Chapter 3 Ready to Learn

“How did you find me?”  Bella cried.

“Did you really think I would forget you.  As I told your father, before I killed him, you are mine.”  Aro revealed.

“You killed him?”

Chapter 3 E

“Yes.  Burning in hell for taking you away from me.  Now I will make you mine.”  Aro bragged as he began walking towards her bed.

“NO.  STOP.  STOP.”  Bella yelled out.

“Bella, wake up.”  Angela ordered.


“BELLA!  WAKE UP!”  Angela screamed to Bella.

Bella’s eye opened and instead of Aro, it was Angela.  Her cousin who she trusted.  “Angela.  Is he here?”

“Who?”  Angela asked.

“Aro.  He was here and was going to take me.”

“Bella, he is not here I promise you and he will never take you.”  Angela proclaimed.  She had been at the house the night that Bella showed up.  She was dressed like a primitive woman and was scared out of her mind.  Her mother took her in and finally, she opened about what had happened.  Maria and Angela knew about their cousin Charlie and that he was part of an extremely religious cult.  They had had very limited communication with him and his family over the years. The last time was right after Bella was born.  Charlie and Renee were in a hospital outside of a small town in Utah and she had complications with the birth of their daughter, Isabella.  Maria told Charlie that she would always be around if he needed her for any reason.  It had been a cold, rainy night that Isabella or Bella as she liked to be called, on their doorsteps.

The transition from the cult life to normal life was long, tear-filled process, however with patient and lots of love she had become a vibrate young woman.  In the four years since escaping from Aro, she had worked hard and took her GED test and passed, then applied to the Chamberlain School of Nursing and received her RN and was currently working towards to MSN.  She missed her family and longed to hear a word from them, but she knew that it was dangerous to do so.  Maria showered her with love and support and Angela was like a big sister she had never had.  They got a house together, not far away from the center that Bella worked at and Angela worked as an office manager for a tattoo shop. The center was geared for patients who had lost limbs do it an accident, medical issues, and military personnel coming back from combat.  She loved working there, it made it feel like she was doing some good.  However, there was also something else that she was studying to become.  A submissive.

It was by weird chance that she became to know about the community.  She had been on campus studying for her final exams when she decided to take a break and go home, which she shared with Angela.  Using her key she walked in to find Angela, dressed in all leather with a man naked at her feet.

Chapter 3 C

Bella had never seen anything like this before.  She had dated a guy for several months, when she finally decided to have sex with him.  All the reading and watching videos had not really prepared her for the pain and mess that came with it.  However, after she talked to Angela, who seemed to be very knowledgeable on the subject, she decided that it was normal.  Experiences after that were enjoyable, even though she felt something was missing.

Angela was surprised to see Bella, however, when she took a good look at her face, she saw that Bella was intrigued, hell she might even be aroused.

Chapter 3 D

She asked Bella to wait for her until she took care of her submissive.  It wasn’t fair for Benjamin to be dismissed after he had performed so wonderfully and she knew he deserved a release.  It was her responsibility to put her submissive first.  Giving him the permission to be a vocal as he wanted as he used his hard cock to make her come.   Angela was sure that Bella could hear Benjamin groan and yell as he pounded hard into her hot, wet pussy.  She made sure she was extra loud as she commanded him to come.  After they were both satisfied, she helped him to her bathroom where she ran a hot bath and performed her job in performing the aftercare that he deserved and needed.  He had not come out of his submissive mindset, when Bella walked in, which made Angela so proud.  They talked about the scene and what had happened.  Benjamin admitted that he was shocked at first and almost said something, but remembered his training.  This made Angela smile.  She took her responsibilities as a Dominatrix seriously.  It was something that you just don’t jump into the playroom and grab a whip.   Lots of studying, training, and spending time as a submissive was required to become a true Dominant.  She had been in the community since she was twenty, and seven years later, she was still learning, but she was taking a big step and becoming a mentor to a new Dominant.  After Benjamin had left and she had changed into a pair jeans and a T-shirt she went to talk to Bella.

Bella was sitting on her bed with her journal, which was something she had done since her escape.  Writing down her feelings and thoughts made it easier for her to deal with any problems or concerns she was having.

Chapter 3 b

“Bella?”  Angela said as she walked into the room and sat down on the bed.  “I know you have questions.”

Bella looked up from her journal, she had been trying to make sense of what she saw.  “I really don’t know what to ask or say.”

“Why don’t I tell you what it was that you saw.  That was a power exchange scene. Benjamin is my submissive and I am a Dominatrix.”

“I don’t understand those terms.”

Angela forgot that Bella had not grown up in a regular type of family and social life. She had come a long way, but she was still learning.  The rest of evening into the early morning hours was spent answering questions and talking about the community.  In the end, Angela gave Bella some books to read and told her that she would answer any questions that she would have.  After finishing her exams, she began to read and study in earnest the books that Angela had given to her.  She wrote down questions she had and used the websites that Angela recommended.  After talking to Angela on several occasions, she wanted to know more.  The next step was to take her to a local club who held beginner submissive classes.  Angela thought if she could see what is entitled to be a submissive that it would make her decision on what she wanted to do next.

Bella sat in the class and listened to the instructor explain different command, positions, and different types of toys and their use.  Coming out of the class, Bella came out with that even in the most extreme Dominant/submissive relationship, the submissive has the ultimate power.  It was always up to the submissive to determine what was unacceptable and they had the final say to what the Dominant could or could not do to them.  She decided that she wanted to study and train to become a submissive.  Angela arranged for her to be mentored by a seasoned submissive in the community.

Rosalie had been in the community for about six years and had had several short and long-term Dominant relationships, none of them lasting any longer than the contractual limit.  It wasn’t the fact the Dominant had done anything wrong, it was the fact that her heart wouldn’t allow her to go any further.  She was excited that Angela had called her and asked if she would be willing to take a new submissive under her wing.  The first time she met Bella, she knew that they would get along beautifully together.  One of the sacred commandment of the community was HONESTY.  Bella was completely honest with Rosalie and told her all about her past, which shock the shit of her.  But Bella explained that the reason why being a submissive was appealing was that she had in a sense been a submissive as she was growing up.  Falling into the roll was quite easy and enjoyable, like a security blanket from home.


Angela couldn’t believe she was about to be a mentor to someone who wanted to become a Dominant in the community.  She smiled as she remembered the day that Edward had returned back to the shop, after learning his brother was a Dominant.

“Good morning Angela.”  Edward said walking into the shop.  It had been a long few days.  Emmett had directed him to websites that talked about what a Dominant/submissive relationship was.  Like most people, in the beginning, he thought is all about Jasper getting himself off by whipping a woman, but the more he read the more he realized that wasn’t the case at all.  After reading all that he could find, he still had questions and he didn’t know why.

“Are you alright?”  Angela asked.

“Yeah, just tired.”

“Oh, did you take a ride on your days off?”

“No, stayed in and did some reading.”  He answered, not wanting to tell her what, but when he looked at her he remembers some of the statements that she had made the other day.  Could she be part of the community?  “Angela, would you like to go to lunch with me today?  There is something I want to talk to you about.”

Chapter 3

“I would enjoy that.”  Angela replied.  Before going to lunch with him, she pulled off her copy of a Dom’s quiz.  It was a wonderful tool to decide if you wanted to pursue training to become a Dominant.  She wanted to be ready for any questions he might have.

The morning passed by quickly and they walked down the street to a little diner that served great food, but also provided some privacy so they could talk.  The waitress sat them in a booth in the back of the diner and took their order.

Edward really didn’t know where to start or to even ask.  Angela say his conflict on his face and decided she needed to take control like she liked doing anyway.

“Edward, I know that you asked me here to ask me a question.  Go ahead and ask it.”  Angela said, in her Dominatrix tone.  It was edger and more throaty tone.  It was something you learned when you became a Dominant, because the tone of voice sometimes was all a submissive needed to know when they were out of line.

Edward was shocked at the different tone of Angela’s voice.  It was so commanding.  “The other day you made some remarks that got me thinking.  Are you a Dominant?”  He mumbled.

She smirked and with a twinkle in her eyes.  “Not a Dominant, but a Dominatrix.”

Swallowing the large amount of saliva that had formed in his mouth.  “Dominatrix?”

“Yes and a feisty one at that.  Come on Edward, I can tell you have read about the community, ask away.  I promise I won’t break out my flogger, well at least not here in the diner.”  Angela teased.

“How long have you been in the community?”  Edward asked.

“Seven years.  I happened upon on it during college and began studying to become a submissive, but my trainer could tell that I had more characteristics of a Dominant instead.”

“Trainer?  You mean there are people who train others to be Dominants and submissives?”

“Yes.  Of course, there some who think they don’t need professional training, but those are the ones who don’t embrace the true qualities of the community.  Just because you read something in a book or see a movie, doesn’t make you a master of the art.  There are many things to learn, however the most important thing for a Dominant to learn is who has complete control.”  Angela said, hoping that Edward had read the correct material.

Edward had read that it was the submissive who had complete control, which confused him in the beginning.  Didn’t the word dominance mean to be over something or someone else?  “I read that the submissive has the ultimate control, but I really didn’t understand that.”

“It is because she or he only has to say their safe word and all play must stop.”  Angela explained.


“Edward there is a lot to learn, but if it is something you are interested in, I would be happy to direct you into the right direction.”

Edward sat back and thought for a moment on everything that he had read and what Angela had said.  Was it something he wanted to explore more?  Then as he thought about having his own submissive in a playroom, he became aroused and excited about the prospect.  “Yes, I would love to learn more.”

“Well, then let the training begin.”  Angela proclaimed, excited to see Edward’s transformation to a Dominant.


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