Chapter 11 Cold Black Heart

            “Tony, why?  Why did you kill that man?  I can’t be with a man who has taken another life.  Goodbye.”  Bella said, then she turned and walked out the door.

Edward rushed to the door, but she was gone in the blood red smoke and fog.

“BELLA, COME BACK.  PLEASE COME BACK!!!”  Edward screamed, reaching out to find her.

Edward sat up in his bed, covered in sweat, his heart racing like a horse that had run a mile.  This wasn’t the first time he had this dream, and he was sure it wouldn’t be his last.  Over the years, he had been made to do things that he knew that, if Bella knew, she wouldn’t understand.  After that first time that Carlisle had made him take all those lives, it didn’t stop.  Time and time again, he took many lives: some with guns, some with knives, and some with his bare hands.  He had taken so many lives that he had lost count.  As bad as that was what happened next was even more tortuous.

“Edward my boy, you have been doing so good.  I think it is time for you to have a little fun.”  Carlisle said.  “Irina, Tanya, Kate come in.”

The door opened wide and in walked three women, dressed in nothing but very tiny panties and bras.

“Oh, Carlisle, he is a dreamboat.”  Irina moaned.

“Ladies, make my son a man.”  Carlisle smirked.

            Edward couldn’t believe what was about to happen.  Carlisle took a chair at the end of his bed, and watched as the women took turns having their way with him.  He couldn’t believe his cock got hard time and time again.  Each woman did something different to him.  At one point, he was tied to the bed while Irina rode his cock, Kate had a strap-on dildo and was fucking his ass, and Tanya was straddling his mouth, making him eat her pussy.  The entire time, Carlisle sat and watched, hell, at one point he had his own cock out, and was stroking it.  When it was over with, Carlisle congratulated Edward, and told him that he was proud.  Edward prayed that was the end of the torture, but he was badly mistaken.  Over the years, Carlisle had made sure he had a woman in his bed at least three times a week.  Like the men that he killed, he had lost track of the women.

Looking back, he knew that even if he could get Esme out, and kill Carlisle, Bella would never accept him back.  His love for her never wavered; in fact, it grew.  He actually had a heart tattoo over his like, which was exactly like the necklace he had given her, except that underneath it was T + B 4ever.

“Edward are you ready to go to the docks?”  Jasper asked.  Jasper was a guy who was his age and his father was a guard in the family.  Carlisle had allowed him and Jasper to be friends, but not until he warned Edward about going against him.


As they drove the docks, Edward looked over at Jasper.  “Hey, do you still have a date with that short, dark haired cutie?”

“No, she has to work.”  Jasper grumbled.

“Where does she work?”

“An office on North Warbash, Chi Town VIPs.”

“What is that?”  Edward asked.

“I don’t know.  I figure it’s a high-end boutique.  The damn girl wears some of the most expensive clothes I have ever seen.”  Jasper said.

“All right.  Let’s get this business over with, then we will go get a drink and relax.  It has been a long month.  I can’t believe how many times that fucking Aro has tried to come on our territory.”

“Well, you did have go on his territory the other night.”  Jasper joked.

“Fucking don’t remind me.  I had to take a bath in bleach after that.  Damn, she was nasty bitch.”

“What did you expect?  She is Aro’s daughter.”

“She has been blowing up my phone.  Begging to come over again.  There is no way in hell that is going to happen.”  Edward groaned.  “I only did it to get back at Aro.”

“Is Carlisle still having that fancy party next week?”  Jasper asked.

“Yeah.  He has invited everyone who is anyone; hell, even the fucking Mayor is coming and so is the Police Commissioner.  Damn dirty rat.”

“Do you have a date?”

“No.  Dad said I needed the right type of girl for this party, so he was going to have the “arm candy” hired for it.”

“Damn.  Have I ever told you that Carlisle has you on a very short leash?”  Jasper asked.  Edward never really talked about his father, other than business.  Actually, Jasper had never heard Edward even mention his mother.  He wondered what had happened to her.

Edward looked at Jasper.  He so much wanted to tell him about what Carlisle had done to him and his mother, but he didn’t know if Carlisle had the car bugged.  It wouldn’t surprise him if it was.  “Oh, he is just looking out for me.  One day I will be taking his place, and he wants to make sure I have the right connections.”

They arrived at the docks, met up with the other family members, and ensured that the drugs were unloaded safely.  The shipment was placed on the trucks and taken to warehouse for distribution.

Edward and Jasper went back to Jasper’s apartment and drank until all the bad memories faded away.

****Defiance *****

“Chi Town VIPs, how may I direct your call?”  Angela asked.  “I am sorry but Ms. Masen is not taking calls at the moment, but I can take a message for you.”

Bella had just gotten off the elevator and had walked through the frosted glass doors to her business.   Chi Town VIPs was written in beautiful black script lettering.  She had renovated the entire floor to her tastes.  The entire floor was done in black and white.  The receptionist’s desk and waiting area was done in white Italian marble floors, white walls, and all white furniture.  The only thing that was not white was a black and white painting of an abstract woman and man in a loving embrace.

“Hi Angela.  Any messages?”  Bella asked.  She loved having Angela working for her.  She had met her when she first arrived in Chicago.  Angela was working in a diner that her father owned.  Bella enjoyed the food and made it one of her regular places to eat.  Right after Bella had decided to open Chi Town VIPs, the diner was robbed and Angela’s father was killed.  The robbers tried to hide any evidence by burning down the diner.  Angela lost everything.  Bella was by her side during the funeral, and even paid for most of it, unbeknownst to Angela.  The life insurance policy that Angela thought was enough, turned out to be a fake.

“Yes, Bella.  I sent them to your mailbox.”

“Thank you.  Drinks tonight?”  Bella asked

“Sure.  Benny is working.”  Angela replied.

“You need to tell me all about him tonight.”

Bella walked through the office, and back to her private domain.  When she went to decorate her private office, she wanted black to be the predominant color.  She had black carpet on the floor, the walls were a flat black with white chalk drawings of the Chicago skyline.  Her desk was a bright glossy white, with black laptop and black desk accessories.  Placing her Burberry bag on her credenza, she started up her laptop.   Today, she had worn one of her favorite suits.  It was a black, low cut jacket and a matching black pencil skirt.  As she browsed through her messages, she saw several from of her platinum level clients.  They were the ones that she handled personally.  Spinning around in her chair to look out her window, she thought back on how she had gotten here.

She had traveled all around the country once she left Forks.  Some places, she would only be there for the night, but some she stayed for a while.  However, each place, after a while, would remind her of Tony.  It wasn’t until she reached Chicago that she felt some comfort in this noisy, busy city.  She couldn’t describe how, but she felt that Tony was surrounding her with his strong arms somehow.  The first few months, she got to know the city, and also began to start play the stock market.  It started out as hobby, but it wasn’t long until the money started to roll in.  She experienced all that Chicago had to offer: the theatre, the galleries, nightclubs, and restaurants.  It was a night at a gallery opening that she found something she wanted to do.

She was admiring a piece of artwork when she happened to see one of the executives of the marketing firm she that she used.  On his arm was a girl who didn’t even look eighteen, dressed in short electric blue dress and four-inch clear plastic heels.  When the girl walked away, she went up to say hello.

“Good evening, Mr. Sanders.”

“Ms. Masen, good evening.  I didn’t know you liked the arts?”

“I have become to really appreciate them.”  Bella said.  “Mr. Sanders, I couldn’t help to notice the young lady you are with.”

Mr. Sanders face turned a bright shade of red.  Rubbing his hand around the back of his neck, he started,   “Well, you see, I needed a date, so I called an escort service.  I was shocked to see what they sent me, but it was too late to cancel.”  He grumbled.  “And to think I was two grand for the night.”

“Two thousand dollars for her?”  Bella asked.

“Ms. Masen, see that is the problem.  No one knows what it takes to furnish men or, hell, women with top quality escorts.  And I am not talking about sex either.”

It was after that night that she decided what she wanted to do.  She wanted to start a high-end escort service for professional men and women.  Each escort would have to be held to a high standard of appearance and etiquette.  Bella hired team of hairdressers, makeup artists, and professional shoppers.  She didn’t want to be known as an expensive fuck, so she promoted the business as executive escorts.  Of course, she wasn’t naïve to think that sex wouldn’t be involved at times, but that wasn’t expected out of all the escorts, only the ones who were willing, and, if that was expected, the clients would have to supply current blood tests and would have to wear a condom during sex.  All the escorts would be tested monthly, and their test results would be made available if the client requested.  She had, on occasion, gone as the escort for some of the top-level clients.  Those clients were known as her platinum level customers and deserved the best of best.

If a client overstepped the boundaries, he or she was black balled and would never be able to use the services again.  Over the years, only a few had crossed the line and Bella was swift with punishment.

As she looked through her list of messages, there was one from Carlisle Cullen.  Damn it.  He had used the service on several occasions; each time he called, he wanted Bella to be his escort.  They had met at a fundraiser while she was with Mr. Sanders, and, for some reason, she didn’t like him.  He really didn’t do anything, but she didn’t like the way he looked at her.  Mr. Sanders, or Brad, told her that he was a very powerful man in Chicago and to be careful.

Bella picked up the phone, and dialed Mr. Cullen’s number.    “Hello?”  He answered.

“Mr. Cullen, this is Ms. Masen of Chi Town VIPs.”

“Oh, the beautiful Ms. Masen.  How are you this beautiful day?”  He cooed.

“I am fine.  I was returning your call.”

“Yes.  I need a date for a fundraiser next week.”

“I am sure I can find someone special for you.”

“No.  I want you and you alone.  Edward, my son, needs to have the best on his arm for this event.”

“Mr. Cullen, I am sorry but I usually don’t work anymore.”  She implored.

“Look, Ms. Masen.  I require the best and, in this situation, that’s you.  I promise you that he is a good-looking motherfucker, and is about your age.  I am willing to pay ten times the rate.”   Carlisle stated.  He knew that Ms. Masen was sex on legs, but she also looked the part of a high-class lady. Edward needed someone like that when he went to the fundraiser.  But he also hoped he might get her into his bed, because he could tell she would be a hellcat in bed.

Bella thought for a moment.  If he was willing to pay two hundred thousand dollars for one evening, then so be it.  At least it wasn’t him, but his son.  “Fine.  Please send me all the details of the event and a profile of your son.”

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