Chapter 17 – Preparing for Battle

Edward hated leaving Bella, but this had to be done.  He called Jasper, who had set up a meeting with Benjamin at a diner on the outskirts of town.  They needed Benjamin to get Esme out of the house, which was going to be extremely tricky.  Most of the guards were against Carlisle, but there were still a few loyal assholes and they would, for sure, cause issues if they caught Benjamin taking Esme from her prison.  They needed to keep Carlisle unaware of what was going down until the last possible second.

Benjamin had received a call from Jasper, and when he told him that Eddie was ready to begin to work, he knew it was time.  He was currently at the house where Esme had been held captive.  When Carlisle had first brought her to this house as a prisoner, he could understand Carlisle’s viewpoint, but, after a while, he got to know Esme and fell in love with her.  He was higher in the family, so he was able to put his claim on her, even though he would never force himself on her.  He had been meticulous in the beginning to ensure that Carlisle didn’t catch wind of their relationship, but, over time, he realized that most of the men who kept guard over her, thought that her imprisonment was too harsh and they felt she should be set free.  Esme was sitting beside him reading a book.  He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.  Nuzzling her ear, he began to whisper.  “It has begun.”

Esme didn’t let on what she had heard, but inside she was jumping up and down.   However happy she was, she was also worried about what might happen.  She had kept the secret about the disk from everyone, except for the letters she had tried to spell out on Edward’s hand, but it was taking forever.  Benjamin had been so sweet, kind, and loving, yet she was still leery of letting him in on her secret.  But time was up; Edward needed to know about the disk and what is on it.  She had written down the information and had placed it in a book.

“Benjamin, I found that book you were talking about.”  She said, as she picked it up and handed it to him.

He at first didn’t know what she was talking about, but he figured it was something important and when he saw the title of the book he knew that he had to take it to Edward.  It was 600 Hours of Edward.  “Thank you.  I really wanted to read this.”  He said, then looked at his watch.  “Man, I have got to go, but I will be back a little later on.”

“All right.  Be careful.”  She pleaded.

“Oh, Esme, you say that every time.  I am a great driver.”  Benjamin said, covering up her statement.  They couldn’t be too careful.

Benjamin left with the book tucked away in his jacket and drove around town, stopping at several locations to make it look like he was running errands.  When he finally thought he was not being followed, he made his way to the diner.  Getting out of the car, he carefully looked around to see if he saw anything out of the ordinary, but he felt it was all clear.  The door chimed with loud chiming bells when he opened it, and an old woman, with dyed orange/red hair, and thick makeup greeted him with a smile.  “Well, bless my soul, it has been my lucky day.”

“Hello, I am meeting a few friends.”

“Oh, the lovelies are in the back corner.  I will be back in a minute to take your order.”  She said, her voice hoarse from years of smoking.

Benjamin walked back to where Esme said and found Edward and Jasper sitting in a booth.  “Hey, guys.”

“Ben, glad you made it.  Did you run into any problems?”  Jasper asked.

“No.  I thought I saw someone earlier, but I guess they got tired of me doing my errands.”

“Good.  Did you turn off your phone?”  Edward questioned.


“Great.  Now let’s get started.”  Edward said.

“Before we do, I have something to give you from Esme.”  He said, taking the book from his jacket and sliding it across the table to Edward.

Edward looked down at the book and wondered why his mother was sending him a book.  As he began to open it, his phone rang with Carlisle’s ringtone.  He knew better than have his phone off because that would throw up red flags.

“Hey, Dad.”  He answered

“Edward, where are you?”

“Oh, Jasper and I decided to go the range but wanted to get a bite to eat first.  Do you need something?”  Edward explained.  It was all part of the plan.

“No.  It was that I tried your apartment earlier and you weren’t home.”  Carlisle said.

“Oh, I was making sure you got your money worth out of that girl from last night.  But it is sad to say she wasn’t as good as she made herself out to be.”  Edward chuckled.  He hoped that he would turn Carlisle mind off Bella.

“Well, hell, I thought she was a professional.”  He grumbled.

“She is a professional, but a cold fish in my book.  I have had much better.”

“Okay.  Well, I guess I will see later you on this afternoon.  Have a good time at the range.”

Carlisle said.

After Carlisle was gone, Edward turned toward Jasper and Benjamin.  “I knew he would be checking up on me.”

“Good plan about the shooting range.”  Jasper urged.

“Yeah.  If Carlisle is having my phone GPS tagged, he will get what I said.  Now, what does my Mom what me to have.”  He said, as he flipped through the book and he found an envelope.  Taking out the letter he finally was able to hear her unguarded words.

My darling Edward,

Words cannot tell you how sorry I am that you have had to endure Carlisle’s horrible acts.  I wish I could have been there to help you get through it.  I know you have been worried about me, but I am holding up, and a lot of that is because of Benjamin.  He has been a steady arm for me to lean on.

I know you have been wondering what I have been trying to tell you over the years.  When I took you away, I also took a disk that has a video of Carlisle killing three FBI agents.  I hid it in the playhouse in Forks, under the floorboard next to the window.  Get it and use it as leverage against him.

I know that one day you will say enough is enough and take over the family.  A long time ago, I thought you could get out of the family, but I know now that you will never be able to get away.  Edward, you are a good man, and I know you will be a great leader.  I look forward to the time when we can be united.



Edward drank each word from his mom and before putting the letter in his pocket, he reread it.  She was the bravest person he knew.  “All right, Mom has given me some leverage, but I will need to go get it, which could be tricky.  They think I am dead.”

“I will go.”  Jasper offered.

“No.  Charlie will arrest your ass.”

“Who is Charlie?”  Jasper asked.

“He is Bella’s father.”

“Who is Bella?”  Jasper questioned.

“She is the love of my life,”  Edward confessed.

“Oh, well that shouldn’t be so bad.  I can slip in and out.”  Jasper boasted.

“Yeah, I forgot to mention he is Chief of Police and lives next door to the playhouse.”

“Damn.  Is this that good of leverage?”  Jasper groaned.

Edward looked around to make sure no one was listening.  “It is video evidence of Carlisle killing three FBI agents.”

“Holy Fuck!!”  Jasper exclaimed.

“Yeah.  Maybe I could slip out once we start taking out assholes.”

“Maybe.  We could get a private jet to fly out and back.”

“All right.  Work on the details.  Benjamin, you need to get Esme out of that house and take her to the safe house that I have set up.”  Edward said.

“Damn, that is going to be hard.  Carlisle still has the house monitored, and only his loyal guys keep watch over the surveillance video and audio.”  Benjamin explained.

“We have thought of that.  Sam has a way to hack into the surveillance and make a video loop.  When played back, it should give you time to get her out and several hours before they know what is happening.”  Jasper said.

“When do you want to do this?”  Benjamin asked.

“In two days.  Do you think you can be ready by then?”  Edward questioned.

“I sure as hell will be if it means to finally get her free.”

“Great.  Make sure to keep your burn phone on; we will call when it is time.”  Edward said.  “And, Benjamin, take care of her until this is over with.”

“I will protect her with my life Edward.  She is my world.”  Benjamin proclaimed.

“All right, make sure your burn phones are on and ready.  The takedown starts in forty-eight hours.  Make sure we have all our men in line with what they need to do and when.”  Edward replied.


They finished their lunch and left the waitress a big fat tip for leaving them alone to talk.  They wanted to see her face when she cleared off the table and under each of their plates was a crisp one hundred dollar bill, but Benjamin needed to get back to town, and Edward and Jasper needed to get to the firing range.  Carlisle would be watching for sure, and they didn’t want him to get suspicious now that they were so close to taking his ass out.

They were glad that they went to the range because they were able to hone their skills.  They had brought several types of weapons, some they had not used in months or even years and being able to shoot and get the feel of them again, made them feel better about using them in the coming days.  After the range, they drove back to town and as they did Edward called Bella.

“Hey, babe.  How is it going?”

“I’m fucking bored out of my skull.  Protector won’t let me even go out to fucking Starbucks for a latte.”  Bella grumbled.

“He is only doing his job.  Behave and follow what he tells you to do.”

“Fine.  Are you coming over?”

It broke his heart when she asked that.  “I would love to, but I have to go see Carlisle and keep him in the dark.”

“Oh,”  Bella whispered, sad that she wouldn’t see him tonight.

“I promise to call later.”

“All right, please be careful; I love you.”  Bella pleaded.

“I promise; I love you, too,”  Edward said and hung up.

Jasper was confused.  Edward said the love of his life was Bella, who lived in Washington state.  So who was this chick he was talking to now?  She sounded close by.  “So, who is the broad you are talking to?  That fine piece of ass you had on your arm last night?”

Edward whipped his car off the road and before Jasper could mumble another word he grasped him around the throat and squeezed hard.  “You will never say anything like that again about her because if you do your fucking life is over.  Do you fucking understand?”

Jasper couldn’t speak, so he nodded his head.

Edward released his hold on Jasper’s neck.  When he did Jasper began to cough and gasp for air.

“What.. (gasp).. the… (gasp) hell?”

“I was talking to Bella.  She is the beautiful woman you met last night.”

“I didn’t know,”  Jasper whined.

“Just because you didn’t know is not an excuse, but, then again, you don’t even know who you are dating, so why should I be surprised,”  Edward said, laughing hard.

Jasper looked at Edward with a confused expression.  Was there something about Alice that he didn’t know?giphy.gif

One Comment on “Chapter 17 – Preparing for Battle

  1. Let battle begin so Carlisle can get his just desert. I am so concerned about Esme, this fight is not going to be as easy as they thought. Sneaky Carlisle must have all his bases covered in anticipation of rebellion from the ranks. Edward could send Bella to Forks, this serves two purpose; it takes her out of immediate danger and to recover the needed tape. Thanks for the update.


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