Chapter 22 Infinity Claims

After Bella’s declaration, the entire room exploded.  Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett were adamant that there was no way in hell that she was going back to New York until Aro was taken out.  Bella argued there was no way in hell she was going to be left behind in Boston.

Bella had had enough of this shit.  Putting her fingers in blowing out a high pitch whistle, causing the room to come fall into silence.  “Now that I have your attention.  I want a good reason why I can’t go back to New York.”

“Because it is too dangerous.”  Carlisle said.

“And you don’t think I know that it is dangerous, but I have one question for you.”

“What?”  Carlisle asked.

“Who is taking over the family when you turn fifty this year?”

“Well, you see.”  Carlisle stuttered.

“Well, you see what?  I am the only child of Don Carlisle Cullen, which means that I will be taking control in just a few short months.  Do I know how to run the family?  Fuck no.  But I know that I will have you and others who are loyal to you to help me until I can do it up to the standard that you have set.”

“But.”  Edward started, but was quickly cut off by Bella.

“Look here Edward.  I get it.  Aro is a sick motherfucker.  But what kind of leader would I be if I hid while others took care of the man who tried to kill me and killed my mother?”

“But he still thinks you are dead.  If you go back now, who knows what he will do or try and I can’t lose you now.”  Carlisle pleaded.

“Baby, please stay here.”  Edward urged.

Bella thought about it.   She knew how dangerous it was for her to go back.  Looking around the room she saw each person who she loved and tried to take in their feelings, however she wanted the family to know that she wasn’t afraid.  When she got to Edward, she saw the love and concern on his face.  Damn how she loved this man and she didn’t want to lose him either.  Then I thought hit her.

“What if I go back to New York as Emma Rose?”  She asked.

“Emma Rose?”  Carlisle asked.  “You mean Emma Rose, Edward’s girlfriend that he met in Italy?”

“Actually.”  She said, walking over to Edward and taking his hand.  “I was thinking about Emma Rose Cullen, Edward’s wife.”

Edward eyes grew large and he gasped.  Had Bella proposed to him?  Pulling up her hand and holding it against his heart.  “Do you mean it?”

“Yes.  If you will have me.”

Sweeping her up into a hug and twirling her around and around.  “Of course.  Yes.”  Edward boomed.  Holy fuck, he was getting married.

Everyone in the room was shocked by what just happened.  Rosalie and Esme both had smiles and tears while Emmett and Carlisle were speechless.  How the hell did that just happen?

Edward stopped twirling, leaned down and attacked his now fiancé’s lips, she opened her lips to allow his tongue to begin its dance with hers.  Finally pulling away, because both had run out of air, he smiled.  “You do know I was supposed to ask.”

“Yeah, but what fun is that.  I can’t wait when we are old and our grandkids ask how we become engaged and we tell them the story.”

“I can’t wait to grow old with you.  But I have one question?”  Edward asked.


“Do I still have to buy you a ring?”

“Actually, I want two rings.  One large one for my finger.”  She said, then rose up to his ear, so he would be the only one to hear it.  “And one for my pussy.”

“HOLY SHIT.”  He yelled.

“What is it Edward?”  Esme asked.

“Umm nothing mom.”

Bella couldn’t help but laugh.  Lower her voice.  “It will be our little secret.”

“Hell yeah.”

“Oh my, we need to get these two married and quick.  What is the wait time, if any here in Boston?”  Carlisle asked.

“It is a twenty-four-hour waiting period.”  Emmett replied.

“Well shit.  Where can we get married tomorrow?”  Bella asked.

“Let me look it up.”  Rosalie said, pulling out her phone.  “Well of course, Vegas.”

“I really don’t want that.  I think it is cheap and cheesy.”  Bella murmured.  As most little girls, she dreamed of a big wedding with a beautiful wedding gown, but that wasn’t going to happen so she needed to make the best she could.

“Oh look.  It is a town in Virginia, called Winchester.  It is about hour and half by plane.  It is beautiful with old pre civil war homes.  There is a gorgeous Victorian home that you can get married in tomorrow.”  Rosalie said, as she showed Bella and Edward the picture.

“It is beautiful.  What do you think?”  Bella asked Edward.  He looked at the picture and thought the same.

“I think it is great, but as long as we are married we could be married in a barn by a pig farmer for all I care.  At the end of the day, we will be joined forever, and that is what matters more than anything else.”

“I love it and I think it is perfect.  Of course, they are closed at this time of night, but first thing in the morning we need to be on the plane to Winchester.”  Bella said.

“But you don’t have a dress or rings.”  Esme interjected.

Bella looked up at the clock and saw that it was already eight o’clock.  There was no way any of the shops would be open at this hour.  Her heart fell a little bit.

Rosalie saw the look of disappointment on Bella’s face and she hated it.  Then she remembered that one of Emmett client’s wives owned a shop.  “Emmett call Harold Graham.  His wife owns Flair Boston.”

“Shit.  I forgot about that.”  Emmett got his phone out and called Harold.  He explained what he needed and Harold said his wife would love to meet them at the shop and help them out.  Harold would do anything for Emmett.  He had gotten him out of several legal issues that would have cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Everyone got into Emmett large SUV and headed to the shop.  Mary Sue met them and Bella was able to find a beautiful gown, as did Rosalie and Esme.  Edward had his tuxedo that he took to Italy, but Carlisle didn’t have one.  Surely tomorrow, they would be able to find a tuxedo shop for Carlisle to purchase one.

Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett went next door to a jewelry store that happened to be owned by a friend of Harold.  He called him when he got off the phone with Emmett and told him he had an opportunity to make a large sale tonight.  Edward looked through the cases and half way through he spotted the perfect ring and wedding band.  The ring was a large four carat round diamond, surrounded by diamonds and the band on either side came down with diamonds making an infinity symbol on each side.  The matching wedding band had the same diamond infinity symbols around the entire band.

“Oh fine choice Mr. Cullen.  I have had several people look at it but unfortunately the price tag ran them away.”

“I don’t care for the cost, it is perfect.  You wouldn’t happen to have a matching wedding band for me?”

Gary thought for a moment and then remembers the platinum band that he had just gotten in.  Rushing to the back, he got it out and brought it up for Mr. Cullen.  “Is this something you were thinking about?”

Edward took the band and it was a perfect match to the set that he was going to buy Bella.  “I’ll take it.”

“Wonderful.  Let me grab the boxes and work up the bill.”

As Edward was purchasing the rings, Bella was trying on dresses.  Mary Sue’s boutique had a wide arrange of styles.  Bella knew she wanted something airy with a flowy skirt and a beaded bodice.  She didn’t want a train, because they were not getting married in a large church.

Mary Sue brought up a dress that seemed to meet all the requirements.  It had a sheer flowy tulle bottom with satin bodice with a sweetheart neckline and sheer overlay over the shoulders down to half sleeve.  She remembers how much Emma Rose loved infinity symbols and she brought up a rhinestone belt that was infinity symbols, which gave the top the bling that Emma Rose had wanted.

Bella tried it on and it fit as if it had made for her.  Tear welled up in her eyes as she looked at herself in the mirror.  The dress was everything she could have wanted in a wedding dress.  Opting for not wearing a veil, Mary Sue showed her a rhinestone hair band that was also had infinity symbols and that was not all.  She happened to have a pair of white shoes, where the buckle was an infinity symbol and the icing of the cake was the rhinestone infinity symbol garter.

When Bella walked out of the dressing room, Esme and Rosalie gasped.  She was a vision.  “Oh darling you look wonderful.”  Rosalie cooed.

Bella stared at the woman in the mirror.  She couldn’t believe her dreams were coming true.  It was not about the dress.  It was about the fact that she was marrying a man who took her as she was.  Edward never once tried to change her, always accepting her positive traits and her many negative traits.  She loved Emmett and Rosalie, but she never knew why she had a feeling that something was missing and today she found out what.  Her Dada.  Every since her memories had returned, she savored each one of them.

Bella thanked Mary Sue for opening the shop for her.  Mary Sue said she was a sucker for love stories and was proud to be part of this one.  She packaged up Bella’s dress and all the accessories.  Bella opened her purse to get her credit card when Esme stopped her.

“Your Dad wants to pay for all this.”  She said.

“He doesn’t have to.”

“No Bella, he does.  He has missed so much and it is going to take a while for him to let you out of his sight.  He won’t say it, but he still doesn’t believe this is real.”

“Oh Dada.”  Bella cried.  She hated the fact that he was in pain for so long.

Esme wrapped her arm around her and pulled her close.  “It will take a while, but having you back is going to be so good for him.”

Esme paid for everything and walked out of the shop where they saw the men sitting on the bench talking and laughing.  Bella was happy to see Emmett fitting in so well with them, then it hit her she wouldn’t be seeing them much anymore.  They had been such wonderful parents and role models that the thought of not having them close hurt.

Edward looked at Bella’s face and instead of being happy, she was sad.  Rushing over he pulled her into a tight hug.  “Baby what is wrong?”

“Just thinking about how that after tomorrow I won’t be seeing Emmett and Rosalie.”

Edward hadn’t thought of this.  They had been her parents for so long and now she would be torn away from them.  Looking at them, he could see the concern on their faces, but also their love.  “We will talk to them when we get home.”

They carefully put Bella’s dress in the back of the SUV and they headed home.  Carlisle had called the pilot of his private jet that Edward had flown to Italy to have him make the plans for them to fly to Winchester, back to Boston, then take Edward and Bella to New York.  They were going to spend their first night together in Edward’s home, while Carlisle and Esme drove back.  He knew that as soon as they got home that people would be calling and he was sure one would be Aro.  He hoped that the drive back he would be able to rein in his anger, so not to let Aro know that he had been found out.  Planning needed to be done to put an end to Aro and Caius.  However, he wondered if his children were involved as well.  If not, they Aro’s and Caius’s death would have to be staged as a terrible accident.  This would be something he would have to talk over with Bella and Edward.

They arrived back at the house and Rosalie showed Carlisle and Esme to the guest bedroom while Edward asked Bella to take a walk with him down next to the dock.  Hand in hand, they walked enjoying the full moon as the light danced across the lapping waters.  When they arrived at the water’s edge, Edward let go of Bella’s hand and sank to one knee.

“I am not asking you to marry me, because you have already have.  I am here on my knee to proclaim that with this ring I promise to give you my heart and soul for as long as we both shall live.  The ring has infinity symbols on it and it is so fitting that only that amount of time would contain my love for you.”  He said, holding up the diamond ring.

Bella couldn’t help but cry as she looked down at the ring.  It was perfect, just like their love.

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