Defiance Chapter 16 – Shakedown, Breakdown, Takedown

Warmth, security, love, was bombarding Bella senses.  She had not felt anything like this in a very long time.  When she moved her hand, she felt a hard chest, with a patch of hair.  At first she was shocked, because she never spent the night with any of her clients or “friends with benefits”, but as she slowly opened her eyes she was relieved to see Edward’s sleeping face.

After getting over the initial shock, they spent hour after hour talking and reconnecting.  At one point she went in and changed out of her evening gown and into a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt.  She had a pair of sweatpants that would fit Edward in her drawers and offered them to him.  At first, he was leary, but when she explained that she had picked them up by mistake for one of her employees, he was thankful to be able to change out of the tux.  Soon they were back on the couch in comfortable clothes.  She didn’t remember them laying down on the couch, but that is how they were now.  Taking this opportunity, she really took a long hard look at his face.  The Tony she was knew was there, however, the rugged features of Edward were now very pronounced.  He had a small scar over his left eye that he didn’t have before.  She had to smile slightly because under each eye had turned a lovely shade of greenish black, from where she had hit his nose.   His button-down shirt was open and she could see the tattoo over his heart.   Lightly touching the edges of the tattoo, she was comforted that he had never forgotten her.   Carefully moving his shirt she noticed another scar, this time close to his shoulder and taking a closer look, she could tell it was a bullet wound.   How did this happen and when?  What other terrible things had happened to him?  He had endured so much just to make sure she was safe.   Fuck, she felt horrible for doubting his love for her.  “Oh my love, why did I ever doubt you.”  She whispered, choking back the tears.

Edward had been awake since the first time Bella touched him, but he had decided to keep his eyes closed and enjoy her sensual touch.  He had dreamed of them waking up this way so many times over the years, but when he heard her broken voice as she touched his gunshot wound, he knew he needed to stop pretending and to comfort her.

“Good morning, gorgeous.   Are you having fun exploring?”  Edward joked, trying to lighten the situation.

“When did you start needing glasses?”  She asked.

“I don’t.”

“Then you need to make an appointment today because you need your eyes checked.  I know my hair must look like a flock of birds has made their nest in it and I am not wearing any makeup.”

“I think your hair is sexy and I love your face without any makeup on.”  Edward purred.

“Sure, sure.”

Edward thrust his hard cock onto Bella’s leg.  “What does that tell you?”

“FUCK!!”  Bella groaned.

“I would love too, but we have decided to wait.”  Edward smirked.  Then lowered his voice into an almost animal-like growl.  “But when we do make love, we won’t leave the bed for a week.”

“FUCK!!”  Bella yelled.

“Baby stop saying that or I am going to forget about us waiting.”

Bella was just about to say to the fuck with them waiting when his phone began to ring.

Edward reached over to the side table and picked it up and saw that it was Jasper.   “Hey man.”

“Where are you?  I am at your apartment.”  Jasper asked.

“I had some things to do this morning.  It is time for Eddie to begin his job.”  Edward said.  It was the code phrase for the beginning of the plan to take out Carlisle and take over the family.  Edward had loved watching the Eddie Murphy movies with Charlie before he was captured.  It was something that Carlisle would never lower himself to watch, so Edward knew that this was the perfect code.  He loved the song in Beverly Hills movie and used it as his base for the plan.





Everybody wants into the crowded line



You’re busted

Let down

Your guard

Honey, just about the time you’re thinkin’ it’s alright



You’re busted


He knew he couldn’t just say it out loud because he was sure that his phone, apartment, office, and the car was bugged.  As part of the plan, those bugs would be slowly removed, not to raise suspicion.  Soon Carlisle would be taken down and busted or in this case killed.  Carlisle had gotten to relax and had let his guard down, making it easy for Edward to gain the trust of many of the family members.

Jasper was shocked that it was finally the time to implement their plan.  Over the years they had discussed and planned each detail, but they knew there was always the human element that they truly couldn’t plan for.  However, he was excited to get this over with, because Carlisle needed to go.  The rumblings had been going on for years about how he treated family members and when they saw how he treated Edward and Esme, they lost all respect that they once had for him.  There was still some who would be loyal and fight to the death of their Boss, but they would be outnumbered and outgunned.  “Alright.  I will get him up to speed and ready to go.”  Jasper confirmed.

Edward disconnected from Jasper.  It had begun.  He knew that he had to keep Bella and his mother safe, all the while taking out Carlisle.  One of the first steps was to get in touch with Benjamin.  Edward knew that he would give up his own life to keep Esme safe, but he also needed to know what she had been trying to tell him all these years.  It had to be important for her to continue to get her message to him.  Now it was time to keep Bella safe.  He quickly sent off a text to Malcolm, who would be Bella’s bodyguard until this ugly business was taken care of.

“Bella, we need to talk.”  Edward stated.

Bella was concerned by his tone of voice and the look on his face. “Alright.”

Taking her hand in his.  “I am going to take Carlisle down starting today.”

“Why now?”  Bella asked.

“Because it will be only a matter of time before he figures out who you are and I won’t let him take you away from me again.”  Edward explained.  “Jasper and I have a plan that we have worked on for years.  I just deployed the code name, and it is now being implemented.  I know I can’t convince you to go somewhere safe until it is all over, so I am going to give you a burn phone so you can keep in touch with me at all times.  Don’t take calls from Carlisle and don’t take any meetings that he might ask for.”

“Well, you are right about me hiding.  I don’t do that shit, however, I will take the phone and not talk to Carlisle.”  Bella replied.

“Stubborn woman.”  Edward murmured.  “Don’t go out alone.  I will have one of the men I trust be with you at all times.”

“I don’t need that.”  She grumbled.

“Yes, you do.  Bella, it is going to get real hot around here.  Carlisle has a few guys who are still loyal, but I have more that are loyal to me.  Remember he is crazy and I don’t trust him to do anything wild.”

“Alright.  I don’t like it, but alright.”

Edward pulled her into his arms.  “I love you.  After this is all over, we are going to be happy, I promise.”

“I love you.  Please be careful.  I don’t think I could live if I lose you again.”  She cried.

“I will.  I promise.”  Edward said, then leaned in and place a sweet kiss on her lips.

Bella welcomed Edward’s kiss and warmth she felt from his lips, rushed through her body sitting it ablaze.  She wrapped her hands are his neck and grabbed his hair and pushed her lips into his for a deeper kiss.  Licking his lips, he opened them up allowing her tongue to take control of his.  She had never allowed any man to kiss her like this and with each passing second, she became so aroused.

Their lungs were running out of air, when they finally broke apart, panting and gasping.  “Damn, baby.”  Edward moaned.

“I know.”  She whispered.

Her doorbell rang.  “That will be Malcolm.  I have got to go.  He will be with you twenty-four seven until it is safe again.  You will like him.  He is a lot like Jacob.  Just don’t leave without him and I mean anywhere.”  Edward went to the door and looked out the peephole to ensure that it was in fact Malcolm.  Opening the door, he was met by a smiling Malcolm.

“Edward, good to see you.”  Malcolm boomed.  He had only one voice level, and that was loud.

“Malcolm, come in.”

Malcolm stepped in and took a good look around the room.  Damn, nice digs, then he saw her.  Holy Fuck!!

Edward noticed Malcolm expression when he saw Bella.  “Malcolm, let me introduce you to my girl.”

Malcolm head whipped around and looked at Edward with a look of surprise and confusion.  He had know Edward since his return and knew that he didn’t have a girlfriend.

Bella walked over to them and Edward wrapped his arm around then leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.  “Malcolm, this is Bella.  She holds my heart.”

Malcolm opened and closed his mouth several times, trying to the find the correct words to say.

Bella couldn’t help but giggle.  Here stood one the biggest men she had ever seen.  Damn, he had to be at least 6’2” and was big and broad.  He had light brown hair, a well-groomed beard, and greenish blue eyes.  The suit he was wearing was expensive and tailored made for him.  “Hey, I am Bella.”

“Hello, Bella.”  Malcolm finally said.

“Did you bring the phones?”  Edward asked, trying to not to laugh at Malcolm.  He was one of the baddest motherfuckers that walked the earth and here he was stuttered like a fool over Bella.

“Sorry, yeah.”  He said, handing over the two burn phones to Edward.

Edward took the one and handed it to Bella.  “Only use this one to call me.  My number is on speed dial, just press and hold the number one.  Jasper’s phone is also on there.  Stay with Malcolm, please.”

“I promise.  But you need to promise me that you will be careful.”

“I will try, but I really need to leave.  Come with me while I change.”  Edward said taking her hand and leading her through the apartment to the bedroom.  Once they were in there, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight.  “I know you are worried and I wish I could say it was going to be a cakewalk, but I can’t.  I need to get Esme safe before we began taking out each of the loyal men of Carlisle’s.  You probably won’t see me for a few days, but I promise to call as often as I can.”

Bella couldn’t stop the tears that began to flow.  She couldn’t help but be worried that he might be hurt or worse killed.

Edward felt her tears as they soaked into his shirt.  “Please, baby don’t cry.”

“I am so worried.”

“I know.  But know that I will do everything I can to come back to you.  We have been robbed too long of our time together and I am going to fight so we can spend the rest of long lives together.”

“I want that too, so much.”  Bella said, hoping that their future would be together.

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