Epilogue 65 Years Later Infinity Claims

Edward was standing by the piano looking at the framed photos of their family.  The years after Bella had been found were with reconnecting with her family and renewal of life as a Cullen.  There was not one day that went by that he didn’t fall even more in love with her.  After she took over the family, they finally were able to get the government to recognize that she was in fact Isabella Marie Cullen.  Once she had her original birth certificate, they had a small ceremony to make their marriage legal.  They spent their honeymoon in Italy and while there attended Felix’s marriage.  They had no idea that twenty-five years later that they would see their son marry Felix’s daughter.  Their life was blessed with four children, ten grandchildren, and just last month one great-grandchild.

“Grandfather are you ready to go?”  Alice asked.

“No, but I can’t make the family wait any more for me.”  Edward answered, as he took Alice’s arm, and she helped him out of the house and into the car.  Alice was his youngest granddaughter, and she looked just like Bella, even down to the Infinity birthmark which was on her shoulder.  Bella had felt a special bond to Alice and had even started allowing her to write her memoirs.  Bella had finished her book that she had started when they first met in Italy and ten others over the years.  She never promoted them as Isabella Cullen, but used a pen name of Emma Rose.  Many of them made it to the New York Times bestseller list, but she refused any interviews.

All too quickly, they had arrived to their destination and Alice once again helped him out of car and up the hill to the large white tent.  Not one more person could fit into the tent, but that didn’t stop a large group from rounding the tent.  They wanted to be here today for the family and to pay their respects.

Edward and Alice walked to the front of the tent where a white coffin sat with a large blanket of black magic roses with a silver ribbon in the shape of an infinity symbol.  Placing his hand on the cold hard coffin that held his heart and soul, he began his final goodbye.  Bella had lived a full healthy life, but three days ago he awoke and as he went to take her hand and place a kiss on it, he was met with a cold lifeless hand instead.  The doctors said that her heart just gave out and he knew what he meant because his was breaking every second she was gone.

Clearing his throat, he began his goodbye.  “My darling, this is the second time you have died, but I know this time you won’t be coming back.  You had a magical quality about you and I think it had to do with your infinity birthmark.  An infinity symbol goes on and on, much like your legacy.  You were a loved leader of family, a marvelous mother, a kiss ass grandmother, and a loving wife.”  Edward said, with tears rolling down his cheek.  Looking down at the coffin and rubbing his wrinkled hand over the smooth surface.  “You had and will have an infinity claim on my heart, my love.  I hope to see you on the other side.”

Edward stepped away from the coffin and walked through the crowd of family and friends.  Once outside the tent, he felt a warm breeze coming from a grove of trees and as he looked he saw a warm glowing light that was beckoning him to come towards it.  As he began to walk towards it he felt himself falling, but he didn’t feel the impact.  Suddenly he felt like the Edward of old and when he looked up, he saw his beautiful wife in what looked like his car that he had in Italy all those years ago.

“Did you think I was going to let you drive?  You are a horrible driver.”  She laughed, then gave him one of her sexy smirks, that he loved so well. “Come on my love we have eternity to enjoy together.”


Infinity Claims

4 Comments Add yours

  1. micca2 says:

    Love this ending! My eyes are watering!


  2. FangirlinGranma Dee Creston says:

    I was in tears but it was such a beautiful ending…more a happily ever HEREAFTER! But it worked for me.
    Thank you for making my crummy health days a lot brighter. I loved this and adore you! {GIANT GRANMA HUGS AND SMOOCHES!}
    – FangirlinGranma Dee


  3. Sus says:

    This was a wonderful, sad, and eventful story. The ending made me cry, yet it was perfect! Thanks…


  4. shirleyburke0121 says:

    I just finished reading Infinity Claims and Loved Every Words of it!! Thank you and now on to the next masterpiece!!


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