Chapter 24 Infinity Claims

Edward and Bella landed and a bulletproof car, with six family members armed heavily met them.  Carlisle was taking nothing for granted now that he got his little girl back.  Garrett and he went through the list of names of the guards and when they felt confident that these were loyal family members, they sent them to get Edward and Bella.  Carlisle hated the fact that he was questioning members of his family, but if his own brother would do such a horrendous act, he couldn’t trust anyone except a select few.  Garrett promised Carlisle that he would make sure that every family member who had broken their vow to the family would be dealt with pain and blood.

Edward was a little surprised by the number of guards who had come to pick them up, but he knew that Carlisle was just being careful.  After all of Bella’s luggage and his two bags were packed in the car, they were off to Edward’s house.  The security team had gone through and removed even more bugs and cameras.  They also installed their own cameras and several panic alarms, just in case.  Carlisle was very specific about how he wanted Edward’s home secured.  The guard wondered if there had been a hit taken out on him.  They had been shocked to learn that he had gotten married to a girl that none of them knew anything about.   However when she stepped off the plane, they could understand why.  Damn she was gorgeous.

When they pulled up in front of his house, Edward helped Bella out and took her hand.  He opened the front door, but instead of walking in, he picked her up and carried her over the threshold.

“Welcome home, Mrs Cullen.”

Looking around the house, she had a slight memory of them having play dates here.  She could almost smell the home baked cookies that Esme would make them.  “Is the big tree still in the back?”

“Yes.  You remembered that?”

“A little bit.  I remember us sitting on a blanket having fresh cookies and milk.”

“I will give you the grand tour later.”  Edward said, then wrapped his arms around Bella.  “But right now I need you in my bed and my cock buried in your tight wet pussy.”

Bella smirked.  “Then take me to our bed and make me yours.”

“Fuck, you are right you are mine.”

Bella rubbed her hand up his chest, around his neck, and grasped a handful of hair, then pulled.  “And you are mine.”

“Oh yeah I am.”  He growled, then bent over grabbed her knees and threw her over his shoulder.  He took off up the steps, with Bella giggling and slapping his ass.  Finally getting to his room he kicked open the door and threw Bella onto his king size bed.

“HEY!!”  She yelled.

“Little girl I have you where I want you.  Are you ready wife?”

“Yes.”  Bella moaned.

They were quickly naked and wrapped into each other arms.  Of all the times, they had sex before, this time it was different.  With each touch, each kiss, each time they were joined together, it felt as if their love grew.   While lying in the bed, after another round of lovemaking, Edward was rubbing his thumb over her lamb tattoo.

“I can’t believe I didn’t ask you about this.”  He said.

“I guess we were too wrapped up in each other to talk about.”

“Yeah we were.  Shit, just wait until we tell Felix that we got married.”

“Oh, I forgot about him.  I do have a question about Felix.  Does he know about the family?”  She asked.

“Yes.  He accidently walked into a situation that Carlisle was taking care of.”

“Really?  And Dada allowed him to live?”

“Carlisle knew Felix since was a small boy and after a long talk with him, he knew that he could trust him.”

“So Felix is in the family?”

“No, but is a close friend.”

Bella thought about her time with Felix and remembered the first night of them together talking and she told him about how she was writing about the mafia.  It now makes sense, why he looked the way he did.  The rest of day and into the early morning hours, they consummated their marriage many times.


Aro was sitting at his desk, when Caius rushed in.  “They are back.  However, we have a big problem.  All the bugs and cameras have been taken out of the house and Edward’s house as well.”

“Fuck.  Do you think he suspects something?”  Aro growled.

“I don’t know.  He called Garrett who has been at the house the entire day.”

“What about the sissy Edward?  Is he back from Italy?”  Aro asked.

“I called our guy at the hanger and his plane has come back, but I was told he had a woman with him.”

“He brought back a whore from Italy?  Damn she must be a great lay from him to do that.”

“The weird part was that they were met by a large group of armed guard and was taken straight to his house.”  Caius explained.

“Fuck.  I need to know what is going on.”  Aro said.  He had not planned for this, but he couldn’t let Carlisle get away now.  “I am going to go find out what it going on.”

“Are you sure that is a smart idea?”

“After all this time, he never figured out that I was behind his wife and daughter’s death, so I don’t think he figured it out miraculously.  My brother is dumb as fuck, another damn reason why I should have been the leader.”  Aro sneered.

“Do you want me to come with you?”  Caius asked.

“No, I will be fine.  The fucker knows better that try something with me.  He might think he is badass Don, but he is not.”

Aro made sure he had his gun, rushed out to his car, and drove over to Carlisle’s home.  He pulled through the gate, nodding at the guard who were stationed there.  As he drove up the lane, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary to him.  However, what he didn’t see was the extra security cameras and guards.

Carlisle was notified that his brother was on his way up to the house.  Looking out the window, he began his internal chant.  “I will not kill him today.  I will not kill him today.”  He had promised Lizzy Bell he wouldn’t do anything without her being there.  But damn he really wanted to kill the fucker.  He sat down at his desk and couldn’t help but check to make sure the safety was off his gun and it was loaded.  One fucking wrong move was all it was going to take.

Aro barged into the house, stomped up to Carlisle’s office, and opened the door hard, which caused it to bang against the wall behind it.  “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!!”  He screamed.

“I will not kill him today.  I will not kill him today.”  Carlisle thought to himself, but he wouldn’t have Aro talking to him that way either.  Standing up quickly and pushing his chair hard, which caused it to fly back and hit the bookcase behind him with a loud bang.  “Have you forgotten who the hell is in charge?”  He growled, his face full of rage.

“Fuck brother, what is your problem?  Isn’t your wife putting out enough for you?  You know I could hook you up with some woman, who will allow you do anything you want with them.”  Aro smirked.

The rage boiled up and over, Carlisle walked around the desk, came toe to toe with Aro, and in one swift motion hit him in the gut.  Aro grunted loudly, bent over, and began coughing and spitting.

When he finally regained control, he looked up at his brother.  “What the hell Carlisle?”

“No one and I mean no one speaks that way of my wife.”

Aro was shocked.  Ever since the death of Elizabeth and Bella, Carlisle was not the same.  Nevertheless, this man was the Carlisle of the old days, fuck what had changed.  He needed to keep a level head and get the information Carlisle.

“Brother, I am sorry.  I was just so worried.  You didn’t have your phone and you left without telling anyone where you going.  You are not only my brother, but the leader of the family and I was afraid something terrible had happened to you as well.”

Carlisle forced a small smile, all the while continuing his inner monologue of chanting.  “Alright, just don’t do it again.  To answer your question about where I was, it is simple Esme and I was at a wedding.”


“Yes.  Edward got married this morning to a lovely girl he met in Italy.  We drove down to attend.”

Aro couldn’t believe that pussy boy Edward would find a woman to marry him.  Oh, well just someone else that would be put on the list.  “Congratulations.  Is he off to a honeymoon?”  He stated knowing very well that Edward was at his house.

“Actually they came back to New York.  We are have a dinner tomorrow evening to celebrate.  Esme and I hoped that your family and Caius would attend.  We expect a wonderful celebration of love and life.”  Carlisle advised.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, however Victoria and James was called away.  It seems her favorite designer has heard of her beauty and asked for to come for a visit.  She is designing her spring line and wants Victoria to be part of it.  She is over the moon.  I sent James to protect his mom.  They left a few hours ago for Paris.”

“Oh, how sad for them to miss the party.”  Carlisle said, thinking that their plan was already in action.  Esme had called in a favor with the designer, so they could get Victoria out of town; however, they had no clue that James would accompany her.  They would have to deal with James when he got back.

“It is, but Caius and I will be there.  I am very curious who has captured the eye of young Edward.”  Aro said.

“Oh she has not just captured his eye, but his heart as well.  She is going to be a great addition to the family.”

“If you say so.”  Aro murmured.  “Well now that I know you are safe I must be running.  I will see you tomorrow evening.”

“Goodbye brother, enjoy the rest of your life, I mean day.”  Carlisle coughed.  Damn he almost let it slip.

Aro shook his head and left.  There was something different about Carlisle, but he didn’t know what.  Oh well, there was not much time left for the asshole to live.


The next day Edward and Bella came to the house early to help plan how they were going to take care of Aro and Caius.  Garrett had been very helpful after he knew the direction to look for evidence against them both.  He had also figured out that it was Aro who had killed Edward’s father at the docks.  This piece of information upset Edward greatly.  His father had been a good man, who loved the family and was killed because of Aro’s greed.  He now wanted a piece of the fucker.  The next piece of news was a relief to Carlisle heart, which the evil stopped with Aro and Caius.  He even had evidence of how bad Aro had even treated both Victoria and James.

The next part was where Bella had never been part of, which is how they would make them suffer.  Carlisle and Edward kept an eye on her to see if any of the conversation was disturbing to her.  However, to their surprise she offered several suggestions on what would be the most painful.

When she finished her description of the torture, she looked at Edward and Dada, who had a stunned look on their faces.  “What?”

Carlisle reached out and took her hand.  “I am just surprised.”

Giving his hand a squeeze, she gave him one of her mischievous smirks.  “Well hell Dada, I am your daughter and Mafia blood runs in my veins.”


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  1. L Gulley says:

    I absolutely love this story and I can no wait until Aro and Caius get what is coming to them for all the pain that they caused just to get power


  2. micca2 says:

    Awesome chapter! I’ve loved everything I have read of yours so far! Excited to see what happens at the party.


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