at their feet.  Some were stroking the women’s hair, in an almost petting manner.  Looking around more he saw a few women talking to others and in their hands were leashes that were attached to the leather collars around men and women necks.  Felix allowed Edward to look around because this was the first stages of becoming part of the community.

Chapter 4 i

“Come, Mr. Cullen, Angela is waiting for you,”  Felix said.  He leads him down one of the hallways to one of the private playrooms.  It had been set up with a table and two chairs so Angela could begin the process.  “Angela is just inside.”

“Thank you,”  Edward said.  He watched as Felix walked away and took a moment to steady his nerves.  Could he do this?  Like anything new that he had done in his life, he wouldn’t know unless he tried.  Opening the door, he walked in and gasped.  This is what he imagined it would be like, but standing in the room made it oh so real.

“It is overwhelming when you first walk in.”  Angela declared.  “However, over time you will become to feel a sense of calmness when you are in your own playroom.”

Chapter 4 b

“My own?”  Edward asked.

“Yes.  You will want one in your home so that you can enjoy it with your submissive.  But that is something that won’t happen for a long time.  You need to take baby steps to get to that point.  Come, I have some things to discuss with you.”  Angela said as she pointed him to the chair.  Once they seated, she gave him the first step.

Edward looked at the paper and read it.  “This is a medical form, why do I need this?”

“Edward, you will need to have a complete physical, and drug screening is done every six months to start and then once a year once you take on a permanent submissive.  This not only protects the submissive but you as well.”

“Oh.  I guess I never thought about that.”  He said.

“I know, and that is why I am here.  If you are comfortable with me, I would like to be your mentor.”

“Mentor?”  Edward asked.

“A person who you will be able to ask anything about the community and who you will report to in the first years of your dominance to ensure that you are complying with the rules of the community,”  Angela explained.

Edward thought about Angela being his mentor and whether he would feel weird about it, considering she was his office manager at work.  However, he trusted her wholeheartedly, and he knew she would always tell him when he did something wrong.  “I trust you and feel privileged that you want to help me.”

“Great.  Let us begin.  Edward, no one is perfect, and we all struggle with our inner demons, but we have qualities that make us a Dominant person.  The first is control.  This not just control over the submissive in your care, but the product of the attention and care that is earned through your actions in and out of the playroom.  It is an art, sometimes it is subtle, and other times it is very obvious.  The difference between a person who “thinks” they are a Dominant and the true Dominant, is they know when each type of control is necessary.”  Angela explained.  She was excited that without being told, Edward had started taking notes on the pen and paper left in front of him.  “Please feel free to ask any questions that you have at any time.”

“I will,”  Edward said.

“Next is responsibility.  A Dominant must take the responsibility in all things for their submissive.  I know that you have the financial means to do this.  However, it also required in a large amount of time in scheduling appointments for your submissive, keeping your playroom in order, planning out the scene for the playroom, and ensuring the personal growth of your submissive.”

“So, I need to treat the submissive much like a child?”  Edward asked.

“Basically, but as your relationship grows, so will the responsibility you have to ensure that the submissive confidence grows.”

Edward nodded.

“Next is patience.  You might think you have patience, but we are not perfect people, and there are going to be times when your submissive is not going to be meeting what you expect at the time you think they should.  This is where patience is needed.  You cannot provide the growth and development of the submissive if you are always frustrated.  I know there have been some times at work when you were frustrated when you can’t draw your design you have in your head down on paper as you imagined.  But that being said, I saw when that did happen you stepped back and controlled yourself, that is a perfect example of what it will be like at times in the playroom.  That knowing when to be patient with what is happening in the room and with what is happening with the submissive.”

Edward keeps writing all the points that Angela was explaining.  The more she explained, the more he realized that he did, in fact, have these qualities.  She went over vision and about the setting of goals and always being able to be ready for the next step in the relationship.  Respect and loyalty was a two-way street.  Of course, the Dominant demanding the respect and loyalty from his submissive, however it more critical that the Dominant gives his respect and loyalty to his submissive.  Being a Dominant didn’t mean that he or she had the freedom to do as they wish or whoever they wished.

“The last thing I want to discuss today is love.  There are four basic forms of love.  They are affection, familial, erotic, and unconditional.  As you grow in your D/s relationship, you must know what kind of love to give and not to confuse your submissive, by saying one thing, while feeling something different. Remember they trust you, you are their true north, and will follow your lead, wherever it may go.”  Angela said.  “Do have any questions or thoughts about anything I went over?”

“Not now, but I am sure I will once I read it again.  Angela, I don’t know what the rest of the training will be like, but I do appreciate your candor with what you went over today.  I just never guessed there was so much involved with becoming a Dominant.”

Angela had a gift for Edward.  It was a leather-bound journal that he could keep his thoughts and any reference material he would receive.  She loved hers and used it almost daily.  “I got you something.  It is your Dominant Journal.  This will be something you will rely on to keep yourself centered during your journey.”

Chapter 4 c

Edward took the leather journal and rubbed his finger over the symbol on the front.  “Thank you.  I feel sure that it will be a source of comfort when I am unsure about myself.”

“I have found that to be the case many times.  When you get a submissive, I recommend you have her write her thoughts in a journal daily for your review at any times.  I have my submissive write his exercise and food intake in it as well.”

“I can see that would be very helpful,”  Edward replied.

“Alright here is a printout of everything we discussed today.  How about we meet here again on Thursday to go over some more information.  In the meantime, get your physical and drug screening complete.  The community will want to have a copy of those results for their records.”

They collected all their belongings and left the room, and as they walked back through the club, Edward once again glanced at the couples, but this time he remembers what Angela had told him and he could see the qualities in the Dominants in the room.  It was his first step, and he was excited to take the next.

Chapter 4 f

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