Chapter 12 Revelations

A few days later, Bella received the email from Carlisle with his son, Edward background and a complete physical and drug screening.  Fuck, that meant that the option for sex was on the table.  After reading over the background and going through the tests, she emailed back with her approval of both.  She let him know that if sex was an option that the price increase by two, so if he wanted his son to have sex with her it would be four hundred thousand dollars.  A few minutes after pushing send, Carlisle Cullen was on the phone for her.

“Ms Masen, money is no problem for me.  I will wire you the four hundred thousand dollars, but I wonder if I would double that amount you would allow me to watch?”

Bella was shocked.  How could a father want to watch his son have sex with someone else?  Fuck, he was one sick motherfucker and what if his son was just like him?  She needed to defuse this and quick. “Mr Cullen, I am sorry but that is something I don’t allow ever.”

“Fine.”  He grumbled.  “I will see you at the event.  Goodbye Ms Masen.”

Bella was never so glad to have him off the phone.  Turning  around, she grabbed a tumbler and pour a generous portion of whiskey, then downed it.  She couldn’t believe Carlisle asked that, then it hit her.  What if his son was like that as well?  Picking up her phone, she called her self-defense instructor to get some classes in before the event.  As she was hanging up the phone, Alice came into her office.

“Bella, do you want to go shopping with me?  I am going to a high end event this weekend and want to look spectacular.”

“Are you working or is it with the guy you have been seeing?”

“I am going to with Jasper.  I checked the calendar and I don’t have any pressing assignments that day.”  She explained.

“Have you told Jasper what you do for a living?”

Alice’s smile faded and she shook her head no.  “I don’t know how to bring it up.”

“He is just another guy.”  Bella sneered.  Men were good for one thing and one thing only.  Fuck, she needed to get laid.

“Damn Bella you need to find a guy and fall head over heels in love.”

Bella turned and poured another tumbler of whiskey, then downed it.  The numbness of the alcohol was beginning to take effect.  “I was in love.”

Alice was shocked.  She had never heard or seen evidence that Bella had been in love when and who.  They she thought of the way that Bella thought of men and whoever it was must have hurt her bad.  “Did he fuck around on you?”

“No.  He died.”

“Oh Bella, I am sorry.  Was he sick?”  Alice asked.

Bella had told no one about Tony.  She had never stopped thinking of him; she even had the picture of them in San Francisco by her bedside table and as a screensaver on her phone.  “He was killed by a freak explosion in his house.”  She whispered, trying not to cry.  “I wasn’t able to get to him.”

Alice walked over and placed her arm around Bella’s shoulder.  “Is this the reason why you locked your heart away?”

“Wouldn’t you?  He was my soul mate.  The reason for my heart to beat, the reason for me to breathe in and out and without him, I have walked through the years in black cold clouds.  I can’t imagine ever loving anyone else.”

“Then why start an escort agency?”

“Alice, I didn’t have dreams of opening an escort agency, but Tony had a very large life insurance policy and I was beneficiary.  When I turned eighteen, I took my GED and left my hometown.  I couldn’t live in a town where I was reminded daily of the accident.  After traveling the country, I happened upon Chicago and for some reason I felt like this was a good place to make myself home.  I played the stock market and that is how I happen upon the fact that there was a need for high end escorts.”

“Wow, I had no idea.  I knew you were strong, but you are even more so than I thought.”  Alice explained.  She could tell Bella was upset and she wanted to maybe make her smile for a little bit.  “So why don’t we go shopping and find the drop dead gorgeous dresses that are out there waiting for us?”

Bella forced a smile.  “That sounds like a great idea.  Hell maybe afterwards, we can get the boss to buy us dinner.”

“Well I have heard she can be nice, when she wants to be.”  Alice joked.

After hours of losing themselves at the shops at 900 North, they were enjoying a relaxing dinner at Allium.  Bella’s nerves were still raw from her confessions today and the only thing that would dull the pain for lots of Jack straight up.  After her third or was it her fourth glass, the pain was gone.

Alice kept a close eye on Bella as she drank glass after glass.  She felt horrible that she was the one that had opened up the old wounds.  Never would she have thought that was the reason why Bella was the way she was, but it answered all questioned why an intelligent, beautiful woman would close herself off.  By the end of the dinner, Bella was wasted.

“Bella, let me help you home.”  Alice said.

“No, I am fine.”  Bella slurred.

“Oh come on, I think we have mixed up our purchases.  This will give me opportunity to get them sorted out.”

Bella looked down at the large amount of bags and she couldn’t remember which one was her’s.  “Okay, let me call my driver.”  She said as she tried to see the number, but the screen was all blurry.

“Let me.”  Alice took her phone and as she looked down at the screen, she saw a picture of a younger Bella with a young man.  The look in his eyes was that of love for her.  This must be Bella’s Tony.  She found the number for the driver.  He was in the parking deck waiting for their call.  Alice picked up the bags and took Bella by the arm.  “Come on darling, our chariot waits.”


Bella awoke the next morning in her bed with a splitting headache.  Fuck how much had she drank last night?  Then she tried to remember how she got home.  Looking over at her nightstand, she saw that it was ten in the morning, but there was a glass of juice, pain pills, and a note.

Take the pills, drink all the juice, take a hot shower, and then call me.  Love Alice

Well that answered that question.  After following Alice’s note, she did feel a little bit more human.   She called Angela and checked her messages.  There was nothing pressing so she decided to take the day off.  After picking up around the apartment, she went to gym to work out the rest of the alcohol.  As she ran on the treadmill, she thought about why she had drank so much.  Tony.  It was always Tony or the memory of him.  How could it still hurt so bad, even after all this time?  Would she be able to let his memory go?  Did she really want to?

After running for five miles, she finally came to a stop.  She needed to change and she needed to begin to live a full life, not the half-life she had been living.


Across town, Edward was walking into his father’s office.  Carlisle had called and demanded his appearance.  He didn’t want to piss him off because this coming Friday he was going to be able to visit with his mother.  Carlisle had limited the time that Edward had been able to see Esme.  In the beginning, he could barely stand see how sad and emotionally beaten down she was.  Over the years, he had decided not to allow that to cloud their limited time together.  They were never left alone, but anytime he could spend time with her was a treat.

“Edward my boy, come in I have great news.  I have arranged for you to have a drop dead gorgeous woman for your date for the event.”


“No Edward, she is fuck so fucking hot.  I have also arranged that she is willing to spread her legs for you.”

Edward had learned not to say anything against whatever plans his father had, but the thought of who his father had set him up with turned his stomach.  He fucking didn’t care if she was gorgeous; he had no desire to have sex with a woman that his father had set him up with.  As much as he hated the idea, he still needed to place nice, however one of these days he would be in power and his father would pay dearly for the pain he had inflicted on him and Esme.

“Do I pick her up?”

“No, she is meeting you at the gallery.  I have seen her at several other parties and events, so I will introduce you too.  And don’t worry she is your age, well I think so.”

“That is fine, I will be there.  We have a gun shipment coming in on Friday night late, but I am free the rest of the weekend.”

“Make sure that the shipment goes smooth, we are dealing with a new vendor on the west coast, and I want to make a good expression.”

“Jasper and I will do our best.”  Edward said.  “I am going to visit mom in the afternoon.”

Carlisle hated the fact that Edward still wanted to visit the whore, but he had done everything he asked so he knew if he wanted to keep him line, he needed to allow him the visits.  “Fine, but remember the rules.”

“Have I ever broken any of the rules?”  Edward quipped.

“No, but I wanted to remind you.”  Carlisle said.  “Just remember who is control here.”

“I know.”

After talking more about the shipment and about the event, Carlisle finally, allow Edward to leave.  He walked out of the house and to his car.  He needed something to punch, to work out his violent urges to make Carlisle suffer.  Driving to the gym, he grabbed his bag and went in.

“Edward.  How are you man?”  Jacob boomed.

Jacob was one of the best trainers and sparring partner at the gym.  “I am a little wound up and wondered if you are available for a few rounds in the gym.”

“Actually yes.  I just finished up a refresher on a client for her self-defense and I too am a little wound up if you know what I mean.”  Jacob said, wagging his eyebrows.

“Oh she is a looker then?”

“How fuck she is beyond a looker.  A body made for sin and a left hook to match.”

“Damn I am sorry I missed her.”  Edward joked.

“I’m not.  One look at you and she wouldn’t even look my way.  Come on, let’s go for a few rounds and wear each other out of whatever is frustrating us.”  Jacob said, getting some tape and gloves and heading to the ring.

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  1. Oh my, first thank you, thank you for the waited update. But Carlisle is a sicko that needs a physic ward. He wants to watch his son doing the deed, how sick can he be. I can’t wait for the time when Edward will teach him a lesson, but first he needs trusted friends who can assisst him. Again thank you very much for sharing.


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