Chapter 21 Infinity Claims

Esme wrapped her arms around Edward and hugged him tight.  She hadn’t seen him in over a month and when she does, it was under the security password.  All wives of family members knew the security password.  Each level of family had a different type of password and each person knew what was expected of them when it was implemented.  She pulled from him and looked him up and down.  He was uninjured, but why had he called them here under such secrecy.

“Mom, Dad this is Emmett McCarty.”  Edward said.

“Mr. McCarty it is a pleasure to meet you.  You have a lovely home.”  Carlisle said, but wanting to get Edward alone so he asks him what the hell was going on.  “Edward is there somewhere we can talk?”

“Actually, Dad, Emmett knows the reason why I called you here.”

“What?”  Carlisle exclaimed.

“Dad, please trust me.  Come, I have someone who I want you to meet.”

Emmett and Edward showed them to the den where Rosalie and Bella were waiting.  As soon as Carlisle walked in the room, Bella wanted to run across the room and jump into her father’s arm.  However, he wouldn’t understand and she felt sure it was going to take some convincing that she was in fact his daughter.  Edward came over and took Bella’s hand into his.  He wanted to be by her side during this difficult, yet exciting time.

“Mr and Mrs Cullen this lovely woman is my wife Rosalie.   Please set down and make yourself comfortable.”  Emmett said, then went over and pours drinks for everyone.  Alcohol was going to be needed for this conversation.

“Please, just Carlisle and Esme.”  Esme said.  “Rosalie I am in love with your home.”

“Thank you.  We have enjoyed living here.”

Edward knew the niceties where over and they needed to get down to why they were here.  Squeezing Bella’s hand, he straightens up to begin.  “Dad, this is going to shock to you, but when you hear me out you will know why I asked you here under the strict privacy rules.  I have received information on who murdered Elizabeth and kidnapped Bella.”

“What how?  Who?”  Carlisle rattled off.  This was information he had been wanting for so long, but how had Edward gotten it.

“Caius.  He was the one who arranged the murder and kidnapping.”  Edward explained.

Carlisle took a big drink of the Jameson and thought about Edward had said.   One of family members was behind this heinous act.  Then suddenly something that Edward said wasn’t correct.  “Edward, no one was kidnapped.  Elizabeth and my darling Lizzy Bell were blown up in the car.”

“Dad, there was a kidnapping.  She was taken by Caius and placed with the Master’s family in a small town in Pennsylvania, who were told that you were an evil man who had killed his wife.  She lived with them until the night you got married to mom and Caius went back to tie up loose ends.  He killed the Masters and put a round into the bed of the person he wanted to make sure he took out.  However, he didn’t realize that Brad Masters had taught her to escape at the sign of trouble.  She made her way out a window and ran out into the snowstorm to the barn where she took a horse to the nearest house for help.  By the time she got there, she was in bad shape and the owner of the house found her at the feet of the horse unconscious.  He took her to hospital and when she awoke, she couldn’t remember anything.  Before the attack on Brad Master and his wife made sure that someone knew where they kept the information on what had happen.  The neighbor who found her was that person.  Once he read the material, he and his wife left the small town with her and raised her as their own.  They would have tried to get a hold of you, but knew if the wrong person heard that she was still alive they would come after again.  She was raised happy and to live each day to the fullest.”  Edward explained.

Carlisle couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  “My lovely Lizzy Bell is not dead.  You mean she has been alive all this time.  My precious little girl had to go through so much at the hand of one of the family members.  Where is she?  I want no need to see her.”  Carlisle cried, with tears in his eyes.

“The memories of her past life never returned, until today.  Today she was no longer Bree Tanner or even Emma Rose McCarty.”  Edward said, then squeezed Bella’s hand to tell her it was her turn.  She stood up and with a voice that was clear and strong.  “I am Isabella Marie Cullen, daughter of Carlisle Cullen.”

Carlisle looked up at the young woman whom it thought was Emma Rose McCarty, the young lady whom he knew had captured Edward’s heart.  He wanted to believe so badly, but he was afraid this was all a trick.  “I am sorry, but I need proof.  I don’t think my heart could take another lie.”

Bella was hurt, but she knew that he had to be cautious.  “Certainly.  First is this.”  She said holding up the necklace, then unclasped it and handed it to Carlisle.  “You gave it to me on my birthday.  The engraving on the front is an infinity symbol.”

Carlisle looked at the necklace and it was the one he gave his Lizzy Bell, but this could still part of the rouse.

Bella turned picked up the stuffed animal from the chair.  “Edward gave me this.  I called him Eddie Lamb, and I carried it everywhere I went.  Actually, this was the only thing I remembered all these years.”  The look on Carlisle face said that he still how doubts.  She walked over and sat down beside him.  “And Dada, I also have this.”  She said showing him her birthmark.

Carlisle started at the birthmark and took her hand into his.  He couldn’t believe his little girl was sitting beside him alive.  His heart almost exploded when he heard her call him Dada.  “It is you.  You are alive.  Oh my heart, I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you.  Can you ever forgive me?”  He cried.

“Dada, it wasn’t your fault.”  Then the thought of the person who had caused this and it caused her temper to flare.  “But when I get my hands of Caius, I am going to kill that motherfucker.”

Carlisle laughed loudly.  “If I had any doubts, they went away with that statement.  You are definitely my daughter.”

“That she is.”  Edward interjected.

“Emmett, Rosalie thank you so much for protecting her.  I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t been the one to find her.  You have a place in our family for life.  You only have to ask and I will make it happen.”  Carlisle said.

“She has been a dream come true for us.  We will love her as long as we live and our hopes have always been she one day could be reunited with you.”  Rosalie stated, her voice cracking several times.

Bella got up and wrapped her arms around Rosalie.  “You will always be my mother.  You have helped mold me into the woman that I am and you have showered me with love.  I only hope that one day when I become a mother that I can be as half as wonderful as you.”

“Oh my little girl.”  Rosalie cried.

Bella walked back over to where Carlisle was sitting, she needed to be close to him.  Looking up she saw Edward sitting across the way and she held out her hand for him.  “Please come over here.”

Edward couldn’t help be break out in a huge smile.  He had wanted to step back and allow Bella to have her time with Carlisle.  They had missed so much time together and they needed to reconnect.  Bella and he had their whole lives to be together.  Yes, he was thinking about sharing second of the rest of his life with her.  He could see his children in her eyes and that was something that he hadn’t ever thought about before.  He sat down next to Bella he took her hand and gave it a kiss.

“Oh how wonderful.”  Esme cried.  “You two look so great together.”

“Damn I forgot about that.”  Carlisle groaned.  He just got his little girl back and now she had another man in her life.  However, he couldn’t think of a better man for his little girl.

“Dad, what are we going to do about Caius?”  Edward asked.

“I don’t think Caius is the mastermind behind all of this.  I have known this man for years and I just can’t see it.  So that means we have someone else who is pulling the strings, but who could want to take the life of a child?”

“Who would be the one that gain the most by my death?”  Bella asked.

Carlisle began to think and the only one who gained anything with the death was someone who wouldn’t do anything that cruel.  They were blood and blood would never do that.  He had seen how much he was hurt when she was supposedly killed in the car, so there was no way he could or would have done that to his own brother.

“Dada what is it?”

“The only one I can’t think that would gain is someone that I know that wouldn’t do it.”  He said.

“Why?”  Bella asked

“Because he is my brother.”

Bella thought for a moment.  Her memories had returned, but some were still foggy.  As she tried to remember her father’s brother, something was nagging her.  Suddenly it hit her.  “Edward where is the pictures of my funeral?”

“Lizzy Bell, you don’t need to look at those.”  Carlisle urged.  The pain that he felt that day was something he never wanted his little girl to feel.

“Dada, it is fine.”  Bella said, laying her head lovingly on his shoulder.   Edward found the pictures and handed them to her.  As she looked at the ones of her Dada mourning her death, tears formed in her eyes.  The look of sheer despair. Oh, what her father had gone through.  Coming out of her thoughts, she continued looking through the photos, until she found the one she was looking for.  “Look at Aro in this photo.”

Carlisle took the picture and looked at his brother.  Why had he not seen it before?

“Dad, he looks like he is enjoying the fact that you were suffering.  With Bella out of the picture, then James will be the one to take over the family.”  Edward explained.

Carlisle was having a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that his own brother was behind it.  However, the more he looked at the picture, thought about what Aro had to gain, and then all the times he made snide remarks about Bella.  Closing his eyes and taking some deep cleansing breaths, he tried to regain his composure before he did something rash.

Esme could feel how tense Carlisle was becoming, and she knew that he was fighting everything he had in him with the horrible information.  She had never liked Aro and it really didn’t surprise her that he was the one behind it.  Remembering a few comments, he had made right after Carlisle and she got married about what a shame it was that she couldn’t give Carlisle a child, all the while smirking.  Then there was the way his sons treated Edward.

“I will make the motherfucker suffer, blood or no blood.”  Carlisle growled. “I need to get back to New York and take care of this.”

“Dad, let’s not run in without a plan.”  Edward urged.

Carlisle got up and began to pace back and forth.  Damn he hated that Edward was correct when he wanted nothing more than to tear Aro limb to limb.  Bella got up, walked to her father, and wrapped her arm around his waist.  “Dada, we will make him suffer, but Edward is right we need a plan and find out whom else is with him.”

Carlisle wrapped his arm around her.  “You are right, but you are not going back to New York until I know it is safe.”

“No Dada that is where you are wrong.  I am going back and helping to get my revenge on that motherfucking asshole and there is nothing you can do about it.”

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