Chapter 25 Infinity Claims

Everything had been planned out and the warehouse had been equipped with everything they needed to make Aro and Caius suffer for their crimes against the family.  Carlisle had been at awe of his daughter and how she seemed to fall into the role so effortlessly.  He had to chuckle when Edward told him that he had been afraid in the beginning she was some type of spy, because she was wanting information on Mafia families for her book.  Carlisle then began to believe that she truly did have mafia blood flowing through her veins and even embedded in her DNA.  They ate a small dinner before Aro and Caius arrived, because the dinner table setting was only a prop.  Dressing in their formal clothes for the beginning of the party, they also laid out their outfits for when Aro and Caius had been bound up and taken to the warehouse.  Carlisle gave a few gifts to Lizzy Bell for tonight, one begin a set of silver brass knuckles that were made for a woman’s hand and other was a pearl handled ladies 9mm.  She hugged and thanked him for such wonderful gifts.

Right before Aro and Caius were to arrive, Carlisle made sure that Garrett had all the guard ready to go.  Garrett was still shocked to see Bella alive.  Like Carlisle, he was at first leery, but once he spent some time with her, all doubts fell away.

Garrett got a text that Aro’s car was coming up the driveway.  “They’re here.”

“Good.  I am wanting this shit over, so we can finally have some peace.”  Carlisle said.

Carlisle and Esme went to the front door and welcomed their guests.  “Aro, Caius welcome.”  Carlisle smiled, even though he wanted to begin Aro’s punishment immediately.

Aro shook Carlisle hand and then proceeded to bring Esme’s hand up to his mouth and kiss it.  She forced a smile on her face as the bile in her stomach tried its best to escape.  “Come, we know you want to meet the young lady who has captured Edward’s heart.”  She said.

They walked into the dining room, where Edward and Bella was standing arm in arm.

As soon as Aro walked into the room he was taken by the beauty that was standing beside of Edward.  Where hell did he find such as fucking sexy woman?  Hell that boy does not know how to take care of a woman like this needs.  Oh, he will just wait until she grows tired of the pussy boy and he will make his move.

Edward noticed the look in Aro’s eyes as he seemed to be undressing her and when he did he tighten his hold on Bella.  “Aro, Caius I would like you to meet Mrs Cullen.”

“Mrs Cullen, why so formal?  We are all family here.”  Aro exclaimed.  “You my dear can call me Aro.”

“Hello Aro.  It is nice to meet you.”

“And what is your.”  Aro began to ask, but was interrupted by Carlisle

“Aro, Caius please take a glass so we can toast the couple.”

Aro stepped back beside Caius where he was handed a glass of what he thought was champagne.

Raising his glass toward Edward and Bella.  Carlisle said. “May your life be filled will love and laughter.  May you always find comfort in each other and may you always stand up for your family at all times when others are trying to tear them apart.”

Everyone raised their glasses, then drank the champagne.

Bella let go of Edward’s arm and took a step closer to Carlisle, then sits her glass down and looks up at Caius and Aro.

“Thank you Dada for that lovely toast.”  She said with an evil grin.

“Dada?  He is not your father.”  Aro sneered.

Bella laughed out loud.  “In my short life I have had several names, Bree Tanner, Emma Rose McCarty, and Emma Rose Cullen.  But today I am taking back my life and my family and that starts with my Dada.  Uncle Aro I don’t remember you being such a funny guy.”  She said, then turned back toward Aro with all the rage she had in her.  “But I do remember you, as the man who sent Caius to kill my mother and kidnap me.  He took me to the Masters and dropped me off, but not before scaring me to think that if I let anyone know my true name, the bad people would harm my father and Edward.”

Aro and Caius gasped.  There was no way this was Bella.  She was dead.  “I don’t know what the fuck is going on here, but you better shut your fucking mouth bitch.”  Aro growled.

At the point, two guards who were standing behind them grabbed their arms and bound their hands.


“First of all, this lovely young lady is Isabella Marie Cullen, my daughter.”  Carlisle said, wrapping his arm around Bella’s shoulder.

“That fucking kid is dead and buried.  My James will take over the family in two weeks, when you time as Don is over.”  He bellowed.

“See that is where you are wrong.  Isabella survived, as you well know from the car explosion and when Caius went back to kill her on Christmas Eve she escaped again.  In two weeks, she will take her rightful place as head of the family.”  He explained.  “And second, I am still the fucking boss and you will never be able tell me what to again.”

Aro and Caius both fought against the bindings, but the more they did the more they became disoriented, they could by keep their eyes open.  They both knew at the moment that they had been caught and the look in Carlisle eyes that their time to live was coming to a quick end.  Their last hope was that it would be quick and painless.

Once Aro and Caius were dragged from the house and taken to the warehouse, Carlisle, Edward, and the Bella changed clothes, then made their way to them.  The atmosphere in the car was a kaleidoscope of emotions, from fear, excitement, rage, and satisfaction.  Edward held onto Bella’s hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of it.

When they pulled up to the warehouse, Carlisle took her other hand.  “Lizzy Bell, you don’t have do this.  Edward and I can handle this, while you wait here.”

“Dada, I know you want to protect me; however what type of future leader would I be if I didn’t take care of those who wronged the family?”

Carlisle smiled with a heart filled with pride for his daughter.  “Well alright then, let’s get this party started.”

Carlisle walked in first with Bella and Edward behind.  They were met by Garrett and Jasper.

“We have them as you instructed Boss.”  Garrett said.

“Good.  Are they still out?”

“No, they awoke about ten minutes ago.  I was glad that you wanted them gagged, because I don’t know if I could stand hearing whine anymore.”

“My brother has always been the whiner in the family.”  Carlisle said, taking off his jacket and his sleeves.

Edward and Bella followed Carlisle over to the table, where the tools of torture were laid out.  Bella ran her fingers over the blades, hooks, pliers, steel bars, and wooden bats.  She grasped the handle of the bat and picked it up, then looked over to where they had the two bastards tied up.   Thankfully they had left their underwear on, because she didn’t want to their dicks.  She walked over and looked at the men, who had taken so many years away from her family. Carlisle walked over and stood beside her.

“Aro, you of all people know the penalty for harming a fellow family member.  You have caused pain not just to me but to the future leader of the family.”  Carlisle growled.

Bella’s rage had come to a boil; the time for talking was over.  As she stared at Aro, she allowed herself to allow the anger she had inside to take control and with a powerful swing of the bat she hit Aro in the shin and when she did she heard the snap of the bone.  Stopping for a moment she thought about what she had just done and instead of being disgusted, she felt warmth of satisfaction.

Edward stood back and kept a close eye on her.  If at any time he saw that she couldn’t handle it, he would step in; however the look of her face showed that she was fine.

Carlisle had started working over Caius using a steel pipe to his bones.  Both were screaming in their gages and wished to pass out or better yet death.  When Aro passed out, Garrett quickly stepped in and gave him a shot of adrenaline, which caused him to awake.  Bella got tired of the bat and went over to the table for her brass knuckles.

“Let me tape your hands my love.”  Edward said.

Bella held out her hands and allowed him to tape them up and then place her brass knuckles on.  She returned in front of Aro and proceeded to use his face and body as a punching bag.  She was thankful for all the years of work outs that Emmett had forced to do.  She continued the assault until her arms were weak.  Breathing hard she took a step back and finally looked at what she had done to Aro.  At first she was shocked that she couldn’t recognize him, due to the torn bloody skin.   When she looked over she saw that Caius was much the same way.  Her father had carved Caius skin down to the bone in some places.

Carlisle was shocked but also proud of how Bella handled the situation.  He looked at Garrett who handed him two towels.  He handed one to Bella, but she really couldn’t use it, however before he began to help Edward was by her side attending to her.  Damn he was proud of Edward.  After he wiped his hands he looked at the both of them.

“You may have been my brother, but you are now no longer family.  I pray that you burn in hell for what you have done.”  Carlisle said, then formed an evil smirk.  “But I can’t let the devil have all the fun.  Garrett, Jasper pulls them up and moves them over.”

They pulled Aro and Caius broken, bloody bodies and pulled them on the trolley system to the large vat that they had prepared.  They had never seen this used before, but this was the first time a family member had done something this horrible before and when the word got out they were sure that no one would ever do it again.

Aro begged and prayed for death, knowing that he had never experienced anything as painful before, but when he got close to the vat he was shocked.  Trying his best to free himself, to no avail, he was above a vat of boiling oil.

“Bella do you have anything you want to say?”  Carlisle asked, wanting to give her a chance to speak her mind if she wanted to.

“There is nothing that we could do here today that would the amount of torment that I went through most my life because of you.  I hope you suffer as you burn, knowing that you failed and I survived.”

Bella proclaimed proudly and with a nod of her head, Aro and Caius were slowly dropped in the boiling hot oil.

Carlisle, Bella, and Edward turned and walked away with the sounds of sizzling, burning flesh behind them.


After the night of Aro and Caius death, Carlisle made sure to round up anyone who had been part of the deed and they were put to death.  Victoria and James came home from Paris and they were told what Aro had done.  Both were shocked and surprised, they proclaimed that if they had known they would have told Carlisle about it.  James stated that he had never wanted to take over the family, but was only doing it because of the pressure his father had been applying.  Carlisle told them that he was still leery of them and they would have to prove their loyalty to the family.

Bella handled the emotional aftermath of the torture surprisingly well.  The next two weeks were busy telling the family that their rightful heir was in fact alive and would be taking over.  The tales of how she had handled Aro and Caius spread like wildfire and they were excited to have her as their Donna.

The day that she was going to take over, she was bombarded with emotions.  Edward had been a constant supporter and lover.  She had been showered with gifts and letters, but the gift that she received from her father was more than she could ever ask for.  He had offered and he had accepted, Emmett would be the legal counsel for the family legal side.  Emmett and Rose would be moving from Boston to New York.

“Love it is time.”  Edward said.

She took one more look in the mirror and stood.  Her blood red gown hugged her every curve, stunning diamond drop earrings and on her fingers was only her wedding rings.  After the ceremony she would be wearing her Donna family pinky ring.

They walked arm and arm to the meeting room where all the high ranking family members were waiting for her.  She dropped her arm from Edward when they walked in and walked head held high to the front of the room, where her father was standing.

“Do you accept the responsibilities of keeping the family safe, be loyal to them, and to protect them with your life?”   Carlisle asked.

“I, Isabella Marie Cullen swear with my life to keep the family safe, will remain loyal to them, and will die for them as long as I am the Donna of the Cullen family.”

Carlisle picked up the gold, jeweled handle knife and when Bella offered her hand to him, he made a small cut onto her finger.  As the blood appeared, she took her finger and pressed onto the Book of the Leaders.  Every leader of the Cullen family had placed their blood mark in the book.

“Family, it is my great pleasure to give to you Donna Isabella Marie Cullen.”

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  1. Loved this chapter! Glad I read this in the morning though .. the scene with the oil made me shudder! Love the detail and imagery you utilize in your writing 🙂


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