Chapter 17 Infinity Claims

Edward looked deep into Emma Rose’s eyes.  “We need to leave now or I am going to take you right here on this table.”  He growled.

“Then let’s get out of here.”  She said, but as she looked toward the house, she remembers Felix.  “Edward, what about Felix?”

Edward thrust his hard cock onto Emma Rose’s lace covered pussy.  “Fuck him, I don’t share.”

Emma Rose smirked.  “So you never had more than one person in your bed at a time?  You don’t know what you are missing.”  She had only done it once when she was drunk at a college party.  That night her bed was filled by not only a fucking hot man who knew how to treat a woman, but also a tall redhead whose lush lips and tongue was nothing but pure magic.  She never did it again, but held that night in her mind as one of most memorable nights of her adult life.

Edward’s mouth fell open.  Emma Rose was one surprise after another and he couldn’t wait to find out more about her.  “Come, let’s get out of here.”

Edward and Emma Rose crossed the yard and entered into the house.  Felix was sitting in an armchair reading a book and drinking a glass of wine.  When he heard them come, he looked up and grinned.  “Well it is nice to see that there is no blood on either of you.”

“Fuck you asshole.”  Edward barked.  “Something has come up and we have to leave.”

“Come up?”  Felix chuckled.

“Yes, something very large and hard.”  Edward divulged.

“Felix, can we take a rain check on lunch?”  Emma Rose asked, hoping her new friend wouldn’t be offended by their hasty departure.  However, there would be no way she could enjoy lunch, knowing the fact that Edward was pierced.  Just standing here she could almost feel him inside of her.

Felix stood up and walked over to Emma Rose.  He leaned down and places a kiss on each cheek, which called Edward to let out a throaty growl.  He looked up at Edward and smirked.  “Don’t worry man, she is all yours.  But if you do anything to hurt her, there will be hell to pay.”

“I will protect her with my life.”  Edward proclaimed, meaning it more than he had about anything else in his life.  He couldn’t understand why he felt this way, but there was something special about Emma Rose.

They rushed out of the house, into Edward’s car and were speeding toward Edward’s villa.  As soon as the car slid to a stop, he was around the car tearing open the door and scooping Emma Rose up into his arms.  He quickly made his way up the steps and opened the door, pushing it hard that it banged against the wall behind it.  Running up the stairs, he finally arrived at his destination, his bedroom.  Placing her to her feet, they attacked each other kissing, clawing, and ripping of clothes, until they were both naked.

Emma Rose stepped back and looked at Edward from head to toe.  Her mouth went dry as she stared at his cock.  “Oh my God that is heavenly.”  She moaned then dropped to her knees and placed her hand around as much as she could of his thick cock.  “Hmm, looks so yummy.”  And before Edward to response, she wrapped her lips around his tip and began her signature dance with her tongue.  Several men in the past have told her that she that it should be bronzed and placed on a mantle.

Edward had to reach out and grasp the bedpost.  He had never had a woman who brought him so much enjoyment in such a small amount of time.  When she took his piercing in between her teeth and tugged, he almost came.  It would give him untold joy to shoot his cum down her throat, but he wanted to come buried balls deep in her hot wet pussy.  “Emma Rose, please stop.”

Emma removed her mouth from his cock and looked worriedly up at Edward.  Had she done something that he didn’t like?  As she twisted her face into worry, Edward dropped down to his knees and placed both hands upon her face.  “Fuck baby don’t make that face.  You fucking tongue is magic, but I want to be that hot pussy of yours when I come.”

Emma Rose smiled, so relieved that she hadn’t done anything wrong.  They stood and Edward helped her up onto the bed.  He opened his bedside table and took out the large box of condoms that his father had given him before he left.  “Wow that is a huge box.  Were you expecting to fuck your way through Italy?”  Emma Rose jested.

“A gift from my Dad.”  He chuckled.  Ripping the wrapper off with his teeth, he rolled the condom over the head, being careful not to rip it at the piercing.  Once it was on, he crawled up Emma Rose’s body, kissing and nibbling along the way.  Pausing at her pierced belly button, he placed the piercing in between his teeth, much like she had done and gave it a tug, causing her to moan loudly and arching her body off the bed.

“Fuck Edward.  I need you inside of me now before I explode.”  She cried.

Edward continued his kissing and worshipping every inch of her delicious body.  Emma Rose was so excited that she knew as soon as that wonderful cock entered her, she would come and come hard.  Finally, he lined up his thick cock to her opening and slowly entered her, inch by inch and in that moment, he had never felt anything like this before.  She arched into him, tipping her hips so that his piercing hit the spot that would bring her utter bliss.

“Edward I am about to come.”  She cried.

“No.  Not yet.”  He commanded.

“Please.”  She begged.

“Hold off.  I want us to come together.”  He said, as he changed position slightly to a position he knew that use his piercing to a greater pleasure for both.

“HOLY FUCK!!!”  She screamed, never experiencing this type of pleasure.

Edward was so close as well, he thrust once, twice, then a third time.  “COME, COME NOW!!”  He demanded and as soon as he said the words, Emma Rose exploded into a thousand pieces, with Edward had his own shattering release.  He didn’t want to move, he enjoyed the connect, but he knew that they couldn’t stay like this forever.  Slowly he pulled from her and they both groaned.

“Did I hurt you?”  Edward asked.

Emma Rose shook her head.  “No, it just that I miss the connection.”

He leaned down and kissed her soundly.  “So do I.”

For the rest of the afternoon, they spent wrapped up in each other with either wild abandoned sex or slow sensual lovemaking.  Finally, they both needed food to keep up the strength.

“I think I have something in the kitchen.”  Edward said, playing absent-mindedly on her nipple piercing.

Emma Rose grabbed his hand and placed it on his chest.  “You need to stop that or we are not going anywhere.”  She giggled.  “Now let us get up and go out to eat.  I need a little bit of time to recoup from the afternoon’s activities.”

Edward smirked.  “Sore?”

“A little, but that doesn’t mean I am not up for more.  But we need to eat.”  She climbed out of the bed and as she picked up her underwear, she remembered that he torn them off her.  “Well shit.  Looks like we need to go by my hotel first, so I can get something to underwear.”

Edward stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and with a husky voice said.  “Or you could go without.”

Emma Rose turned, ran her delicate hand up his muscular chest and batted her eyes.  “I never go without my panties on the first date, but they are up discussion after that.”

His mouth fell open and gasped.  He couldn’t form any words, no matter how hard he tried.   Who was this woman?

They finished getting dressed after Edward came out of his trance and before walking out the room, he took her hand and brought it up to his lips and placed a soft, sweet kiss on her knuckles.  “I can’t wait to learn more about you.”

Emma Rose grasped his hand, brought it up to her mouth, and places a kiss on his palm.   “The feeling is mutual.”

Offering his arm, Emma Rose wrapped her delicate arm through and they walked out the room.  She began to look around at the villa because coming in she overcome with desire.  “Oh Edward this is a lovely home.”

“Thanks.  My dad’s family has owned it for years.”

When they got to the bottom of the steps, there was a table with a collection of photographs in antique silver frames.  Emma Rose recognized Edward in several, some when he younger and in some she was sure he was a small child.  As she looked at another picture, she was looking at a man with intriguing blue eyes and dark brown hair.  His arm was loving wrapped around a stunning woman with auburn hair and brown eyes.  Looking at Edward, she could tell that this had to be his mother, but he looked nothing like the man.  “Is this your parents?”

“Yeah.  My mom Esme and my dad Carlisle.”

“Wow unusual names.  You look just like your mom.”

“I get that a lot.  Carlisle is my step-dad; my real dad was killed when I was very little.”  Edward said, then rubbed his finger over the picture.  “But Carlisle never treated like a stepson; he has always treated me like I was his own flesh and blood.  He is a very lovely caring father, who has also had a very horrible tragedy in his life.  His first wife and his daughter were killed.”

“Oh my.  How horrible.  How old was she?”  Emma Rose asked.

“Five.  Lizzy Bell was very special.”  Edward said as he reached back and picked up a frame.  It was a picture of Lizzy Bell with Carlisle and some of his men at a tea party.  They were all wearing tiaras and pink boas.  He handed to Emma Rose who starred at the photo.  The little girl was cute, but there was something familiar about her.  Emma Rose closed her eyes and tried to figure out why, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t place her.   She handed the picture back to Edward and then took one last at the photo with Carlisle in it and as much as something was familiar about Lizzy Bell, Carlisle was becoming even more familiar, but why?




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