Chapter 1 Unraveling a Mystery

There was nothing like a motorcycle ride on a clear spring morning in Plano, Texas.  Edward was on his way to his shop in Dallas to meet a new client.  He loved all his shops, but the one in Dallas was his favorite.  It was the first one he purchased, where he cultivated and mastered his skills.

Chapter 1 e

He was one of four boys in his family.  His parents were killed five years ago in a horrible drunk driving accident.  His oldest brother, Carlisle, had just graduated from college with a degree in business when it happened.  He immediately stepped into his father’s role as the head of one of the largest oil and solar energy companies in Texas.

Their great grandfather found oil on his land in 1901.  The Cullen Oil Company was founded soon after.  Over the decades, his family stayed ahead of technology, and, today, they were heavily involved in wind and solar power. His parents had wanted a clean, bright future for their future grandchildren.  Money was not a problem for the Cullen boys, but that didn’t stop them from working.

Edward studied business in college, but had minored in art.  After his first tattoo, a memorial of his parents on his left shoulder, he was hooked.  His tattoo artist convinced him to apprentice with him, and, soon, Edward had a reputation of being a Master of Ink.  Taking some of his inheritance money, he opened his first shop, and, before long, he had shops throughout Texas.  Over the years, his body became a canvas for more tattoos, and each one had a special meaning.

His two younger brothers were twins, but, other than the fact they were born on the same day, they were totally different.  Emmett was tall and muscular, with dark curly hair like his great grandfather, while Jasper had a slender build, with straight light brown hair like his mother.  Emmett was finishing up his residency at Baylor University Medical Center as an obstetrician/gynecologist.  His brothers didn’t see him as a “woman’s’” doctor, but he had gotten nothing but positive compliments from his patients.

Jasper had decided to study fashion design and had opened up his own design studio.  He had shown at Fashion Week in both New York and LA.  His designs were worn by the top celebrities on red carpets around the world.  But, what was peculiar was that none of his brothers ever saw him with a woman.  Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward figured that their brother was gay and didn’t know how to tell them.  They didn’t care as long as he was happy; that was all that mattered.  Fuck, none of the them had had a steady girlfriend, but they all had seen each other with women, except for Jasper.

Edward pulled up and kicked the stand.  Taking off his helmet and gloves, he got off and put them in storage on the back of the bike.  Walking around the building, he walked through the glass door into the front of the shop.  He loved the design and color of the room.  The deep red walls, bright white marble floors, and walls were covered with black framed images of his tattoo designs.  Behind the desk was his receptionist Angela, who was in charge of the office and kept the tattoo artists and himself in line.

“Good morning, Angela.”

She looked up from the computer screen with a grimacing scowl.  “Did you forget to inform me that you scheduled a client this morning?”

Edward might be 6’2” and all muscle, but he was genuinely afraid of Angela.  “I looked at the schedule, and saw that I was free, so I told her that I could do her this morning.

Damn, Angela, it is just a small piece; I shouldn’t be any longer than an hour.”

“That is not the issue, the issue is that I have booked a regular at the same time.  So, who do you want to do Benjamin?”

Fuck, Benjamin.  He was one of his best clients and he wanted his new tattoo to have the phosphorous ink added to the eyes of his daughter, who passed away two years ago.  Edward was honored that Benjamin had asked him to design the tattoo and to place it on his forearm.  “Who is after Benjamin?”

“Mike.  He wants a touch up.”

“Okay, Call Benjamin and ask him to come in half an hour later.  Tell him I will treat him right on the job.  Give Mike to Jessica.  He will love that.”  Edward knew that Mike loved Jessica’s tits; to have her leaning up against him would be a prize for him.

“Fine, but don’t do this shit again or I’ll punish you.”  Angela quipped with an evil gleam in her eyes.

As Edward was about to ask Angela what she meant, the door opened in, and in walked his appointment.  She was short, but had a rockin’ hot body.  “Hey, Alice, are you ready to get started?”

Chapter 1

“Oh yes.”  She chirped.

Edward showed her back to his tattoo room.  It had a glass panels in the front, so people could watch, however there were shades that could be pulled down for privacy for tattoos placed in sensitive areas.  “So, Miss Alice, what are we doing today?”

“I want a pink lollipop with Master’s Baby Girl above it.”

“Master’s Baby Girl?”  He questioned.

“Yes.  I am so happy you could do this today, because it will be healed before he comes back from his business trip.  It is a surprise for him, even though I will pay for it.”  She said, with a smirk.

He wondered what she meant, but he knew it wasn’t his place to question. “Okay and where am I putting this?”

Alice pulled down the waistband of her pants to her pelvic bone area.  “Right here.”

“That is going to be a very painful area to ink.”  Edward explained.

“Oh I know, but it can’t be as bad as the labia.”

Edward eyes grew large.  Holy fuck, she had her labia tattooed.  He would have never guessed that in a million years.  “All right, let me work up a stencil and I will get started.  Lie down on the bench and get comfortable.”

Alice climbed up on the bench and was excited to see that it was, in fact, very comfortable.  She knew that the tattoo wouldn’t take long, but it made it easier to get it when you were comfortable.  Edward quickly came back with the stencil and showed it to her.  She was impressed by how quickly it was done, and how professional it looked.

“Oh my, that is perfect.”

“Great.  Let’s get started then.”  Edward brought over his tools and sat down beside Alice and began to work.

As Edward worked on her tattoo, she looked around the room.  Like the front of the shop, his room was full of images of tattoos, but on the shelf along the wall was pictures.  One was of a handsome couple, which must be his parents.  Beside that was a picture of man in a suit sitting behind a desk.  The next picture was of Edward sitting on a motorcycle, looking all hot and sexy.  Beside of that image was a picture of huge burly guy in a doctor’s white coat and, just like Edward and the other guy, he was hot as well.  Damn, what a gene pool.  As her eyes traveled to the next frame, she gasped.

“Master Jasper.”

Edward stopped what he was doing and looked up at Alice.  “What did you say?”  He heard what she said, but he didn’t understand.  Jasper was not a very common name, but for her call him Master was confusing.

“Oh, you have an image of Jasper.  Is he a good friend?”  She asked.

“He is my younger brother.”

“Oh my, I didn’t know.  Are you in the community as well?”

Edward didn’t really know what she was talking about, but he didn’t want her to know that.  So he decided to play along.  “Actually, I am still doing my studying.”

“There is so much to learn that is for sure.  I am sure you will make an excellent Master in the end.”

“How long have you been with Jasper?”  He asked.

“We have been together for a little over a year.  Actually, we recently began talking about making it also a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.”

“That is great.  Jasper is a great guy.”

Edward continued with her tattoo, but was off in his thoughts of Jasper and this thing call “the community”.  He needed to research this and talk it over with Carlisle and Emmett, hoping it wasn’t anything illegal or dangerous.  He quickly finished the tattoo, he was highly impressed by how still Alice remained during the entire section.  Damn, she must have a high threshold for pain.

“All done.  Take a look at it and let me know what you think.”  Edward said.

Alice moved off the bench and over to the full mirror on the wall.  “OH MY GOD!!”  She screamed.  “It is perfect.  Damn, the sucker looks like you can lick it.  Hmm, Jasper is going to love that.”

Just one more thing to add to list of things he needed to tell his brothers.  “I am glad you like it.  I will put a bandage over it.  Make sure you follow the instructions that Angela will give you.  If you have any concerns, please let me know immediately.”

“I will.  This is not my first tattoo, so I know what to do.  Thanks again for doing this so quickly.  I can’t wait until Jasper gets back, so I can show him and tell him who did it for me.”

Edward walked Alice out to Angela, who would take care of collecting the money for the service.  The rest of the day was busy with one client after another, but he did have a few minutes to send a text to Carlisle and Emmett and asked them to come over to his place after work.  He hoped he would get home in time to Google some of the words and phrases that Alice had used about Jasper.  Maybe it would shed some light on what he was doing.  Finally, his last client was done, and he cleaned up his equipment and put everything away for when he returned.  He hated leaving an unorganized work area and it would drive him crazy knowing that his equipment would be sitting around with blood and ink on them.  Safety came first when it came to needles and that meant that each piece of equipment needed to be sterilized.  They had never had any problems with infection and Edward wanted it to remain that way.  There was no better way to get a bad reputation than to be known for unclean conditions and outbreaks of infections.  Edward shut off his light and walked out to the counter.

“How was the day, Angela?”

“We had a very good day.  After the mess that you caused this morning, everything else ran smooth the rest of the day.  The schedule is booked for the next two weeks for all the artists.  If we continue this way, you are going to need to hire more artists.”

“If you say we need to hire, then we need to hire.  Place an ad in the trades, and call the local schools to see if they have anyone who would like to do an apprenticeship.”  Edward said.

“I will do it in the morning, since I have plans for the evening.  Oh, by the way, I liked Alice.”

“She was definitely something else.  She knows Jasper, but he has never said anything about her or anything about the unusual comments she made.”

“Unusual?”  Angela questioned, even though she had an idea what he was talking about.  She knew all about Master Jasper.  He was a Dominant in the community and he was in high demand.  They had run into each other at a party held for the community and began to talk.  When he introduced himself as Jasper Cullen, she knew immediately that he was kin to her boss.  She wanted to tell Edward, but it was against the community rules to disclose any information concerning other members.  What Edward also didn’t know was that she was part of community and had been for years.  She had happened upon it while in college and fell in love with the entire concept of the community.   In the beginning, she had studied and trained as a submissive, but, after several weeks, her mentor explained that she had more Dominant characteristics than submissive.

Blow Angela

So her training was revamped towards  the role of a Dominant and once she completed her training, she took on her first submissive, a young man named Riley.  The first time she walked into her newly built playroom, she was shaking in her black leather pants and red corset top.  However, when she saw Riley waiting patiently in his waiting position, her fears subsided and she took control.  Seeing Riley cry out in ecstasy at her hand caused her to know that this was where she was belonged.

Chapter 1 d

“Yes, however I doubt you would understand.  Have a great evening; I will see you Thursday.”  Edward said.

Angela watched as Edward strolled out of the building once he was out the door, she smirked.  “Damn, he needs his fine ass spanked.”

Edward’s mind was running wild with thoughts of what Jasper was into.  Alice did seem very nice, so maybe it wasn’t anything too bad.  As he parked his bike in one of his parking spaces, he glanced at his watch.  Fuck, he wouldn’t have time before his brothers got here to do some research.  When he walked into his apartment, Carlisle and Emmett were on the couch watching a game on the television.

“Fuck, he is a waste of good money.  Why did we trade for such an asshole?”  Emmett growled.

“Just let yourselves in.”  Edward called out.

“Fuck yeah, and we got into your liquor cabinet as well.  Oh, by the way, you are running low on Jack.”  Carlisle joked.

“Then fucking bring over a bottle.  What am I?  Your own personal liquor supplier?”  Edward asked as he went over and pour himself a glass and joined his brothers in the living room.  After sitting down, he pulled out one of his Cuban cigars and lit it up.

Tattoo Edward 5

After a few minutes of silence, Carlisle put his glass on the table and looked at Edward.

“Okay, what is this meeting about?”

“I know, Edward is having a sex change and changing his name to Edwina.”  Emmett boomed.

“Fuck you.”  Edward said, flipping off his brother.  He put his glass down as well and sat back, taking a long draw on the cigar.  “We need to talk about Jasper.”

“Is there something wrong?  Did something happen?”  Emmett questioned, worried about his twin.  He might be the joker of the family, but he had a special connection with his twin and usually knew when something was wrong, yet this time, he didn’t.

Chapter 1 c

“Not really.  I had a client today, who knows Jasper really well, but didn’t know that we were brothers.”

“So you think he is Jasper’s partner?”  Carlisle asked.

“Yes, I think SHE is.”  Edward replied.

“SHE?”  Emmett yelled.

“Yes.  But that is not what this meeting is about.  She said a few things that were very confusing and I was hoping to do some research to find out what they meant.”

“What is she like?”  Emmett questioned.

“Short, rocking hot body, and fireball of energy.”

“What did she say that has you worried?”  Carlisle asked.

Chapter 1 b

“She called him Master Jasper, then something about a community, and then she said they were talking about having a possible boyfriend/girlfriend relationship as well.  Like I said, some weird stuff.  I am worried he has gotten involved in something shady.”

Emmett broke out in a loud laugh.  How could Edward not know what that meant?  He laughed so hard that tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Fuck, Emmett, what is so funny?  We could have a serious situation here with Jasper.”

When he had finally regained control, he looked at Edward.  “Fuck, Edward, Jasper is not doing anything illegal.  Hell, he is not even gay like we all thought.”

“How do you know?”

“Because from what you just told us, he is a Dominant.”

“Dominant at what?”  Edward asked, confused by what Emmett statement.

“Dominant as in BDSM.  Fuck, he is getting some major pussy.”  Emmett boomed.

“BDSM.  You mean he beats women?”  Edward questioned.

“Edward, BDSM doesn’t mean you beat women.  You need to do research and really see what it means to be in the community.”  Carlisle explained.

“How the hell you know so much about it?”

“I have a few clients that are in the community.  From what I read on the subject, it can be a very beautiful, caring, and loving relationship.  The Dominant in the relationship ensures that his submissive is taken care of all their needs. When they are in the Dominant’s playroom, the submissive gives complete control over to the Dominant.  However the submissive has the ultimate control, because with one word, their play is stopped immediately.”  Emmett explained.  When his first client had told him that she was in a Dominant/submissive relationship, he took time to research what it all meant.  The more he read, the more he wanted to know, but right now he was too busy to spend the time that was needed to be in the community.

“Edward, do the research, and, when Jasper gets back, we all sit down and talk about it.”  Carlisle said.

Edward nodded.  He was happy that his brother wasn’t doing anything wrong, but he knew he needed to learn all he could about this community.






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  1. This is one of the best first chapters of a story that I have read in a long time. I can’t wait to read more.


  2. Oh wow! I already want more. I loved this prompt so much, my head was imagining plot bunnies already. Perfect first chapter. Love that Edward isn’t a Dom straight away. Please don’t keep us hanging for more – I want it now

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  3. SO glad I’m getting to read again!!!
    I so love your writings!!!
    Awesome 1st chapter, can’t wait for more!!!


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