Chapter 18 Infinity Claims

Edward and Emma Rose spent every waking moment together over the next month.  The first evening Edward carefully asked questions about her family and about why she was in Italy.  She told Edward about her parents and how they instilled in her to live each day to the fullest.  They wanted her to not to be afraid to experience new things.  When the conversation turned to the mafia, she explained that she had always been fascinated by the mafia and the workings of the family.  She went on to say that she found that even though mafia families were part of both legal and illegal enterprises, she couldn’t hold anything against most of them.  The information on the families came from the internet and most families listed didn’t really state that they were actually in the mafia.  After Edward heard everything she had to say, he was relieved that she was not a threat on the family.  However, he didn’t know what she would say when she found out his last name.  The Cullens had been rumored to be part of mafia for nearly a hundred years.

They were back at the villa, naked in his bed when the conversation began about his last name.  He had considered tell her his first father’s name, but he knew that if they would be seen out in the community that everyone knew him as Edward Cullen and someone would call him Mr. Cullen, due to the respect that his father had in the community.

Emma Rose was rubbing her hand against the coarse hairs on his chest as she lay on his arm.  “I was just thinking that I have had sex with you for hours and I don’t even know your last name.”

“Cullen.”  Edward stated with bated breathe.  He wondered if she had read anything about his family and if she had would she see the connection.

Emma Rose stopped moving her hand when she heard Edward say his last name.  Cullen.  Cullen.  Holy shit, he couldn’t be the Cullen’s that she had read about.  Leaning up on her elbow she looked into Edward’s eyes.  “Cullen?”


“I have heard of the Cullen family.”  She said.


Edward knew that there was good possibility that she would recognize the name and he had decided that he would tell her that yes his father was part of the mafia, but that was all.  Even though he thought he could trust her, the complete truth about his family was for those who were part of the family or those who were married to family members.  “I thought you may have.  Look Emma Rose I can’t tell you a lot, but I can tell you that my father is Carlisle Cullen, and he is the Boss of the family.”

Emma Rose covered her mouth with her hand and gasped.  “Does that mean that you are in the mafia?”


Emma Rose thought for a moment.  “Will you be taking over someday?”

“No.  I am not Carlisle’s blood child.  In the Cullen family only the blood child of the Boss can take over.”  He explained.

“Oh.”   Then she remembers about Lizzy Bell.  “Would Lizzy Bell have taken over, if she was still alive?”

“Yes.  But since she is not, Carlisle’s brother, Aro’s oldest child will take over when Carlisle reaches the age of fifty.”  Edward explained.

“Aro.  What a strange name?  What is his son like?”  Emma Rose asked.

Edward shut his eyes and thought about James.  Over the years, he had been the subject of the abuse from James and his brothers.   James had goaded him into fights, which Edward won by beating the crap out of James, however Aro cried to Carlisle saying that Edward cheating and took advantage of James.  As bad as Carlisle hated it, he had Edward apologize and then when Carlisle would leave the room, they would gang up on Edward and beat him up.  Come out of his thoughts, he kissed Emma Rose and pulled her into chest and hugged her.  “James is just like his father and to tell you the truth, I am worried about the family once he takes control.”

Wow.  She could tell by the tone of Edward’s voice that he truly was upset about it.  Damn, why had Lizzy Bell died?  After that night, they spent almost every waking moment with each other.  They toured through Italy, Edward showing her all the popular sites, but also the hidden gems that only locals knew about.  Felix had come with them on several trips and on one trip; he fell for a local girl.  Maria was a tour guide for a local tour company and once they met they hit it off.  Edward and Emma Rose was happy to see Felix happy and possibly in love.

Edward eased his way out of bed, hoping he would disturb Emma Rose’s sleep.  After the first week, he convinced her to give up her hotel room and stay with him at the villa, since they always together and he couldn’t remember the last time he slept this well.  Once he left the room, he walked downstairs and out onto the veranda.  He pulled out his cell phone and called his parents.


“Hey Dad.  How are you?”
“Doing good.  How are you?  We haven’t heard much from you.”

“I am really good.  I had forgotten how great Italy can be.  How is mom?”

“Okay.  Missing you.  I caught her many times with her phone about to call you, but I told her you needed this time.”  He chuckled.  “She even had a box ready to ship to you, but I intercepted it.”

“What was in it dad?”


“Fuck.  Thanks.”  Edward said.  “So how is business?”

“Okay.  We had a little trouble with the Russians, but Jasper and Peter took care of it.”

“Edward sweetie, why are you out here?”  Emma Rose said wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Talking to my dad.”  Edward whispered, then kissed her head.

Carlisle heard the voice of a woman.  So his son had a girl with him.  “Edward, who is that?”

Edward had decided he wanted to tell his parents about Emma Rose.  He knew that she was becoming something very special to him and he didn’t want to hide her.  “It is Emma Rose.  I thought I didn’t wake her, but I was mistaken.  Do you want to say hello?”  He asked her.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.”  Edward answered and put the phone on speaker.  “Dad, you are on speaker.”

“Hello Mr. Cullen.”  She said.

“None of that.  I am just Carlisle.”

“Dad, this is Emma Rose McCarty.”

“Emma Rose, what a lovely name.  I can tell you are American by your accent.  Where are you from sweetie?”

“Boston.  My parents own a home there.”

“McCarty.  I heard of a McCarty, but he was a football player.”

“Oh that is my father.”

“Great running back.  So has my son been behaving himself?”

“No.”  She joked.

“What?”  Edward gasped.

“Just joking sweetie.”  Emma Rose said as she leaned up and kissed him.

“Edward, it sounds like you have a real spitfire.”

“Oh dad you have no idea.”

“Emma Rose, keep him on his toes.  Edward, call again soon.  Your mom will be upset that she missed your call.”

“I will.  Maybe we will Skype you guys later in the week.”  Edward said.

“Esme would love that.  Be careful and have fun.”

“Oh dad we will.”  Edward laughed.

Once Carlisle was off the line, Edward placed the phone back in his pocket and then swept Emma Rose up in his arms.  “You little girl are in trouble.  Now what should I do for a punishment.”

She smirked.  “Well you could always spank me.”

“Fuck me.”  He groaned.

“I plan on it.”

Edward and Emma Rose both found enjoyment in the punishment.  Later in the week they Skyped his parents and his mother was over the moon in love with Emma Rose.  Emma Rose asked Edward if he would be willing to be with her as she Skyped her parents.  Edward was nervous, but was happy that she wanted him to be part of the call.  Her father was cautious at first and even tried to intimidate Edward, but when Edward didn’t seem to afraid of him, he knew that this was the type of man that Emma Rose needed.  Rose loved him and told Emma Rose to bring him home for a visit.

It was stormy summer night, the wind was whipping around the villa and the rain was pouring down on the roof tiles.  Edward spooning Emma Rose as they slept in his bed, she was pulled into another dream.  She had started having them a few weeks back, but none of them made sense.  By the time she awoke, she couldn’t remember anything about them, just that some were happy while other was scary.

A little girl dressed in a ruffled pink dress was dancing around in circle holding up a stuffed white lamb.  The little girl had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and on her upper arm was a mark, a birthmark in the shape of an infinity symbol.

            “Eddie Lamb, you dance so good.  Maybe you can teach Edward how to dance, so when we grow up he can take me dancing.” 

            As the continued to dance, an eerie fog began to circle her and suddenly from the mist out stepped a man with hair so blond that it was almost white.  He gasps her arm and began pull her toward the dark, but as she looked down, she was in the arms of a man who smelled like morning after a good rain. 

            “You can’t take her, she is my life.”  The man told the white haired man.

            “She will be as if she never existed.”  The white haired man laughed, pulling one last time and removing her from the other man’s arms. 

            As they disappeared into the darkness, she heard the man call out.  “Lizzy Bell, don’t take my Lizzy Bell.”

            The little girl began to fight to get back to the man, but the white haired guy was too strong, then there was a large flash of light and thunderous boom and the man disappeared in a ball of fire.

Emma Rose screamed and sat up in the bed, her heart beating wildly.  Edward was awoken and looked over to see why Emma Rose was screaming.

“Baby, what is wrong?”  He asked, wrapping his arm around her.

“Oh Edward it was horrible.”  She cried.

“Oh baby.  Are you okay?”

“Yes.”  Then she began to think and this dream, she remembers each part of it fine detail.  “I remember it like I was living it myself.”

“What has you so scared about it?  I can feel you shaking.”

Emma Rose told Edward her dream and when she got to the end, she remembers the mark on the little girl’s arm and she turned over her arm and looked at her own mark and they were exactly the same.  Rubbing her finger over it she couldn’t get over the feeling that dream meant something important.

Edward watched as she turned over her arm and he didn’t know why he hadn’t noticed, but on the inside of her arm was a birthmark in the shape of an infinity symbol.  As he watched her rub her finger over it, he couldn’t help but think how much that it looked like the one that Lizzy Bell had.




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