Chapter 23 Infinity Claims

“Caius, where the hell is Carlisle?”  Aro bellowed.

“I don’t know.  I tracked his phone and it is at his house.  He took the only car that wasn’t Lojacked.  I tried Esme’s phone and hers is also at the house.”

“I don’t like this at all.  This is so unlike my brother.”  Aro said.  “Where is Edward?”

“Fucking around Italy.”

“Good.  I hate that pussy.  Ask around, carefully, and see if anyone has heard from Carlisle.   We are so close to taking over control and I don’t want a stupid mistake to take it away from my son.  The family deserves to have a man in control, not some split tail bitch.”

Aro had secretly planned every detail so his son, James, would be the next boss and he would be his trust advisor.  James was his own flesh and blood, however, he wasn’t as ruthless at he had hoped for.  Hell, he had to even toughen him up on several occasions, and, when he wanted to be friends with Edward, he made sure he knew that if he didn’t treat Edward like the piece of trash he was, he would regret it.  On Carlisle’s birthday in two months, he would turn over control to James and the next day Carlisle, Esme, and Edward would be in horrible accident.  He couldn’t wait to get rid of them and the family would console him for his horrible loss.


Everyone was on the plane early to get to Winchester and get the wedding underway.  Bella’s dress and accessories were safely packed away, along with Esme and Rosalie’s gowns, they had purchased the previous night.   Edward and Emmett’s tuxedos were also packed; however, they would be picking up Carlisle’s tuxedo in Winchester.  The only snag they ran into was Bella’s birth certificate, or, rather, her death certificate.  In the government’s eyes, she was dead, Emmett had her birth certificate made by one of the best forgers he could find and even had a social security card with her name, Emma Rose McCarty.  After debating back and forth, they decided they would use the name Emma Rose McCarty for the wedding, however, when everything was settled with Aro and Caius, they would have her death overturned and they would get married again, this time legally and for the rest of their lives.  This wedding was real to all them, other than the government.  They would also have a perfect alibi as to why they left town so quickly.

Carlisle had a hard time finding a car service in Winchester, but they recommended a service out of Washington DC that was an hour away.  When they landed at the small airfield, two town cars were waiting on them.  The drivers helped them with their luggage and they were quickly on their way to downtown Winchester and the courthouse.  The town cars parked along the lovely tree lined street a few steps from the courthouse.  The plan was to get their marriage license, go get ready at the bed and breakfast, which was also where the Justice of the Peace was located.

Mrs Gregory was excited to meet the family that had rented the entire house for the day.  Mrs Cullen called first thing this morning, wondering if she had any availability for a group of six to use her rooms for a wedding.  At first she said no, because she had made plans for the day, but when Mrs Cullen offered twenty times the normal rate, she couldn’t say no.  During the off-season, it was hard to find guests and this would tide them over to the busy season.

Edward and Bella got their license and pulled up to the old timey, picturesque yellow and white Victorian two-story home on a hill.  The white wooden steps led up a spacious front porch that overlooked the city of Winchester, in all its glory.  Once they were inside, Mrs Gregory checked them in and led them to the rooms that they would be in during their brief visit.

Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle would get ready in one room, while Bella, Esme, and Rosalie got ready in the grand master bedroom, with a magnificent four-poster iron canopy bed.  Bella knew she wanted to come back here when it calmed down and have Edward to fuck her into next week on it.  The thoughts of his talented hands, tongue, and pierced cock flooded every inch of her body, causing her to turn into a bright shade of pink.

“Bella, dear, are you okay?  You look a little flushed.”  Rosalie asked, putting her hand on her forehead to see it was hot.  She didn’t want her to be coming down with something with everything going on.

“No, I am fine.  Just excited about the day.”  Bella stuttered.

Rosalie studied her face and knew she was hiding something, but she didn’t want to embarrass her in front of Esme.

They quickly got back at the task at hand, and, before long, Bella was standing in front of the mirror in her wedding gown.  She felt like she was in a dream.  Today, she was getting married to a man she loved with all her heart.

Esme and Rosalie were also dressed and ready to for the service to begin.  Mrs. Gregory had arranged for a student from Shenandoah University to play the piano while another student took photographs.  She didn’t know that both students wouldn’t have to worry about their tuition because the Cullen Foundation would be supporting both of their educations.  Things like this were what they loved to do on the legal side of the family businesses.

They had decided to let both Carlisle and Emmett walk her down the aisle to Edward.  Emmett, the man who raised her to be strong independent woman, and Carlisle, the man who loved her even when he thought she was gone forever.

The music began and Bella took their arms and walked toward the parlor and down the small aisle toward a smiling Edward.  He looked so handsome in his tuxedo and he had even tried to tame his unruly hair.  When she drew near, she saw his eyes, which were full of love and passion.

“Today is a very special day, a day of transformation.  You walked in the as a man and woman, but you will leave as husband and wife.  The promises and vows you make to each other are not to be taken lightly, but must be embedded in every thought and action you make.  Marriage is not a walk in the park, there is going to be times that, you wished that you never met the other person.  However you must remember the love you feel at this moment and hold tight to it.”  Mr Gregory said.

Edward listened to every word, but he never took his eyes off Bella.  She looked so beautiful and there was no doubt that he would remember every detail of how she looked forever. They repeated their vows to each other and exchanged rings.

“I am blessed to announce that you are husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

Edward swept her into his arms, dipping her backwards, and kissed her with all the love he had for her.   This was their first kiss as husband and wife and he couldn’t wait to begin their life joined together.  Carlisle thanked Mr Gregory and handed each of the students an envelope full of cash.  After taking many pictures, they went back to their rooms and changed back into their regular clothes.  Bella was careful not to damage her dress, because she had decided that, when they remarried, she wanted to wear it.  They were soon back in the town cars, and on their way to the plane, with Edward and Bella in one and the rest in the other one.  As they drove through the streets, Edward and Bella couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“Fuck, baby, I want you so bad.”   Edward moaned, nipping Bella’s neck as she rubbed her hand over his hardened, pierced cock.

“Oh, Edward, I need you, too.”

Edward looked up and noticed that there was no privacy screen between them and the driver.  Fuck.  There was no way he was going to allow a stranger the opportunity to get even a glimpse of his lovely wife.  So, he whispered into her ear, “As much as I would like to spread you out on this backseat and bury myself balls deep in your hot, wet pussy, we need to wait until we are alone.”

“Well, fuck.  I forgot where we were.”  She giggled.

“I know.  However, just wait until we get to New York and to my house.  We can be as loud as we want and anywhere we want.”

They arrived at the airfield and boarded the plane to Boston.  Carlisle and Esme would be driving back while Edward and Bella would fly back.   They would have some time while Carlisle drove back, so Bella would be able to do some quick packing.  Emmett and Rosalie would pack the rest and ship it to her.

Before Carlisle got in the car, he walked over to Emmett.  “I want to tell you again how much I appreciate how you saved, protected, and loved my Lizzy Bell and I hope you will seriously consider the offer.”

“Rosalie and I will talk it over and will let you know.”

Carlisle nodded and shook his hand.  He got in the car and began his drive back home, contemplating the entire time how he was going to make his brother suffer.

Bella packed what she thought she might need; making sure that Eddie Lamb was in one of her cases.   Emmett and Rosalie drove the couple to the plane, and, as the last of Bella’s cases were loaded, she turned to the people who she would always consider as family.  With tears in her eyes, she hugged each one of them and told them she loved them.  Once she pulled away, Edward wrapped his arm around her and led her to the plane.  As the plane taxied down the runway, Emmett held tight to Rosalie, their hearts breaking into a million pieces.

Carlisle and Esme arrived back home.  As soon as they walked in, Carlisle picked up his regular phone and noticed that he had many missed calls from Aro.  Fucker was checking up on him and he was glad that Edward had warned him about being tracked.  Esme fixed them something to eat, and they sat at the table talking about the wedding.  They had decided that they could not be sure that their home wasn’t bugged, and until they could be sure, Bella’s name must not be said out loud.  Even though he couldn’t say her name, Carlisle couldn’t help but have a large smile on his face as he spoke about her.  He couldn’t wait until they took out Aro, Caius, and whoever else that were involved.  Only Carlisle’s closest and loyal family members had ever seen the evil side of him.  The enemies who were on the wrong end of his wrath suffered pain that was unimaginable and would beg to die.

After dinner, Carlisle called Garrett and asked him to come to the house.  He needed to tell him what was going on and to get him to help find out who else might be involved in the heinous acts.  He trusted Garrett and knew that once he knew where to focus his investigation, he would find out every little detail.   Garrett arrived before they began their conversation, Carlisle handed him a note.

Got a bug problem.  The note said.  Garrett’s eyes grew large and nodded his head.  He went to the armory and picked up a bug detector and a special lined bag to place them in until Techie could look at them.  That fucker would be able to get the smallest information from them.  Going from room to room, he was shocked to see just how many there were.  He also located numerous hidden cameras, who the hell was behind this?  Once he went over Carlisle’s office four times, and he felt sure he had gotten them all, Carlisle asked him to sit down.

“As you have figured by now, we have a huge security problem.  However, I know who is behind it.”

Garrett gasped.  “Who?”

“Aro and he is going to pay for it with his life.”

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