Testing Faith


Summary:  Edward Cullen thought his life in the playroom was over, when his leg was amputated from the knee down due to an car accident. Could a submissive with her own ghosts be the one to show him that he is more than enough to take complete control of her body and her heart?

AN:    Thanks goes out to my support team, who has decided to come with me on this wonderful ride: my beta, Princess07890/RAH07890, and my pre-readers SherCullen71 and LadyAngel.  Without them, it wouldn’t be worth reading.  


“RED!  Master RED!”  Jessica screamed.  “Help me Master.”

Edward tried to get to her, but he couldn’t move his leg.  As he yanked and pulled, he didn’t move an inch.

“Please Master, it hurts so bad.”

Edward looked towards the scream, he saw that she was trapped in an overturned vehicle which was on fire.  The flames were nearing her quickly.

“Master, please.  HELP I AM ON FIRE!!!  Master why aren’t you helping me.  You promised, you promised.”  She cried.

Fire Prologue

“I’m trying, I truly am.”  Edward wailed, as he tried to move but still was trapped.

He saw the flames engulf her body, her screams echoed loudly and then a deafening silence.

“NO! GOD NO!  I AM SO SORRY!”  Edward cried.

“Mr. Cullen it is okay.  It is just a bad dream.”  Bella said as she shook his arm.

“I am sorry.”  He cried, then he heard a calming voice saying it was okay.  As he finally opened his eyes, he  saw an angel standing next to him.

“Sir, are you okay?”  She asked.

Hearing the angel call him Sir caused something to stir inside of him.  There was no way that she was a submissive and if she was he wouldn’t desire her.  He had failed.

“Sir.  Can I get you something?  Are you in pain?”

“More than I can say.”  He confessed.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Whoa. Well I can see why he’s in a lot of ‘pain.’ For sure!! Interesting story. I’m in. ;o)


  2. ladyquinzy says:

    Looking forward to another amazing story from you!


  3. debslmac says:

    Looking forward to reading more of this


  4. Love it! Want to read more.


  5. Olivia White says:

    Im going to love this story. Great prologue.


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