Chapter 18 – Melting Ice Cream


Carlisle was pacing his office.  He had a funny feeling that something was up with Edward.  There was something about the conversation about Isabella that didn’t seem right.  Everyone he talked to said that she was terrific in bed, so why was Edward saying she was horrible?

“Hey, Boss, you wanted to see me?”  Bobby B. announced as he walked in.

“B, I need you to do an intense background check on Isabella Masen.  I want to know fucking everything about her and I want it in a few hours.”

Bobby knew that was going to be a hard task, but he also knew that he never could say anything like that to Carlisle.  “Sure thing, Boss.  I will be back as soon as I have everything.”

“Make it fucking quick.  There is something bizarre going on, and I fucking don’t like it.”  Carlisle grumbled.

Bobby rushed out of the room.  He needed to get to his computer and made quick work on the information needed.  Arriving at his home, he began to search; at first, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but then something appeared.  Isabella Masen didn’t come into existence until seven years ago.  Fuck, then who the hell was Isabella?  Isabella.  Isabella,  Bella.  Fuck, it couldn’t be?  He had not checked on the girl in Forks in years.  There wasn’t really any reason because, the last time, she was so depressed, he felt she would kill herself.  Fuck! How was he going to get the information in time for Carlisle?  He knew he had only one shot.  Picking up his phone, he dialed the last known phone number for the Swan residence and hoped that if it was still where they were living that he could lie his way through the conversation.

“Hello?”  A woman answered.

“Good afternoon.  I am calling to speak to Bella Swan, please.”  He said in his best Southern accent.

“I am sorry, but Bella doesn’t live here.”

“Oh, my.  I am calling about an issue with the last check she received.  The number I have doesn’t seem to be working.”  Bobby said.

“You can try her office.  Hold on, I will get the name and number for you.”  She replied, then a

few moments later, she came back.  “It is Chi-Town VIPs, Chicago, 312-555-1212.”

Bobby almost dropped his phone.  “Thank you.”  He said and hung up.

Carlisle was going to bust a blood vein over this.  He had set up Edward with his old girlfriend, and Edward didn’t say anything about it.  Fuck this was bad, real fucking bad.  There was only one thing he could do to save his own life, and that was to bring the cunt to Carlisle.  Finding her residence was fairly easy, and he was quickly put the address in the GPS and was on his way to her apartment.  His concern was that pussy boy had giving her a guard.




Bella was going stir crazy, couped up in her apartment.  There was just so much binge watching you could do.  Malcolm was just like Jacob, however, it was in the most annoying way.  He had the most irritable laugh, much like nails on a blackboard.  Every piece of food that went in his mouth had to have ketchup on it, even the shrimp scampi she made from scratch.  Then, what was even more disgusting, was how he watched TV.  She was watching The Crown when she glanced over and saw he had his hand down his pants.  He wasn’t doing anything other than having his hand in the front of pants, much like he was trying to keep it warm.  Edward had kept his word and had called her the night before.  They talked about what they were going to do once Carlisle was dead and gone.

A vacation out of the city would be out of the question, because the family would be very vulnerable until Edward could make a name for himself, not only in the family but with other rival families.  So, instead, they would camp out in Edward’s apartment; not only would they be reconnecting, but also looking for a house that they could call their own.  The future would still be filled with a lot of uncertainty, but at least there would be a future for them together.  Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t hear her phone ring right away.  When she did, she looked at it and saw that it was Alice.

“Alice.”  She answered.

“BELLA!!!”  Alice cried loudly.  “He…(sob)…knows.”

“He knows what?”

“Jasper knows and says that he doesn’t want to be with me.  I need you.  Can you come over, please?”  Alice begged.

“Alice, I really can’t,”  Bella replied, knowing that Malcolm wouldn’t allow her to go to Alice.

“I need you.  Please.”

“Okay,”  Bella whispered.

“Thank you.  Do you think you can stop and get some wine and chocolate ice cream on the way?”

“Yes.  Bye, Alice.”  Bella said, hanging up her phone.  She needed a plan.  “Pest, I am going to take a soaking bath.  Don’t disturb me.”

“I don’t want to see your skinny, naked ass; that is Edward’s territory.”  Malcolm joked.  He liked Bella, she was a cool chick and perfect for Edward.

Bella flipped him off.  Asshole.

Walking into her ensuite, she began filling the tub and while it was filling she quickly changed into a pair of black jeans, black t-shirt, and her favorite soft, black leather coat.  Slipping into her favorite pair of black bikers boots, she went back into the bathroom and turned off the water and turned on the jets.  They make a rumbling noise that you could hear in the living room.  Leaving the door open, she slipped out of the bathroom and into the spare bedroom.  The beauty of living in an older apartment building was that it still had outside fire escapes.  She could access hers by the spare bedroom window.  After carefully and quietly opening the window, she climbed out and started walking down.  She finally made it to the bottom, which was in the back alley of the building, she then walked down the alley to the street.  Flagging down a cab, she was on her way to Alice’s.  She didn’t see the car sitting across the street and didn’t notice as it followed her.

After a quick stop at a corner market, she finally made it to the front of Alice’s apartment building.  Before getting out of the cab, she paid the driver and gave him a good trip.  Stepping out with her bag that held the wine and ice cream she began to take a step toward the door.  Ringing the bell she waited for Alice to ring her in, but, as the buzzer sounded that the door was unlocked, she was grabbed from behind with a cloth over her mouth.  She dropped her bag and was dragged to the vehicle.  Bobby had some chloroform for just some occasion, and she is soon stopping her fighting and went unconscious.  Stuffing her into the backseat, he got in and began driving to Carlisle’s.  He couldn’t believe his luck when he saw her come out of the alley.  He guessed Edward hadn’t put security on her or if he did, he fucked up.  Having her hopefully would curb Carlisle’s anger, and he would try to kill him.

Pulling into Carlisle’s driveway, he drove around to the side and parked.  He opened the back door and pulled Bella out and threw her over his shoulder and carried inside, through the side door.  Thankfully, she was a skinny bitch, so carrying her up the stairs to Carlisle’s office wasn’t a problem.  He knocked twice.

“Come in.”  Carlisle barked.

Bobby walked in and over to the couch where he threw Bella’s body.  “I brought you a little present.”

Carlisle got up, walked over and when he looked down, he saw it was Isabella.  “What the fuck?  I didn’t tell you to kidnap the bitch.”

“Carlisle, this is not Isabella Masen, but Bella Swan,”  Bobby explained.

Carlisle was in shock.  This was the girl that Edward was so called in love with.  Then, it hit him, Edward was with her last night.  He had to have known that it was her, and he lied to him.

“Take the bitch to the bedroom next to mine and tie her up.  I have a little call to make.”

Bobby took Bella’s body to the bedroom and tied her to the bed.  He knew Carlisle would have his fun with her later on.  As he finished tying her up, she began to wake.

Bella’s head hurt; as she went to move her hands, she realized she couldn’t…neither could she move her legs.  Willing her eyes to open, she saw she was in a strange bedroom tied to a bed, with a large man looking down at her.  “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!”  She yelled.

“Bobby.”  He answered with a smirk.


“No can do.  Now shut that mouth of yours before I tape your mouth shut.”

“FUCK YOU!!”  Bella screamed.

Bobby picked up the duct tape, tore off a strip, and placed it on her mouth, even though she cussed, spit, and moved her head.  “Be a good little girl.”

After Bobby left the room, Carlisle calmed his temper, when he had, he picked up his phone and dialed Edward’s number.  As he waited for Edward to answer he walked to his bedroom, where he found Bella tied to his bed, with a piece of duct tape over her mouth.  She was fighting against the ropes, and he could hear the muffled yells from the tape.  Finally, Edward answered his phone.

“Hey, Dad.”

“Edward.  What are you doing?”

“I am getting ready to do my evening checks at the clubs.  Is there something you need?”

Edward asked, wondering why Carlisle was calling again.

“Well, here is the thing.  Why did you lie to me about Isabella?”

“I didn’t.”

“But you did.  The little bitch is Bella Swan, and I know you know that.”  Carlisle said with venom in his voice.

Edward didn’t know what to say; how had he found out?  Thankfully, she was safe in her apartment with Malcolm.

“Did you hear me, Edward?”


“I don’t know what your little game is, but, you see, I hold all the pieces.  I am going to show her what a real man is like.”

“You don’t have her; she is safe from your grasp,”  Edward growled.

Carlisle walked over and ripped the tape from her mouth, causing her to cry out, then she began screaming at Carlisle.

Edward heard her voice, and his heart sank.  How had he gotten her?

“SHUT UP, WHORE!!”  Carlisle bellowed.  “I am talking your lover boy.”

“CARLISLE, LET HER GO NOW!!”  Edward yelled.

“No.  She will not leave this house alive.”

Edward needed something to stop this.  Then he remembered the DVD.  “You will let her go, or I will take the DVD to the Feds.”

“What DVD?”  Carlisle asked.

“The one that has you, on tape, killing two FBI officers.”

Carlisle gasped.  Fuck.  Yeah, he had killed those motherfuckers, but he didn’t realize there was a DVD of it.  “How did you get that?”

“None of your damn business.  So here is what going to happen, you release Bella, and I will not take it to the Feds.”  Edward explained.

“No.  I release the bitch once I get the DVD and not before.  You have until tomorrow morning at eight am.”  Carlisle said.

“You lay one of your slimy fingers on her, and I will cut your heart out,”  Edward growled.

Carlisle chuckled and hung up.  Edward’s heart was beating so loud that he could hear it echoing in his ears.  FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!  As he was about to call Malcolm, his phone rang.

“Edward, I am sorry.  Bella slipped out the fire escape.  I don’t know where she is.”  Malcolm said.

“FUCK YOU, MALCOLM!!”  Edward screamed.  “You had one job, and you fucking failed.  She has been taken by Carlisle.”

Malcolm felt horrible.  He really liked Bella, and he not only failed Edward but her as well.

“What can I do?”

“Head to Jasper’s.  We are moving up the time frame.”  Edward barked.  Edward had a little over twelve hours to get to Forks, get the DVD, and get back to Chicago.  He only hoped that Carlisle wouldn’t touch Bella.


Chapter 4 – Not What He Expected

Angela was calling her mentor to see who might be available to mentor Edward.  She wanted him to get the help that she had gotten when she began her journey into the community.

“Hello, Marcus.”

“Angela, sweetheart it is so good to hear from you.  How is that little submissive doing?”

Chapter 4 d

“Oh he was a bad, bad boy last night; however, my favorite paddle got some workout.”  Angela joked.

“Sounds like fun.  I am sure you did your duties afterward?”

“Of course.  I wouldn’t want my mentor to punish me.”

“So what do I deserve a lovely call from my favorite mentee?”  Marcus asked.

“I have someone who is wanting to start the process into the community, and I was wondering if you knew a mentor that would be available?”  Angela asked.

“Well I know someone, but this would be their first mentor undertaking.”

“Oh, do you think they will do a great job?  He has all the characteristics of being a great Dominant, but will need a strong hand to keep him in line.”  Angela inquired.

“One of the finest, most disciplined Dominants in the community.  I know that being a mentor is something new for them, but I feel sure they are up to the task.”

“If you feel that he is qualified then I can’t wait to meet him,”  Angela said, curious who it was and if she had met him before.

Marcus couldn’t help himself from chuckling.  “Are you next to a mirror?”  He asked.

Angela couldn’t understand why he was asking that, but she was in fact next to the mirror in her bathroom.  “Yes.”

“Good, look at yourself in it,”  Marcus commanded.

Chapter 4 g

Angela looked in the mirror.

“See that strong, disciplined Dominatrix in the reflection?  That is the person I am talking about.  Angela, I know that you would be perfect for mentoring Edward.”

Angela took a good look at her reflection and thought about everything that Marcus had said.  Could she do this?  After a few moments, Angela was proud of being a fair, just, thoughtful,  patient, loyal, and honest Dominatrix.  She would have to talk to her submissive about allowing Edward to be part of their time together, yet she knew her naughty submissive would love it.  He enjoyed performing in front of a crowd.  Coming out of her thoughts, she knew she had to give Marcus an answer.  “Will you help me?”

“Of course.  I have lots of material for you to use and I will be here for any questions that you or Edward might have.”  Marcus explained.

“Thank you for your confidence, and I will not let you down.”  Angela pleaded with all her heart.

“I know you won’t.  I will email you first steps in the process, in case you  have forgotten them.”

After her conversation with Marcus and Benjamin, she asked Edward if he would like to meet her at Leather & Lace club.  She had called ahead and reserved a room, with the instructions of having a table and two chairs placed inside of it.  The material that Marcus had sent her was printed out and ready to be gone over with Edward.

Edward was excited and apprehensive about the meeting with Angela at Leather & Lace.  He had read a lot of material on the subject, yet he did not know exactly what was going to happen in the meeting with Angela.  However, he couldn’t wait to get started.  Pulling up to the club and parked in the guest spot that Angela had informed to do.  From the outside of the building it looked much like any other club in the Dallas downtown, but when he got to the door, he saw by a tall, burly guy that made Emmett look like a wimp.

“How can I help you?”  The man asked his face not showing any emotion whatsoever.

Chapter 4 h

“Hello.  My name is Edward Cullen, and I am here to meet with Angela.”

“Ah Mr. Cullen, my name is Felix, and I am Head of Security.  Please come this way.”  Felix said opening the inner door that leads into the front foyer of the club.  It was wide with white walls, dark ceiling and blood red carpet that went the length of the room to a set of white curtains.  On the ceiling was several large chandeliers.  It didn’t have anything that screamed that it was a BDSM club.  Felix looked at Edward’s face and could tell he was confused.  “Were you expecting whip and chains on the walls?”

Chapter 4

Edward blushed, which was something he had never done before in his life.  “Actually yes.”

“Mr. Cullen you have a lot to learn.”  Felix jokes.

They walked down the foyer to the curtains, and when they stepped through, they were in the bar area of the club.  Edward looked around and saw several men sitting around with a woman on the knees at their feet.  Some were stroking the women’s hair, in an almost petting manner.  Looking around more he saw a few women talking to others and in their hands were leashes that were attached to the leather collars around men and women necks.  Felix allowed Edward to look around because this was the first stages of becoming part of the community.

Chapter 4 i

“Come, Mr. Cullen, Angela is waiting for you,”  Felix said.  He leads him down one of the hallways to one of the private playrooms.  It had been set up with a table and two chairs so Angela could begin the process.  “Angela is just inside.”

“Thank you,”  Edward said.  He watched as Felix walked away and took a moment to steady his nerves.  Could he do this?  Like anything new that he had done in his life, he wouldn’t know unless he tried.  Opening the door, he walked in and gasped.  This is what he imagined it would be like, but standing in the room made it oh so real.

“It is overwhelming when you first walk in.”  Angela declared.  “However, over time you will become to feel a sense of calmness when you are in your own playroom.”

Chapter 4 b

“My own?”  Edward asked.

“Yes.  You will want one in your home so that you can enjoy it with your submissive.  But that is something that won’t happen for a long time.  You need to take baby steps to get to that point.  Come, I have some things to discuss with you.”  Angela said as she pointed him to the chair.  Once they seated, she gave him the first step.

Edward looked at the paper and read it.  “This is a medical form, why do I need this?”

“Edward, you will need to have a complete physical, and drug screening is done every six months to start and then once a year once you take on a permanent submissive.  This not only protects the submissive but you as well.”

“Oh.  I guess I never thought about that.”  He said.

“I know, and that is why I am here.  If you are comfortable with me, I would like to be your mentor.”

“Mentor?”  Edward asked.

“A person who you will be able to ask anything about the community and who you will report to in the first years of your dominance to ensure that you are complying with the rules of the community,”  Angela explained.

Edward thought about Angela being his mentor and whether he would feel weird about it, considering she was his office manager at work.  However, he trusted her wholeheartedly, and he knew she would always tell him when he did something wrong.  “I trust you and feel privileged that you want to help me.”

“Great.  Let us begin.  Edward, no one is perfect, and we all struggle with our inner demons, but we have qualities that make us a Dominant person.  The first is control.  This not just control over the submissive in your care, but the product of the attention and care that is earned through your actions in and out of the playroom.  It is an art, sometimes it is subtle, and other times it is very obvious.  The difference between a person who “thinks” they are a Dominant and the true Dominant, is they know when each type of control is necessary.”  Angela explained.  She was excited that without being told, Edward had started taking notes on the pen and paper left in front of him.  “Please feel free to ask any questions that you have at any time.”

“I will,”  Edward said.

“Next is responsibility.  A Dominant must take the responsibility in all things for their submissive.  I know that you have the financial means to do this.  However, it also required in a large amount of time in scheduling appointments for your submissive, keeping your playroom in order, planning out the scene for the playroom, and ensuring the personal growth of your submissive.”

“So, I need to treat the submissive much like a child?”  Edward asked.

“Basically, but as your relationship grows, so will the responsibility you have to ensure that the submissive confidence grows.”

Edward nodded.

“Next is patience.  You might think you have patience, but we are not perfect people, and there are going to be times when your submissive is not going to be meeting what you expect at the time you think they should.  This is where patience is needed.  You cannot provide the growth and development of the submissive if you are always frustrated.  I know there have been some times at work when you were frustrated when you can’t draw your design you have in your head down on paper as you imagined.  But that being said, I saw when that did happen you stepped back and controlled yourself, that is a perfect example of what it will be like at times in the playroom.  That knowing when to be patient with what is happening in the room and with what is happening with the submissive.”

Edward keeps writing all the points that Angela was explaining.  The more she explained, the more he realized that he did, in fact, have these qualities.  She went over vision and about the setting of goals and always being able to be ready for the next step in the relationship.  Respect and loyalty was a two-way street.  Of course, the Dominant demanding the respect and loyalty from his submissive, however it more critical that the Dominant gives his respect and loyalty to his submissive.  Being a Dominant didn’t mean that he or she had the freedom to do as they wish or whoever they wished.

“The last thing I want to discuss today is love.  There are four basic forms of love.  They are affection, familial, erotic, and unconditional.  As you grow in your D/s relationship, you must know what kind of love to give and not to confuse your submissive, by saying one thing, while feeling something different. Remember they trust you, you are their true north, and will follow your lead, wherever it may go.”  Angela said.  “Do have any questions or thoughts about anything I went over?”

“Not now, but I am sure I will once I read it again.  Angela, I don’t know what the rest of the training will be like, but I do appreciate your candor with what you went over today.  I just never guessed there was so much involved with becoming a Dominant.”

Angela had a gift for Edward.  It was a leather-bound journal that he could keep his thoughts and any reference material he would receive.  She loved hers and used it almost daily.  “I got you something.  It is your Dominant Journal.  This will be something you will rely on to keep yourself centered during your journey.”

Chapter 4 c

Edward took the leather journal and rubbed his finger over the symbol on the front.  “Thank you.  I feel sure that it will be a source of comfort when I am unsure about myself.”

“I have found that to be the case many times.  When you get a submissive, I recommend you have her write her thoughts in a journal daily for your review at any times.  I have my submissive write his exercise and food intake in it as well.”

“I can see that would be very helpful,”  Edward replied.

“Alright here is a printout of everything we discussed today.  How about we meet here again on Thursday to go over some more information.  In the meantime, get your physical and drug screening complete.  The community will want to have a copy of those results for their records.”

They collected all their belongings and left the room, and as they walked back through the club, Edward once again glanced at the couples, but this time he remembers what Angela had told him and he could see the qualities in the Dominants in the room.  It was his first step, and he was excited to take the next.

Chapter 4 f

Chapter 17 – Preparing for Battle

Edward hated leaving Bella, but this had to be done.  He called Jasper, who had set up a meeting with Benjamin at a diner on the outskirts of town.  They needed Benjamin to get Esme out of the house, which was going to be extremely tricky.  Most of the guards were against Carlisle, but there were still a few loyal assholes and they would, for sure, cause issues if they caught Benjamin taking Esme from her prison.  They needed to keep Carlisle unaware of what was going down until the last possible second.

Benjamin had received a call from Jasper, and when he told him that Eddie was ready to begin to work, he knew it was time.  He was currently at the house where Esme had been held captive.  When Carlisle had first brought her to this house as a prisoner, he could understand Carlisle’s viewpoint, but, after a while, he got to know Esme and fell in love with her.  He was higher in the family, so he was able to put his claim on her, even though he would never force himself on her.  He had been meticulous in the beginning to ensure that Carlisle didn’t catch wind of their relationship, but, over time, he realized that most of the men who kept guard over her, thought that her imprisonment was too harsh and they felt she should be set free.  Esme was sitting beside him reading a book.  He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.  Nuzzling her ear, he began to whisper.  “It has begun.”

Esme didn’t let on what she had heard, but inside she was jumping up and down.   However happy she was, she was also worried about what might happen.  She had kept the secret about the disk from everyone, except for the letters she had tried to spell out on Edward’s hand, but it was taking forever.  Benjamin had been so sweet, kind, and loving, yet she was still leery of letting him in on her secret.  But time was up; Edward needed to know about the disk and what is on it.  She had written down the information and had placed it in a book.

“Benjamin, I found that book you were talking about.”  She said, as she picked it up and handed it to him.

He at first didn’t know what she was talking about, but he figured it was something important and when he saw the title of the book he knew that he had to take it to Edward.  It was 600 Hours of Edward.  “Thank you.  I really wanted to read this.”  He said, then looked at his watch.  “Man, I have got to go, but I will be back a little later on.”

“All right.  Be careful.”  She pleaded.

“Oh, Esme, you say that every time.  I am a great driver.”  Benjamin said, covering up her statement.  They couldn’t be too careful.

Benjamin left with the book tucked away in his jacket and drove around town, stopping at several locations to make it look like he was running errands.  When he finally thought he was not being followed, he made his way to the diner.  Getting out of the car, he carefully looked around to see if he saw anything out of the ordinary, but he felt it was all clear.  The door chimed with loud chiming bells when he opened it, and an old woman, with dyed orange/red hair, and thick makeup greeted him with a smile.  “Well, bless my soul, it has been my lucky day.”

“Hello, I am meeting a few friends.”

“Oh, the lovelies are in the back corner.  I will be back in a minute to take your order.”  She said, her voice hoarse from years of smoking.

Benjamin walked back to where Esme said and found Edward and Jasper sitting in a booth.  “Hey, guys.”

“Ben, glad you made it.  Did you run into any problems?”  Jasper asked.

“No.  I thought I saw someone earlier, but I guess they got tired of me doing my errands.”

“Good.  Did you turn off your phone?”  Edward questioned.


“Great.  Now let’s get started.”  Edward said.

“Before we do, I have something to give you from Esme.”  He said, taking the book from his jacket and sliding it across the table to Edward.

Edward looked down at the book and wondered why his mother was sending him a book.  As he began to open it, his phone rang with Carlisle’s ringtone.  He knew better than have his phone off because that would throw up red flags.

“Hey, Dad.”  He answered

“Edward, where are you?”

“Oh, Jasper and I decided to go the range but wanted to get a bite to eat first.  Do you need something?”  Edward explained.  It was all part of the plan.

“No.  It was that I tried your apartment earlier and you weren’t home.”  Carlisle said.

“Oh, I was making sure you got your money worth out of that girl from last night.  But it is sad to say she wasn’t as good as she made herself out to be.”  Edward chuckled.  He hoped that he would turn Carlisle mind off Bella.

“Well, hell, I thought she was a professional.”  He grumbled.

“She is a professional, but a cold fish in my book.  I have had much better.”

“Okay.  Well, I guess I will see later you on this afternoon.  Have a good time at the range.”

Carlisle said.

After Carlisle was gone, Edward turned toward Jasper and Benjamin.  “I knew he would be checking up on me.”

“Good plan about the shooting range.”  Jasper urged.

“Yeah.  If Carlisle is having my phone GPS tagged, he will get what I said.  Now, what does my Mom what me to have.”  He said, as he flipped through the book and he found an envelope.  Taking out the letter he finally was able to hear her unguarded words.

My darling Edward,

Words cannot tell you how sorry I am that you have had to endure Carlisle’s horrible acts.  I wish I could have been there to help you get through it.  I know you have been worried about me, but I am holding up, and a lot of that is because of Benjamin.  He has been a steady arm for me to lean on.

I know you have been wondering what I have been trying to tell you over the years.  When I took you away, I also took a disk that has a video of Carlisle killing three FBI agents.  I hid it in the playhouse in Forks, under the floorboard next to the window.  Get it and use it as leverage against him.

I know that one day you will say enough is enough and take over the family.  A long time ago, I thought you could get out of the family, but I know now that you will never be able to get away.  Edward, you are a good man, and I know you will be a great leader.  I look forward to the time when we can be united.



Edward drank each word from his mom and before putting the letter in his pocket, he reread it.  She was the bravest person he knew.  “All right, Mom has given me some leverage, but I will need to go get it, which could be tricky.  They think I am dead.”

“I will go.”  Jasper offered.

“No.  Charlie will arrest your ass.”

“Who is Charlie?”  Jasper asked.

“He is Bella’s father.”

“Who is Bella?”  Jasper questioned.

“She is the love of my life,”  Edward confessed.

“Oh, well that shouldn’t be so bad.  I can slip in and out.”  Jasper boasted.

“Yeah, I forgot to mention he is Chief of Police and lives next door to the playhouse.”

“Damn.  Is this that good of leverage?”  Jasper groaned.

Edward looked around to make sure no one was listening.  “It is video evidence of Carlisle killing three FBI agents.”

“Holy Fuck!!”  Jasper exclaimed.

“Yeah.  Maybe I could slip out once we start taking out assholes.”

“Maybe.  We could get a private jet to fly out and back.”

“All right.  Work on the details.  Benjamin, you need to get Esme out of that house and take her to the safe house that I have set up.”  Edward said.

“Damn, that is going to be hard.  Carlisle still has the house monitored, and only his loyal guys keep watch over the surveillance video and audio.”  Benjamin explained.

“We have thought of that.  Sam has a way to hack into the surveillance and make a video loop.  When played back, it should give you time to get her out and several hours before they know what is happening.”  Jasper said.

“When do you want to do this?”  Benjamin asked.

“In two days.  Do you think you can be ready by then?”  Edward questioned.

“I sure as hell will be if it means to finally get her free.”

“Great.  Make sure to keep your burn phone on; we will call when it is time.”  Edward said.  “And, Benjamin, take care of her until this is over with.”

“I will protect her with my life Edward.  She is my world.”  Benjamin proclaimed.

“All right, make sure your burn phones are on and ready.  The takedown starts in forty-eight hours.  Make sure we have all our men in line with what they need to do and when.”  Edward replied.


They finished their lunch and left the waitress a big fat tip for leaving them alone to talk.  They wanted to see her face when she cleared off the table and under each of their plates was a crisp one hundred dollar bill, but Benjamin needed to get back to town, and Edward and Jasper needed to get to the firing range.  Carlisle would be watching for sure, and they didn’t want him to get suspicious now that they were so close to taking his ass out.

They were glad that they went to the range because they were able to hone their skills.  They had brought several types of weapons, some they had not used in months or even years and being able to shoot and get the feel of them again, made them feel better about using them in the coming days.  After the range, they drove back to town and as they did Edward called Bella.

“Hey, babe.  How is it going?”

“I’m fucking bored out of my skull.  Protector won’t let me even go out to fucking Starbucks for a latte.”  Bella grumbled.

“He is only doing his job.  Behave and follow what he tells you to do.”

“Fine.  Are you coming over?”

It broke his heart when she asked that.  “I would love to, but I have to go see Carlisle and keep him in the dark.”

“Oh,”  Bella whispered, sad that she wouldn’t see him tonight.

“I promise to call later.”

“All right, please be careful; I love you.”  Bella pleaded.

“I promise; I love you, too,”  Edward said and hung up.

Jasper was confused.  Edward said the love of his life was Bella, who lived in Washington state.  So who was this chick he was talking to now?  She sounded close by.  “So, who is the broad you are talking to?  That fine piece of ass you had on your arm last night?”

Edward whipped his car off the road and before Jasper could mumble another word he grasped him around the throat and squeezed hard.  “You will never say anything like that again about her because if you do your fucking life is over.  Do you fucking understand?”

Jasper couldn’t speak, so he nodded his head.

Edward released his hold on Jasper’s neck.  When he did Jasper began to cough and gasp for air.

“What.. (gasp).. the… (gasp) hell?”

“I was talking to Bella.  She is the beautiful woman you met last night.”

“I didn’t know,”  Jasper whined.

“Just because you didn’t know is not an excuse, but, then again, you don’t even know who you are dating, so why should I be surprised,”  Edward said, laughing hard.

Jasper looked at Edward with a confused expression.  Was there something about Alice that he didn’t know?giphy.gif

Chapter 3 Ready to Learn

“How did you find me?”  Bella cried.

“Did you really think I would forget you.  As I told your father, before I killed him, you are mine.”  Aro revealed.

“You killed him?”

Chapter 3 E

“Yes.  Burning in hell for taking you away from me.  Now I will make you mine.”  Aro bragged as he began walking towards her bed.

“NO.  STOP.  STOP.”  Bella yelled out.

“Bella, wake up.”  Angela ordered.


“BELLA!  WAKE UP!”  Angela screamed to Bella.

Bella’s eye opened and instead of Aro, it was Angela.  Her cousin who she trusted.  “Angela.  Is he here?”

“Who?”  Angela asked.

“Aro.  He was here and was going to take me.”

“Bella, he is not here I promise you and he will never take you.”  Angela proclaimed.  She had been at the house the night that Bella showed up.  She was dressed like a primitive woman and was scared out of her mind.  Her mother took her in and finally, she opened about what had happened.  Maria and Angela knew about their cousin Charlie and that he was part of an extremely religious cult.  They had had very limited communication with him and his family over the years. The last time was right after Bella was born.  Charlie and Renee were in a hospital outside of a small town in Utah and she had complications with the birth of their daughter, Isabella.  Maria told Charlie that she would always be around if he needed her for any reason.  It had been a cold, rainy night that Isabella or Bella as she liked to be called, on their doorsteps.

The transition from the cult life to normal life was long, tear-filled process, however with patient and lots of love she had become a vibrate young woman.  In the four years since escaping from Aro, she had worked hard and took her GED test and passed, then applied to the Chamberlain School of Nursing and received her RN and was currently working towards to MSN.  She missed her family and longed to hear a word from them, but she knew that it was dangerous to do so.  Maria showered her with love and support and Angela was like a big sister she had never had.  They got a house together, not far away from the center that Bella worked at and Angela worked as an office manager for a tattoo shop. The center was geared for patients who had lost limbs do it an accident, medical issues, and military personnel coming back from combat.  She loved working there, it made it feel like she was doing some good.  However, there was also something else that she was studying to become.  A submissive.

It was by weird chance that she became to know about the community.  She had been on campus studying for her final exams when she decided to take a break and go home, which she shared with Angela.  Using her key she walked in to find Angela, dressed in all leather with a man naked at her feet.

Chapter 3 C

Bella had never seen anything like this before.  She had dated a guy for several months, when she finally decided to have sex with him.  All the reading and watching videos had not really prepared her for the pain and mess that came with it.  However, after she talked to Angela, who seemed to be very knowledgeable on the subject, she decided that it was normal.  Experiences after that were enjoyable, even though she felt something was missing.

Angela was surprised to see Bella, however, when she took a good look at her face, she saw that Bella was intrigued, hell she might even be aroused.

Chapter 3 D

She asked Bella to wait for her until she took care of her submissive.  It wasn’t fair for Benjamin to be dismissed after he had performed so wonderfully and she knew he deserved a release.  It was her responsibility to put her submissive first.  Giving him the permission to be a vocal as he wanted as he used his hard cock to make her come.   Angela was sure that Bella could hear Benjamin groan and yell as he pounded hard into her hot, wet pussy.  She made sure she was extra loud as she commanded him to come.  After they were both satisfied, she helped him to her bathroom where she ran a hot bath and performed her job in performing the aftercare that he deserved and needed.  He had not come out of his submissive mindset, when Bella walked in, which made Angela so proud.  They talked about the scene and what had happened.  Benjamin admitted that he was shocked at first and almost said something, but remembered his training.  This made Angela smile.  She took her responsibilities as a Dominatrix seriously.  It was something that you just don’t jump into the playroom and grab a whip.   Lots of studying, training, and spending time as a submissive was required to become a true Dominant.  She had been in the community since she was twenty, and seven years later, she was still learning, but she was taking a big step and becoming a mentor to a new Dominant.  After Benjamin had left and she had changed into a pair jeans and a T-shirt she went to talk to Bella.

Bella was sitting on her bed with her journal, which was something she had done since her escape.  Writing down her feelings and thoughts made it easier for her to deal with any problems or concerns she was having.

Chapter 3 b

“Bella?”  Angela said as she walked into the room and sat down on the bed.  “I know you have questions.”

Bella looked up from her journal, she had been trying to make sense of what she saw.  “I really don’t know what to ask or say.”

“Why don’t I tell you what it was that you saw.  That was a power exchange scene. Benjamin is my submissive and I am a Dominatrix.”

“I don’t understand those terms.”

Angela forgot that Bella had not grown up in a regular type of family and social life. She had come a long way, but she was still learning.  The rest of evening into the early morning hours was spent answering questions and talking about the community.  In the end, Angela gave Bella some books to read and told her that she would answer any questions that she would have.  After finishing her exams, she began to read and study in earnest the books that Angela had given to her.  She wrote down questions she had and used the websites that Angela recommended.  After talking to Angela on several occasions, she wanted to know more.  The next step was to take her to a local club who held beginner submissive classes.  Angela thought if she could see what is entitled to be a submissive that it would make her decision on what she wanted to do next.

Bella sat in the class and listened to the instructor explain different command, positions, and different types of toys and their use.  Coming out of the class, Bella came out with that even in the most extreme Dominant/submissive relationship, the submissive has the ultimate power.  It was always up to the submissive to determine what was unacceptable and they had the final say to what the Dominant could or could not do to them.  She decided that she wanted to study and train to become a submissive.  Angela arranged for her to be mentored by a seasoned submissive in the community.

Rosalie had been in the community for about six years and had had several short and long-term Dominant relationships, none of them lasting any longer than the contractual limit.  It wasn’t the fact the Dominant had done anything wrong, it was the fact that her heart wouldn’t allow her to go any further.  She was excited that Angela had called her and asked if she would be willing to take a new submissive under her wing.  The first time she met Bella, she knew that they would get along beautifully together.  One of the sacred commandment of the community was HONESTY.  Bella was completely honest with Rosalie and told her all about her past, which shock the shit of her.  But Bella explained that the reason why being a submissive was appealing was that she had in a sense been a submissive as she was growing up.  Falling into the roll was quite easy and enjoyable, like a security blanket from home.


Angela couldn’t believe she was about to be a mentor to someone who wanted to become a Dominant in the community.  She smiled as she remembered the day that Edward had returned back to the shop, after learning his brother was a Dominant.

“Good morning Angela.”  Edward said walking into the shop.  It had been a long few days.  Emmett had directed him to websites that talked about what a Dominant/submissive relationship was.  Like most people, in the beginning, he thought is all about Jasper getting himself off by whipping a woman, but the more he read the more he realized that wasn’t the case at all.  After reading all that he could find, he still had questions and he didn’t know why.

“Are you alright?”  Angela asked.

“Yeah, just tired.”

“Oh, did you take a ride on your days off?”

“No, stayed in and did some reading.”  He answered, not wanting to tell her what, but when he looked at her he remembers some of the statements that she had made the other day.  Could she be part of the community?  “Angela, would you like to go to lunch with me today?  There is something I want to talk to you about.”

Chapter 3

“I would enjoy that.”  Angela replied.  Before going to lunch with him, she pulled off her copy of a Dom’s quiz.  It was a wonderful tool to decide if you wanted to pursue training to become a Dominant.  She wanted to be ready for any questions he might have.

The morning passed by quickly and they walked down the street to a little diner that served great food, but also provided some privacy so they could talk.  The waitress sat them in a booth in the back of the diner and took their order.

Edward really didn’t know where to start or to even ask.  Angela say his conflict on his face and decided she needed to take control like she liked doing anyway.

“Edward, I know that you asked me here to ask me a question.  Go ahead and ask it.”  Angela said, in her Dominatrix tone.  It was edger and more throaty tone.  It was something you learned when you became a Dominant, because the tone of voice sometimes was all a submissive needed to know when they were out of line.

Edward was shocked at the different tone of Angela’s voice.  It was so commanding.  “The other day you made some remarks that got me thinking.  Are you a Dominant?”  He mumbled.

She smirked and with a twinkle in her eyes.  “Not a Dominant, but a Dominatrix.”

Swallowing the large amount of saliva that had formed in his mouth.  “Dominatrix?”

“Yes and a feisty one at that.  Come on Edward, I can tell you have read about the community, ask away.  I promise I won’t break out my flogger, well at least not here in the diner.”  Angela teased.

“How long have you been in the community?”  Edward asked.

“Seven years.  I happened upon on it during college and began studying to become a submissive, but my trainer could tell that I had more characteristics of a Dominant instead.”

“Trainer?  You mean there are people who train others to be Dominants and submissives?”

“Yes.  Of course, there some who think they don’t need professional training, but those are the ones who don’t embrace the true qualities of the community.  Just because you read something in a book or see a movie, doesn’t make you a master of the art.  There are many things to learn, however the most important thing for a Dominant to learn is who has complete control.”  Angela said, hoping that Edward had read the correct material.

Edward had read that it was the submissive who had complete control, which confused him in the beginning.  Didn’t the word dominance mean to be over something or someone else?  “I read that the submissive has the ultimate control, but I really didn’t understand that.”

“It is because she or he only has to say their safe word and all play must stop.”  Angela explained.


“Edward there is a lot to learn, but if it is something you are interested in, I would be happy to direct you into the right direction.”

Edward sat back and thought for a moment on everything that he had read and what Angela had said.  Was it something he wanted to explore more?  Then as he thought about having his own submissive in a playroom, he became aroused and excited about the prospect.  “Yes, I would love to learn more.”

“Well, then let the training begin.”  Angela proclaimed, excited to see Edward’s transformation to a Dominant.


Chapter 2 Escaping from a Nightmare

Isabella walked through the screen door to the kitchen table, sitting the laundry basket full of fresh sun-dried clothes.   She needed to check on her pies and bread in the oven before starting the ironing and folding of this load of clothes.  After testing to see if her cherry pie and sourdough loaves were done, she determined that they were and removed them from the oven.   Looking up at the clock, she knew she had to put the roast in the oven or it wouldn’t be done in time when her father and the elders finished up their monthly meeting.  She quickly placed the Dutch oven in the oven and continued her duty with the laundry.  This was her life every day.  She was Isabella Marie Swan, the oldest child of Charles Swan and his first wife Renee.  Her father had three other wives, who had six children each.   Her mother had compilations in delivering her, which caused her not to be able to have any more children.  It was the responsibility of the women to take care of the house and to give their husband lots of children.

After she placed the roasts in the oven, she went back outside to collect the sheets that were drying on the line.  God had blessed her with a warm sun and cool wind to dry the laundry.

Chapter 2 e

The Prophet Aro was sent from Sun God, to populate the world with the children of the members of the Solar Temple.  Aro himself had six wives, each have eight children.  However,  Aro’s “first” wife had disappeared and he was in “prayer” for someone to replace her.  She would have to be pure of heart, mind, and body.  He was walking across the compound, which was nestled against a mountain in Utah.  He was heading to the Swan residence to see how the council meeting had gone.  As he walked up the road, he saw a goddess hanging up laundry on the line.  Her skin was creamy white and glistening in the sunlight.  A puff of wind blew through and her bonnet was blown off her head, allowing her long, wavy chestnut brown locks to blow in the air.  She was dressed in a standard dress and apron, which made Aro wonder if all her skin was a white a creamy.  Fuck, he wanted her.  She would be a perfect first wife and he couldn’t wait to have her in his bed.  As he neared, he relieved the goddess was Isabella, Charlie Swan’s oldest daughter.  How old was she?  He hoped she was at least sixteen, that way the law wouldn’t give him to much grief.  He knew that Charlie wouldn’t have a problem because he was a loyal servant to the Order.  Walking up the sidewalk he continued around the house to the backyard, where young Isabella was.  She had not put her bonnet back on and she looked like an Angel with her untamed hair blowing around her angelic face.

Chapter 2 d

Isabella had just finished hanging up her sister’s gowns when she caught a glimpse of someone at the corner of the house.  She looked at the figure and gasped that it was her leader and prophet Aro.  Quickly, she gasped her long hair and placed it up,  covering it with her bonnet.  “Sir, I am so sorry.”  She cried, knowing that having your head uncover was a sin.

“It is okay, Isabella.  The wind is exceptionally strong today, things like this happen.”  Aro said.

“Thank you.  Are you here for the council meeting?”  She asked.

“Yes.  Would you please direct me to where they are?”

“Come with me.  Would you like a glass of water or tea?”

“Thank would be lovely, but only if you join me.”  Aro urged.

Isabella was shocked.  This was the first time that her spiritual leader had talked to her this long.  All their past interaction were just a simple greeting.  She had been raised in the Order since birth and she knew nothing other than what the Prophet Aro had taught her about God’s will and plan for the Order.  They walked into the kitchen, where Isabella pour each of them a glass of tea.  She placed the glass in front of Aro and began to sit in the chair across the table from Aro.  It was not acceptable to be alone in a room with a man and especially if you were caught sitting beside him.

“Isabella, how old are you?”

She blushed a bright shade of pink.  “I will be eighteen in two weeks.”

“Really.  Wow, the time has flown by.  Are you spoken for by one of the young men in the community?”

“No Sir.  My father has not found me anyone yet, however, I am certain he will soon.”

“I am sure of it, because you are a very beautiful young woman and a very hard worker.  You were raised to follow God’s plan for our community and you will be the mother of children of the future of the Temple.”

Isabella didn’t know what to say.  She had never been told these things and it was very embarrassing.  She dreamed that one day she would be joined with a good man, but she secretly hoped it would be someone she would love.

Charlie Swan had come out of the council meeting and had heard voices coming from the kitchen, as he neared he heard what Aro had said to Isabella and it upset him.  He may be a loyal servant to the Prophet Aro and his teachings, however,  this was his daughter.  Of course, it was not unheard of in the community for a much older man to marry a young girl, but again this was his daughter.  “Aro, this is a surprise.”

“Charlie, I came to see how the council meeting was going, but I ran into your lovely daughter, who has been keeping me company.  I didn’t realize she had gotten so grown up.”  Aro purred, with a lustful look in his eyes.

“Isabella, have you finished your chores?”  Charlie barked.

“No Father, but I will go right away.  Goodbye Sir.”  Isabella said, quickly leaving the room and out the door.  Once she was outside, she quickly finished getting the clothes off the line, all the while thinking about how strange that conversation with Aro was.


Two days later, Aro called Charlie and asked him to come to church.  When Charlie arrived Aro was standing on the stage behind the pulpit.  “Charlie, thank you for coming.”  Aro said.  “I have gotten divine revelation from God.  He wants to make sure that our community continues down its path for a place that he can praise and bless.  To ensure that, my seed need to have a pure soul to fertilize and that child will be the next divine prophet of the Temple.”

“That is wonderful news.”  Charlie said, wondering why Aro was telling him this.

“The woman will be revered and her name will be placed in the holy book for future generations to see and be told about.”  Aro boosted, with his hands above his head and his face looking toward the ceiling.   He finally dropped his arms and looked at Charlie.  “Isabella is the chosen one.”

Chapter 2 b

Charlie’s mouth fell open.  He couldn’t believe it.

“Charlie, I know you are in shock, but you must have faith.  We will be married on her eighteenth birthday, in front of the whole community.”

“Aro, this is just so sudden.  She is so young.”  Charlie cried.

“She is the chosen one and her being young is just a sign of her purity.”  Aro said.

Charlie bowed his head.  Was this really happening?  Was his daughter the chosen one?  He needed to pray and he needed God to give him the words to tell Isabella that in a few short weeks she was going to be married.  “I must go home, Aro.  I need to inform Isabella.”

“I can do that.”  Aro smirked, thinking about her milky white skin.

“Actually, I think it would be better coming from me.  I will make sure that she is ready for the wedding.”  Charlie said.

“But I was hoping to spend some time with her until the wedding.”

“Her purity must remain intact.”  Charlie insisted.

“Of course.  I will be in contact soon with all the details.  Please tell her that I am looking forward to our union.”  Aro said.

Charlie left the church and slowly walked back to his home.  With every step, he prayed that God would give him a sign that this was, in fact, his will.  He just couldn’t believe that his daughter would be marrying a man who was three times her age.  As he neared his house, he looked up and saw Isabella sitting on the bench.  She didn’t look like she was going to be eighteen in a few weeks, she looked like the little girl who followed him around.

Chapter 2

Then the thought of Aro taking his little girl to his bed turned his stomach and in that moment he knew that he had to get her as far away as possible.

That evening once all the children were in bed, Charlie slipped into Isabella’s room.  He had gotten her birth certificate from the lockbox, along with some money, and had mapped out a plan for her.  If he disappeared, that would raise all kinds of red flags and even though it was scary to think that she was being sent out alone, he knew that if he got her on the bus to Texas she would be okay, or at least he hoped.  His cousin lived there and he felt sure that she would be happy to take in her.  He had not talked to his cousin in years, but she had told him before that her door was always open to him and his family.

“Isabella.”  He whispered.

“Father?”  She answered.

“You have got to listen to what I have got to say.  Aro is wanting to take you as his wife.”

She gasped, her heart beating wildly and her thoughts were all over the place.  Aro?  He was so old.  Why would he want to marry her?

“I know you are confused, but to be trueful so am I.  I have placed my faith in God many years ago and have followed Aro’s word, but I know in my heart that I cannot allow this to happen.  I am sending you to my cousin in Texas.  Don’t try to contact us and if I can I will try to contact you when it is safe.”  Charlie explained, trying to keep his tears at bay.

“Father, I have never been outside the community.”  She cried.

“I know, but you are very smart.  Here are your birth certificate and some money.  I have written out how to buy a ticket to Texas and the address of my cousin Maria.”

“I am so scared.”

“I know.  But this is for the best.  Now get up and I will sneak you out of the community and to the bus station.”

Isabella got up and quickly packed a bag.  She didn’t know what to take, but she stuffed as much as she could in the bag.  “Can I say goodbye to everyone?”

“No.  I am sorry but it has to be this way.”  Charlie explained.

They walked out to the car that was only driven when they needed to go to town for supplies.  Driving down the street with his lights off and his prayers were answered that he didn’t see anyone.  Once on the main road, he turned on the lights and drove directly to bus station.  Even at this late hour, people were coming and going.  Placing the car into park he turned to Isabella, who had been quiet the entire trip.  The light from the street pole shined into the car and he could see that she was crying.

“Isabella, please.  I may not have told you enough, but I am proud of you and I love you.”

“I love you too.  It is just so scary.”

“I know.  I promise that one day we will be back together.”  Charlie declared.

“Promise.”  She said.

“I promise.  Now go, I have to get back.”  Charlie said.

Isabella got out of the car and stood on the curb.  Charlie placed the car in drive and pulled off, but he couldn’t help but look back and when he did he saw her waving goodbye.  As tears flowed down his face, he hoped that he had done the right thing.


Defiance Chapter 16 – Shakedown, Breakdown, Takedown

Warmth, security, love, was bombarding Bella senses.  She had not felt anything like this in a very long time.  When she moved her hand, she felt a hard chest, with a patch of hair.  At first she was shocked, because she never spent the night with any of her clients or “friends with benefits”, but as she slowly opened her eyes she was relieved to see Edward’s sleeping face.

After getting over the initial shock, they spent hour after hour talking and reconnecting.  At one point she went in and changed out of her evening gown and into a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt.  She had a pair of sweatpants that would fit Edward in her drawers and offered them to him.  At first, he was leary, but when she explained that she had picked them up by mistake for one of her employees, he was thankful to be able to change out of the tux.  Soon they were back on the couch in comfortable clothes.  She didn’t remember them laying down on the couch, but that is how they were now.  Taking this opportunity, she really took a long hard look at his face.  The Tony she was knew was there, however, the rugged features of Edward were now very pronounced.  He had a small scar over his left eye that he didn’t have before.  She had to smile slightly because under each eye had turned a lovely shade of greenish black, from where she had hit his nose.   His button-down shirt was open and she could see the tattoo over his heart.   Lightly touching the edges of the tattoo, she was comforted that he had never forgotten her.   Carefully moving his shirt she noticed another scar, this time close to his shoulder and taking a closer look, she could tell it was a bullet wound.   How did this happen and when?  What other terrible things had happened to him?  He had endured so much just to make sure she was safe.   Fuck, she felt horrible for doubting his love for her.  “Oh my love, why did I ever doubt you.”  She whispered, choking back the tears.

Edward had been awake since the first time Bella touched him, but he had decided to keep his eyes closed and enjoy her sensual touch.  He had dreamed of them waking up this way so many times over the years, but when he heard her broken voice as she touched his gunshot wound, he knew he needed to stop pretending and to comfort her.

“Good morning, gorgeous.   Are you having fun exploring?”  Edward joked, trying to lighten the situation.

“When did you start needing glasses?”  She asked.

“I don’t.”

“Then you need to make an appointment today because you need your eyes checked.  I know my hair must look like a flock of birds has made their nest in it and I am not wearing any makeup.”

“I think your hair is sexy and I love your face without any makeup on.”  Edward purred.

“Sure, sure.”

Edward thrust his hard cock onto Bella’s leg.  “What does that tell you?”

“FUCK!!”  Bella groaned.

“I would love too, but we have decided to wait.”  Edward smirked.  Then lowered his voice into an almost animal-like growl.  “But when we do make love, we won’t leave the bed for a week.”

“FUCK!!”  Bella yelled.

“Baby stop saying that or I am going to forget about us waiting.”

Bella was just about to say to the fuck with them waiting when his phone began to ring.

Edward reached over to the side table and picked it up and saw that it was Jasper.   “Hey man.”

“Where are you?  I am at your apartment.”  Jasper asked.

“I had some things to do this morning.  It is time for Eddie to begin his job.”  Edward said.  It was the code phrase for the beginning of the plan to take out Carlisle and take over the family.  Edward had loved watching the Eddie Murphy movies with Charlie before he was captured.  It was something that Carlisle would never lower himself to watch, so Edward knew that this was the perfect code.  He loved the song in Beverly Hills movie and used it as his base for the plan.





Everybody wants into the crowded line



You’re busted

Let down

Your guard

Honey, just about the time you’re thinkin’ it’s alright



You’re busted


He knew he couldn’t just say it out loud because he was sure that his phone, apartment, office, and the car was bugged.  As part of the plan, those bugs would be slowly removed, not to raise suspicion.  Soon Carlisle would be taken down and busted or in this case killed.  Carlisle had gotten to relax and had let his guard down, making it easy for Edward to gain the trust of many of the family members.

Jasper was shocked that it was finally the time to implement their plan.  Over the years they had discussed and planned each detail, but they knew there was always the human element that they truly couldn’t plan for.  However, he was excited to get this over with, because Carlisle needed to go.  The rumblings had been going on for years about how he treated family members and when they saw how he treated Edward and Esme, they lost all respect that they once had for him.  There was still some who would be loyal and fight to the death of their Boss, but they would be outnumbered and outgunned.  “Alright.  I will get him up to speed and ready to go.”  Jasper confirmed.

Edward disconnected from Jasper.  It had begun.  He knew that he had to keep Bella and his mother safe, all the while taking out Carlisle.  One of the first steps was to get in touch with Benjamin.  Edward knew that he would give up his own life to keep Esme safe, but he also needed to know what she had been trying to tell him all these years.  It had to be important for her to continue to get her message to him.  Now it was time to keep Bella safe.  He quickly sent off a text to Malcolm, who would be Bella’s bodyguard until this ugly business was taken care of.

“Bella, we need to talk.”  Edward stated.

Bella was concerned by his tone of voice and the look on his face. “Alright.”

Taking her hand in his.  “I am going to take Carlisle down starting today.”

“Why now?”  Bella asked.

“Because it will be only a matter of time before he figures out who you are and I won’t let him take you away from me again.”  Edward explained.  “Jasper and I have a plan that we have worked on for years.  I just deployed the code name, and it is now being implemented.  I know I can’t convince you to go somewhere safe until it is all over, so I am going to give you a burn phone so you can keep in touch with me at all times.  Don’t take calls from Carlisle and don’t take any meetings that he might ask for.”

“Well, you are right about me hiding.  I don’t do that shit, however, I will take the phone and not talk to Carlisle.”  Bella replied.

“Stubborn woman.”  Edward murmured.  “Don’t go out alone.  I will have one of the men I trust be with you at all times.”

“I don’t need that.”  She grumbled.

“Yes, you do.  Bella, it is going to get real hot around here.  Carlisle has a few guys who are still loyal, but I have more that are loyal to me.  Remember he is crazy and I don’t trust him to do anything wild.”

“Alright.  I don’t like it, but alright.”

Edward pulled her into his arms.  “I love you.  After this is all over, we are going to be happy, I promise.”

“I love you.  Please be careful.  I don’t think I could live if I lose you again.”  She cried.

“I will.  I promise.”  Edward said, then leaned in and place a sweet kiss on her lips.

Bella welcomed Edward’s kiss and warmth she felt from his lips, rushed through her body sitting it ablaze.  She wrapped her hands are his neck and grabbed his hair and pushed her lips into his for a deeper kiss.  Licking his lips, he opened them up allowing her tongue to take control of his.  She had never allowed any man to kiss her like this and with each passing second, she became so aroused.

Their lungs were running out of air, when they finally broke apart, panting and gasping.  “Damn, baby.”  Edward moaned.

“I know.”  She whispered.

Her doorbell rang.  “That will be Malcolm.  I have got to go.  He will be with you twenty-four seven until it is safe again.  You will like him.  He is a lot like Jacob.  Just don’t leave without him and I mean anywhere.”  Edward went to the door and looked out the peephole to ensure that it was in fact Malcolm.  Opening the door, he was met by a smiling Malcolm.

“Edward, good to see you.”  Malcolm boomed.  He had only one voice level, and that was loud.

“Malcolm, come in.”

Malcolm stepped in and took a good look around the room.  Damn, nice digs, then he saw her.  Holy Fuck!!

Edward noticed Malcolm expression when he saw Bella.  “Malcolm, let me introduce you to my girl.”

Malcolm head whipped around and looked at Edward with a look of surprise and confusion.  He had know Edward since his return and knew that he didn’t have a girlfriend.

Bella walked over to them and Edward wrapped his arm around then leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips.  “Malcolm, this is Bella.  She holds my heart.”

Malcolm opened and closed his mouth several times, trying to the find the correct words to say.

Bella couldn’t help but giggle.  Here stood one the biggest men she had ever seen.  Damn, he had to be at least 6’2” and was big and broad.  He had light brown hair, a well-groomed beard, and greenish blue eyes.  The suit he was wearing was expensive and tailored made for him.  “Hey, I am Bella.”

“Hello, Bella.”  Malcolm finally said.

“Did you bring the phones?”  Edward asked, trying to not to laugh at Malcolm.  He was one of the baddest motherfuckers that walked the earth and here he was stuttered like a fool over Bella.

“Sorry, yeah.”  He said, handing over the two burn phones to Edward.

Edward took the one and handed it to Bella.  “Only use this one to call me.  My number is on speed dial, just press and hold the number one.  Jasper’s phone is also on there.  Stay with Malcolm, please.”

“I promise.  But you need to promise me that you will be careful.”

“I will try, but I really need to leave.  Come with me while I change.”  Edward said taking her hand and leading her through the apartment to the bedroom.  Once they were in there, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight.  “I know you are worried and I wish I could say it was going to be a cakewalk, but I can’t.  I need to get Esme safe before we began taking out each of the loyal men of Carlisle’s.  You probably won’t see me for a few days, but I promise to call as often as I can.”

Bella couldn’t stop the tears that began to flow.  She couldn’t help but be worried that he might be hurt or worse killed.

Edward felt her tears as they soaked into his shirt.  “Please, baby don’t cry.”

“I am so worried.”

“I know.  But know that I will do everything I can to come back to you.  We have been robbed too long of our time together and I am going to fight so we can spend the rest of long lives together.”

“I want that too, so much.”  Bella said, hoping that their future would be together.